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September 30, 2007



That would be so much cooler in Daily Show style rapid fire video clips. Too bad a laugh is all it would be good for. Turns out he's only 58 and here I thought he had to be 68, but I guess having a heart filled a dark green sludge does that to a person. That puts him a staggering 17 years away from the average death expectancy. That's just too long. Something has to change. His high ratings and corperate sanction send a message that we condone straight faced bigotry.


The numbers add up to 102%, and notice that THERE IS NO PCT LISTED NEXT TO 'INCREASED POT CONSUMPTION.' I smell a rat. I think this so-called 'intern' is in on it, and has joined Sharkansky in going after HempFest. What we are looking at here, my friends, is a coded message, probably directed at PugetSound.


not to worry, i got the chucks brain trust working on it. no doubt nevets, duff, wuttitiz, et al will figure it out and get back to you and sanjaya.


The only thing I can make out of this is that B'lam got really excited (like D&D does when he rolls boxcars when he is in a heated battle with an angry demon) and forgot to check it to see if the numbers actually added up. Looks bad, real bad. I think he's been Hoodwinked.


Bill O should have known what he was stepping in, but alas it has successfully been stepped in. Was it said that on purpose or did he not pay attention to what came out of his mouth ? These and other questions can be speculated til hell freezes over.

It seems wierd that he pals around with Al Sharpton (master race baiter) - go figure that one out.. It's a wierd and dirty business. The shelf life on this story is soon to be expired, like the story on Gen. Be-trayus did a week and a half ago.


O'Reilly isn't really a racist, he just plays one on TV for the half-baked brains who are. People like him, Coulter, and Savage know there's a fairly sizable (at least in terms of TV & radio ratings) niche out there who ARE a little racist and are attracted to someone who's middle class, has a Northern accent, and puts an intellectual spin on it.


Billo Reilly critics are bugs on his windshield. He makes $50M/yr and annihilates all his competitors in the ratings. Olbermann gets his ass kicked by Billo on a nightly basis by a 4 to 1 margin. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Juan Williams, and Screamin A. Smith have publicly defended Billo's remarks on the Slyvia's restaurant issue. The case is closed.


sorry bobo, but Keith has been beating BillO in the ratings lately..probably why he decided to say something outrageous..make people tune in to see what he will say next.


Some white liberals continue to insist O'Reilly's comments were racist when Black men who have dedicated their lives to eradicating anti-black racism already stated that they were not. I would love to witness the comic spectacle of a bunch of condescending white liberals instructing Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton about how to identify racism.


I wonder if a similar chart on news articles in the NY Times would look very different. For thast matter when did anyone hear Sharpton talking about AA in posotive way?

While B O'R is no BO, I do not think the Irish clown is especially racist .. just mean spirited.


The numbers have got to be made up. It comes to 102% (105 if you count the blank slice, which appears to be about 3%). Also we aren't given a date range, or even whether TV, radio, or both were covered. That she left out all that vital info suggests that she was making it up as she went.

Or maybe Dan Rather faxed it to her.


Sparky, I think you may have nailed it--a ratings ploy, and I bet it worked like a charm.

Capt Jack

"""sorry bobo, but Keith has been beating BillO in the ratings lately."""



The most recent Nielsons I have (Weds Sept 19) show BillO cleaning Olbermans clock.
OReilly 2227
Olberman 541
In the 25 to 54 demos
OReilly 480
Olberman 209
Heck, BillO clips Olby's wings on the reruns in the late show.
Gretta, Hume, Smith plus Hannity and Colmes whip him as well.


Olbermann Defeats O'Reilly in the Ratings

Posted Sep 12th 2007 6:52PM by Jeff Hoard
Filed under: Media, TV, Bill O'Reilly, Fox News
Here is something I consider a positive sign of change: Bill O'Reilly has been boasting for years that he is better than Keith Olbermann simply by pointing to his ratings, but for the first time on Friday September the 7th, Keith Olbermann ("the truth teller") defeated Bill O'Reilly ("the falafel guy.")

Phil Griffin knew it would happen, he just didn't think it would happen this quickly. On Friday night, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann was the top-rated cable news show in the 25-54 demo. That means Olbermann beat his cable rival, FNC's The O'Reilly Factor and its host Bill O'Reilly.


By the way, Michael Medved must be a fan of The Sty....Worst Person in the World tonight on Countdown, Medved said on TownHall.com that slavery was no proof that Africans would have been better off staying in Africa, among other zingers.


Snapping to attention to Sgt. Pugetsound! Sir, yessir!

..you're so predictable..lol


Hey guys, I'm not here to defend BillO. He is just another blowv8er. Some nights, his show is good, other nights it sucks.
I think Keith sucks all of the time. But, what the heck, that is an opinion I developed when he was on ESPN. Watched his current show only a few times. He still sucks. At least he has a job and I do not have to support him as a tax payer.
Sparky, I have know idea if what you say is true. But if Olberman beat anybody on FOX, it was only once. It was a fluke. Some how, I got on some body's tv media mailing list and twice per week I get the ratings emailed to me.
Like it or not, BillO has the most watched cable news channel blowv8ting show.
I do not know what the big deal is. He only has a couple million people watch his show. Olby seems to have a fourth to a third of that. Still neither have enough to amount to squat when you look at the population of this nation.
(and Sparky, please do not hammer me too hard. Unlike others, I still think you are one of the good guys, we just disagree on some politics).


actually that would be private pugetsound if anything. not worried that you call it predictable, better than just making crap up.
a-n-y-o-n-e can do that.


Orally is losing it--his biographer Marvin Kittman has said so:

"He'll be fired by the time your book comes out," O'Reilly assured me. "His ratings are awful. He's been last in his time slot for years. When CNN's Headline News is beating you, it's pretty bad."

I faithfully recorded his prediction as O'Reilly's Boswell, a term the New York Times Sunday book review used in praising my work.

Apparently, this hasn't exactly happened as O'Reilly projected. As I explained in my cover story in The Nation issue of Oct.9, Keith Olbermann is on the rise. While MSNBC is traditionally ratings-challenged, Olbermann's ratings in July alone had shot up 88% over last year. Not only hasn't he fallen into the Sixth Dimension and disappeared like his 18 predecessors, Olbermann is now recognized by everybody (except O'Reilly) as the first real threat Fox News has ever faced at 8 o'clock

I didn't want to tell Bill any of this. He has enough on his mind these days trying to get untangled from his Bushonian and pro-war positions.

I am worried about O'Reilly.
Mini-debates were the core of the show. You need two sides -- at least -- to make a debate. Even if they were on his side, if the guests were off 1%, he now would jump all over them. "Your Alger Hiss! And you're lying!"

He just seems to go berserk more often now.

Forget the important issues. Even his personality has changed. I was dumbfounded earlier this month when he was interviewing Tony Snow, his former colleague at Fox News, about his post-White House future, and the exchange went something like this:

O: So what are you doing next?

SNOW: Maybe a book. Or lecture circuit. I'm going to try to earn some money for my family.

O (snickers): Well, you're never going to earn as much as me.

That may not be the exact language, but the sentiment is right. He had to tell Snow how much money he makes. He would never have done that in years past. He just never bragged about his money. Probably because he feared people would ask for loans. He is a very frugal person, as my book explains at great length.

Frankly, I can't listen to him anymore. As much as I praised the early O'Reilly, I think he's gone nuts. Between the fight with Geraldo, the weekly culture quiz and the body language segment of the show, he has jumped the shark.



my comments were not directed at you Chucks


damn coiler, all that to get your comment of 'indeed.' i'll give you lots of cred for being short and to the point.


At least Chucks or duff doesn't carry a torch as long as you--put it down man.


PugetSound: I don't know what all this back&forth is about, but I just think that most of these turkeys are just frustrated & jealous that they can't keep up with you intelligence-wise, so forget 'em.


spot on wutitiz.
your right. i just hated to see duff get the short end of the stick.

i was actually giving you a compliment.


"All I can say is that Sparky's stuff is suspect."

There was one night that Keith O edged Bill OR for the youngest age group (18-34), but O'Reilly beat him significantly in all other age groups. Keith O is a narcissistic second-rate sportscaster turned bloviatior because the progressives like listening to his pompous editorializing, which is mainly crap and jibberish. I might pay attention to him if he gave himself the award for "Worst person in the world", because he would actually show humility, something he is allergic to, Snarky. Even the vaunted Bill OR shows it once in a while.


Send this boy O'Reilly to my studio and I will kick his ass, y'all.


If KS says it is so, then no more discussion is needed.

Next topic, Bla'M..!


WE need more people like Bill O Riley ,and Ann Coultur in our world today.


Wayne's World?

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