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November 29, 2007



OMG! The voice of KOMO for so long; so unique thanks Bla'M, that's sad news. May he find the Peace he deserves.


Perhaps the reason there is only one comment above this one after so many hours is that Mr Nelson did not bring his politics to the air-waves. So as a political type as so many are nowadays ya really can't love him. But ya sure can dislike him for now putting your issues to the fore.

Me, I always thought Larry was too syruppy. Even so he was worth an occasional listen.

Well, he sure beat listening to Bill Yeend.

Me, I like rabbits.


I really should proof read my posts.

The statement should read, "for NOT putting".............

Better down some more J.B. Black.


I think not posting artificial sympathy is simply respect for the man. Somehow people who knew him know where condolences should go and those of us who listened simply know that he's now a memory - one of so many. It demonstrates the impermanence of everything. The older I get, I know that sometimes less if more. Sad, isn't it?

He sure did have a voice. I always appreciated his voice.

I'm sorry when anybody dies.


Sorry Ryder, but Larry Nelson spoke to the baby boomers. I will remember him for reporting the news with an air of disinterest. Both Nelson and Jim French were as good as any for their time.

Excuse the sports metaphor, but...
Vince Lombardi's Green Bay teams would fail to compete in terms of flair and stage presence with today's NFL, however they won championships... And in doing so, never pissed of the SPCA.

News is news, talk is talk.


I never heard him in action, I only know him by his endorsement spots, and honestly when I heard on the radio "Hi! It's your old pal Larry Nelson, here to [cash in on my celebrity] tell you about some wonderful product bla bla bla" I thought cynical thoughts. God forbid a person age gracefully. I see Dori Monson's future in perfect clarity.

It apears he was 70 years of age, that's a good run I'd say, very near the average life expectancy for a white male living in the US, and if he smoked and that had something to do with his demise, then he had a very good run.


White male life expectancy in the US is about 75.5, so not THAT near, but if he did smoke, then that would explain it...


'...less is more', indeed. Life can be summed up in an acronynm I've coined: M.O.R.E
Moderation, Occupation, Recreation and Eating (properly) [book pending...]

moderation is especially important in EVERYthing (even love)...and yes even in BW postings [I'd better work on that] :)


I assume he was a smoker. Yet I have seen no mention of it in the media.

He brought his "politics to the air-waves" on one occasion I remember. He overly praised George H. for some stupid anti drug speech. I never thought to highly of him after that.


If he did smoke it would serve his legacy to make it publicly known as a warning to all the people who still think it's cool or somehow just can't find enough reasons to quit.

I hear KIRO doing their own begathon, although for a better cause than themselves, and what's funny is they always make sure you hear a bunch of chatter in the background, as if to transmit mob mentality through the radio directly at you. And where in this day in age do they find telephones that have bell ringers??? I aint seeing them at Target. I like that they try to exploit the weaker sectors of our psychology, that's just wonderful!

Janet Morrow

Andrew, you're just slopping over with the milk of human kindness.

If you're ever in need, I hope you meet someone with the same attitude as yours and see how you like it.


Stupid lady, I'm not attacking charity, I'm attacking their cliche telethon gimmicks.


Andrew: You must understand. Some of us who agree with some of your posts on occasion think you should change your name to Richard. There are times you act like a vile Dick.


Isn't it interesting (to say the least) that this blog showed an outpouring of sympathy and comment for M Webb, yet hardly touches the passing of a virtual 'legend' like Larry Nelson of KOMO fame...and then when comments are made focus is on his possible smoking habit.


You have to take the manner of death into account. Larry Nelson trucked along nicely to the age of 70, Mike Webb's life was aparently rather sad for the five or so years preceding his brutal murder.


Nice attempt at rationalization; we all know better now, don't we.


What rationalizing? I honestly feel a lot worse for Mike Webb than Larry Nelson. Telling you like it is. I'm like the straight talk express.


We liked Mike Webb, had a cool show and stomped on the GOP nightly, ok


We knew Webb better. You ever talked to Nelson, Duff? Geez...t'aint rocket science. Besides, let's keep this thread tasteful. Okay?


..how profound! sadly, I withdraw...you are obviously the 'know-all'


and don't you forget it, buster...


This is a memorial post for people to say a few kind and respectful words for Mr. Nelson and his family. Or simply to remain respectfully silent, in case you didn't know him.

Andrew chose to say..

"I only know him by his endorsement spots, and honestly when I heard on the radio "Hi! It's your old pal Larry Nelson, here to [cash in on my celebrity] tell you about some wonderful product bla bla bla" I thought cynical thoughts. God forbid a person age gracefully."

Blathering Michael, I stand by my statement that your blog is garbage, and many of its posters are hate-filled and intolerant.


:)...Oh, joanie...you're such a classic..how could I forget you.


dumb turd, you have sunk lower than low in airing your grievance in this thread of rememberance and mourning. That is in poor taste sir.


Larry Nelson's life and career was as bland and nondescript and a bowl of lukewarm tapioca. Nobody cared about his passing.

Mike Webb's life and career were controversial and compelling. The public events that preceded Mike's ultimate dramatic death was the stuff of Greek tragedy. Hence the huge emotional reaction to his demise.


greek tragedy? GREEK TRAGEDY?

I've heard a lot of bombast and pretention in my life, but this Orestian nonsense takes the cake!

...'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again. Oh,no!


Joanie, Chucks, Duff, et al.
You'll have to excuse Andrew, he is still rather young with little life experience to put things in perspective. So for him, he considers it 'clever' that he engages in a bit of hyperbole in order to justify his early mean spirited comments.
People pretty much see through it.
Andrew, perhaps you just need to move out of the family basement, get an education, and then go out to the real world when you take on the responsibilities of a stressful job, children, mortgage etc.
Perhaps then you'll understand what someone like Larry Nelson brought to the table.
The Breakfast Table Morning Show was a nice way to start the day to get the news -esp in the pre internet period- even if it was going to be a difficult day you could flip on Larry's show, find out what's going on in the world, have your morning coffee, and relax a bit. Just a few moments of stability in a sometimes all to unstable world.
I never met Larry but did invite him into my home and my car on a regular basis. He was always welcome so when he said in those ads you disdain, 'Hi It's Your Old Pal' we recognized it for what it was but it also had a kernel of truth as when the beautiful/familiar radio voice came on it would be like someone you knew.
As you get older, you'll appreciate the Larry Nelson's of this world.
Thank You Larry.


I never met Larry. The closest I got to him was a remote broadcast that we did in Winslow at the same time that KOMO was doing one. Larry's son, Jeff, was working for us at another station, and headed up our remote. At one point, Larry and Jeff switched remote trucks and did a couple of segments on the each other's station. You almost wouldn't know it had happened. They had very similar voices and styles.

Past that, my only contact with the Nelsons was as a listener. Frosty's comment about Larry and Jim French rings true, as both stations were live, local and personable. If either touched on controversial, they both did so in an adult manner that wasn't so "in your face" as radio tends to be today. Kiro played music between segments. KOMO had a customized instrumental jingle package that they used along with their slogan "KOMO Country". FM was a rack of tape decks in a closet somewhere near the brooms. KJR Rocked.

Radio was cool.


wow PS You sound like Paul Harvey, do postings like this bring out the outrage in you? We thought you had gone to SHAG housing like Stuart Anderson.


No Ray
Just away for awhile and come back to see that not much had changed. I commented cause I thought Andrew was off base and I wanted to put in my 1 cent about Larry Nelson and his passing.
(At 45 I am 'bout half Paul Harvey's age.)


Nice to see you back PUTS, gonna be around a while? :)


Larry Nelson spent his entire career in local Seattle radio and his unfortunate death made hardly a ripple in public awareness.

Conversely, another homegrown radio talent currently has the #1 bestseller in the United States. He is none other than Bellingham native son: Glenn Beck.


back and forth for a bit.
i see 'andy' hasn't really matured yet....


Gee, aboob, Ted Bundy made some ripples, too, while Tom Robbins quietly resides up north So, what's the point?

Also, the preferred by book sellers best-seller list (I heard it on CSpan book TV but you might not know about CSpan-too intellectual I imagine) lists Beck as #3 and Colbert as #2 and a book on staying young (now that's a real brain burner!) as number one.


Whenever ordinary people die nobody notices besides friends, family and people who scan the obituaries, and it isn't unless some public figure is relevant at the moment of their death that we actualy care - you know, like in the emoitional sense. We never mourn for the celebrity, we mourn for ourselves losing that celebrity. How shallow we are.


PUTS: Wanted to remind &dru of the need for enunciation and clarity when at work. &dru please say clearly: Sir, ma'am would you like fries with that order?...or to be politically correct:
¿Sir, señora usted desea las fritadas con esa orden? :)

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