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October 10, 2007



Obviously the bra that Ron is wearing DOESN'T belong to the blonde.


The General was in fine form on this one! My favorite response on his blog:

Free range urination. Feeling the bracing cool of a wind whippin off Elliot Bay and up one's baggy torn cargo pants. God but that's a kind of freedom most Americans just can't appreciate these days of suburban malaise and tivo'd monotony.

Poppin' the top of a perfectly chilled bottle of Gibson's White Port while snackin' on some Dumpster cheese with your buddies. Seattleites got it going, man.

Or, maybe This one:

Next stop, repealing that pesky Americans With Disabilities Act! I mean, come on, how cool would it be if we got to sit down all the time and cruise the streets in a Pimped Rascal scooter? Or to save wear and tear on the joints via those kick ass access ramps?

The sad thing was the response on UnSound politics to the original story...the party of Family Values, ya know...


Regarding the ad nauseum coverage of the foundry fire, I finally went FM for the remainder of the evening.

I felt sorry for Tim Hecht who I like a lot.


Also, it was so kind of someone with the web address of [email protected] to post as me over there...


The most interesting thing about the Tacoma explosion coverage was that it thrust David Goldstein into the role of a local talk show host, which he clearly is not.

This type of breaking news coverage comes with the job. If he wants to continue his radio career, he needs to step up to the plate and leave his "blogger" identity behind. This could include some voice lessons.


...and just think, we have the 'winter storm' coverage to look forward to.


I don't think Goldy's voice could sound much different, but the way he talks is rather whiny and makes the worst of the hand he's been dealt. If he made an effort to speak in a smoother tone it would work a lot better.


The thought that one needs a so called 'radio voice' is an antiquated one. It matters not any more what the voice is like (as long as it's discernable); what matters is if the host can develop a 'persona'. If the host can indeed develop a strong persona, the voice will adapt and be received accordingly. That would be current day's Radio 101 class. These are not the days of the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast.


If Mr. Adenoid, Mike Siegal, can have a career in talk radio, anyone can, including Goldy.


You're right Janet...one of the most irratating voices to me is the voice of Mark Levin. But he's developed the 'persona' of Rush Limbaugh's lawyer-friend and simply by that connection has developed a 'following' (albeit a slim one). I agree with you - Goldy CAN have a career in talk radio if his passion for such is there and he works at it.


Bla'M, that brings to mind the Ron Bailie School of Broadcase: whatever happened to them? Bet you would know?


"We have to make responsible decisions in the Congress that are not driven by the dissatisfaction of anybody who wants the war to end tomorrow," Though crediting activists for their "passion," Pelosi called it "a waste of time" for them to target Democrats. "They are advocates," she said. "We are leaders."

It seems like Nancy is saying to all you liberals that you can protest all you want but when she's ready to end this war, then she'll end this war, you may be the voice of this dissatifaction, but she is bigger and better than any of you, she is the decider.

Maybe if you had come out in protest of the war with more than that measly 1 percent, she might be playing a different tune. But since you all just chickened out, being afraid that a neighbor,friend, or co-worker might see you protesting against America, she has no choice but to is become like the person you hate most. President Bush.


Duff, whats with Hillary. Does she like votes more than the children.


They can both be despised, nevets. Next?


In my view Mrs Clinton's primary focus right now is becoming POTUS. Once she achieves that - she will do more for children than any other President has. She's running a very strategic campaign and one that is very disciplined so at times it may seem that she values votes above all else - but alas the proof of the pudding will be when she governs along with a 'cooperative' Dem Congress. Only then will we see how things can get done in this Country.


Medved is havinf his announcer crow,"you're listening to the sixth most listened to talk radio show in the nation!" as an intro. He's deliberately misleading his audience, or as we say on Queen Anne Hill, lying. The radio magazine survey featured on Blatherwatch list 10 shows that have more listeners than he does. The survey breaks the ratings down into 10 or so levels of audience numbers, with 2 shows on each level. You could argue whether the other guy on his level has more listeners than he does, but there is no argument that the top ten shows have more listeners. Very sleazy Medved.


Medved has always claimed to be very bad at math, even though his dad is a physics prof. Now we know why. It was a set up all along so that now he can claim to be 6th best. If challenged, he can just claim to be bad at math.

Medved means 'bear' in Russian. Why "bear?" It's homonym is "bare" as in bare-nekkid, and Medved is a member and strong supporter of the nudist "bohemian groves" club, of California. Medved is actually from CA, which cements my case. Rove is a member too.


Isn't the bohemian groves club funded by Haliberton? That's it!! Dick Cheney funnels money through bohemian groves to fund his illegal chimpmcbushhitler drug smugling kill all the people of color war in South America and the Middle East.
I would of coarse site sources, but I think this is off topic.


VP Cheney, when asked by GAO auditors, 'what is it exactly that you do around here' answered:

'I like turtles!'


Not enough brain floss in the world to remove the image of a naked Karl Rove from my mind....


I will just say this about 'Chucks.' He never has explained the 's.' Is he part of the infamous 'cloned army' experiment. Or is the 's' there just waiting to be innocently dropped so that he can take some words out of context, twist an argument, and then, insidiously, get some ultraconservative spokesman off the hook?


Chucks, hmmm, is that the same 'Chucks' who was involved in a plan to transplant to Lake Washington the sea serpents which has been witnessed by hundreds in Lake Storsjon, Sweden, Jamtlan province?


Does anyone know what happened to Jen? I liked her a lot. She has a great personality and voice.


Yeah, she said to tell you that she's not interested - she likes turtles.
...and that you could go phuck yourself

The Truth

Proof that I am the most honorable person on this site.

Let it be known that I am the first and only person, so far, to speak out about the Democratic Seattle City Councilman's reported domestic violence and abuse against his wife. Everyone else, silent. A wife is reportedly being abused and beaten by her husband, and everyone here, because the abuser is of the same political party as them, remains silent. Let is be remembered that I was the lone voice to stand up against this domestic abuse.


OK, the Chucks thing is nothing cool. My name is Chuck S. I inadvertently used the lower case s on a couple of posts. Fremont pounced on it and started calling me Chux. I was amused and accepted it as who I am on this blog.
Sorry, just plain boring. My ultra conservetive friends think it is because of my occasional liberal side.


Silence is good sometimes, we need it when exterminating republicans.


super soul says 's' stands 4 'silenced?' Swedish sea sperpent storsjoodjuret says same.


This is a crazy thread. It's funny.

I don't like "chucks" . . . that name brings to mind an image of a roly-poly toothy fool. I'm glad it isn't really what you had intended. I will see you differently from now on.

Seder is talking about 710DORI right now. He's talking about conservatives who think that if you don't make as much money as they do, you're lazy.

Also, Duff, he had a caller who nailed Hillary. The caller said that the last time Hillary was involved in health care, she routinely said the insurance companies should be the gatekeepers. Also, Seder added that she has taken more money from insurance companies than any other candidate.

And now, a caller who has moved from Canada to the US and who's daughter is currently a surgeon in Canada said that medical for the average person is ten times better in Canada. The doctors are the same. If his daughter moved to the US, she wouldn't have to go back to school or pass any boards. It would just be a piece of paper that would be altered.

He was very specific and adamant that our country's health care system is crummy for anyone who is not a millionaire.

I wish Seder would take over Malloy's show. I love his expertise and articulation. He's better than Randi because she's a little bit in love with yourself these days. When she's informative, I love her. But, when she starts with the rants, she loses me.

You're a fool if you think Mrs. Wall Street is the answer to health care.

Goldy's voice? I agree with AMJ. When he filled in for Ross, he was great. He kept it calm and intelligent. I love his intellect. I wish he would get it that everybody has a learning curve and his should be learning to modulate and refrain from so much "me" and self-aggrandizing.

When he had Ari on last weekend, I had the feeling Ari was trying to stay focused but David kept forcing cute jokes into the conversation. A good host listens to his guests more than talks.

Just my opinion.

spotted owl

"If you see a turtle on a fence post, you can be pretty damn well sure it didn't get there by accident"--Bob Dole.


"You're a fool if you think Mrs. Wall Street is the answer to health care."

Thank you joanie; I truly hope I am not a fool as I believe she is our best hope on this. I'd obviously be very disappointed if she doesn't come thru. I believe she is very confusing presently as her main focus is on becoming POTUS and sometimes it may look like her priorities are astray. However I firmly believe that once she becomes POTUS - she will want her legacy to be about 'health care?' and 'children' and that she will do more in those areas (with the help of a 'cooperative' Congress) than has ever been done.
I realize I 'could' be wrong but my faith abounds in her and there just isn't any one else I believe in more at this point. I appreciate your cautionary warning, but I think in the end you too will decide to vote for her against an empty field -or you shan't vote.


You don't have to guess who I'll vote for. What choice will I have? Another corrupt Republican fool or the Democratic candidate.

And "faith" has gotten us where we are, thank you very much.


Yes joanie, I agree it was wrong to put our faith in the 'vote-counters' of Ohio.


So everything is Ohio's fault? Republicans don't have any responsibility? That's certainly simple.


"Republicans don't have any responsibility"

A truer statement you have never uttered.


The Truth.
different name, same bullshit.


Yeah, 'The Truth' - it's not like it isn't being micro-discussed elsewhere.


Joanie, how about that big whopper that Randi told everyone listening the other day.

"The only thing the US exports is war".

Do you think she is telling the truth here. And Seder, not a big night time listener. Unless of course I'm on the road.


It is true, that and torture. Bush is exporting war. Glad to see you are tuning in, we need more. I saw the "war" on PBS this week, nothing like what is going on now. Iraqis are not welcoming us like the europeans did. We need to leave and charge the idiot Bush with war crimes. It is about oil.


Ron Upshaw looks great in a bra. He shoudl wear it on the radio, maybe he does.


Be more specific coiler, since you mentioned "war crimes", name a few that President Bush should be charged with.

And maybe you should go back and look at those tapes of American Troops arriving in Bahgdad. As I recall they came out by the thousands to thank them for getting rid of Saddam.

Vic Cologne

So Bush exports war, but before Bush, the U.S. didn't export war? Google these keywords: U.S., military, bases, oversees. See all the pretty military bases the U.S. has all over the world? Yeah, 700 is a big number. What the hell do you people think those bases are for? Wake up and smell the venti decaf, skim, no whip, extra foam, double-shot soy latte. Our bases cover the earth. The U.S. is a modern day Rome. Don't be surprised when a county as militaristic as ours starts a war now and then. This has nothing to do with D or R's. This has to do with the U.S.'s foreign policy over the last 62 years. Let's not forget, it was a Democrat who dropped two nuclear bombs on two different civilian cities as leverage to stop a war. In my book, that's called terrorism. In closing, I have a question for the libs out there. When was the last time, under a Democratic president, you ever protested the U.S. having hundreds of military bases oversees?


Oh, remember you referenced the PBS special "War" and said about WWII...

"nothing like what is going on now."

So try not to make a case against President Bush unless you think Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower should also have been tried. Remember too, Roosevelt is one of Joanies favorites, so don't say something that might make her turn her back on you in the future. Oh, and if you believe it, Sparkys says her dad was over there to, so you might also consider that when you make your list also.


Has Dori done her interview with Ann Coulter yet? I remember a few days ago reading that Dori would once again be doing the honors, whimpering on his belly beneath Ann's plunging strap-on.


He has.


Lying about those pesky WMD's steven. I belive sparky's dad was there as mine was too, little man.


My great uncle was in the New Guinea theater - he had no issue whatsoever about Truman nuking Japan.


Duffman -
If you get your way in the 2008 election and the Hildebeast is POTUS, not only the Conservatives will be screwed, but the whole country will be also screwed.. It will get worse before it gets better.


FYI - Michael Savage referred to Ann Coulter as a transvestite, post-op rendition from the Rocky Horror Picture show.. very interesting comment - but his contention is that she does conservatives a disservice with her mouth.


Savage griping about Coulter is like wes clark jr. complaining about goldy's language

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