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November 02, 2007



I was listening when Limbaugh braqged about his threatening of the reporter. For a moment or two We got a scary glimpse of the ugly, mean Rush, the real Rush, not the chortling, silly buffoon he uses as a beard and a cover. It was the same Rush, the same tone of voice that once bullied and threatened his household underlings as he barked commands at them to go out and procure drugs for him. That whole sordid story was written in the National Enquirer, who have been daring Limbaugh to sue them over the articles or even challenge their accuracy, for three years. HE HAS DONE NEITHER.


BM, less cutting and pasting, more original and creative ideas coming from you. I'm challenging you to step up your game. Make this blog what it could be. You're in a rut. To say that you are obviously heavily influenced by other blogs is an understatement. I would like to see you put more thought into this blog. I would like to see more original content. I would like to see more variety. I would like to see more balance. I would like to see more creativity from you. Too often, this blog is just a blog that repeats what other, more popular blogs say. Anyway, that is my challenge to you. Be more original and creative.


what a pompous, self-important ass.


Welcome to DT's world, Tommy. He says outrageous things hoping someone will pay attention to him. The more frustrated he gets, the more outrageous he has to be...it is amusing.


DimTinker can't stand when people have different opinions than she does. Such intolerance.


People also used to accuse Martin Luther King Jr. of the same thing.


In other words B'lam is really trying to say:

'Sparky, come back, its okay that you lie, we all do it and the right knows, so please come back. Please'

And by this from Jethro:

"That whole sordid story was written in the National Enquirer"

Now if thats not a real source for the truth, I don't know what is.


Hahaha, DT is more transparent than plate glass. He should've written "I'm extremely jelous that BM has the motivation and skills needed to author a successful blog."

They call that conservation of words.


And you would think Media Matters would put a link to the actual audio for its readers so they can listen to it and authenticate it for themselves with what was translated. Like the two web sites Puts put out there the other day about Randi and Malloy blaming the fires in California on both "Blackwater" and as what Malloy likes to call "The Bush Crime Family".


Why hasn't the big man sued them then, Stethro? Fatass Limbaugh was all big and bad with the little magazine reporter, calling up and threatening his kids and all. You're behind the times. pal. The OLD National Enquirer was getting reamed by the money they had to pay out in defamation lawsuits such as Carol Burnett's , so they were forced to change. They hired the best lawyers and private investigators in the business to vet and veriy all their political figure and celebrity stories. They have the best veracity rate in the newspaper business now. Limbaugh's lawyers know that the NEW National Enquirer is a different kettle of fish since for several years now those SUEING the publication have been all ending up being ordered to pay the magazine money as each case is thrown out in turn. That's why "tinears" Limbaugh knew that he couldn't bully them into a retraction, and of course, he also knew that the story was true.


DT had to play the race card, when all else fails. That was a good point tommy about the NE changing to stay in business. Nevets won't talk about Glenn Beck comments over how great it was that the fires in California were destroying peoples homes...

“I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.”
Glenn Beck

sounds like that's right up your line of thinking, stevie...


stevie, the whole blog entry is about conservative media tickling the violent bone of their extremist audience. Your counter point made me laugh my coffee out my nose. An Coulter accusing half of America of treason, an act puinishable by death, leads to violent, if not terrorist-like potential in the head of another Timothy McVeigh.


Jethro, if you think the National Enquirer has changed since 1980's, you are the one out of the times. I'll stick to what I said.


Didn't here that one coiler, why don't you link it so I can have a glimpse at it.

And Andrew, that is where the lie is.


In a perfect world, Glenn Beck would be back in Everett selling used cars.


Stethro says- don't confuse me with the facts, I'm doing just fine here without them.

Justin Atheropinion

Why, you can almost imagine the spittle flying from Nevets' blustering lips!

This is the same National Enquirer that was the subject of the mailed "white powder" attacks--similar to the ones that were sent to liberal members of Congress.

Funny how we've never heard a resolution to this investigation...

Your turn, Nevets. I put a slicker on.


Let's remember, right wing media (Limbaugh nothwithstanding, he's got a pathology) is entertainment. Despite his pretenses to journalism, O'Reilly relies on odd video clips of outrageous events, crimes and criminals (usually child molesters, or gay parades) to insure his ratings with a tabloid-seeking audience. This has gotten more and more extreme as conservatism has fallen out of favor, and a large segment of his former audience keeps shrinking. Olbermann is entertaining people as well, but benefits from the implosion on the right, hence the downward trending of O'Reilly and Olbermann's corresponding good numbers.


Equating the Oklahoma City bombing with the Republican landslide in the 90s is sick. Militias, btw are guaranteed to us all in the 2nd Amendment if you care at all about The Constitution, which you don't.


sicklesounds, Fox News goes out of it's way to convince viewers they are a legitimate news source, more legitmate than the other cable news channels. The idea that it's just entertainment is naive and unsupported by the facts.


It's ironic that a conservative would talk about constitutional rights after they've defended the Bush Adminstration in striking parts of it through. Do you love America or not? I'm confused.


O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Matthews, Olbermann, Tucker are "news" entertainment. The Fox News dep't is alleges to be a legitimate news, as you say, but these other guys are entertainers.

Ray Talliferro

More people tune into The Daily Show than Billo, so perhaps John Stewarts' "entertainment" is really like the coded messages that slaves used to translate into information that they couldn't hear elsewhere, ya know?


Fox News is an 'agenda', period!


Fox News is "fair and balanced" fantasy.

How can a news organization be considered legit if its viewers are among the least informed of all TV watchers?

But, as Michael points out, propaganda works. And, truly, most mainstream media has become propagandistic. Out of fear? Out of desire for profit? Out of the corporate ethic?

Why have Democratic senators and congressmen become afraid to tell the truth? to protect the Constitution? to allege treason when it happens?

I think we need a lot of average people (like Hong Tran) to enter the political field and speak the truth. The time might be right for such people; esp. if they worked together and created a sort of political web that covered the country and returned to old fashioned door-to-door campaigning. People are hungry for integrity. That's the allure of Ron Paul.


No Jethro, not the fact that Rush has not sued or that Carol Burnett did and won, but your fact that they have not been sued and lost since Carol Burnetts suit. Or the fact that media matters can't provide an audio tape of the said show. The National Enquirer has been sued and have lost a few slander suits since and I am sure a ragtag tabloid like them will be sued again. And media matters should have the resources to provide the audio. As you can see, coiler still has not linked the source for his Beck remark, which is a sure sign that the event did not happen. Now get out of the library and leave the kids alone.

P.S. Still cant figure out the "Jethro" link with your screen name? For a writer, you dissapoint me to not have figured it out by now.


Sorry, since no one has done it yet, I will.



Source, my ass! i sat right here in my dwelling on Queen Anne Hill about a week ago and heard Rush brag about threatening the reporter. He repeated word for word the transcript that Blam printed in his post. The whole thing about finding out where his kids went to school, etc. The whole shitteree!


Stevie--I will call you stevie now because you act like a "stevie" on here--

Look here sweetums

and you will find a video clip of Glen Beck, the used car salesman, talking about the fires in California.

Now, I know that having an actual clip of him speaking isnt enough to keep you from denying it ever happened, but I thought the rest of the bloggers here would get a toot out of watching you try to deny it. So, go for it, stevie!

And Tommy...stevie wont believe you just because you actually heard it with your own ears. But he wont believe you even if you do post a clip.


oh look what I found


Thank you LeeAnn, I read the links but must have missed the video clip in the right corner. You are so kind to help me.

As for the Beck statement, he said it was UNFORTUNATE, you know, as in deplorable that thier houses are burning down in the forest fires. Sounds to me he was being sympathetic to the people who hate America.

As for Rush making those statements, yes, they were unprofessional and stupid, but maybe like Jethro sees that the National Enquirer has changed, maybe Rush has too.


Then don't bitch about Randi Rhodes anymore, ok steven? After all, people died in the fires, but it was "unfortunate" that they were 'america haters' and then died. I guess the 'america' haters exist in NYC too for Beck's pleasure and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. You know, the lesbo's who "brought about 9/11?


I think I'll join with everyone else here. I am outraged and object when someone who is of a different political party than me says something outrageous or controversial, but I remain silent when someone of my own political party says something outrageous or controversial.


Randi Rhodes has proof that Blackwater set all the California fires...I think.


Coiler, I see you are now seeing what Beck said was not as you were lead to believe them to be as you are now twisting his word around to make them fit your mentors view. Walk towards the light Coiler, walk really fast.


Dennis Weaver's Plymouth Valiant

OK, I'm a bit confused here. Why did you use the pronoun "I" in your letter to Ogie when you usually refer to yourself as "we" when you make entries at this blog?

blathering michael

My advice to you, Dennis? Don't waste your confusion on such trifles. I never use the royal we in personal letters. Besides, Roger'n me have been on the tu-toi ever since I went out with his daughter in the late '60's.


Hmm . . . Michele . . . Oglesby Jr. . . . who else belongs in that grand romantic directory of John Michael?

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