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October 18, 2007



For all of your windstorm coverage, keep it locked onto Frank Shires tonight. He has promised complete coverage.

I have not seen windstorms like this in Seattle. Could it maybe, just maybe have a connection to global warming?


I'd sooner be blown by a rusty weezle than listen to storm news by Frank Shiers.


Stuck in backup this afternoon because of dead traffic lights, I tuned in to KOMO and listened to people call in and tell what was happening at their house. It was an ok way to spend an hour in the car, but I wouldn't want days and days of it like last December.

rusty weezle

Sarge, come to me.


sarge is such a 'suck-up'.


This just in--Frank lost power for an hour or so today, and says that nothing focuses your concern as a parent like a power outage. Thankfully, Franks daughter survived the outage.

This is a very special, four hour edition of the show.


For Christ's sake what is the problem with KIRO and Shiers???

A little wind and rain and KIRO does wall to wall coverage of THE STORM OF OCTOBER 2007.

Shiers talks as if this is an apocalypse...bizarre memories of the 40 days and nights of KIRO's storm coverage last year.

KIRO will stay on the story until every light bulb in Seattle burns brightly.


Tucker Carlson carries the banner for the Republicans being the "Stupid Party" with his comment about "Vaginal candidate" - dog lame !

Feminists better lovers - lesbians included ?. Guys who are feminists are better in the sack ? I have heard the same about Christian women, right wing chicks and communicst women in various other studies - each has their inherent bias. Hopefully these studies weren't Government funded...they are about as worthless as the paper they are written on.

The windstorms, thunderstorms and adverse weather all have a connection to global warming - blame it all on GW - that's the ticket... (That's what the proctological mainstream media sluts will continue to do) - next time, I'll try to say more of what I really think...


Tucker Carlson carries the banner for the Republicans being the "Stupid Party" with his comment about "Vaginal candidate" - dog lame !

Feminists better lovers - lesbians included ?. Guys who are feminists are better in the sack ? I have heard the same about Christian women, right wing chicks and communicst women in various other studies - each has their inherent bias. Hopefully these studies weren't Government funded...they are about as worthless as the paper they are written on.

The windstorms, thunderstorms and adverse weather all have a connection to global warming - blame it all on GW - that's the ticket... (That's what the proctological mainstream media sluts will continue to do) - next time, I'll try to say more of what I really think...


Klueless, you're being redundant.


Does Shiers do any show prep?

Did he just get in his car and decide to talk about nothing?

4 hours of storm coverage?!?


WHATever Stephanie Miller runs for, I vote for...period!


Bla'M would only seem right that with the emphasis apparently swinging over to vaginal-americansa veteran like me should be entitled to more VA benefits? Ya think?


"The best argument for letting religious symbols stink up public places is that it might make talk radio phonies shut up about it."

Now I think I know why this blog attracts so many bitter, hate-filled, angry, negative, narrow-minded, and intolerant people.


DAD?...is..is that you?


KS, great point there. When I read about this study, I mindlessly took it in, thinking something along the lines of, 'well yeah, I can see how a strong, confident female would be a better lover.' But you're right--people don't have better or worse sex because of their political leanings. It takes about 4 seconds of reflection & thinking back to see that.

And you know damn well the study was tax-funded one way or another.



Local radio hosts have been covering the domestic violence assault charge against Richard McIver, and the drunk driving charge against Venus Velázquez, but I don't see it mentioned on this blog. That seems curious to me. I wonder why everyone is being strangely silent on these charges? I don't recall people being silent when it came to Jane Hague. Does anyone happen to know the political affiliation of McIver, Velázquez, and Hague? Maybe that will give me a clue as to why people are selectively silent.


..don't know but would like to volunteer for the next 'active' round of the study group...;)


"At least Randi wasn't driving Oh My!

Posted by: Duffman | October 18, 2007 at 01:39 PM"

Gee DT, did you happen to notice this post? 'Oh My' was a link.


Three times Dori, I mean DT, has brought up the domestic assault charges off topic on the thread. Much chest thumping by DT that he is the only one that dares to discuss it. It has been discussed but not to his satisfaction. Now of course since I made this post I will be psychoanalized by DT who uses that degree he has that is printed on paper that comes in a roll and 4 inch squares because I am bitter, hate-filled, angry, negative, narrow-minded, and intolerant.

Analize this ,.l..

Michael B

"religious symbols stink up public places"?? Oh Michael I would expect better from you.


People go off topic all the time, and I don't see 'shadow' having a cow, so that is a red herring.

DT makes a good point here. Christine Gregoire, nominally the leader of the Dems in WA, has been a outspoken over the years on the DV issue, yet when McIver is arrested for DV, Dems have nothing to say. Is it not similar to the case of Larry Craig, supposedly anti-gay over the years, getting busted in a gay bathroom sting, i.e. hypocritical?


shadow...was that a religious symbol you used?

you do realize that in the Masai tribe, that symbol is used to reference the 'power of the sky' ;)


You guys are really needy of you're spending so much energy talking about what we're not talking about. You guys have a life?

Dave is currently comparing Eyeman's "sleazy" remark to Stark's remarks about Bush not caring about kids and being amused about heads being blown off. Ross seems to think they are equally insensitive.

You're inconsistent apparently unless you think both statements were wrong. I think Patterson is whining and Eyeman can call the board "sleazy" all he wants. That's the public square and the freedom of speech we have - supposedly. And it's not such a terrible word. 710DORI is much less civil on his show three hours every day.

And Bush doesn't care . . . if anybody thinks he does care about anything short of money and his base, they haven't been paying attention. "The Corporation" is his family.


BTW, feminists and liberal women are definitely better in bed. Got it, boys?


One more thing, why is KIRO advertising 770 and Limbaugh on its internet site?

Ross keeps referring to his "chief of staff." Has he replaced Tina yet?


Isn't it all 'common ownership'?


"common ownership"

so what? I listen to KIRO . . . if I wanted to listen to Rush, I'd be listening over there. What's the point of trying to drive KIRO listeners elsewhere?


Just checked KTTH site and they don't stream . . . nor do they advertise KIRO.


..probably didn't have you in mind when they opted to do that, joanie; just trying to 'inform' folks that might have an interest


Then why not the other way? Why not advertise Dave on KTTH?


Frank, (hi frank, you're reading this everyday- i have proof) give it a rest. Everyone in the world , except a tiny fraction of society known as sociopaths, adores their four or five year old daughters. Not that you can't mention it in the rare passing comment, but you constantly talk about your said adoration, as if this issome kind of revolutionary news.That kind of subject is not major market quality material, but rather pure Bremerton station stuff, and it confirms my opinion that that's where you belong. You need to be back over there with your own B-town show, and the adulating, blue- haired country gramma's calling you.


Joanie, you, and many others here call 710KIRO, 710DORI, presumably because he takes up a lot of air time, between his show, his commercials, and his Seahawks gig. Seems to me that talk of Dori takes up a lot of this site, as well, yet you you don't mockingly refer to this site as Doriwatch, or Doriblather. Why not?

Another question. I've read you for a while now, and honestly think you are one of the brightest people on this blog. I enjoy reading you. But my question is, seeing how you respect and enjoy hosts who are civil to a fault, how come you don't then conduct yourself in a similar civil and polite manner? I'm not complaining, I'm just curious.


Ya, not to be inflamatory or anything, but why are you all such goddam hypocrites?


DT, curiosity killed the cat . . . doncha know?

Duff, you get that bolt of lightning just struck the north end? My electricity went out for about 20 seconds. I'm having new windows put into today and it's hailing!


...a flicker; who's doin your windows?...I'm also having them put into this old house.


Pella - a contractor through them. Triple glaze and shades inside - designer series. Very nice.


It's funny, you know joanie after listening to all those window ads on KIRO and KVI...after getting bids from all of them, I found a company that doesn't even advertise in the MSM/ they came in lower...and I've been very please with their product and workmanship.
Don't think it's quite the product you're getting tho. Congrats; you'll no doubt be quieter and cozier this winter. :)


Say what you will about 'big pants' (& I don't care for him) but he can certainly Lemons into lemonaide


:)...that s/be 'turn'; sorry.


You're right, Joanie. Sorry for being so nosy.


It's ok,DT. Randi just said that the reason people are so angry about Stark's words is because they are so true. I love her... and Seder ... and Hartman...and even Malloy.

Duff, don't know what you mean by "lemons..." but I don't really care. I guess you have to love poverty and war to think anything Rush has done is positive in any way.


Here's the positive I see in it:

"100% of the final sale price will support Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation"


"Randi just said that the reason people are so angry about Stark's words is because they are so true."

While I may not care for Pres Bush, I hardly think he gets enjoyment out of seeing our young soldiers and marines get their heads blown off. Come on, let's be fair; that statement does not belong in the Congressional Record and you know it.


It is great that Harry Reid and his ineffective caucus in an effort to intimidate or silence Rush managed to perform another failed attempt at anything. In their efforts to twist the words of a man that has supported our military for as long as I can remember into something evil, they have proved just how incompetent they really are.
But you are right. That letter is probably a historic document in and of itself. No where in history have the morons in the US Senate done anything like it before.
The children of US Marines and federal police officers will now have scholarship money thanks to Rush and a very generous lady.
$4,200,000.00 to add to the fund because Rush is matching her bid..
Great news.


Then you should be listening to the cuts she's playing. Like I said, if you don't know that, you haven't been paying attention.

The man doesn't care. Project your own normal emotions onto him all you want, it doesn't change the fact that he doesn't care. He is sociopathic. It is as clear as rain to me and was before he was elected in 2000.

I started out being a supporter of Bush because I like in-your-fact, non-politic types. I want honesty. But after listening to the man a few times, reading about his childhood, hearing the way he talked about capital punishment in Texas, I blew him off real early. I don't go for the image.

Duffman, you and so many people don't do your homework. You rely on faith and your superficial take on people to decide. That's become a very American thing. I see it in my teaching. I see it in parents. It is why I'm sure Romney will be the Republican candidate. We are in a mess in this country because people are attracted by image and they don't look much further for the substance behind the image.

You will not live long enough to read history's true take on some of our more popular recent presidents. I submit that they will not be considered very respectfully. In fact, Nixon did more for our country than either Reagan or Clinton. Wish you'd be around to see it. I won't be either, but I know it's going to happen.

Of course, we may not have historians by that time. We may be Orwell's vision and history will not exist. A fiction will be what is available for public consumption. Actually, we already have mostly a mythic history but it will be even worse. There are places to get the truth . . . they'll all be burned eventually - Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury was a visionary.


You two are easily purchased. Do you think any of this would have happened sans the stupid remark he made?

He's responsible for some much indecent hate-filled and warmongering that he owes a whole lot more to the military.

What fools you be.


I never said I liked the guy or trusted him or had faith in him...ALL I'M SAYING is that I DOUBT he enjoys seeing our young military get their heads blown off and that remark does NOT belong in our Congressional Record. You extrapolate too much from what I say. Be fair.


"You two are easily purchased.." not me, young lady you're s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g again.

...'purchased'...well...may be Stephanie Miller, but ONLY by her...;)


You can doubt all you wish. I gave you my reasons for thinking he DOES get amused by it. I suggested you listen to Rhodes cuts of Bushisms. You give me back an "I doubt . . . " based on what?

If you don't think a person can get amused by violence, you don't read the papers do you. What would make him so different than any other criminal? Your faith in him?

That's like saying Dahlmer doesn't really like eating human flesh . . .

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