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September 06, 2007



I'm all for the casual cut down, but not to the degree that it derails the debate. PS gets to the point where his entire post is 100% insult and 0% substance. Ya friggin jerk.


wow, your still mad about the sharkansky spanking.
okay, so your stating that your comments are always spot on topic and never deviate. righttttttt.
i would ask you to point out where i went beyond a casual cutdown. just give me some examples of what you consider beyond the pale. maybe 3?
if i went off topic i came back after a post or two.


i think your really mad because i dare to disagree with you and you can't always win the debate.


Why don't you guys take a few days off and let others post. I'm getting a little sick of this incessant sniping and seeing the same consecutive names. Bl'am?


i agree.


PS, if you're going to leave the topic for even a single post so you can devote an entire post to insulting me then to you can find someone else to debate with.

There's an unspoken rule: you can insult me all you want but don't derail the debate.


So Andrew
Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks with a team that consist of a few DUI's and a couple of people arrested for assaulting women won.
Evidently you have no problem with Seattle being represented like that.
Yet you go ballistic when a couple of players present President Bush a Seattle Seahawk Jersey -No. 43- with the name Bush because you have declared him the worst president in modern history and don't want him wearing a Seattle jersey.
You tell me who is being inconsistent. Wasn't a major thrust of your argument earlier that it reflected poorly on Seattle to have Bush receive a jersey from the team. Yet your okay with the other stuff.

Andrew, pick an argument and stick with it.
Oh by the way, since you like unwritten rules here is one: people who cry about 'insults' are generally the same ones who lose a debate and just throw out something that they can't support such as 'troll' or 'bully' etc. Looking through your posts it is replete with phrases like 'retard' or 'jerk' etc. I don't recall Voltaire ever using those phrases.

Don't go the Joanie route. Someone who can't support her charges which is why she isn't taken all too seriously except for occassional mocking purposes at this point. Within a few posts of herself she will completely contradict herself. Hard to take that too seriously. But when you do, after reading what appears to be a an interesting comment from her but challange it she
1) cites the tired 'right wing newsource' so can't trust it argument
2) yells 'namecalling' as she then proceeds to do so
3) pulls the old skeddaddle and runs off to listen to her Randi podcasts to get 'the word.'

Myself, Duff, Chuck, Nevets, KS are fairly immune to the 'insults' by the same ones that cry about it at a drop of a hat.
I went back and reviewed the threads and didn't see anything as bad you claim. Some of the thread posts I would take back and reword for sure. But that would be true of all of us.
I guess the fact that you got your ass handed to you -and others chimed in saying so- must have made it difficult to post through the tears.
Get a clue, life is like that.


PugetSound: illegitimati non carborundum.

Thought you might be interested to know that Steffany has been posting a little at Jesurgislac.greatestjournal.com. She says that the retraction was a lie, but that the posting on Meetthestress was a dumb idea, among other things. I've been arguing a little with the blog host, who is anti-Sharkansky.


rumors the the whale was killed by a 50 caliber machine gun has given BRIAN SUITS anOTHER opportunity to talk about caliber, gun NAMES AND nomenclature and other real manly , inside baseball crap about guns. remeMber now- fOllow the SUITS PLEDGE- NO FRATERNIZING, FRIENDSHIP, DATING OR MARRYING WITH ANY CITIZENS NOT ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY OR SWORN POLICE OFFICERS.


In an extraordinary poll jointly run by ABC News, the BBC and the Japanese broadcaster NHK, Iraqis look at the surge results as a failure, a conclusion reached by both English-speaking news organizations.

From ABC News' Gary Langer:
More Iraqis say security in their local area has gotten worse in the last six months than say it's gotten better, 31 percent to 24 percent, with the rest reporting no change. Far more, six in 10, say security in the country overall has worsened since the surge began, while just one in 10 sees improvement.
More directly assessing the surge itself -- a measure that necessarily includes views of the United States, which are highly negative -- 65 to 70 percent of Iraqis say it's worsened rather than improved security, political stability and the pace of redevelopment alike.


Sparky: wooo hoooo!


You think people's suffering is a good thing? Interesting.


Tommy008: I missed the Suits show, but you gots to admit it's pathetic that the media can't tell a bolt action Weatherby rifle from a .50 cal. M2 machine gun.
These are the same guys who are ever-willing to offer their 2 cents in telling us what guns need to be banned. Could that be one reason why the ill-fated 'assault-weapon' ban was so moronically crafted? Nah couldn't be--these reporters are per-FESHANILS.


Sorry, Sparky--recently I attended a Horse's Ass drinking event and felt a little woozy after. Ever since then when I hear something that confirms Bush as a moron or evil genius my brain lights up like a Christmas tree (it seems to work either way).


All I can say is you obviously want to trust foreign news organizations more that you care to trust our own military. I simply cannot go along with that!
I may not care for our President but I do trust and put faith in Gen Petraeus and our troops. I totally discount the notion that we are being lied to by this fine General. If your allegiance is to ABC, BBC and NHK, then God help you. Would you want to be 'protected' by them. UNfrigganREAL!!!




Especially love the part about ABC being a foreign news organization..lol.

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