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November 27, 2007



There is no such thing as 'illegal immigration'; the politically-correct term is 'undocumented immigration' and/or 'undocumented worker'. A human being cannot be 'illegal' just by being on this planet! [Regardless of their position within political boundaries]
The sooner we learn and adhere to that -the better this country will be.


Interesting study came out yesterday showing that "undocumented workers" do NOT cause a drain on our health system..in fact, many do not seek medical help unless it is an emergency. Of course, Lou and Sean won't talk about it.


Call them what you want, it's still the same; people, entering this country against existing law. Our biggest problem here is that we pick and choose which of our laws to support and enforce. If you don't like what's going on, change the law. Then, we can let them pick our broccoli and not have such a huge debate over it. Otherwise, you need to enforce what's on the books. Otherwise, you've lost credibility, which I think happened a long time ago.


I don't respect the law. I have no idea why I should as long as enforcement is spotty, or laws are bought with a lot of money, devised by morons or are footed in religious worldviews. I respect people, safety, health, equality and all that good stuff seperate from regard for the law.

It's only a matter of time until some amnesty deal comes down and renders the past laws and their intentions meaningless.


Sez &dru:

"I don't respect the law."

...then you might want to try to change it, or choose another country. I hear Iceland is the #1 desirable place to live currently (while USA ranks a distant 12th)


...or continue 'rattling on', demonstrating without a doubt that you have no idea WTF you're talking about. :)


The premise that illegal aliens (that is what they are) are a bunch of Mexicans picking broccoli and hiding in bushes is only 25 years behind the current reality. Anybody familiar with building trades will note that the non and semi-skilled trades are being overwhelmed with illegals. Painters, rockers, framers on residential sites are almost without exception Hispanic in this area. New England has the same problem with Brazilians.
While Lou Dobbs constantly flays this horse, a solution is needed. Perhaps we should stem the tide at it's source. Mexico is a land rich in resources; oil, minerals, labor - perhaps for every illegal that jumps the fence, we should airdrop an assault rifle with ammo in the impovershed area he/she came from. Maybe the 19 familia that run Mexico would then do something...


I say give the illegals 90 days to clear out and then its open season on them and the politicians who pander to them. I'm sick of hearing spanish on every work site and on the radio and TV. They have declared war on white America and it is time to declare war on them.


Right on "stank"! Nothing would please me more than to fill these streets with the bodies of bullet ridden illegals. I love to kill and I love to solve problems by killing things. I think you and I see eye to eye on this one pal.


..IF there was an 'ounce' of creditablity left...it's gone now!!
'..what fools these mortals be.'


I have found the immigrant workers on the job sites to be some of the most productive and quality oriented people on site. The sheet-rockers union is actively organising them! I say right on !! Keep the wages up.


Call them illegal aliens/immigrants or the more PC undocumented immigrants - more importantly; they are law breakers and the existing laws need to be enforced, which Bush has not done at the Federal Level. The sanctuary city status of Seattle and others ought to be prohibited by Federal legislation and subject to removal of Federal funding. That won't happen because the Demicans want their votes and the Republicrats want their cheaper labor for corporations. They follow the money. In the 2008 election, whoever demonstrates the will to deal with this problem effectively will help their chances. If this problem isn't dealt with, our children and grandchildren will pay the consequences as will we.

The best way to deal with this is to penalize employers, take away any benefits that they have been receiving, with emergency exceptions made for medical care. This would remove the incentive and cause a majority of them to self-deport. Building a wall along urbanized areas of the border with a virtual wall also is the best way to secure the border. This may sound harsh, but what Mexico does at their southern border is more harsh. I like what Lou Dobbs has to say about this.


With that said - a limited guest worker program will need to be instituted to make it possible to bring the necessary workers. It is a complex issue and the politicians on both sides are at fault for the problems this has caused.

Malcolm Muggeridge

Ah, the "guest worker" program, which is Bush' way to save face by appealing to both sides, which is what Reagan's 1986 Amnesty bill did.

It's all about cheap labor and how politicians take advantage of the middle class.


My neighbor purchased windows and a new door from a pretty well-known window company and they sent a very nice Mexican installer. Ed was pleased with the job especially since the installer followed Ed's instructions and did it correctly. Ed needed to help out as, otherwise, the door would not have been insulated properly or square.

Also, I had some remodeling done by a friend who gets his employees down at 2nd and Bell. I think I've posted this before. They work cheaper and follow directions. And they don't take as many breaks or second-guess his instructions.

I don't know the answer anymore. There are - according to Randi - exactly four public schools in Lousiana where the hurricane hit and the rest are now private. I think she said there used to be 126???(not sure about that) And a caller to Randi said she just got back from Mississippi and the smell of formaldehyde is sickening and everywhere and that the people haven't been helped a bit - just the developers.

Also, where people used to live, there are now casinos (in Mississippi). And Mississippi used to be a non-gambling state by law. Now the casinos sit where houses used to sit. Clear Channel is now private. Chrysler is now private.

I don't know what all this means. But, it seems as if this country is changing to its core. If companies are now going private, even stockholders will gain little from all this non-gummint stuff. We may be becoming a country of extreme wealth and privately-held companies and poverty. She (and Naomi Klein SHOCK and AWE) make some very good arguments that fundamental changes are occuring of which we are only partially aware.

When Diane Feinstein who represents a very blue city like San Francisco votes for a man like Mukasey and sends government contracts in Iraq to her husband's companies, we are in trouble. The Democrats aren't any better than the one-note themed (money, money, money) Republicans.

I find it all kind of unsettling.


I've always wondered why if Gregoire and the other AG's were successful in suing the cigarette companies for draining the health care funds from their respective states then why don't they get together again and sue the country of Mexico for the same reason.


What would we gain?

Costs to litigate a poor country and how would we collect?


Democrats will find out: you live by the illegals, you will die by the illegals. Its where the democrats are vulnerable next year and cozy Barack "Kumbaya" Obama and other amnesty seeking libs will find out the hard way.


So are you thinking of doing a machine gun rampage or are you going the homemade bomb route?


Concerning right wing radio:
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 27 PRNewswire-USNewswire -- The newly-formed Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition (HHA) today announced that Wal-Mart and AT&T have joined a growing list of advertisers that have
stopped advertising or refuse to place their ads on Michael Savage's "Savage Nation" program


Hmm, I wonder if all of this cheap labor in the construction field has anything to do with the glut of houses on the market driving down real estate values? I know of several markets across the country that were just plain overbuilt in the last 10 years...


Boy, that's the truth. I was out in east Pierce county the other day and there are acres and acres of cheapo houses built close enough together that you can stand between them and put your hands on each wall. If one catches fire, the whole neighborhood would go up in flames.


I think that is all part of the urban growth plan initiated a couple of years ago. I know in my neighborhood, the plan now requires a minimum of five homes per acre. Some of these new tracts barely allow room to move your lawn mower from the front yard to the back between the houses.
This can not be blamed on the builders, although I am certain they love the profit margins. This is the fault of our law makers. All these goddamn houses and families with no infrastructure.
But what the heck, we are keeping the cheap Latin labor and their employers happy.


"My neighbor purchased windows and a new door from a pretty well-known window company and they sent a very nice Mexican installer. Ed was pleased with the job especially since the installer followed Ed's instructions and did it correctly. Ed needed to help out as, otherwise, the door would not have been insulated properly or square."

Joanie, stick to 2nd graders, as you have no clue what it takes to function in the private sector. Out here, it takes more than a sunny disposition to get the job done correctly. A competent carpenter should be able to hang a door without any homeowner help.


Although i don't advocate violence, I agree with Stank that the illegal Mexicans have declared war on white America. A few weeks ago I was out working on my car , and a group of illegal Mexicans was doing some leafblowing and such down the street. As I was casually gazing at them, one of these fellows saw me looking and immediately yelled somethign like"whaddaya looking at". I've found that these folks generally come here with that kind of hostile and disrespectful attitude toward the white majority. They don't come here to be Americans but rather to exist as a clannish aloof colony within the U.S.that's here to obtain money primarily to send back to Mexico, and is not interested in truly integrating into our society. This is not immigaration- it's an invasion when it reaches these kinds of numbers. The U.S. Hispanic population has grown 50% in the last ten years or less.


Well even if they don't integrate with our existing society I seriously doubt we'll integrate into theirs. I don't think anyone has to worry about the erosion of our lifestyles. They'll be over their and we'll be over here. I'm looking forward to, and currently enjoying, the expanded Mexican cuisine that comes as a result.


head up= Dori is going to take on the topic of the guy in Texas who shot the burglars of his neighbor's house with a shotgun today. Should be fun.


Treat illegal aliens as the criminals they are.
Charge the people and corporations that hire illegal aliens as the criminals they are and fine the crap out of them.
Seal the borders shut.
Simplify the procedures for legal immigration for guest workers and future citizens.
Listen to talk radio to keep up with the progress (or lack of) of congress.


Tommy..how did you know the leaf blowers were "illegal"?


...thanks sparks; I was torn 'bout askin that :)


chucks, how will we seal the borders shut? Thousands of miles along the northern and southern borders that are wilderness, not to mention the thousands of miles of coastline on three sides?


Because i live in the world of reality, not the world of p.c.make believe. Yes there is technically a small chance that they are fine, legal citiziens. There's also a chance I will survive a fall from the roof of the three story towhhouse next door.


Well I know it depends on one's personal experience with people, but just because they are latino and are doing yard work or maintenance work does NOT mean they are illegals. Our night custodian here at school is from Mexico and he is a US citizen. The handyman at my mother's apartment complex is Mexican but he is here legally. Both speak with very thick accents. Both are wonderful people who are friendly and polite.

I agree that we have a problem, but to lable everyone who has brown skin as an illegal doesn't solve anything.


I doubt that the borders can be completely sealed, however we can fence high traffic areas Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
My #2 point would be most effective though. Huge fines leveled against the people who hire illegal immigrants would dry up the reason these people come here. No jobs available and the people who are here now will just go home. Others will not come for the same reason.
Then we must start up a legitimate guest worker program so people can come here legally. We can continue to get the cheap vegetables and chicken that we Americans expect.
We will still be exploiting the poor people. The American way (sadly).


"Because i live in the world of reality" 'rash unfair assumptions'.
Sort of like your 'reality' based assumptions on judgement of Dori Monson. Now I KNOW FOR SURE you're to be totally discounted. Thanks for clearing that up.


I see the world as it is. Studies have shown that 80 to 90 percent of Hispanics recruited to do work on the level of leafblowers, laborers etc, are illegals. A full time janitor at a school is not really the same class of job. There are some great illegal and legal Mexicans of course- these exceptions don't disprove my general experience that this new breed of illegal Mexicans are surly, or unfriendly/disrespectful, and have chip on their shoulder when encountering white people who aren't the boss of them. The American public Democrat and Republican alike would support troops and an inpenetrable fence all along the border, and massive criminal penalties for greedhead employers. You liberals should muster up some outrage afainst illegals and their criminal greehead emploters, instead of against people who speak the ugly, non-pc truth, since poorer-educated African- American U.S. citizens are losing tons of jobs to these people.

trythe tapioca, Dick

The fence will be built, with illegal, guest workers


I detest the use of the word 'illegal' associated with any human being.


OK Duffy. How about uninvited border crashing criminal invaders? It does have a ring of honesty to it.


chucks: I don't why that 'grates' on me so much but it does. Can't we just refer as 'undocumented'; that's what they are. In terms of 'this Country' they are undocumented within the framework of the 'paperwork' needs of the good ol USA...that's all. The term illegal has an ugly connotation to it in my mind.


That is just a good ol' PC way of avoiding the truth. What they have done and are doing is against the law. It is illegal for aliens to cross our boarders in the middle of the night to sneak into our country. illegal entry by non-Americans = illegal aliens.
If the Demopublicans or Republicrats feel that we need cheap labor from Mexico or points south, than they can come up with ways to legally allow them in.


joanie and sparky. Have you looked at michellemalkin.com today? She has an interesting post on elementary school math and the way it is taught. Has about a fifteen minute video by M.J. McDermott from channel 13. Just curious about your take on teaching math to munchkins.


math is tough to teach because everyone learns it in a different way and a different speed, and yet school districts expect every kid to be on the same page on the same day and take the test at the same time. Ask most adults and they will tell you they are "terrible" at math. That's because most teachers march through material in spite of the fact that some kids don't get it.
Many schools do not divide kids into ability groups for math. I dont know if that is good or bad. I taught a "general math" 7th grade group and they still could not divide or multiply. I tried everything I knew to teach it in a variety of ways, provided tutoring after school, called parents, etc etc etc and at the end of the year, there were still kids who could not do it.

Kids need to know basic facts but, according to Boeing, they need to be able to explain how they got an answer, and, most importantly according to Boeing, they need to be able to solve a problem in a variety of ways in order to be a good Boeing worker. This is why the WASL is the way it is...kids get graded on 1. the right answer and 2. clearly explaining how they got the answer. They can get the answer right but still get the problem wrong if they cant explain it. One question last year asked kids to write the EQUATION for 23 + 35. Those who wrote it just like I did here got it right. Those who solved the problem in the analog way, the typical one number on top, one on the bottom, got it WRONG because that is analog, not an equation--even if they got the answer right.
I think all people who think they are "experts" in teaching math, or like Malkin, hold strong opinions about how it should be done, should spend a month with a class of kids and try to do it themselves. I promise it would be an eye opening experience.


..and chucks, out of respect for you, I defined Malkin as having "strong opinions." :-)


Thanks Sparky
I was not so concerned about Malkin as much as interested in what M.J. had to say on her presentation. Of coarse my being in finance and my wife being an actuary, math is life in my household.
Our kids never had a chance.


Out of deference - against the law is illegal. Undocumented is too PC. If you want to take it farther, they were undocumented by the negligent US Government - they seemingly don't care. Based on the way they conduct themselves; undocumented is too kind and invites them to use our country as a dumping ground.

They are guilty of a criminal misdemeanor. Duff - You sound like an illegal immigration sympathizer.
They are leaching off our system - even if some of them do contribute- they aren't above the law.


"They are leaching off our system..."

OMG, with all due respect KS, you don't seem to see it beyond 'our system'. 'Our system' is just one of many...these are 'human beings' are they alien or illegal to the earth. Can't you see beyond that? Political boundaries are just that - they shouldn't be humanitarian boundaries also.
Just because we live in the USA do we want to classify folks as 'alien' or 'illegal'...when in fact we are giving our lives for what could be termed equally in Iraq and Afgan. PLEASE folks, don't be so narrow minded or 'politically blinded'. ABOVE and beyone all else, we are human beings, all entitled to reside on this earth. It's really as simple as that, so we'd better figure out how to 'get-along'. :)


duffman, why don't you try to illegally emigrate to Mexico? I would wager hard money if caught your treatment there would be far harsher than here. Just ask any Guatamalan.


I have to chime in on the math discussion although, chuck s., I've not watched the video yet. Just got home from school...

The world is full of words and parents make sure (good parents) that children are aware of reading from day one. In the car-license plates, billboards, read alouds at night, children are surrounded by words immediately.

Math is different. If parents would include their children in math activities from day 1, math would not be the mystery is becomes for so many. Your kids will benefit from your knowledge for sure.

Having said that, I taught a program called Investigations (TERC for short) the last two years that I thought was fantastic. It was the first time in my teaching career I really believed kids were learning to think about numbers. It is a very constructivist, conceptual program and doesn't try to teach too much too thinly. However, apparently it remains constructivist too long because too many parents (vocal parents like Jeff Renner and Cliff Maas-?) have organized a huge group of people calling themselves "Where's the Math" and lobbying to end the TERC program and go back to more conventional math which DOESN'T WORK for half of our kids.

It is a mess. I've done a lot of looking, reading and talking to parents who come from other countries and their math is somewhere in between our conventional math in which we try to teach TOO MUCH over the course of a year every year and the TERC math.

The TERC math is used in Houston (I found out from a Seattle substitute I had who came from Houston) for the GIFTED kids because it requires THINKING. It focuses at first grade on a lot of number sense and it does what Sparky comment on - it affirms different strategies for different kids. It honors what children bring to problem solving. They share their ways of getting solutions and all kids learn.

I think my success with the program was based on two items: I got to spend a lot of time working on number sense without having to spread the program too thin which gave us time to discuss and compare strategies so that children really understood them; and, children moved from their natural understanding to more sophisticated problem solving strategies because the movement was fluid and not forced.

Perhaps the constructivism of TERC does go on too long. I agree that constructivist/conceptual math must merge with conventional algorithmic math in high school. But, it was a great program at k-5.

Our school board let it be known that they would NOT APPROVE TERC so even though Seattle teachers thought it was the best, it was not offered for approval. The school board apparently had friends who were more influential than the teachers.

TERC was not easy to teach and took time. But, what a great "thinking" math program it was. I am now teaching a spiraling program called Everyday Math which I don't care for but perhaps will once I've been through the program completely. It jumps around and apparently I'm not to expect mastery of anything because kids will revisit every skill over and over.

I wish I could convey how much I loved hearing my kids talk math when we did TERC. Kids bring an awful lot of problem solivng skills with them. But we tend to try to change their views into our specific expectations and they simply get confused.

TERC was especially good on place value. It is one of the hardest concepts to teach. But, in TERC kids became comfortable with the value of numbers without ever knowing that it was called "place value." Who cares if they know what it is called . . . they were thinking in ones, tens and hundreds and became very flexible in applying those groupsing both on paper and mentally.

I guess you can see I have strong opinions on math.

I love math but hit a wall myself with algebra. I'm actually takiing an algebra class right now! It is being taught in a way that I finally understand it. I'm very logical by DNA but algebra was a B****! And it is still hard although I'm gettng it.

I love teaching math! Chuck, we teachers need more time. More time would solve an awful lot of problems. We have so much more to teacher than we did twenty, thirty, fifty years ago. And we get kids less ready to learn.

'nuff said?


Sorry Michael! I owe you another cup of Starbucks!


And regardng illegals, we do need to hold employers accountable. Illegals would not be risking their lives to get here if they weren't desperate. Why don't you get that?

Our American corporations and NAFTA actually lowered the living standard for Mexicans. It is unbelievable how destructive we are to other societies and yet, chuck s., people like you only think of yourself.

Do you know how vulnerable guest workers are once they get here? Esp. if they're illegal. They work hoping they will be paid.

At some point, common sense and compassion have to be applied. I'm so tired of the standard conservative one-note response and it is always angry and attacking. They are family people, too. Use some problem solving skills and try to work on a solution that isn't so reactive or superficial.

My god - we're doing the same thing in Iraq and you all think it is okay. We are there to take over their country just like our corporations did Mexico and Latin America. In Iraq, it is our way or the highway for them. We are corporatizing that country. George Bush only knows one way to do business: slave labor, rich American companies profit.

Years ago I read that a small group of Iraqi citizens tried to put together a cell phone enterprise right after the take over. They thought we were there to help them. We put that company out of business.

Do you think those people couldn't rebuild their own country? Why were American companies given the jobs?

They had a stock market and the people who operated it were ready to get up and going again. Bush sent a kid who had never done anything in the market (except buy stock and give money to Bush's campaign) and he dictated that they needed all kinds of computer equipment before they could get their market up and running - it took a year. Bush sent a traffic guy over to Iraq to be in charge of transportation. He'd never done it before. He took the driving manual from Minnesota or Wisconsin or somewhere else and used it to get a transportation program going. He was concernied about "driving on the right" and "signalling." Good Lord! How incompetent can any administration be unless they are incompetent by choice? They want that country to be a puppet of the US and to be a resource for profiteering corporations. It is so obvious!

We stole the land from the Indians who numbered in the millions when we arrived. We are now raping the land and our natural resources are diminishing or gone altogether. Corporations went to Latin America and Mexico and did their dirty deeds there. Well, now we're stealing Iraq. Wonderful.

This Great Country called America-not. We should be ashamed. It makes me cry.

And anybody who dares say we have the highest standard of living anymore is living a cave . . . no, worse than a cave - a mole hole. And our Constitution is being unraveled daily. Diane Feinstein doesn't care about torture as long as she can route "gummint" money to her husband's companies.

You know, Malloy said tonight he didn't know if he could vote for a Democrat either. He said he thinks maybe we need another Republican administration. I don't know either. The only man I think I can vote for is Kucinich. I don't care how much you all mock him . . . he was willing to lose his job as mayor of Cleveland as a young man taking on the big boys and saving Cleveland's energy grid. They realized it twenty years later and asked him to come back. He's got principles, integrity and intellilgence.

I can't think of one other who can say the same. I don't care a hoot about party label. I'm not cheerleading for a team. I am trying to find someone principled enough to lead our country and let it lead with pride again. If there were a Republican that I trusted, I'd vote for him. At least Ron Paul speaks plainly and consistently.

And you know what? Those of you who think you are doing okay are like the one in that saying, "I didn't say anything when they came for my .... but when they came for me, there was no one left." Chuck, you and I are old enough but you ought to care because you have grandkids and unless you have property in Canada or Europe, you are leaving them in a perilous situation.

It isn't Islamic terrorists that scare me; it is American terrorists because their weapon of choice is ignorance. That is lethal.

Sorry. I'm depressed about things. We are in trouble. Four rebuilt pulic schools and the rest are private. Casinos in a state where gambling was prohibited and on land where famililes used to live. Think about it people.

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