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October 30, 2007



"The Christianizing of Kirby & Company"

Boy, you got that right Bla'M! Forced myself to listen to about an hour of the show yesterday and you (&T008) are spot on. It's incredible how evangelizing they've become. Surely KVI suits must be on to this and it's only a matter of time before change happens. I can't imagine them condoning this stuff. And it does seem like Carleen is the lead in this...and Kirby just follows her lead like a good little Christian.


The evangelicals are on their way out as a political force, according to the New York times magazine this week, KVI would be stupid to let this proselytizing continue. Stephanie Miller is my antidote.


KVI listeners are idiots.
Christians are idiots.

Perfect match.


This isn't really an issue for anyone but blatherwatch who will say anything that denigrates Christianity.This is another example of your personal hatred of religion.
Christians have the right to speak on the radio. It is one of the few places in the media where they are still allowed.


Wow....calling Christians idiots is a bit harsh, don't you think?

I certainly don't agree with a lockstep following of any dogma, especially from right-winged, so-called religious minded people....but, still, everybody's got a right to follow and believe what they want.

Name calling on either side doesn't advance anyone's argument.

Except that Dori is a pooty-head. That we can all agree on.


Christian are used to this stuff from sites like this. Liberals are only liberal about people or things they agree with.


Good to see you come out from the dark shadow to opine barnabus.
And you are correct as well.


Not to worry, Chucks, I'm in The Light.

My Man Dori

It's official...the King of Seattle Radio will soon be the emperor of Seattle blogs.

Go Dori Go.


Christians have the right to speak on the radio. It is one of the few places in the media where they are still allowed.

Well, channels 18 and 20 on my basic-cable service are 24-hour Christian programming. I don't consider them a teeny-tiny representation in the market. If the market demanded more, it would be there.

I consider your whine uninformed.

If KVI wants to turn into a Christian-dominated or trending outlet, I say go for it. To those listeners that leave and come to KPTK or even KIRO, I say welcome!


A person got an internet domain in thier own name? I wonder why I didn't see that on CNN?


Joanie Sez
" If the market demanded more, it would be there."

If that is true for Christian radio, isn't that also true for Liberal Talk Radio? So no more whines under the guise of Fairness Doctrine, eh?


Dori is buying his own website/domain name so thst he csn counter Blatherwatch head-to-head? That can't possibly be true. He must be doing it to present favorite family recipes and pics of Wayne Newton. How can he possibly be bothered to do battle with a blogsite that just last summer he claimed never to read? At the time of Webb's body being discovered, he went on the air to denounce us posters on Blatherwatch (ever the poltroon, Monson wouldn't man up and name our blog outright) as the "dregs of society" and "pathetic losers". How could such zeros and nebbishes, whose scribblings by his own proclamations he doesn't even bother to read, provoke such a serious response from the great Mr. Monson?


The erosion of KVI programming in general indicates that they are on the way out! Kirby and Co. isn't the only one stinking up the 570 frequency. The Commentators sounds more like a bad Saturday Night Live skit, and they consider Schram is a liberal? Hannity is not even worth to mention and Bryan Suits is a hazard to driving as he can put anyone to sleep during drive time.

How about a pool to predict when firings and format change will occur at KVI. Normally I should gloat at the sad state of affairs of the right but what has happened at KVI borders on desperate comedy.

KTTH is tabloid right wind radio and Sytman and Boze are so boring that the caffeine in my coffee falls asleep! The Limbaugh wannabees recycling the same old hash in trying to imitate the grand inquisitor himself.

I will not switch over to KIRO due to it's ownership by Bonneville. I refuse to patronize anything owned and associated with the Mormon Church, the last standing institution of the final bastion of "Manifest Destiny." As long as they make money from KIRO they will tolerate the lefties before invoking their moral virtues. How long can Goldstein push their button?

To think that the right once ridiculed Air America while O’Reilly prayed for it’s demise. KTPK is refreshing compared to its opposition. I agree with Blatherwatch that it needs a local personality. But maybe those on the left or independents do not need an outlet for sanctimonious cheerleading to enforce the idea that it is right to be right.


Dave Ross was wondewring aloud on his show why so many guests are cancelling interviews with him. I'm too kind and polite to say why. I'm "sweet old poster T008". We need a morning host who goes to less Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals (how about none) and spends moer time gettign in Dori Monson's face. Goldstein is a good start, but very frankly, he is too much of a smartpants, and too cliquely with lightweights like The Stranger staff to graduate from weekends.


Both may be smart, but there is a difference between a smart guy and a smartypants. Lest you think I'm just picking on Goldy, Fred Ebert is also a smartypants.


To augment a previous poster's righton comments about Monson's self-perceived brilliance because he skipped a grade in school, Monson tried again today to bolster this myth by boasting about "counting cards" at the blackjack tables of Vegas. What a player!


Every time I read one of Tommy's posts I always get this image of him. I imagine he's obese. I imagine he doesn't have children, nor is he married, or even have a girlfriend. I don't think he went to college, not even a fake college, like Devry. I doubt that he has friends. And I would bet money that he has some sort of drinking problem, and probably even a drinking and driving problem. I say this last part because after studying Tommy's posts, I have come to the conclusion that he does not hate Dori for the reasons he claims. I believe it is something else. Sometime personal. I think Dori talks about some issue that personally effects Tommy, like, drinking and driving, for example. But he could never admit that, which is why he makes it sound like he is coming to the defense of the poor or homeless. I also think he has some psychological projection issues whereby is he projecting his own hate and intolerance onto Dori. Freud would say, in Tommy's case, that because he cannot face his own feelings, and is unable or unwilling to perceive himself as an antagonist, he is projecting those characteristics onto Dori.


Interesting comments, Tommy. Esp. about Dave . . . was he musing when he said that in a serious way? I think he's still the best local guy.

I get the "smarty pants" thing. Wish Goldy would do a little less of that myself but his shows with guests are interesting. And, except for Happy, he has good callers.

More pop-psych, DT? More meaningless ass-umptions? I doubt many here care a fig what you think.


BTW, I do like the Stranger hours.


DT, regarding your latest- It's better to be merely thought a fool, than to press the send button and remove all doubt.

Star Monson

DT you have point here. I would like to add a little but feel free to continue.

Tommy 008 (note the diminutive name instead of the adult Tom or Thomas) is obviously a 'man' who suffers from self esteem issues. He feels inadequate when compared to the self made Dori.
Dori has a show that speaks to thousands. 'Tommy' has a couple of self published books to his credit.
Dori works in a competitive industry. Tommy lives in an imaginary world of phantom stock market success (I doubled my money last year beating all the financial analysts he claims)
Dori is a self made man who stands on his own two feet. 'Tommy' can only lash out at the successful Monson as a 'compensatory' mechanism. It is similar to the teenage boy who uses the phallic like spray paint can to 'tag' his name in a desperate attempt to garner attention. The healthy teenage boy will grow out of this phase, 'Tommy' may be unable to form adult relationships hence the loathing and hatred of the family man Monson.
Monson drives a brand new Jaguar. 'Tommy' is still unable to get his older Jaguar to even work.
Self-hatred, self-loathing, also sometimes autophobia refers to an extreme dislike of oneself, or being angry at oneself. 'Tommy' isn't really mad at Monson. Instead he is really angry with himself. But he needs Dori. Dori is his compulsion. Without Dori, we have no 'Tommy' which only makes him angrier. Now DT, don't be angry with 'Tommy' just pity him.


Star Monson, may I suggest remedial math for you at a local community college? I told you thatI made somewhat over 200% in the stock market last year (no brag, just fact). 200% is tripling your money, not doubling it.


Ha, someone named Star Monson has the nerve to accuse someone else for being obsessed with Dori Monson? That's rich.

DT, you are every bit as obsessed with Monson as T008. I don't know why you feel you have to go to bat for Monson but jeez, take a look in the mirror sometime. T008 is far far more interesting than you BTW, I honestly only read the first and last few words you posts to get the idea. The rest of it is just too pathetic.


Also, while I'm correcting you, I might as well add that you erroneously stated I have several self-published books. I would never bother with trying to self-publish a book. My now departed father and grandfather , both Ivy League PhD.'s would have a fit if I settled for such a paltry nonachievement in life. I tried once to get my book published when the book industry was in the toilet a few years ago, contacting a relatively modest number of agents. I now am reworking Chapter One which I believe was a bit over the top, and probably misled the agents into thinking the book was a porno effort. The fact that I wasn't successful in my initial effort means nothing, since, for instance, the author of A Confederacy of Dunces COMMITTED SUICIDE AFTER ENDLESS REJECTIONS, ONLY TO HAVE HIS MOTHER SECURE IT'S POSTHUMOUS PUBLICATION, AFTER WHICH IT WENT ON TO WIN THE PULITZER PRIZE. In another demonstration of the obtuseness and stupidity of literary agents, some graduate students submitted chapters form the already published Pulitzer Prize winning book Ironweed by a writer named Kennedy, under a false cover, to unsuspecting agents. They all summarily rejected the book. Again, Star, I ask my question- what will you do when I announce the book's publication, jackass? Apologize?


Tommy 008
On a serious note, is your book fiction or non fiction? In addition to the Kennedy story, as I recall from a 60 Minutes show many many years ago it also took him years to get published.


PUTS, The book is approx. 130,000 words novel-crime/mystery fiction.


I actually hope KVI goes more and more Christian. I love calling in and arguing with those delusional freaks. They've got the Buybull and faith to go on and I've got logic, reason and science.

Its almost the year 2008 and there are still people who believe in magical sky friends. Amazing! How fucking stupid do you have to be to not realize the Buybull was made up by humans just like the 10,000's of other religions that have been invented? Fucking idiots.


I love this on campaign signs..."Edorsed by Firefighters." I wonder if my local T.V. repairmen and janitors also endorse the candidate?


Well I hope that your mother does not have to arrange for the publication of your book. LOL
It is my favorite genre for recreational reading though.
Good luck.


Jethro, if its anything like a Lawrence Block book, I would give it a read. But I was thinking it would be more Ian Flemming like. With the 008 and all. Did you give up on them types or are they still on the back burner.


Tommy 008, how come I have this vision of you being published, winning awards, going on the book tour and then coming back home to Seattle one day for the requisite book signing/interview at 710 Kiro Dave Ross but due to last minute illness his substitute host: Dori Monson!
Now that would be a helluva interview.

Forgive me, I couldn't resist as Karma can be a weird deal.

I do wish you the best of luck with the book. This world needs more authors!


Star Monson, a math lesson- not that I won't have some setbacks in my beginning pro investing career,after last year's 200%(all my own stock picks), but 200% return on investment performance in any market continued year over year means that if you started with $50,000 in january of year one, you will have $12.15 million dollars at the end of year 5.


Star Monson- all you can do in the face of this uncomfortable truth, is whine "he's dreaming about his imaginary, phantom gains in the stock market!" like a baby and a jackass.


oh,and Star Monson? At the end of 10 years at 200% return yoy your $50,000 is now worth 2.954 billion$. bwahahahaahahahahahahaahahaha now that's what i call googobs of money.


I stand by my diagnosis. Furthermore, I believe that most people here are impressed with my insight into human nature and psychology. I am proud of myself. I admire me.


One word for you DT- onanism.


"Star Monson, a math lesson- not that I won't have some setbacks in my beginning pro investing career,after last year's 200%(all my own stock picks), but 200% return on investment performance in any market continued year over year means that if you started with $50,000 in january of year one, you will have $12.15 million dollars at the end of year 5.

Posted by: Tommy008 | October 31, 2007 at 04:54 PM"

Tommy 008,
If you can sustain treble growth of 200% then your wasting time with the fiction stuff. I suspect a non fiction book on investment would be a best seller. With the money from that and your millions you could buy KIRO 710 and then be Dori's new boss.
Without giving away your trade secrets, what in the heck are you doing that out performs the market. Are you taking more sector risk or do you invest broadly across sectors to mitigate your exposure. Obviously, your not doing mutual funds. Just curious (albeit jealous) of your performance this year.


This place has the worst comments in the local blogs. Just a bunch of old farts having pissing matches with themselves. Get some Flomax and stay on the fucking topic you jerks. jesus Christ I'll be glad when all you old boomeres die the fuck off!


This place has the worst comments in the local blogs. Just a bunch of old farts having pissing matches with themselves. Get some Flomax and stay on the fucking topic you jerks. jesus Christ I'll be glad when all you old boomeres die the fuck off!


I am proud of myself.

That's nice, DT.

Tommy, any tips? I'd like to retire with a little money. Isn't happening on my income. :)

Listening to Dave discussing Obama and his take on gays with a blogger. Talking about McClerk.(sp?) I haven't heard of this little issue. I think this is going to be a looooooong campaign season. I'm steering clear for a while.

I listened to about ten minutes of 710DORI's show today in which he was stealing slogans from liberals and calling us all the names that describe them. It was funny. Some poor PI?/Times? editorial writer had the nerve to post on her blog something about an artist who commited arson as a protest against something. He parsed her words and called her on them and then accused her of parsing words.

It was funny. What a dumbshit.


last year i used only a small fraction of my NET WORTH to invest in high risk stocks, working 7 days a week on them as my only job, and achieved my 200%, As eac h year progresses , assuming i continue my succesS, my stock money will become a larger percentage of my net worth and i would have to consider whether i want to keep risking the wholE pot year after year liek a poker player. last year i used a high leverage method or power trading, where i was investing my whole capital in onLy one stock at a time. i used high RISK (INTERNET GAMBLING, cHINESE TELECOM,ETC.) and beaten down /turnaround NASDAQ stocks exclusively.


Daytrading or power/leverage trading where the stocks are held for weeks or months is by no means a license to print money. It has been the single biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in this country for some time, and 85 to 95% of daytraders lose money.


Well, I, too, thought internet gambling would be a no brainer but my couple thousand shares of a stock I've owned for several years has gone nowhere . . . and I think now they're trying merge the gambling part with a travel-hotel group of some sort. The guys an Asian FCS - I thought he'd know how to do it.

I do have a job, Tommy. I've had two brokers who did nothing for me and the only time I ever made any money was when I took the advice of one of the non-broker winners in the paper (you know, average people telling their top picks for the year and then getting some credit if they did well.) I bought a lot of a stock called Loudeye at 30 cents a share and made some money. It paid for a remodel. Other than that, my brokers make money but I don't. I had sold the rest before Nokia bought them . . .

I know . . . go with an index stock. I should listen to Bob Brinker. He seems to know his stuff. I worry now, however, that the market is not a good place to put money mostly because of the mortgage fiasco and the fact that the dollar isn't doing well worldwide. The Euro seems to be gaining ground.

Since I don't have a long window nor very good luck in the market, I'm fearful. Have been a risktaker in the past but for naught.

What do you think?


You can't really be a successful trader in high risk stocks on a part time basis- I know I couldn't at least. The ads on radio and tv where they have a shill claiming he spends 15 minutes a day on stocks and reaps huge rewards are basically criminal devices to fleece the gullible among us. The other choices are bonds or index funds or there sre some highpaying mutual funds (some doing 30% a year), which a good broker would know about.


Radio host Bob Brinker has three models depending upon your risk tolerance/time horizon. He emphasizes no load funds/dollar cost averaging. Vanguard funds are a favorite of his portfolio. If you want his 'model' it costs $185 a year to subscribe but you can get a 'free' one if you request it on his website. Good, solid, investor based knowledge is what he offers.


"This place has the worst comments in the local blogs. Just a bunch of old farts having pissing matches with themselves. Get some Flomax and stay on the fucking topic you jerks. jesus Christ I'll be glad when all you old boomeres die the fuck off!"

And here you are, posting right along with us.


ok enough about my investing. The only reason i indulged in the posts about it, is because Dori Monson and by extension his surrogate or bitch Star Monson (a.k.a. My Man Dori) like to claim that we critics of Dori on Blatherwatch are simply "the dregs of socity" as Dori likes to say, and cretinous losers living in mom's basement who couldn't shine the shoes of the the great Mr. Monson , with his self-perceived brilliance which he's carried in his head ever since he skipped a grade in school.


This is way beyond any of my business, however I shall jump in anyway.
As a teacher, are you not eligible for the states deferred comp program? That program is similar to a private sector 401k. You get to invest in pre-tax dollars and get taxed at a lower rate after you retire.
If you are not already investing through DC, check it out. Several of the fund options have been performing in the 15 to 25% range per year over the last five years. The state funds are well managed and profitable. Bonus, you reduce your income tax obligation.
You and I are too close to retirement to gamble the T008 way.
He is younger and has time to recover from mistakes.


chucks is correct. they are good solid investment models that are predicated on your likely retirement age (such as Brinker). as we get older we move from less equity and into more bond type investments to help smooth out the rough edges.
if you really do not feel comfortable going into it go to a financial planner but not one that is commissioned base. Rather, fee based. You are paying for that person's time and they will give you advice in your best interest instead of trying to make money off you with commissions (i think you already experianced that).
Chuck is spot on: first max out your state employer 401 k matching to the greatest extent possible. if you have money left over then consider seeing a fee based financial planner to give your finances the once over. Also give a listen to Brinker he has good financial advice in general -plus he'll rant on about Bush's economic policies once in awhile if you need to get a fix-

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