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September 13, 2007



KPTK had to run out their pre-existing NASCAR contract for a few months when it first started...talk about disconnect.


I worked at a station that a butt load of live games because the previous GM loved radio sports so he thought everybody else loved 'em too. It was like chasing listeners with a big stick when we threw the switch and put the game on. My heart goes out to those guys at KPTK - I've been there and I know how the sport syndicators can be real b-tards about their contracts.

Eastlake Avenger

Hood, lay off Crosscut -- it was an update on what management had yet to say.

Do your own pieces if your like. Self-preening at others expense is....well, blather!


Before I consider giving to this next drive, I would REALLY like to know what's going on over there.


We think people in Seattle like the Seahawks since they sell out every home game. We go to the games so we don't listen to them on the radio, but we recognize that some people don't have cable TV and must listen on the radio. We also realize that KIRO makes a boatload of money from the advertising revenue so they can give Goldy his pittance for whining on Saturdays during football season. That is all we have to say.


Love that Olbermann is beating Billo . . . little wins add up.

Thanks for confirming my angst at KPTK for the Cougar interruptions. I don't like 'em either.

And, I've been liking Bubba lately. He's been truly passionate, a little more articulate in his passion, having more guests recently, and just seems like he's more tuned in to specifics. Also, Michael, he says Edwards and Kucinich are the best and are surpassing Obama and Clinton in the primary states. Don't know . . . taking him at his word. Dennis is making a splash these days. :)


I love to listen to Raibes call the Seahawks. He's much better than the TV guys. I don't listen to the pre-game with Bori-ng Monson.
I have to use KOMO for the M's-no cable. They drive me crazy with a commercial and traffic report every 30-sec.
KPTK is doing a great service with Air America. I don't mind tuning them out for Cougars.


SNL is way long of tooth, it should have died 20 years ago or at least morphed strictly into a music show.


You'd think SNL should die but there's no reasonable alternative for ensemble sketch comedy. Maybe if they shortened it to an hour and higher standards of comedy, like The Onion, you know they don't mess around, then it would be a lot better.


The more Dori Monson talks about the government wanting to expand for the sake for expansion the more nutty he sounds. I think he needs to explain that a little more. Why do they want government to be bigger? If it's to sieze more power, what is it they want power over? How do you know they want power for the sake of power and not for the greater good? Without answering these important questions he comes off like so many crazy paranoid mountain men writing manifestos in Montana.


MAD TV on Fox is pretty good still..

Sneaky Snake!!


Pretty good interview of Olbermann in October's Playboy.

So KTPK has WSU sports once and a while; 24/7 ranting by cougars get a little old, even if you agree with most of it.


The KIRO Diet:

Three months ago I gave up KIRO radio cold turkey. The death of Mike Webb was one factor, along with the realization that I really didn't enjoy listening to that channel anymore. Yes, Dave Ross had his good moments, but the rest of the day and night were crap. So I went on the KIRO diet and quickly realized I didn't miss it.

The other day I turned on the car and KIRO was on the radio (my husband had been listening to it.) I heard Jane Shannon and thought,"Oh yes, KIRO..." I smiled remembering the many years I had tuned in faithfully.

Then Dori Monson's whiny, obnoxious voice came on. It was like being slapped in the face. What a shock to hear that sickening voice after being free of it for three full months. My head began to hurt...

My hand jerked toward the radio. "Click." With one push of a button I changed the station. His voice was gone. Thank God. What a relief.

For me, cold turkey was the way to go.


There's something seriously wrong with Mad TV. It's someone else's job to figure out what.

I wish Olbermann would stop doing the Edward R Murrow imitation. If he wants to liken himself to the legend he's gotta work for it first.


Used to listen to KVI quite a bit years ago, but don't agree with their current line up so I've pretty much switched to KIRO (and XM Radio).
Caught the 'Kirby & Co' show this morning and I've never been a fan of Kirby's - this show (while better adds nothing to the spectrum). I listen to radio for 'entertainment'; don't really care about political slant but I do appreciate good analysis with a bit of levity. I find that somewhat in Brian Suits and he is basically the only one I listen to on KVI any more. If they would give John Carlson the evening drive time slot BY HIMSELF and have him focus on local and National political issues they might get me back. KVI needs a big time 'make-over' in my mind, and they need to focus on 'entertainment' and 'substance', there just seems to be too much 'fluff' and 'opinion' given by seemingly those not qualified to even spout a qualified opinion...they might as well open it up to ANY one who wants to bloviate...how 'bout the 'Blatherwatchers'? Any way my two cents on this.


Olbermann has said that he cannot live up to the legend, but would you rather have Couric or Billo making the same closing statement?


I definitely agree, Duffman, KVI has gradually gone south. Even Lt. Suits seemed better in the old days when he was on KIRO at night.
I wonder if the problem is just a reflection of malaise in the conservative movement generally. After the R's won the House, Senate, and Presidency, they increased spending faster than under Clinton. Plus there was the corruption of the Cunninghams, Foleys, etc. A cheerleader like Hannity comes off especially bad under this scenario.
People wonder why liberal talk radio sucks, maybe it's just that liberalism sucks these days, and by the same token, as conservatism goes south, so does KVI.


And with one click of my mouse, I will click off Blatherwatch for the night so I won't have to read more of Caytie's hate-filled words. Do people like that, who are so filled with hate toward others, even know that they are coming off worse than the people they are making fun of and degrading? I don't like allowing that kind of hate and intolerance into my home. Yuck. I hate being around people like that.


and they need to focus on 'entertainment' and 'substance',

Why, Duff, I'm flattered.

Bye, Sam. Don't stub your finger on the clicker as you're leaving.

liberal talk radio sucks?

I didn't know that. Guess we're not listening to the same stations.

Re KPTK, I had an interesting thought: the Cougs represent a pretty conservative population. Kind of ironic, isn't it? I mean all those conservatives listening to Cougar football on the liberal station in town. Might do 'em some good.

SNL isn't funny anymore.

Dave Taylor

I really dislike the Kirby and co. deal. I have never like the tag team approach as it is too disjointed and detracts from time better used for callers and emailers.

I don't want to hear the traffic gal or the Matt guy on with Kirby. It is a cluster and has far less value-added time than the single host format.

Anybody know who listeners can contact at the station to voice our opinion on this matter?



Hi Sam,

When I read your comment about what I wrote about Dori Monson, I really didn't like it. Immediately I wanted to write back and defend my words by saying, "Talk about hate? Dori calls poor people garbage."

But then I thought about it and realized you are right. I used hate-filled words and sunk to the level I condemn in Dori.

Thank you for your comment. It gave me a lot to think about.


"Do people like that, who are so filled with hate toward others, even know that they are coming off worse than the people they are making fun of and degrading? I don't like allowing that kind of hate and intolerance into my home. Yuck. I hate being around people like that."

Actually Sam you have described Dori.


This is to all Dori-haters. I want to learn. Teach me how you think. I honestly want to know. Here's what I have gotten so far. It's either something like...

Dori doesn't think like me, therefore he is a bad person, therefore I wish he wasn't on KIRO.


I am offended by some of the things Dori says, therefore he is a bad person, therefore I wish he wasn't on KIRO.


Dori isn't politically correct. I believe everyone on the radio should be politically correct, because that's how I am, and people who aren't politically correct have no business being on the radio.

I know it's a common tactic by some to claim they are tolerant of differing views, but then label those who don't think like they do as purveyors of hate speech. It's actually a very clever, yet very dishonest tactic. So please don't give me that line.

So I'm not looking for a list of everything that is wrong about Dori, but just tell me in a general way, in a couple of sentences, how you go from not liking a host, or even being offended by him, to concluding he should therefore not be on a certain station, or even on any stataion?

I am honestly here to learn.


Just my personal list, Sam:

1. Irritating voice quality. To my ears it is like fingernails on a blackboard.

2. Overexposure...every other commercial and even on TV...shows, football, on and on and on. It goes along with reason #1

3. Different values than mine..I don't think poor people are garbage. I know and work with enough people who have had terrible bad luck in their lives and not a one of them would have chosen to have their life turn out like it has. They are all working very hard to turn things around and sometimes need help for a period of time. They don't have time to sit around and make moral judgements about anyone.

4. Life is short and I dont want to spend it listening to Dori when I could be listening to someone who teaches me something.

5. If you like him, fine. Just because I think he comes across as an unkind person with a lot of bigotry issues does not automatically mean I hate him. I just don't care for him and fortunately I now live too far away to have to hear KIRO at all.


"I am offended by some of the things Dori says, therefore he is a bad person, therefore I wish he wasn't on KIRO."

This comes closest, I'm offended by many things he says because it it's callous, blatantly self serving and often disrespectful of people who are suffering through no fault of their own.

You might say "so what, you don't have to listen", but the infuriating part is that he empowers other like him. He's essentialy inciting a mob of hateful Seatlites with a gortesqu sense of entitlement.

Seattle was in the news a few years ago because passing drivers yelled "just jump!" to a suicidal woman on a bridge because she was holding up traffic. Did Dori contribute to this mentality? How could he not?

There's also the issue of his voice, the never ending frog in his throat. Surely their must be surgery to fix that.


And yes Sam he does make fun of and degrade people.


Dori is a bully who has bullied his way to #1 Seattle host. IF YOU TAKE THE NAME D MONSON WITH A SLIGHT CHANGE IN EMPHASIS, IT BECOMES:



Monson is a Scandanavian name but Dori looks more like he is of Mediteranian extraction. No tall, blond, blue eyes, slow of foot. Dori is short, somewhat olive-complected, and quick. He is able to dunk a tennis ball at only 5'9".

It bears all the earmarks of someone who was given a false name & marching orders to infiltrate and corrupt a progressive city.


"All art is garbage." 710DORI


Dori has admitted on the air that he'll take a whole pie out of the fridge, and instead of slicing it into pieces, he justs digs right into the whole, uncut pie w/ his fork. To me, that sums him up. What a greedy, unkempt, pig.

I'd like to take my pancake batter gun and cover him in batter until he utterly disappears from sight.


He still looks like Fred Flintstone. and he's what, 25?


I don't know if he does this every week, but at the start of his final hour today he told listeners it was their responsibility to make the hour a good one, as this would determine the fate of his weekend. There is only one spot in the show where he makes a deliberate effort to be entertaining or funny, and that's when he yelps in an echo chamber. Arbitrary humor? He says with a straight face that he's right about everything he's ever said. He oooozes narcissism. If it was all an act that'd be one thing, but it's not. He never slips, not once.


Which means he goes home defeated, a broken shell of a man...


His unkindnesses, negative judgments about everything and hero worship of Ann Coulter are so obvious, I'm wondering what the failure to see them says about Sam?


I said in my previous post that I'm not looking for a list of everything that's wrong with Dori, rather how one goes from not liking a host's point of view, to then believing he shouldn't be on a station, or on the radio at all? Do the people who believe Dori shouldn't be on KIRO because he's said things that offend them, also believe that no radio host should be on any station if they have said anything offensive or hateful? To be consistant, you would have to believe that.


With freedom comes responsibility. KIRO profits from showcasing and lending credibility to the likes of Mr. "if it feels good do it." People who share Dori's ideals of hate and self satisfaction who might persuaded to a more compassionate view of other people are empowered and resolved to be selfish and insular. Pornographers have cleaner hands than KIRO, who profits at the expense of the social quality of Seattle.


Sam, I've shared how Dori admitted how he eats pie. The problem is, he wants the same with taxes. He wants his whole income "pie" to himself, and he doesn't want to pay taxes, he doesn't want to share with others. That is a dangerous message that needs to be not just disagreed with, but pro-actively opposed.


Sometimes I agree with his stand on issues. But, I always disagree with the demeaning and abusive way he articulates his thinking.

It is easy to profit from appealing to the base in people. He does that. You admire it? I'm awfully glad that we have choices. You may continue to listen and support that ethic. I choose not to.

And, since freedom of speech still hasn't been ruled illegal by the current administration, I will continue to argue against such practices.


The part that is toughest for me is that once upon a time I really enjoyed listening to KIRO radio, including Dave Ross, Dori, Bryan Suits, Mike Webb and Erin Hart.

I used to love it when Dori did pop culture topics. For example he asked the question, "when did a show jump the shark."

But then something shifted. Dori said that 911 changed him. All I know is he went from fun to listen to to just plain mean, and he has stayed that way ever since. Calling people garbage, hammering away what a drain others are on society, encouraging listeners to focus only on themselves, what a waste taxes are...

And don't forget that you can hear Dori's voice at all hours of the day and night on KIRO, doing commercials, Seahawks pregame, half time and post game, plus his own show. Talk about Dori fatigue.... You would think that the people upstairs at KIRO would realize that enough is enough.

Add to that, they took away the liberal (Mike Webb) spot in the evening and put in Frank Shiers who swears that there is no such thing as global warming, as the arctic ice melts and melts.

I'm pretty fed up with KIRO.

But, Sam, I never said that Dori shouldn't be on the radio. He just can't be on MY radio.


"Anybody know who listeners can contact at the station to voice our opinion on this matter?"

Dave, you can pass your thoughts regarding Kirby & Co.to:

[email protected]

Direct your comments to Dennis Kelly, Program Director, 570 KVI.


Actually, use this one instead:

[email protected]


Here's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to pin-down the people who believe Dori should be fired from KIRO, and find out if they believe that ANY radio host who angers a group of people, or says offensive or hateful things, should be fired from a station. But I'm having a hard time getting an answer. I've asked the question a few times, and the Dori-haters won't answer it. They just keep on bringing up more examples of why they dislike Dori.

So if we can get past Dori for just a second, is there anyone here who believes that a radio host who says anything offensive or hateful, as interpreted by some person or group of people, should be fired from that radio station?

Caytie answered it, and I thank you.


Actually, I don't think it was 9/11 that changed Dori. It was Sound Transit which passed in 1996. Dori has said that his commute time is HIS time, when he's away from family, job, and everything. In short he can think whatever selfish thoughts he want, and not be bothered. The very hint that he might have to SHARE a bus or train car pushed him over the edge, and turned him into a raving ultraconservative lunatic.
The public airwaves are just that, PUBLIC, and we should not have anything so hateul, divisive, and extreme as Dori Monson on the air. Period.


Today KIRO is running a newsmontage of locals telling whether they take a lunch break, to complement a national story that says 30% of Americans don't take lunch breaks. An arrogant-voiced fellow is heard saying "I never take lunch breaks. There are too many lazy people in America now." This guy reminded me of Dori. He's another member of this new breed of arrogant, sneering, fascist Republican that Dori has become. In recent decades since the rise to power of the labor unions , not taking a lunch break has been rightfully seen as an abuse of workers rights. Now this little fascist on the voice montage and others like him has turned that grotesquely around to where taking a lunch is a virtue, and a sign of a "nonlazy" worker. This thinking is mirrored by corporate honchos in places such as Microsft where they've created a corporate culture of pressuring their employess from taking their earned vacation time and/or making them feel like lazyasses or wimps if they insist on taking it. The American corporate fascist/Dori mentality expects the individual to sacrifice his rights and quality of life for the benefit and enrichment of his or her corporate masters. This is the new, mean, uncompassionate breed of Republicans or conservatives. People like Dori, who, fueled by his simplistic, unrealistic Horatio Alger precepts, just the other day made the ridiculous proclamation that anyone who is poor in America is that way by choice, fits right in


sorry should readr "to where NOT taking a lunch is a virtue, and a sign of a nonlazy employee".....


Of course Dori stays on the air as long as his ratings are up. I'm not for censorship. I'm guessing now that he would be long ago off the air if his arbitrons were conducted withing the city limits of Seattle. I think it is the selfish, myopic, socially conservative/harsh types over in the Eastside and to the north, who high five Dori on such things as his championing of Seattle developers who are eliminating buildings of artists studios to put up glitzy new townhouses, who are fueling his ratings now.


We have to face the fact that there is a sizeable portion of the greater Metro Seattle area who are as mentally ugly, selfish and meanspirited as Dori- otherwise his ratings wouldn't be nearly as high as htey are. I don't think his ratings peak will last forever, and he may be reaching a point where even this group will soon tire of his pompous asininity. I hope so.


try dennis miller. he is on from 12-3 on 1300. he is getting more polished in terms of radio skills and has a good wit.


"Seattle was in the news a few years ago because passing drivers yelled "just jump!" to a suicidal woman on a bridge because she was holding up traffic. Did Dori contribute to this mentality? How could he not?"

actually andrew, dori did more than a show on the topic and he was quite angry at those who yelled jump and the local fm talk show host who thought it was funny. but since this doesn't fit in your world view i am sure you'll discount it.


Dori is like porn for selfish assholes and a motivational speaker for the greedy. KIRO shouldn't promote someone like that by giving him paychecks.

The problem is the radio station and society in general don't apreciate the damage caused by having a chear leader of selfishness going RA RA RA in peoples cars for many hours a day.

Parents won't let there kids hang out with the bad kids because they're a bad influence, and someday everyone will learn that adults are the same way. We're just a little bit ahead of our time.

PS, regarding Monson chastising the shouters, that's like neighbors who lived next door to a killer saying "I never suspected a thing." What the heck do you expect him to say? "Maybe I played a part in this me-first mentality" ?

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