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October 04, 2007



You know, these right-wing hosts are in their death throes. I don't understand how over 70% of Americans can be disgusted with Bush and with Congress and still listen to these corrupt jingoistic repugnants in conservative radioland.

Something doesn't jive.


Dori is a twink, and I think he has been gay.


Oh, come on, Sam. You "think" he's been gay? Give it up or forget it. I hate people who don't have their facts down. You either know or you don't.

Such a typical conservative.


"Hillary just seems to keep going no matter what they throw at her. Now she's passed Guiliani in the polls- he's the one who was supposed to be the only one who could drive a stake through her dark heart."

Thanks Bla'M; music to my ears! :o)

Deep Thinker

Michael Hood, I have a challenge for you. I honestly don't think you put much creative thought into the subjects you decide to post about. Your site, judging from many of the topics and posts, seems to be promoting devisiveness, intolerance, and hate. Is that what you really want your site to be? Just the web's version of some hate-talk station? Do you really want to be some guy who whips up hatred by demonizing the same hosts repeatedly? (One day I wouldn't be surprised if one of the nuts on here snapped, and went after one of the hosts who are constantly being demoninzed). Anyway, my challenge to you is to cut back on promoting hate and devisiveness, and start putting some creative thought into your posts. Can you break out of your routine? Or is this what you want your site to be?


For some reason, Larry Craig took that recipe off his website.....


Would you rather he try to emulate Sound Politics; he 'stirs things up', I'm sure the talk show hosts who are mentioned herein thank him profusely. You can bet they 'tune in'.


"Deep Thinker" (ha!): if you don't like Michael's blog, why are you here?


From the "I Can't Remember What happened Yesterday File"

A day after the ratings for talk radio are posted on BW showing Conservative Talk Radio hosts ahead in the ratings by millions, Joanie says,

"You know, these right-wing hosts are in their death throes"

Joanie, take Randi's advise and read more to sharpen your reasoning and maybe your memory will get better.


I think Matt Drudge actually started the Hillary cackle thing; add him to the list...


It took a week but finally B'lam has stepped up to the plate to proudly defend Jesse MacBeth, one of the lefts poster boys who as we all know is serving time for telling phony bedtime soldier stories to fuel the fire of the anti-war movement. Great company you keep B'lam. Why did it take you so long Mike?


That's Okay...she'll 'cackle' all the way to the White House and redefine the meaning of 'teflon President'. We're in for some BIG changes folks.
'BUSH', party of however many - your plane is ready. BUH-bye!!!


Deep Thinker? Well, I've had my laugh for the day. Thanks.


Bla'M, since this is Thurs oddems I hope you won't mind if I urge folks to consider voting YES on the Roads and Transit Initiative on the November ballot. As Martha Stewart would say I think 'it's a good thing'.


You obviously need to stop listening to Martha.


Aw chucks...martha's hot and you know it!
hey chucks I know we differ greatly on Mrs Clinton - but seriously don't you find her at least a little bit attractive?


Compared to what? I trust my ex-wife more than Hillary.
No Duffy, sorry.
Me thinks this nation has had enough Bush/Clinton to last a life time.
If ever this nation is ever going to get back to civil discourse, we need new blood. Obama, Thompson, Rudy, Huckaby etc. No more reruns. We need new episodes.


Maybe Britney for President.
She obviously knows sign language. Maybe she can bring the hearing impaired into the fold.


"Maybe Britney for President"

Yeah...ha, isn't that sad; how in the heck did she get to be worth $150Mil. Don't know if you ever listen to the John Gibson talk show (KVI..in EARLY a.m.), but he is taking up a collection to get her a 'train ticket' back to New Orleans or whereEVER she's from in LA. Too funny.


HURRY UP Inauguration Day


She is (or was) a pretty talented singer/dancer. I think the drugs, alcohol, my sheet don't stink got the best of her.
It is still not too late for her in my opinion. Long term drug and alcohol treatment and mental health counselling and she could redeem herself. That is her choice to make. She was a cute kid pop star whose whole life went to crap. Hope she gets it together or just goes away. At this point in her life, she is on a fast track to the grave ala Monroe or whats her face (grampa moment) the just bought it recently.


Anna Nichole Smith, indeed; agree chucks!


Iraq Vets One Day Short for benefits:

The orders of 1,161 Minnesota guard members, were written for 729 days. Had they been written for 730 days -- one day more -- the soldiers would receive those benefits to pay for school.

All 2,600 Minnesota National Guard soldiers who deployed with the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division will qualify for some benefits. But that one day denied means that half of them will get hundreds less each month, and a much shorter time to exercise them:

Those who qualify for Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Benefits can receive $894 per month to be used for education, after making a $1,200 down payment. The benefits are available up to 10 years after the soldiers leave the service.

Way to support the troops!


oops I hit the send button too fast

The rest of the article:

Those who don't qualify, like the 1,162 from Minnesota who are recorded as serving 729 days or less, can receive $660 per month as full-time students through the Reserved Education Assistance Program (REAP). The benefits expire once the soldier leaves the service


Please disregard...lolol..I got two hours of sleep last night and I gapped your post on the other thread, Joanie. Is it Friday yet?

David Tatelman

The recipe's still there; just follow the link. Actually this sounds like a good recipe for a bachelor like me. I can certainly bake a potato with a hot dog inserted in it!

Oh, and I happen to think that Michael Hood is an excellent writer. Keep it up, Michael.


If Dori Dumson and KIRO are doing so well, why are they running big ads on KOMO TV and KPTK AM 1090 Air America?

John Eddy

Apropos of nothing....

Am I the only person who sees irony in the KTTH commercial that says:

KTTH, The Truth... the only place to hear Rush Limbaugh.

While sure, I can see it as a factual statement in that it is the only place you *should* listen to him, but, it is so vaguely stated, it could mean it's the only place it is possible to listen to him.... which, of course, I'm sure the right will say 'There we go, it's the left asking what the definition of is is again...'

But anyways....


If I were a conservative listener I'd be offended by how blatantly condescending and Orwellian that slogan is.


Spears makes $700,000 a month, just sitting on her ass. This will probably continue for a while. KFed is broke. Any sane person could retire on that, if it lasts for another couple of years.She doesn't ned to make a comeback. To be generating that kind of income from your talents when you're just over legal age is quite a feat. The trouble is that the Britney types tend to blow the money. That skank Courtney Love, who lacks the looks and talent to make her own millions, blew 9 million of her dead husband's (now hers) money on clothes and drugs in less then 9 years, and has now sold the rights to her share of his music to blow millions more out her ass.


Never underestimate the power of self-destruction. I'll never forget reading about Fred Berry who played Rerun in a hit 70's sitcom. He was from St. Louis, where I used to live. I think he may have grown up in the Pruitt-Igoe projects that were famously blown up. Anyway he became successful but blew thru his money, probably due to hanging around with people who were even richer than he was. Life was a struggle after his series ended, & he died at only 51 (my exact age, as it happens).


"Never underestimate the power of 'un-recognized' self-destruction."

You got that right wutitiz...I would only add (the above)


Sen. Larry Craig seems to have made it safe once again for lefties to verbalize their homophobia.


Only when its a hypocrite who spent his career attacking same. Poor Larry...he's being attacked for his hypocrisy, ok?


Ok coiler, maybe it's just me, but it seems that some of the swipes go a little 'above & beyond' so to speak.


" Can you break out of your routine? Or is this what you want your site to be?"
Bla'M, take De'Th's challenge! STOP HATING AND BE CREATIVE!! We're all pulling for ya..!

Gee, W'iz, you're a boomer. Amazing!


Did anyone notice that KPTK, KIRO, KJR and KTTH were off the air for a good portion of this afternoon? KOMO and KVI were on the air, still (notable particularly because KVI is usually so staticky on the Eastside as to be unintelligible but was clear as a bell just now), and you could almost hear KIRO but the other three stations were dead air for most of the previous hour while I was stuck in 405 traffic.

KJR is still dead air at the moment, but the rest have come back on. It


He's a cartoon character--on his press conference, Craig thanked everyone for "coming out". He brought this on himself and remember, this story stays alive because Craig himself has reneged on his pledge to resign.


coiler: all true, but my point was more about Craig detractors than Craig. I don't think, for example, that the dem New Jersey Gov. provoked such an outpouring of homophobia when he was outed.
Thus, Sen. Craig made it safe again for Dems to be homophobic, if only temporarily so.


Font: what did you expect? We boomers reserve the right to never grow up.


Maybe Craig should be more truthful, the former NJ guv was... I don't see it as any phobia,the jokes and story dies when Craig fess' up or resigns.


When a conservative --or a liberal- spends his or her career trying to make laws that discriminate against a group, and it is found out that this person is, in fact, a member of this group, then that is where the hypocracy lies and is brought out.
Jim West was another one--all that time in Olympia working against gays and lesbians and it turns out he himself is gay. It is too bad they don't feel they can just be themselves, and that their party will punish them politically if they come out.


Homophobia means you fear or dont like the fact that someone is gay. I dont care if Craig is gay, but the machinations he is going through to deny everything is both funny and sad. I dont understand how you associate that with homophobia. I am not afraid of his gayness, and my opinion of him has nothing to do with his sexual preference. My dislike of him is because of the bills he has helped pass in a wide spectrum of issues, and that he is putting his own career ahead of what is best for Idaho.


Picture Dorky Dori stylin' in his Jaguar... It is enough to make Sir Williams Lyons spin in his grave.


Sparky, would this same principle apply to Bill Clinton, who signed into law changes to federal rules of evidence (the Molinari Amendment) allowing wide-ranging sex investigations in harrassment cases. Prior to the change, Ken Starr would not have been able to investigate Monica in connection w/ the Paula Jones suit.
In other words, if we're hanging people on the basis of hypocrisy, doesn't Bill qualify (and arguably Hill too)?

prish e8

Dori deserves to roll a Jag, an NBA-player-caliber of car. At only 5'9" dori is able to dunk a tennis ball.


It would certainly apply to Bill...not sure what it would have to do with Hillary, though.


sparky sez
"Jim West was another one--all that time in Olympia working against gays and lesbians and it turns out he himself is gay. It is too bad they don't feel they can just be themselves, and that their party will punish them politically if they come out."

i have to agree. the fact that they use it as a weapon in order to secure power for themselves is reprehensible.
i can disagree but at least respect the motives of a true bible belter for his or her religious beliefs on this topic.
i really have no patience for those like west who wield it as a weapon.


Sparky at least you are consistent, and yes, the case against Hill is much weaker, although she did stand behind her man (actually in front, if you remember the 'vast right wing conspiracy' remark).
Sparky, I have to admit you surprised me. I had expected that you would go into denial mode regarding Bill's hypocrisy here and I had my next move all ready, but now I shelve it.


Steven, if you're listening to Randi right now, there's a caller talking about having listened to Rush at the moment he made the statements. Puts, you should be listening. People heard him . . . it has been doctored now but they heard it the first time.

She's playing the clip again. But the Media Matters clip is better. It plays the preceding call and it is a hoot. "They joined to be in Iraq!" Phony baloney Rush. God! Somebody should prick the prick and watch him explode.

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