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September 16, 2007



For the winner, I suggest Dori Monson's prize (his greatest achievement, IMHO): a can of raspberry-flavored peaches.


old radio topic...
Erin Hart the night she obsessed over her dryer cord.


In Portland Spotted Deer ,Bernie Giusto, The Tom Potter Porta Potty Diatribe The Commissioner Randy Leonard Duct Tape At The Rose Festival Parade.


A high school teacher in a college town (e.g. Berkeley)makes an off hand kinda New Age-ish or leftist remark and OH THE HUMANITY!What took 10 seconds to say turns into 20 hours of radio.


The way Frank Shiers goes, on, and on and and on and on about his daughter. Enough is enough.


Sports jocks who fill their idiot listeners with propaganda about the economics of sports stadiums. I have never, ever heard one of them disclose that if the stadium falls thru and the team moves, sports jocks might be out of jobs. Judging from calls, the idiot listeners don't figure that out on their own. NY Vinnie was the #1 offender here. I didn't have much sympathy when he wound up getting canned regardless.


Mike: you better not be messing with Dori's dog.


How about Ron & Don's haircuts? They spend endless hours talking about that- or Ron's muscles. That show could fill these threads with stoopid topics, if you could find anyone to listen to it.


Ron and Don talking with the animal shelter girl about getting a new dog, and then getting the new dog, walking the new dog, dog shitting on carpet, bla bla bla. I know it's a great advertisement for animale rescue but incedently I HATE dogs, as do many other cat people. I'd sooner eat a dog than take it for a walk.




Dori Monson, the night he dropped his Belligerence and Braggart Boy persona for few minutes to give us a vignette about his homelife/family/horserace handicapping hobby in the basemant office , but then ruined it by having to brag about how he's always been able to multiply 3 digit numbers in his head together "really fast". As slick and cool as this guy thinks he is , he needs to explain why careerwise he still hasn't moved out of mom's basement so to speak, in other words, the homwtown Seattle radio market. oh that's right. there was the mysterious, unnamed network radio job offer, with the big bucks, that he turned down because he was basically just too cool a guy to sell out and move from Homieville. right.


There was this show Ron Reagan did a few months ago... he only had one hour a day to bring up the most important of issues. What would it be? Iraq? The economy? Transportation woes?

Ron spent his full hour on... whether schools should build pools and teach swimming classes.

That's when I knew he wasn't long for the airwaves.


1.The Comet Kohoutek

2.Stories about panda bears or zoo animals giving birth.

2a.Pets of any kind being reunited with their masters after they've gone missing or been hurt in a accident.

3.Personal accounts of drug addicts and their families struggles with soberity or going to rehab.

4.Stories about why people from Seattle love their coffee.

4a. Any video of people throwing salmon around at the Pike Place Market.

4b. Any story about the Public Market being the heart and soul of the city.

5.Stories about schisms within community groups.

6.Joe Connelly vs the Stranger.

7.Any warm and fuzzy story to do with The Bite of Seattle or Bumbershoot.

8.Stories about professional athletes being over paid.

9. Patronizing media stories promoting the fact that people should exercise their right to vote.

10. King TV's Jean Enerson obsession with her and everybody else's health.

11.Dori Monson's Stupid Prices commercials.

12. Nick Licata's condescending morally superior community group based stakeholder Seattle process rhetoric and self preservationist political agenda. (whew)

13. Stories about the homeless that infer that their homelessness is caused by some sort of bad luck.

14. Mayor Nickels vs the Stranger.

15. Degrees of Gayness.

15a.Any Capital Hill neighborhood agenda.

16. Degrees of the hipness subliminally promoted in the Stranger.

16a. The name Genius Awards.


I never want to talk about the emmys or the oscars.


Ron & Don talking about Don's dog, worst topic in the making.


We are about to experience 18 months of Hillary health care and OJ Simpson criminal antics talk.
I think any zoo's new baby panda's are starting to sound appealing about now.


Chris Matthews just asked John McCain if he thought OJ could get a fair shake.


So sorry, Mr. Chucks, Hillary and any other political candidate's health care plan I want to hear about.


A month or so back there was an article in the WA Post about Hillary's cleavage, and talk radio around the country spent a fair amount of time delving into the matter.


Most brainless topic... Robin and Maynard. The day Maynard's cat wandered away from his home, and they spent pretty much the whole show wondering where it could have gone.

I never learned a thing from R & M, but no one could make me laugh like them.


BREAKING NEWS: Frank Shiers is discussing in detail his daughters horse riding lesson.

The daughter didn't want to ride, and Frank says it was one of his worst moments ever ("frustrated and embarassed").


Frank's obsession with sharing his daughter's life events with us is a truly obnoxious, and toxic form of narcissism. Frank is a phony who feigns compassion and "niceness" but really has no true feeling for his fellow man.


I can't explain just why, but I'm developing this deep, uncrontrolable hatred for his daughter, and everytime he makes her existance known indiscrimately to the wide open mysterious listening public it gets worse and worse. Someone help me.


You don't need any help, Andrew; I think you're completely sane.


But Andrew, she didnt ask to have Frank as her dad..you should feel very very sorry for her instead.


I know, but I'm an irrational motherfucker. I do crazy shit all the time.


Dori is right now playing the tape of the Florida student being tasered at the John Kerry speech, and laughing his ass off at the young man's screams of pain. He admits he can't get enough of it , so he's playing it yet another and another time and another.... hahahaahahahaah , hohohhohohhh he goes hahaahahahaahahaha hhhhhawwhahwwhwhop whoop hahahaahaha.......


Dori bungee jumped live on the radio--perhaps a live tasering in is order.


hahahaa he DID have himself tasered on the air a few years ago. Now he's playing the tape of his 'manly" reaction to it, and trying to contrast the other guy as a wimp compared to him.


Dori yelped liked a bitch. Less pathetic maybe, but manly? Only by the definition of a man who calls himself Dori.


Dr. Laura recently submitted to a pie in the face for a charity. Maybe we could get Dori to donate a concrete enema or a punch in the nose "for the troops."


hahahahaaha hhooooo haaahh hoooohaaaah hhhohohoowowowowwowowoooowwooooowwowoohahsahahahaahahahahahahaha( that's Dori is still laughing at the screams of agony and pain from the tasered student, as he drives his new Jaguar home up 1-5.)...hhaaahahahahahahhhoooooohaaaahhhoooooohaaaahhhahahahaahahahaahaaahhhwwowowowwowooowooahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha.....


"hahahahahahahahahaa, hoohohohohohhoohahhoohahhhahahahahahaahahahah,human garbage! hahahahahahaaaa, wwoowowowwowwoooo, human garbage!",......., that's Dori..... still laughing.........and shouting....."hahahahahahhaa".......... in his new Jaguar.....pulling into the drivway.....


So, who doubts Dori has a net negative effect on the social mentality of Seattle? Seattle: We'll kick you when you're down.


Any comment, Sam?

I think that bungee jump show was one of the worst ideas for a show. I didn't listen because I could care less. I let Dori have his bungee jump all by himself. No host I can think of indulges his ego as much as 710DORI.

What a waste of a radio spot that was.


Dori has slowly and methodically consolidated his grip on the Seattle market. He is now #1. John Carlson is down, and Mike Siegel is out.

This is a man accustomed to competing against bigger, better rivals and winning, a man dangerous beyond belief.


"bwahahahahaahahahahahahaahah hhahaa....that's Dori,....still laughing...in his den, replaying the screaming student being tasered on YOUTUBE, after laughing all through dinner with Star and the girls,,,,,,,,


Savage is calling for the arrest of the fascist cops who tasered the student......meanwhile.......Dori's still laughing......"hooohwwowowowowowwowowowwowowowowohahahahaahahahahaahwooooohoooooo"......ahahahaah".....


Andrew, I LIKE crazy motherfuckers.


joanie sez:
"What a waste of a radio spot that was.

Posted by: joanie | September 18, 2007 at 05:30 PM"

this is exactly why Tina is in NY producing a big time show and your stuck here with your pitiful blogging.


"Let's face it. Some people are just fun to tase." Dori Monson-earlier toady........meanwhile.....he's still laughing,,,,,"bwaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahhoooohaaaah hoooooh haa!hooooooh!haah!hhahahaa....


good stuff tommy. good stuff.


PugetSound wrote
"this is exactly why Tina is in NY producing a big time show and your stuck here with your pitiful blogging."

This from the person responsible for
HOW many posts about Sharkansky?


spot on LeaAnn.


That giant sucking sound you hear is the compassion being sucked out of talk listening audience as you hear audio of a youth being tasered. Conservatives have taken over the airwave network and are using it to perpetrate the biggest, most nefarious scheme ever conceived.

You see the results already with somebody like a PugetSound.




I didn't hear Dori's show, but I'm not surprised he would do something like that. Just like I wasn't surprised to hear you guys say that Dori called someone or some people "garbage." But I was surprised on Monday when a caller to the Dave Ross show twice refered to either Ron Goldman's or Nicole Brown Simpsons' family as "trash," and Dave Ross remained silent. Later, after a caller scolded him for remaining silent, he said something like "why should I say anything to the caller? I'm not his father." I expect more from Dave, but not from Dori.

Anyway, if Dori did laugh at that guy being tased, and I believe everyeone when they say he did, I think it reflects very poorly on his character. I never said I look up to the guy, or agree with him on most things, but I do believe people like him have a place on the radio.

But I also believe the same people who think it's outrageous that he is laughing at someone's pain and misfortune, would probably be laughing their asses off if it was Ann Coulter screaming being tased. (And no, I'm not an Ann Coulter fan. I'm just pointing out the hypocricy of people).

The more I think about it, while I think Dori believes most of what he says, I think a lot of what he says is designed to make people mad. I think he has a David and Goliath complex. He thinks he's David, and he's surrounded by a sea of liberal Goliaths, who become furious when he laughs at people being tased, and calls undocumented immigrants "illegals," and calls homeless people "bum," etc. Does he believe all those things? Yeah. But I think he goes out of his way to be offensive because I think he enjoys pissing off people who don't agree with him. I don't think he used to be like this, did he? I started listening to him about 6/7 years ago, and I don't remember all the "local goverment is evil" talk. And I don't remember him being as mean as he is. While not a Christian myself, I also don't believe he's a true Christian. He doesn't live it. He's one in name only. I don't think a true Christian would laugh at someone being tased.


I'd like everyone to participate in a thought experiment with me. Get the atomic time (available at www.time.gov) and at precisely 9:00PST, let's all focus on inducing some compassion into poster PugetSound. Grab a length of wire...any wire will do, such as a broken car antenna or hair-dryer cord, or even bent paperclip. Then focus for 15 secs. The first 5 are critical.

LeeAnn, Joanie, Andrew, Sparky, are you with me? This will drain a small bit of compassion out of your being, but it will be rebuilt overnight if you're in normal health.


I can't I'm watching CBC. more important. I can get the time from CHU however.


very good jeeramya:
i'll picture you all gathered around in a semi circle, in the lotus postion, holding hands, and singing kumbaya. the smell of hemp in the air.
you all didn't have much compassion for a five year old being trashed a few weeks ago. hard to take you serious.
you view it all through the political prism.
coiler with his 'crush rethug nuts'; andrew with his hateful thoughts of the shiers daughter, sparky thinking those randy rhodes assasination jokes were funny, and leeann -well just being leeann. and lets not forget joanie. dear compassionate joanie. anyone want to pull up some of her past posts?

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