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October 25, 2007



Remember how I asked if someone was trying to incite one of the Dori-haters on this piece of crap blog into action? So now Dori Monson hates Goldy because he won't promote the guy's show? I listen to Goldy's show, and he and his callers regularly belittle and ridicule Monson. Of course he shouldn't promote some guy's show who mocks him. What a stupid thing to even mention.


The point is Dori is just as big a dick in person as he is on his show. Who cares anyway?


I'm not so sure Dori has a big dick; he sounds like the classic little guy trying to compensate for his size.


KVI Radio in the a.m. is simply intolerable; even trying I'm unable to stay on station for more than 5-min. Like I've mentioned heretofore I just don't understand how someone like Wilbur can slur his words and run sentences-together and be considered a good 'talk-show host'; it's beyond me. Does not the profession require decent enunciation at THE VERY LEAST? Something has to change there if they ever hope to regain what they once had?


"I'm not so sure Dori has a big dick; he sounds like the classic little guy trying to compensate for his size."

..but you'd like to see 'solid' evidence that you're wrong, right Dana..:)

here we are dissin dori again; he's lovin it.. haha


You are probably right Dana. I had just exceeded my quota this week using the word "asshole".


"..but you'd like to see 'solid' evidence that you're wrong, right Dana..:)"

oy vey...I think I'm going to be sick....


..ha, good one Dana.


Goldstein or one of his guests or callers said something about Dori's many endorsements. No big--that is something discussed regularly on this blog and around KIRO. Dori went to the boss. the boss told him to cool his jets. Dori is known around Eastlake as a little jerk, a dangerous little jerk because he seems to have clout with the new management.


I had to stop listening to Kirby months ago because i could not abide by the religious turn the show had been taking. It was Carleen who always brought up the "Christian perspective" inappropriately. We're Christians in our house, but if I want Christian programming I'll go to a Christian station.


I have never heard Goldy do anything more than rib Monson about politics on his show. Monson is getting a little big for his britches. What a big fish in a little pond. If he is so worried about what a weekend hobby host says that he runs to management, he needs more to do but please, not with more airtime!


Goldy would be wise to mess with somebody else. He and his show mean nothing to Bonneville while Dori Monson pulls great ratings and makes them plenty of dough. Goldy means as much to them as this piece of shit blog does.


The difference between Dori and Goldy? About 200,000 listeners


Goldy is narrowband radio with a pre-set audience who agrees with him. It has limited appeal outside that circle. It's a political infomercial, no girls (or conservatives) allowed. Dori is wideband. He brings lots and lots of listeners together every day even though many don't agree with him. He's political but not restricted to that. Even being obnoxious is part of his wider appeal. Goldy's present show could never be more than weekend niche fodder for a large mixed format station like KIRO.


Right on, CD. I doubt if Dori even notices what Goldstein does on the weekends.


What part of "obnoxious" is appealing?

Mark (non-cougar chaser)

Goldy does invite guests from across the aisle. Dori is listed as being 5'9"; average height for a male in this country- though he acts like he's 5-4... I listen to Big Eddie - problem solved.


I think that Kirby and co. Are yust trying to to apeal to the same group of dead enders "the people who are against everything"I see that with Dori as well. No new listeners!! His Seahawks gig is a joke. The jocks flip him shit all the time. Dori wants to play trivia games. People used to listen to that show to learn about football!! Are you listening Pete Gross!! Strike that dork with lighting!!! Spare the nuns though, they don't know what they are doing.


Glad to hear someone else hears the shit the jocks flick at Dori. They don't seem to take him at face value. I think he's playing out his high school jock fantasies. "Finally, I can sit here and yuck it up with the Big Guys and they HAVE to listen to me!"

Big Man

Dori is anti-semitic


I don't think so BM, once I heard that at one time he considered the seminary but backed off about half way thru college. I don't know how religous he is presently but at least he apparently considered the Priesthood at one time.


I love how Dori upsets my fellow liberals. I hope one of you drops dead from anger after listening to Dori some day. I honestly think that would be funny. Will someone here please tell me if, sparky, for example, dies from a heart attack after listen to the big show? I would like a good laugh. Thank Q.


Hey peewee I sure wish someone had taught you to read.
I dont listen to Dori because I live too far away to get KIRO on my radio. Ergo, my demise will have nothing to do with any of that.


I heard your story about being "too far away" before. Sorry honey, not buying it. You mention him far too often to have never to him.


Hey DT
Truth be told Sparky I work under the assumption that she is really a dude but had to come up with a 'cover' story to prevent having to meet up with the Joanie/Fremont types.


Here's what I don't get about the people who post here. A lot of them claim to be liberal, but then they turn around and demonize others who they don't agree with. They claim to be tolerant of differing views, and that they celibrate diversity, but they clearly don't. When you demonize someone, you dehumanize them. The Germans did that to the Jews. They spoke about Jews exactly like some of the people on here speak about Dori. "He is evil!" "He is dangerous!" "Something must be done about him!" I personally believe this site, if it is not outright inciting hatred against Dori, is at least ignoring escalating vitriol occurring here. I think this blog is a place of hate and intolerance, and I am the only person to stand up against it.


Prediction: More people will cast votes for Dino, but after the ballots have been "handled," Christine will decided the winner.


It's not hate, DT. We make fun of Dori because there is so much material to use.

For me, finally, the hypocrisy and the instinctual popping off that he equates with thinking just made me see that listening to Dori was an intellectual waste of my time. He's never going to "get" it. He's never going to "understand" what his problems are. He's going to bluster ahead, coasting on his percieved brilliance because he skipped a grade decades ago, still using his High School debating techniques until he has that mid-life career crisis that will send him over the edge.

That's something I don't want to hear, so I regularly turn him off. And I hope the folks he's run over on the way--laterally--will forgive him for his bullying behavior. And Goldstein? I hope he stands up to Monson. That's how you treat bullies (that, and giving 'em a shoulder-shove in the hallway between classes).


If I can boil down what you just said, it's basically this: Dori doesn't think and talk like I like people to think and talk. He isn't politically correct. When you are politically correct, you try not to offend anyone or hurt their feelings. Dori offends some people sometimes. It's bad to offend people. His main goal should be to be nice, and take politically correct stands on issues, because if you aren't a soft-hearted progressive and liberal, you're a bully.


DT if you haven't already pick up on this...very obvious that there is a severe jealousy over Dori's success on this board. I keep telling these folks that the biggest insult to Dori w/be to 'ignore' him...yet they persist in constantly directing the conversation toward him. He loves it...it's 'money in the bank' for him...as his ratings surge. :)


Ah DT, but you see, you and some of the others assume I care what you think or whether you believe me or not. Party on.


"Party on"

Now is this something a 60'sh lady would say. Another piece of the puzzle in place to prove Sparky is not that old. Whether she lives in the Portland area is another matter but she has been consistent with telling us about her wine binges with Merci down there.


You people don't realize that you give Dori alot of power by obsessing over him. The more you talk about him, the more he will become known and people will be curious to listen to him and the higher his ratings will go.

Similarly, those on the right give Hillary alot of power by obsessing over her presidential prospects - those are alot larger stakes, but if this obsession continues, I know who I won't bet against in the next Presidential election.


Personally, I wish 710DORI would clean it up. He takes on some interesting issues. He's not the predictable establishmentarian that is Dave. But, he can be so damn punkish, an intolerable jerk, so immature, that any reasonable person stops listening.

He could be doing so much better in the ratings if he'd grow up. He is a lot lilke Eyeman. Two frat boys (whether he went to college or not - I guess that makes DORI a frat wannabe?) acting cool on the radeeyo.


Lets hope that some Joanies in this world don't take this as a sign of evil comings.


Me? Do that? When did you ever get the impression that I was afraid of anything but you conservatives?

I love your pics, Steven. Must be something about the Stevens of this world and pictures . . .


As every chef knows, DT, if you boil something down enough all you get is garbage.

No, sir, just like Mr. Monson, you took what I wrote and went on a completely different tangent, and as I quite specifically stated in my post, Mr. Monson is a bully because he likes to be a weasel by complaining about co-workers to management. In other words, Mr. Monson likes to "dirty" the sandbox when he doesn't get his way. He's a punk, because it takes one to be one.

Like Mr. Monson, you didn't do your research and "popped off" emotionally, and spent the rest of your time thinking of how you were going to respond, rather than go back and..oh, I don't know...re-read what was actually written. You just wanted to "get your way" rather than add anything to the argument.

Hmmm, who does that remind me of?

Regarding political correctness, I avoid the words "nigger" and "retard," and other slurs, because that's what it used to mean to be "politic." Now, most people use the term "political correctness" as a perjorative to say any idiotic thing they want--like it's something to thump your chest about to be a jerk.
If I have to be percieved as "politically correct," in your black and white world, so as not to be lumped in with the racists, homo- and xeno-phobes, I'm guilty as charged.

Big whoop for you...


There was a guy in Seattle that used to have a (polite) spoof website at dorimonson.com, but recently it's been closed. The web address was recently purchased, and closed, by The Dor-boy himself! If you cut and paste this link, you can see a cached version of it:




"Lets hope that some Joanies in this world don't take this as a sign of evil comings.

Posted by: Nevets | October 25, 2007 at 10:19 PM"

Nevets, Joanie would only do so if she got 'the word' from Randi. Never makes a mover without her.
Of course, this could explain why Randi fell. Looking up and when she should have been looking down....


First it was Bill Maher, now Bill Clinton. Both getting interrupted by 9/11 conspiracy loons. I wonder if this is a plot by the left to show the American people that they to are sensitive to the events that happened on 9/11 and in doing so separate themselves from the radicals who believe in the conspiracy. After watching video of the two interruptions, it looked like both Bills were expecting it to happen. I smell a Dean here. Anyone else.


spot on nevets
kind of like the earlier over reaction to 'fox news' by bill clinton and then later by the dem pres candidates refusing to go on or when they do looking for a chris dodd moment.
its all about positioning. the adult members of the dem party know that they gotta get away from the nut fringe types. watch them do the road runner when hillary gets the nomination. it will be 'bye bye' to the democraticunderground crowd.


Puts, I thought something smelled here


brings new meaning to the phrase, 'watch your step' not so much for a snake but rather excrement. much more appropriate for our coiler.


The new "'Christian Hours" show which has hijacked Kirby's old KVI morning show seems to be getting bolder and more obnoxious in it's overt religiosity by the day. It seems to be a stealth campaign to take over the morning block with this crap, and I agree with a previous post that Carleen is the main instigator. Before Carleen Johnson came on board as basically an equal host to Kirby, Wilbur kept his religious views fairly subdued on the show. This morning they had a Christian movie reviewer on, since of course just a plain old movie reviewer wouldn't do. Carleen mentioned during this segment about being "on fire" for God. I can imagine Carleen leading Kirby and the kid on the show to become ever bolder as the stealth plan becomes more and more manifest on the show, until thye are openly ridiculing evolution and claiming that the earth is only 10,000 years old. The "flat earthers" now rule mornings on KVI.


Remember last summer or spring when Carleen Johnson had been kicked out of the station for insubordination and sassing the boss? Management wussed out and not only let her back but promoted this woman to equal status with poor old wimpy Kirby. This "Christian Hours" train wreck and onair monstrosity is what we get in return for management's weakness. I posted on this blog when she was initially rightfully given the "bum;s rush" at the station that it was good riddance to her and her inappropriate onair religious comments.


I would listen to KVI at times for an opposing viewpoint. Kirby Wilbur was already a joke before his show became Kirby and Company. It has gotten worse and it's time for KVI to fire all three and change format.

Conservative radio is dying as the mood of the nation changes. What you hear on Kirby and Company is a microcosm of the sad and desperate state of the American right.

I have no need for proselytizing brought on by Carleen and Kirby. I would give them another year before all three will be looking for another job.

Star Monson

Tommy 008
When are we going to see that book you keep bragging about? Why not be a man of action like master Dori?
Tough guy going after Carleen. Big man. Too bad the truth is that you can't hack it by yourself. Oh wait, you do have all those investment winnings. 'Yeah, that's the ticket'. Investment winnings to quote Jon Lovitz.


If you want people to know you are Serious, this should read Hundreds of thousands. Like I've been saying, that 70% number is way exaggerated.


hey nevets
akin to sparky's 'yellow elephants' program, i heard that there is a program called 'yellow donkeys' who are against the war. oh they post away on the blogs and put the sticker on their bumper but get them to go out in the street and you won't see too many of them.


Puts, maybe they are afraid there might be too many coilers on the streets. I mean, just bumping into a coiler is not something I would want to do.

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