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November 14, 2007



good luck, bryan.


Walking away music from the Hulk movie would be an appropriate theme song to accompany Bryan Suits departures. Dont let the doorknob hit ya, douchebag.


But, ultimately: DO YOU LIKE TURTLES? - and exactly HOW do you measure yourself...could it be by height? Until you grasp the meaning of these (and other) sayings grasshopper - your comment is not relevant and can be discarded as would a turd floating in a pool waiting to be cleaned.
(Unless, of course you happen to be hungry)


Bryan never gets ratings anywhere.


there ya go! Brian Good Morning Boise or Helena's Hellcat of the Afternoon have openings for you. Your thinking skills really are more suited to the more severe outposts of radio than Seattle. That Army shrink never said he was a "lib", he just said he didn't care for KVI.The self-vaunted Suits brain goes into actio- " hmmmm Doc no like KVI=commie lib bastard, hmmm lib bastard= diagnosis of me as PTSD sufferer needing treatment can be thrown in garbage by Brian with today's beef jerky wrappings, hmmm, lib= no credibility in his profession even though he's a credentialed M.D.and i am not. The great people of Boise clamor for your wisdom Brian.


Mrs Clinton's campaign office has been notified of the situation involving KVI's firing of BS on Veteran's Day week-end. Bryan likely has no love for her but I'm sure SHE has NO LOVE for THAT station.

BTW: Looking forward to this evening's debate


T008: I hope Bryan ends up on KIRO; that way you won't have to change stations so much :)


dUFFMAN-Although Suits is very highly thought of in this town, unfortunatey it is by Brian Suits himself. Suits is strictly "been there done that" material with PD's in Seattle. I do see a future for Brian say as the Count of Couer D'Alene, or the Laramie Loudmouth .


Thank you for your wisdom T008, I DO value it. I hope you are wrong, as this town needs more levity and Bryan certainly provides that, as well as plenty of (ever so subtle) expertise in many areas. You undoubtedly know the radio industry far better than me, but in this case I DO hope you've miscalculated his worth. :)


It was a dirty shame he had to kill that guy in the Seahawks shirt. But he kept asking about Trent Dilfer! In 2005!! Move on. Get over it.


i admit we're piling on a bit after Suits demise, and this will be my last post on him (unless he interjects himself on this blog like he did the last time I criticized him) , but imagine what he would have done on KVI if Blam, myself and Joanie had been successfully sued by some guy for our posts on here and the Blatherwatch had to be shut down. You don't think he'd be chortling and crowing for weeks?


Here's a thought: When Luke Burbank comes back to Seattle, maybe KIRO will hire him for the 7-to-10 PM slot to do a local cross between Nightside and BPP.


"It was a dirty shame he had to kill that guy in the Seahawks shirt. But he kept asking about Trent Dilfer! In 2005!! Move on. Get over it.

Posted by: Scrilla | November 15, 2007 at 09:41 AM "

Thanks for clearing that up 'Scrilla', I actually thought that was Shaun Alexander in Iraq trying to find the 'front line' so he could have some running room.


Bryan, if you're reading this, and you pop up again somewhere, please, (and this is coming from someone who likes you), less military/war talk, more variety. I stopped tuning in because I already knew with about a 90% certainty what you'd be talking about. Mix it up a little. That's what did Ron Reagan in. Predictable is boring.

Diane Benson

I for one will miss Bryan. Many of you who are so critical probably have never tried to do his job!! It's so easy to criticize. I enjoyed his show, his wit, his irreverance, his expertise in many areas. And I liked his reporting on Iraq. I looked forward to them. He had connections other hosts didn't have. I wish him well.


I'm with Diane. His perspective was different than most other hosts. He is funny and unlike some on the radio, has a fully functional brain.
I hope to hear him soon on a local station. Suits gives good radio.


Okay, Okay - can we please get off this Bryan Suits topic and RE-focus on the important subject: Mrs Clinton.
OMG, did you see tonite's debate? Can we say kick-ass? Can we say 'diminish' both Obama and Edwards? WASN'T IT OBVIOUS????
Mrs Clinton pulled this one off in splendid fashion indeed. She just PLAIN KICKED-ASS!!!!!
Okay fellow Democrat-leaning voters, I HOPE you saw this debate and realized that there REALLY IS only ONE choice. Kick your pride to the side and do it for the sake of our Democratic Party and OUR COUNTRY - REALIZE that there is ONLY ONE...and 'SHE' is Mrs Clinton.
She was FANTASTIC! -TONITE, as always. We must UNITE and support her IN FULL. It's OVER as far as the Dem nominee - you could SURELY see that tonite hands down.
SHE made me so proud to be a supporter!!! I know you'all have other favorites...but IT WAS OBVIOUS to ANY one with a brain that OBAMA and EDWARDS wer OUT-GUNNED BIG TIME!!! Kusinich was likeable and made sense BUT NOT seriously. Lets UNITE and get the momentum going HEAD-STRONG into the early primary's...there's NO DOUBT NOW IS THERE....it's MRS CLINTON - ALL THE WAY. WOW!!!!!


She was using her alien voice from "Independence Day". Dodd and Biden did a better job.


You know sparks I agree with you on 'Dodd', he did REALLY do better because of his grasp on the facts on the way Congress runs...but my point is that among the front-runners (and I hope you agree that Biden and Dodd have -0- chance) Mrs Clinton was the one!!!
Do you not agree?


The 'debate' REALLY was between Mrs Clinton, Obama and Edwards and I would say THAT GOT SETTLED TONITE!!!!! Yeah Clintons!!!


Didn't watch it but look for Edwards to win. (hoping here. . . )

Big Ed is getting interesting. I think he has a good grasp on middle America and he is talking to the regular guy out there. I have a newfound respect for Ed Schultz. Yes, Sparky, it amazes even me...

I've been listening to him lately and he puts things in layman's terms and he's making a difference out there.

Doffo, Mrs. Clinton may get the nomination but I'm not at all sure she's the one who can do it. I worry that Ron Paul will attract of lot of votes.

And your sycophantic devotion to her is absolutely mystifying. What do you like about her? Or are you just simply infatuated? Are you an old man in love?


I woke up in the middle of the night, about a half hour ago, and instead of Dave's mellifluous, cultured voice, I'm hearing a whiny pipsqueak with low class , poor speech skills and odd, incorrect pronunciations. WHAT THE FUCK IS DORI MONSON DOING ON MY RADIO AT THREE A.M.?


Dori sat in for Dave's last hour yesterday.


joanie: I admire her tenacity and I'm convinced that she will seriously pursue and focus on a workable universal health care plan and that she will work to that end as her legacy. And quite frankly I'm a bit partial to a 'woman' being POTUS, since we've never had one. I think this Country has missed out in that regard. I also think she is fairly attractive and telegenic and would be well respected world-wide.
"Or are you just simply infatuated? Are you an old man in love?"
No joanie, if you mean in the way you are to Wes Clark...NO, I don't go that way. I'm just drawn to her ambition and perserverance and I have faith in her. [Much like you have for R/R?, I guess?]


.....Dave Ross, poohpoohing Bonds' perjury..... just mor eproof of why Dave is a silly, naive little man....duh, Dave do you realize he was given immunity in exchange for testitying truthfully... if no consequences to lying, the whole immunity process falls apart... remember when Goldwater, Senator Hugh Scott and a few other Republicans marched over ot he White House and told Nixon it was time to go?....how about a delegation of libs , mods and independents marching to Dave's KIRO office and suggesting he move on. I would like a guy who can get in Dori's face to preceed Monson's show, not this circumspect, polite, bland fellow . Ross has overstayed his welcome here, like Suits did. oh but he has a creamy deep voice and he's such an intelligent man.... what, isn't it like 47 years ...enough, Dave.


I still can not understand how you want the same people running your health care that run the VA and Social Security. Duffy, if you do not like your health care program, change it. Do not expect the federal government to be able to fix it for you.
Democrat or Republican, we need a POTUS who is not a Clinton or Bush. That is all we have had since Reagan left office. Hillary will do nothing to bring this nation together. We on the right absolutely despise her. None of the other Democrat candidates have the ghosts, skeliton's, monsters etc.(deserved or not) that will surface with Clinton. Do you really want another four or eight years of this bullshit?


Goldstein is right. He is the only liberal host on KIRO. Dave Ross acts like an arrogant, elite dweeb and oh so above-it-all as he puts in his shift before puttering back to his pricey Mercer Island digs in his wimpy Prius. It's only fair if KIRO is goign to feature a pitbull rightest like Dori, that they put a genuine red-blooded lib in the morning spot. T'ain't fair, McGee. Ross started his Seattle career on a completely different , genteel 710KIRO, where a rabid creature like Dori didn't exist, and wouldn't dare exist. He was fine for the KIRO of that day and age. Times have changed.


Chucks--I don't want government in my health care either, but the private sector has totally failed the american people. If it doesn't pencil, then it doesn't get covered. Preventative medicine is not covered. Laissez faire doesn't work in things like this. Clinton's program is a very interesting combination of private interests with public carrots and sticks. Read it before you reject it out of hand because it is Hillary's idea


OK, so if Hill gets the nomination - her best hope is for a third party candidate - like Ron Paul to run, to take more votes from the Republican. If Bloomberg runs though, that will hurt her and help the Republican, so that is not necessarily true. Thanks to McCain-Feingold, campaign are influenced way too much by $, which has taken many good people out of the Presidential hunt, as evidenced by the caliber of Presidential candidates currently. The best thing that could happen is that it be declared unconstitutional - but doubtful if that will happen after Bush is out.

What is this country of 300 million coming to, if since 1988 until possibly 2012 - there have been nothing but Clintons and Bush's as President ? Makes me yearn for a switch to a Parliamentary system in the US - it would be less corrupt than current format and there would be the opportunity kick out the president if they received a vote of no confidence.

brian with an i

The only reason I can see why his ratings weren't high is that KVI's incessant advertising and traffic checks during his slot chased people away. I couldn't listen to 5 or 10 minutes of commercials and traffic, then get bombarded by Paul Harvey over and over. bloody hell that was misery.

Gerald davison

I too miss Brian. I really looked forward to his show everyday. It was funny, enlightening, informative, and insightful.

I, having been a former service member and OIF vet also apreciated that part of his shows too.

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