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October 26, 2007



Fred Ebert is back from mothballs. Can Rick Miller and Allen Prell be far behind?


yes on Allen Prell!
Rick Miller I heard him in Spokane after he left Seattle. Not sure but would give him a few listens.

Vera Smalls

When they fired Fred, I started pulling away from KIRO. I just found out I could pick up 1400 AM on my car radio, I'll be listening, Fred. Welcome back.


dittos, Phred.


Hooray! I really enjoyed Freducating, and like Vera, when they so unceremoniously s-canned him, I started drifting away from KIRO as well. Sweet news, this makes my day.

Ted Smith

KGTK can be hear south from Fort Lewis to Kalama, including greater Tacoma, and Olympia.

Maybe during the day. But with a mighty 7 (seven) watts at night, I would be surprised if they reach Lacey.


Liked Fred well enough. He's competing with my RR - first hour of Randi is often the best.

Will he be phoning it in from NY?

NO! Bigtime on Rick Miller . . . but did like Fred most of the time. Well, compared to everybody else.

Sometimes he would get testy. I didn't like that. A little Dr. Bill-ish. Just a little mind you.

I think he's a good catch for a small station.


Been a long time, lump. Your spelling improved at all? Welcome, back.


I propose a daily KIRO lineup of Ebert - Miller - Prell - Mike Siegel. Let them each do a one hour show between 1-5 AM


Prell can come back, only if he volunteers to clean up the doggie doodoo at the Seattle humane society for those remarks he made during Katrina.


A very reasonable sounding ex-math teacher now driving a truck cross country because he makes three times as much money ended the Mike Malloy show just now with this tender bit for Bush:

"...why hasn't somebody shot the son-of-a-bitch."

I'm sorry but I'm still laughing.


Loved Fred and was really sad when he left...I wish he was on later though


I will definitely try to listen. He is always entertaining and challenges the mind at the same time. I kinder, gentler Dr Bill.


kinder, gentler Dr. Bill?

Pretty much agree.


"A very reasonable sounding ex-math teacher now driving a truck cross country because he makes three times as much money ended the Mike Malloy show just now with this tender bit for Bush:

"...why hasn't somebody shot the son-of-a-bitch."

I'm sorry but I'm still laughing.

Posted by: joanie | October 26, 2007 at 11:06 PM"

yep, okes about killing the president, always guaranteed to get a laugh with the lunatic fringe.
so laugh away.


Anybody who suggests killing the President of the United States should be arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for life. Even if Hillary wins the White House.


Or Joanie, the guy on Randi yesterday saying:

"We need to take up arms against this Administration."

I have to hand it to Randi though, she thought the idea was outragous but yet still gave the idiot more time on the air to make his case to start a "Revolution".

Oh, did anyone catch that commercial for "Portage Bay Cafe" on 1090 yesterday about 6 AM. Hilarious.


Seems like the Randi crowd is predisposed to violence, eh? Might explain some of Joanie's anger issues.
Randi is just their version of Rush. Drink that koolaide Joanie, Sparky, et al. Make a toast to Senator Ned Lamont and Congresswoman Darcy Burner...drink up!

Chad Stanley

Wow - in researching the website for KITZ I realized that Mike Siegel is on right after Fred @ 6:00pm. And they stream - cool!

I don't live in Seattle anymore, having moved to Portland. But I'm a serious creature of habit, and having Fred followed by Mike will feel like a comfortable pair of shoes. Nice.

Now if I could only get a daily dose of Prell, then all would be right with the world.

Chad Stanley

How about replacing "Doug Stephan's Good Day" (1:00am to 7:00am pacific) with "Lou Pate's You Talkin' To ME?"

Ok ok. Gimme Prell AND Lou, then all will be right with the world.


Fred was great. Bring him back to Kiro and send dim and dum back to New Orleans.


Spot on again, Seattle Jew!

Arnold Layne

Puget, older, as in playground man!



I can not imagine what kind of twisted, child molesting pervert could possibly be motivated to find that on the internet. What kind of pervert would then proudly share it with others.
Maybe a fellow that is searching the internet to find others that think like himself. A fellow that is looking for others with the same embarrassing thoughts to justify and validate himself.
Are you a gay child molester? Are you looking for validation? Do you have dreams of young boys.
If so, let me share with you that there is no excuse for you.
In life outside and in prison, you are at the bottom of the food chain.
If so, just kill yourself and make this a better world.


I agree. I wonder how many boys Larry Craig has molested? Mark Foley? This should be investigated at once.


I agree Fred should replace dumb and dumber on KIRO - He was great. Maybe this will prod me to buy one of those Internet radios that are starting to hit the market (Anyone have one yet?)


If Craig and Foley are child molesters, then they should be strung up as well.
I assume that gay men are like straight men. Most would not consider children for sex.


"If Craig and Foley are child molesters, then they should be strung up as well.
I assume that gay men are like straight men. Most would not consider children for sex.

Posted by: chucks | October 29, 2007 at 11:01 AM"

Spot on Chucks


For those who want to listen to Fred ... Link to KITZ. Or you can go to my blog where I posted the link and call in number.

I encourage folks to BOYCOTT D&D and use the inet to listen in on Fred till Kiro brings hik back. Maybe we can get these rural goys to podcast?

You know what would be a lot of fun:

Imagine the Fred & Goldie show? It would go well with the Tom and Thiery minute .. a nightly exerpt of the best of Sat afternoon food jinks
just before Fred and Goldy!


I know many here want to know what I think, so here it is. Goldy is a one trick pony. His schtick is to bash Republicans. That's great, but I need variety. He is one-demensional. I am tired of him.


Back at you DT. Tired of your yowling.


Geee ....

DT, Doldy BASHES Republicans!!! How errr ahhh novel. As opposed to Sheiers who bashes Dems, science, and common sense? Or are you a Mevedited Dittohead?

(Actually, I LOVE it when David goes outside his not so narrow confines. he is one of the few intelligent commentators on the Seattle Air. His comment son Prop 1 (not a Repub issue) have been very good and as a Jew I appreciated his dissing the bitch Ann Coulter.


In a last ditch attempt to return Seattle radio to it's glory days, the brain trusts at KIRO-AM have decided to bring Jim Althoff, Drake Colliers and Erin Hart back to the airwaves...April Fool!


but, boba, it's not april . . .

He is one-demensional

Well, like I always say: it takes one to know one.


Fred Ebert was right about the Iraq war - he distanced himself from the Bushies back when they went to war with Iraq. He said that he was a Republican, but thought Bush was foolish among other things. Turned out his analysis was correct - I would not mind hearing him again and would appreciate him more now than I did then.


Put Ebert back on and take off Goldstein on Sundays.


Fred is back? Excellent!


This is the best news I've read here in...forever.

Norm Murray

Can you explain this anomaly?

Norm [email protected]


Mary Ann Spry

I was listening to Fred the Professor this morning, (6-26-2011) and would be interested in the info he said was available for teaching youngsters how to study. Please let me know how to obtain this as I am involved with Grandsons and doing homework, and want to keep on a good path. Thanks

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