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November 09, 2007


Lazy Murrow

If shit wore shoes, it'd scrape Dori off out of embarassment.


Dori does it again...and yet again we fall for it. He makes 'bold' statements to grab attention and get listeners vexed and talking about him. Not too different than any 'attention-seeker' like Randi Rhodes, Rush Limbaugh or even Mahmoud Admadinejad. I mean does anyone really believe that he (the latter) will remove Isreal from the face of the earth? Once again, Dori is a 'master' at his profession and has multiple ways of getting people's interest, either in a positive or negative way. I'm sure his bank account reflects his expertise in this regard.
Again, IMO his only fear: being ignored. And THAT doesn't seem likely to happen.


Here you go again, more spin. The people (left & right)) voted for I-747 and the liberal state Supreme Court said no. Spend and tax, spend and tax. Never getting your moneys worth. When will it end? Gregoire is only saying what she's saying 'bout this issue is cuz there's an election next year. Duh. I'm a moderate, voted for Gregoire. Next year, here comes Rossi! And you guys wonder why Dori is #1. He does a great "bit".


I think BM has it partially wrong. I heard parts of Dori's show, and I don't think he was faking anything. I think he was truly angry.

And BM, I think it's interesting that you, of all people, are expressing concern that someone in the media should be careful of getting people worked up through demagoguery and demonization lest one of their followers acts on it.


Monson, like many talkers, is an intellectual coward. When a caller corners him, such as I did, asking him for an explanation of what he meant by his statement, "They've instilled the passion for revolt which should be an all-out--I'm not all out--advocating taking up arms...yet." That sure-as- shootin' sounds like a threat toward public officials who can expect violence if they don't cut taxes to the liking of Monson and his gun-toting soldiers. There are no doubt plenty of hicks out in the sticks just waiting for the call to arms. I simply phoned in to ask Monson if I heard him correctly and if he meant what he said, to which he responded that it was "a joke". Sorry I missed the humor, maybe he needed a rim-shot for backup. Using a 50,000 watt blowtorch on public airwaves to suggest that violence against public officials is righteous is offensive and dangerous...a firing offense that KIRO should take seriously. Screw the ratings, do the right thing KIRO.


To take up arms.... "To become involved in a conflict, either physical or verbal."


With all due respect 'Jim' that's as funny as 'sparky' telling 'Goldie' that 'he rocks'!


"take up arms" can mean a verbal conflict? Hhahahahahhahha. In coward apologist's english maybe.


As usual, Duff, thanks for playing "Really Bad Analogies." That was me so your quotation marks are unnecessary. Goldy intends to express his outrage with his vote. Per Bla'M's post, Dori doesn't think a vote is good enough and has suggested "taking up arms." Yeah he was probably "kidding" and would be first in line to insist he "didn't mean it" if someone is stupid enough to do what he says.
For someone who considers himself "King of Seattle Radio", he apparently lacks the judgement to realize that his words could have consequences. Trolls came out of the woodwork to accuse Bla'M of somehow being responsible for Mike Webb's death. Would they do the same if Dori's words caused one?


oooooh ms sparky, just kidding; I think you just like to see someone (like Goldy) OVER-use the 'f' word..ha
my post regarding Dori stands; I've always maintained that he is first and foremost an 'entertainer'; I don't believe he truly reveals his real persona to the public.


I can't wait for Tommy's next post--maybe Duff will find Dori's real persona this time.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

What jackass wrote that? Oh yeah, that white, male, slave owner, hick who lived in the sticks, Tom Jefferson. And to think we as a people owe anything to him.


Dori knew that adding the "yet" was over the line. That's why when jIM confronted him on it his voice caved into such an effeminate voice, to an extreme that we almost never hear, although his normal voice is always somewhat effeminate. He didn't even sound like he believed himself.


T008 sez:
"He didn't even sound like he believed himself."

..ergo, my point! he agitates, stimulates, irrates, etc., et al and thus generates revenue/ratings/remuneration!


"BM, I think it's interesting that you, of all people, are expressing concern that someone in the media should be careful of getting people worked up through demagoguery and demonization lest one of their followers acts on it."

You keep demonizing Monson, knowing full well that it's pushing people like Tommy closer to the edge. Are YOU trying to push people into acting on their hate?


which hour/day was this rant? KIRO of course has podcasts (commercial free - thank you!) so one can judge for oneself whether Dori meant it or not.


As conservativism winds down after bush, expect another puff of right-wing violence like what happened in the early '90's. Talk radio grew up on that kind of overheated rhetoric, expect it again. The anti-tax types the County secessionists, the abortion clinic demonstrators, the gun huggers, the militias, they'll all be back. It's born of frustration. Mike Siegel, where are you? Bl'am is always talking about how talk radio is declining, conservatives being back in the minority will revive talk radio. Dori knows all that, he's playing for the future.


I just tuned in to hear Dori's rant and heard him blow off the caller who asked about the taking up arms. My first thought was Dori was over the top and I did not take his comment as a joke. My second thought was to change the station....which I did.

This is not to say I think we should have to pay higher taxes...I just think some radio personalities go too far for the sake of 'entertainment'.


"I don't believe he truly reveals his real persona to the public." Wow, Duf! Do you have intimate knowledge of Monsoon's "real" persona? Tell us!!

Bla'M has been true to his mandate: I have never listened to Monsoon because I don't have to and definitely don't want to. Yeah, DT, because of Bla'M, I'm "acting on my hate"...yep! It's Bla'M's incediary fault!


..then why 'waste your time' even addressing Dori as a topic?...he got to 'YOU' too (even tho you SAY you don't listen to him)...too funny


..and Freudmont, perhaps if you listened to Dori you'd know that the word is actually incendiary

Mr. Cynical

A little wiff of gunpowder might help take the liberal stink out of the air around here.


wrong, Duffman. I meant that he sounded like he didn't believe that saying what he said was in the lines of what would be considered as a joke, no that he doesn't believe his rant about . And DT, we're all enjoying your monomania that you've developed against me, and have a good laugh everytime you express it on here. Why would I be interested in going after a pissant like Monson, assuming I was the type to go after anyone which of course I'm not. I live a beautiful life on Queen Anne Hill, and unlike you, who, I imagine has to answer to a ballbreaking female boss in some pc office hellhole, work for myself, or could stop working for myself if I wanted to and just retire early. Monson is a a slave to his joke of a Jaguar payments(if it's an xtype it's not a Jag), his house payments in some uptight yuppie enclave, and endless payments for Star and the girls. I'm sure Dori is p-whipped by his wife, once he gets home and takes off his little machoman mak he wears at the station.



Star Monson

"Why doesn't big Bill have the balls to confront his targets himself...If you have to tell everybody about what physical courage you have, you're invariably a fraud. The real heros with incredible guts never brag and boast about themselves like that. I smell a rat.

Posted by: 'Tammy008' | November 08, 2007

Tammy, I agree. Being a canine I have a heightened sense of smell and also smell a rat.
You are the same one who constantly brags about how much money you made in the market last year (200 percent!) you wannabe 'Day Trader' and that 'book' that never seems to make it to market. You brag about your house and your boat.
It's all brag.
Right now you are probably over at that Burien library tapping out another 9th grade level writing composition.
Deal with that biatch aka Tammy 008! brrrrrrhhhhhh

PS: I dare you to call Dori and debate. Not to worry, I am sure that Phil will let you in to get the verbal bitchslap.


Dori Monson is an idiot.
This is the same guy who claimed that there were still WMDs in Iraq. Who said we should trust the Bush administration on this since "they have the intelligence info".
Who makes up lies about mass transit. who claaimed it would cost him 50K if prop 1 passed - do the math - he is full of it - it is $1350 total.
He just makes things up.
I tried to get on his show (most of the time they just don't let you on)- and he cut me off because I could actually defeat him in an argument - the guy can't argue his way out of a paper bag.
He is so far right wing now that he has lost any of his "common" man aura. He is a huge bush supporter - but you never hear him talking about Bush - just bashing supposed liberal straw men...
His arguments are always skin deep - and nothing else. By definition, the free market is good and anything else is socialism. The only publicly supported thing he likes is the schools (because his kids go to a public suburban school. He thinks he is a great basketball player or coach - but he is a runt who can't play (but worse, thinks he can).
it is the story of his life - a loudmouth who overestimates his own puny arguments.


Star, with all due respect you must understand - T008 is a 'protected species' around here. No one wants to be associated with any kind of a slam on T008 because he 'tows the line' and stays on topic of blathering radio. Thus, you may indeed find yourself yet the topic of another of T008's 'novels'. :)


..it's like 'correctnotright' is posting the definition of 'jealousy'...LOL, Boy does Dori ever have his/her number!


Armed rebellion against an oppressive force is sometimes necessary. Our forefathers recognized that, as they did exactly that against the British.

But I wonder how Dori feels about the Iraqis doing exactly the same thing against us, the occupiers of their country.

Stupid Prices

Hey! Dori 710 here. C'mon down to my part-time meal ticket--Stupid Prices! Today we have a deal on toys made in china with interchangeable parts that also substitute for the 'date-rape' drug. and hey! I'll wave the sales tax today, actually we just mark it into the overblown product, so i just use smoke and mirrors the same way Reagan did with his 3 legged table approach to taxes. pretty clever huh?

Hey! did I mention i got sicker than a frat boy on Meister Brau while in France and almost died. I never told anyone as I maxed out my discover card on the trip for replacement Peugeot parts for my daughters graduation gift to ship back and had to use the surrender cheese eating monkeys health insurance. HO HOOO! I got the last laugh though, I stole a urinal cake from the Metro and I am going to publicize this as french cheese. Hee haw! get it! I know folks in Maple Valley will.

BTW I got the idea for shipping the car parts from the Johnny Cash song, you know the one where he steals all the factory parts, that and "A Heartbeat, is a Lovebeat Uhn huhn" is two of my favorite songs. Dori Monson here...


Hey Dori (and I know you tune in)...'all about you again' just like you diagramed. You're a genius. $cha-ching, $cha-ching; you gotta love it!


diagramed 'diagrammed'; sorry.

Star Monson

Star, with all due respect you must understand - T008 is a 'protected species' around here. No one wants to be associated with any kind of a slam on T008 because he 'tows the line' and stays on topic of blathering radio. Thus, you may indeed find yourself yet the topic of another of T008's 'novels'. :)

Posted by: Duffman | November 09, 2007 at 11:53 AM

Protected species? I didn't know that 'blowhard' was on the endangered list. What's he gonna do? Run me over with that '1986 Jaguar' of his that is still up on blocks? You telling me that his 'stories' he posted impressed you? Tammy is a blowhard. Slink away Tammy, be smart for once.
All show and absolutely no go.


everyone is up in arms over dori's "off the wall" rant, yet no one is talking about Dave Ross' equally "off the wall" rant this morning regarding the partial birth abortions?

He said something to the effect that people weren't carrying the drug based on religious objections but to "keep women in their place". I like Dave and his show, but that comment was out of line. I always thought more of Dave than that.

I saw his show as "Nova" to Dori's "Mythbusters". Both have their place, both are good. Now Dave is trying to cram too many topics into an hour and going off half-cocked like dori? We don't need two Dori's, Dave. Stick to what you do best.


dammit, not partial birth abortions, the morning after pill.

Carry on.

correctnot right

Ha - Yeah right, you think I am jealous of someone who can't make a logical argument, who is afraid to a actually have more than a 2 minute conversation on an important subject and who has the depth of a 4 year old.
No, I am not not jealous of Dory - Dave Ross runs rings around him whenever the two are together by catching him in his poorly thought out self-contradictions.

No - I just get irritated when Ilisten to an idiot on the radio who has no depth or ability to understand complex issues. It says plenty that you and star love him - his shallow analysis fits right in with the level of your comprehension.

Just becaue rational thinkers get irritated with petty shallow imposters, doesn't mean that the pathetic right wingers with no arguments to back up their simple-minded free market philossophy are winning - it simply means we (rational thinkers who understand something called comlexity)) are irritated at such drivel.


THAT is so self-evident, I needn't respond. Have a nice life!


"A little wiff of gunpowder might help take the liberal stink out of the air around here."

Duffman: you, my friend, wax poetic.




Thanks 'Dogmandeux', but I think you probably meant that for Mr Cynical.


And Goldies "Fuck You" was the funniest.


Duffman: Just to make sure we are on the firing line: I'm with ya.


Dogmandeux: I'm on the 'firing line' 24/7, (if your're not then you're just a spectator) make no mistake 'bout that - but such is life (asi es las vida) ....ha


I am indeed just a spectator. I agree with your positions but I'll limit my participation to cheering from the bleachers.

Go Team!


Glad to hear you're a Mrs Cliton supporter 'Dog' - I don't think you'll regret that choice.


Oh-oh. Look at the time. Gotta go! Everyone just pretend I wasn't here.


No one really knew you were here, to begin with! :)


Even though this thread had gone from the attempting-to-be sublime to the thoroughly ridiculous, I will offer a thought:

why did no one compare 710DORI's "little joke" about taking up arms to his "little rant" over Parvaz' sarcastic comment about an artist's arson intentions?

Anyone here ever heard of HYPOCRISY?

And asdfasdf etc. etc. etc., I agree that Dave seems to be changing his style. I'm not so upset with his comment over partial-birth abortion but do think he's talking faster, trying to be a little more "gotcha" and it just doesn't play well with me. I want the old easy-going, slower talking excellent pronunciating, calmer and more thoughtful guy back. He even interrupts his guests more - trying to move it along, I guess.

He's not DORI, thank god, and he shouldn't try to be.

Dr. No Comments

I agree about Dave Ross! Every host interrupts a lot, but Dave has chosen to become the worst. I listened for a few minutes on Thursday because Harry Shearer was on the line. Isn't Dave at all curious about how callers' sentences might end? Incredibly annoying.


I'm not advocating taking up arms... yet. ~ Dori Monson

If you listened to the show with this comment, any IDIOT knew that the statement was said in jest. And yes, people are fed up with the arrogance of this states politicians and judiciary.

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