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October 12, 2007



She is down to charging by the half-hour, thats all Dori can afford.


There are some hate-filled, angry, and unstable people out there. Sometimes is seems there are people who try to incite these kind of people, gradually getting them closer and closer to the edge. I wonder if that's their purpose? To encourage these people who are intolerant of hosts who don't think like them to take action on their hatred. It's very subtle, but by using repetition and demonization, I could see how an unstable person could be pushed into acting on their hate. I definately see a pattern.


I'm beginning to think that Coulter prepares ahead of time a list of outrageous things she could say, and then chooses depending on the situation. Last week she said to the right to vote away from women so no Democrat would ever be elected to anything again. Now it's that Jews have to convert to be perfected. She has attacked the grieving widows of 9-11. Nothing is out of bounds, and I think it is all carefully calculated to be as offensive as possible so people will talk about her.

Either that or the meds she took to shrink her testicles, shrank her brain instead.


ooops, fingers flying too fast...
"Last week she said to TAKE the right to vote away from women...."


"It's very subtle, but by using repetition and demonization,"....

Yes, DT, I feel the same way about Coulter...


Gotta like the label CNN hung on that video still... no love for Ann there!


Ann is such a pretty girl. If she would just shut up, find a man to serve... a man like Dori who appreciates her for who she is. They share the same view of the human race. If you haven't made it to the subuight white American life, you are garbage.


Christianity, for over 2,000 years, consistently teaches that the only way to salvation is through acceptance of Jesus Christ. Why is Ann Coulter labeled antisemitic for stating the theological belief of the world's one billion Christians?


There are over 1,000 Christian faith groups in the U.S. who believe themselves to be the ONLY TRUE Christians. Coulter claims to be a Christian, but the way she treats people indicates she skipped a lot of Sunday School. ( Do unto others...he who is without sin cast the first stone...what you do to the least of my brothers you do to me...blessed are the peacemakers..) You know, all that peace and love stuff that Jesus preached.


That's right, bobo. Jews are going to burn in hell forever if they don't accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. So are Buddhists, so are Episcopalians, so are Moslems, so is Michael Medved, so is the Pope, so is everybody. Jesus doesn't discriminate. EVERYONE is going to burn for eternity if they 're not born again. There is One Way. period.


and Mormons, and Unitarians, and New Age fruitcakes.


...ergo, proving my point.


and be careful, markb..you don't want to piss off DT because he has already warned us he is about to blow and be pushed into acting on his hate.


Has anybody ever wondered why Ann Coulter appears to have an Adams apple? Maybe she's another Republican with something to hide. I just wonder what Dori's hiding

Stuart Larkin

He is hiding, he is hiding his love for asian hookers by saving money on flights his family takes when he brings his own food on board.


Maybe what Coulter is hiding is that she is an Asian hooker with man junk. Sexy, sexy.


If you look at Ann Coulter's initials, they're AC, as in alternating current, as in she goes both ways. She was an early product of Brian Maloney's lab. Why do you think that BM JUST HAPPENED to move from one high tech center (Seattle) to another (Boston)?
Why did BM come up with such a lame story about being fired from KIRO over Dan Rather? It was all cover. He needed to move to Boston to be close to MIT.


Seder played her talking to Leno last night(I think last night?) and he was pretty good. He got her a little bit on the defensive by questioning and then letting her just talk . . . Her energy level petered out as she was just hearing herself.

710DORI could never have done that. He's much too worshipful. Of course, that's why Leno is national and Dori is . . . well, just what is Dori anyway?

Also, I read that her book isn't selling quite as well this time. She's opportunistic just like Dori. Anything for dollars. Anybody that looks for any "there" there is destined to be disappointed.

You know, all of these right-wing hatemongers are just sucking the dollars right out of their sheep. She'll never need the socialized health care that her fans and book buyers will need eventually. That's the irony: she's happily banking all the sorrow that her fans will suffer one day.


Off to BB! So, I won't clog up the place for a couple of days. Have fun! You, too, Michael. You cautious old fart. :)


I'd call her a comedian who says things for shock (like Garofalo or Franken, without the f*bombs- what she called John Edwards is not an f-bomb) - however she is sarcastic and seems to have lost her mojo in the last few years.. Put her and Randi Rhodes in the same room and you have an ugly cat fight...

OOOOoh - that's like screeching fingernails across a blackboatd.


Ann Coulter is just making shocking statements in order to gin up the money for her books/speeches. Sometimes as KS says, they are tongue in cheek or shocking jokes.
The Dems LOVE Ann as they use her to gin up their crowd to make donations to prevent the 'Ann Coulters' from taking over. I've seen her face on more than one Dem mail in fundraiser request.

If Ann Coulter didn't exist, the Dems would have to invent her.
Is their any host today that doens't understand that she is going to use their show as a platform to make outrageous statements that do the above? Hell, Donny Deutch has had her on his show at least 5 times to date.

Randi vs Ann. If it is a physical fight, Randi has a definite weight advantage. For all the jokes about Ann and her adams apple, Randi looks like a confused dude in that horrid haircut of hers circa 1977.
If it was just a verbal joust, Ann is smart and would win hands down.


PugetSound: Coulter may be smart, but so is, for example Noam Chomsky. Not much of an endorsement. Coulter to me is a sham. I heard her on radio the other day praising Hoover as a good guy who was greatly responsible for winning the cold war.

Hoover to me was the epitome of unAmerican. He spied on and harassed civil rights activists in the 60's. I believe it was Nixon who said (I paraphrase, but it's close)"that damn Hoover's got files on everybody." This after Nixon learned that Hoover had files on Nixon's friendship with a pretty Asian woman from Nixon's Hong Kong days.

And Hoover of course pretty much invented our modern federal law enforcement gestapo (now I'm showing my ultraconservative colors).


Yes, Hoover was crazy. Coulter has the same paranoia.


I agree with you, smart isn't necessarily right. And Noam Chomsky would be exhibit A. I was just commenting that in a verbal altercation with not so bright Randi that Ann would dance rings around her.

You know what is interesting about Hoover?
Back in 1942 when FDR was deciding to intern tens of thousands of AMERICAN citizens who happen to be of Japanese descent the highest ranking civilian in the executive branch that said it was wrong was not 'famed' liberal Supreme Ct Justice Earl Warren -then the Gov of California- it was J Edgar Hoover.

My favorite quote on J Edgar was the one from LBJ when asked why he extended Hoover's ternure past the mandatory retirement age.
"I would rather have him inside the tent pissing out then outside the tent pissing in.'


A quick follow up.
Ask why FDR is given such a pass in comparison to W Bush. FDR actually rounded up and interned tens of thousands of Americans, enforced real censorship, and did things with the Constitution that make the Patriot Act look tame in comparison.
I ask why the selective outrage on W and giving FDR a historic pass.
Oh wait, it couldn't be because of something silly like political party designations now could it.
Why that would be sooo disengenuous.


I'm guessing Dori likes it rough.

Lots of men with money and power know they don't deserve it. They have no business sharing their opinions or telling other people what to do, so they work it out with a domme (generally a woman), who punishes and puts them in their place, all according to a script.

Ann Coulter is perfect. We're not. She's rail thin, hates fat people, and despises people like Dori who will do anything to be in the same room with her. And she's brilliant, because she makes money every time we discuss the terrible things she says.

She's also energy efficient. Rush and the boys blow hot air 5 days a week. She makes appearances only to * sell * her wares. Then she kicks back and watches the checks roll in. These talk show appearances aren’t designed to share ideas. There’s no debate, because she’s always right.

Networks eat it up. The circus is coming to town in a black cocktail dress. And like all good domes, she’s only as good as her script. Less than obedient interviewers can trip her up when they don’t follow it, but obedient clients like Dori always follow the script. He really knows how to grovel.

Ann is the consummate dominatrix. Dori is just lucky. He sells lots of windows.
nobodies in the broadcast booth.


Michael Medved is a conservative Jew who faithfully observes the religious traditions of Orthodox Judaism. Medved proudly proclaims Ann Coulter a close friend of the Medved family. A personal endorsement from Medved inoculates Coulter against all charges of anti antisemitism.

Justin Atheropinion

Another irony--for whatever reason it was Hoover's refusal to use the FBI to follow Nixon's clandestine domestic spying agenda that led to the creation of The Plumbers.

Yeah, Hoover had his own agenda and didn't want to share, but...he used Nixon's own paranoia to trip himself up.


PugetSound, I've read that Hoover opposed internment because he had his own program in the works and probably viewed mass internment as a rival to his thing, so to speak. He had a list of suspect Japanese-Americans and they had been rounded up shortly after Pearl Harbor.

So it may be more of a case of, as JA says, he "had his own agenda" as opposed to standing up for civil liberties. Hoover was good at what he did and always on top of things, but to me, did as much as one man can do to send the country down a wrong path.

Agree 100% on your points about FDR vis a vis Bush. I almost wonder sometimes if we would not be better off with D presidents over the next couple decades, because there is such a large pct. now of Americans that just won't unite behind an R like Bush.


DT, re: your opinion that the owner of this blog is somehow responsible for what people say here--Congress passed the Communications Decency Act, which makes it clear that responsibility for the content of posted messages rests with the individual posting the comment, not the Web site on which it was posted.

Mike Barer

As a Democrat, I have more respect for Jon Carlson than for Dori Monson.

Mike Barer

And where is Marc Levin, who is happy to point out Jimmy Carter's anti-semitism?


>>well, just what is Dori anyway?<<

Small time


I never mentioned the owner. And I never said the word responsible.


Then to whom were you referring? This blog does not write itself or post itself online. You are parsing words.


Ah, I love it. Several posters caught putsie googling and posting without comprehending.

Refrain from trying to sound smart, putsie, It just doesn't compute for you.


Am listening to Dave's second hour on Friday, Oct. 12. If you didn't hear it, you should. It is an appalling disclosure of proselytizing and out-of-control evangelization in the military.

Some callers are dismissing his charges so who knows. One of the callers diisagreeing left the military in '86 . . .


Remember, chucks, when you (I think it was you) took me to task for using the term "Good Germans" on this blog? Well, no less than Frank Rich is following in my erudite little footsteps Check it out.


I heard the Ross hour on Christian fascist bullies in the army and air force. It would be interesting to trace just when these complaints started happening in big numbers. I bet it started shortly after Bush took office. Christian fascist leadership at the top leads to this kind of thing in the military, I DON'T THINK IT'S A MYSTERY. It's disgusdting and infuriating, and, yes I believe it's more than just the isolated case. I don't care for Hillary but I'M NOW CONVINCED THAT THERE MUST BE A DEMOCRAT WIN IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION if for nothing else but to get rid ot this air and reality of fascism in government and the military.


The Christian fascist's little tin God, Dr. James Dobson, is such a disturbed freak, that he won't accept McCain , Juliani or even Fred Thompson as a Republican nominee, and if he doesn't get his way he's going to lead his fellow evengelical slobs and freaks in a boycot of the election. You go, Jimbo! You go, now. It is sweet to know that these evangelical BOOBS have had their shot in their very own born-again boob president, Gerge W., and they blew it, bigtime.


"Ah, I love it. Several posters caught putsie googling and posting without comprehending.

Refrain from trying to sound smart, putsie, It just doesn't compute for you.

Posted by: joanie | October 14, 2007 at 10:00 PM"

The 'several posters' was Wutitiz and we were having a discussion. Didn't realize you were a 'google warrior' and needed it to make points.

Helps to explain the skedaddling when your research comes up short, joanie.
Note: Double check your sources before posting and try to stay away from Wikpedia.

So I ask why the selective outrage on W and giving FDR a historic pass.
Oh wait, it couldn't be because of something silly like political party designations now could it.
Why that would be sooo disengenuous.

Go ahead Joanie, elaborate. If your google skills will allow...


Come on, puts, do you really think anyone here thinks the internment of the Japanese was a good idea? Why do you want us to be outraged today and right about something that happened over 60 years ago and has been at least partially dealt with with some reparations? Howsabout we get outraged all over again about the Civil War and slavery. I have been to England several times, how about I get all outraged over the destruction caused by Cromwell?

I live at a time wherewhat Bush does affects my world now..

You know the difference between the two men, you are just looking for something to argue about.

I am busy.

by the way..Republican "hottie" Michelle Malkin thinks that what FDR did was a GREAT idea. Go argue with her.


Yes, What'sup did set you straight. My point exactly. One of the few times you get it.


Joanie, if you check, I really didn't contradict P.S. He was right, Hoover did oppose internment. I just have read, but can't necessarily prove (say to the level that Limbaugh's phony soldier comment was innocuous) that his opposition had was for all the right reasons. You're barking up the wrong tree here.


In any case, remember, Joanie, I'm dumb, slow, retarded, etc. so you are arguing against yourself here.


Gene, you have not earned the right to question me. Let me remind you that I am the only person here to bravely stand up against domestic violence. If you will recall, everyone else here, including yourself, remained silent while a woman was being abused by her husband, because you shared the same political party as him. Shame on you for remaining silent.


Do you also hear voices?

I have no idea what you are talking about. And I dont want to know what you would want me to do to "earn" anything from you. I don't swing that way, dude.


Gene, I think 'DT' is talking about the McIver incident. I think DT was the only person who posted here on the incident. Obviously had it been say, a Larry Craig or a Rush Limbaugh arrested for domestic violence, the posters here would have been on it like a crow on a dead rabbit. But because it's Richard McIver, Seattle lib, it's, as PS would say, time to cue up the crickets.


I'm a seattle lib, and I, among many others hope McGiver's though politically. We could use someone younger, and not such a hack. Everyone's a liberal here, the politics don't divide along right & left. He is old, he probably drinks too much, he should go.
Jane Hague: she is old, she probably drinks too much, plus she's a bit of a bitch, she should go.

Justin Atheropinion

Ooooh, very brave for coming out against "domestic violence," DT!

Actually, the silence you heard was from folks who saw it as a slam-dunk. Domestic Violence = Bad News. It shows a person who has lost control, and is "unpolitical" in their ways of coping. One should expect of our politicians and our civic leaders.

So..McIver should be out of there.

Nothing controversial. Nothing to talk about.

But, good choice to be against domestic violence. Good show!

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