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August 31, 2007



I really like Tony Snow and admire him for his determination. Even tho I know him to be a Conservative, I didn't think that came across so strong in her persona. I found his show (both radion & television) to be very entertaining. Much like the Dave Ross show. I wish him well.


..that s/b her 'his' and radion 'radio'...sorry.


With all the rats fleeing the foundering ship Bush it appears the captain and first mate will have to bail the rising waters by themselves. Good luck.


Best of luck to Mr. Snow. Bryan Suits tells a touching story of how Tony Snow would call him during Suits combat tour in Iraq to offer help or assistance.
This was while Tony Snow was still in the midst of his cancer treatments.
Be on the left or the right, Tony Snow is a class act.


When he says "bitter end" is that a figure of speech or an admission that the end will be bitter?

Larry Craig Bathroom Attendant

He looks like shit, those months at the WH didn't help his treatment. I think he has said good bye.


nNice guy, mealy-mouth. Can't make it on $168k?he's lying, which is something that comes easy to him. He's getting out before his reputation is dirtied any more than it has been. The WH has installed a pretty young thing liked by the press corps who may not be beaten up in the hSnow's weasley, smarmy voice again, I'd be one happy fella.

Bill Clinton's humidor attendant

He had an impossible job, tony vs. the entire press. If Bush had just changed parties along the way he'd have been hailed as big-spending hero who brought an economic boom and big-govt boom, record low unemployment, record high stock market, who led us into an incredibly difficult war, but that's how wars go. He would have been seen as the reincarnation of FDR.
By the way, did everyone see the news that the NYT editors don't know the Declaration from the Constitution? That's what TS was up against.


Politics aside, Tony Snow left a well paying radio gig paying a lot more than $168k -and still recovering from cancer- to serve Pres Bush. He was taking over for an incompetent Scott McClellan with a press corp not predisposed to loving the Bush Administration at this point. So I give him credit for being will to do that.

(Duff: trivia Scott's dad Barr McClellan was a personal attorney for LBJ and has a book out in which he accuses LBJ of being the mastermind of the JFK assassination)


Puts: very interesting; I'll check it out; you seem to be well read my man!
sarge: so you think Tony is a liar...how kind of you; I disagree; do you have actual instances that you can quote and/or link where he is knowingly lying?...didn't think so!


Puts...as I said you seem to be 'well read' and may be that's why no one can really 'take you on'. Much like I remember 'anomolos'...were you possible he/she? Come on 'fess up. That is the only other entity on this blog that 'kicked-ass' in a very dignified and courteous manner, and literally handed folks their 'ass on a platter' too dumbfounded to respond. Don't necessarily agree with your politics, but I DO like your style.


actually, my politics are beholden to no party.
i'm planning on taking a strong look whoever the dem and repub nominee is. in fact, if hillary is elected i think the people that will be the most dissappointed will be on the far left. i don't see her as 'weak' and if we are attacked as commander in chief i'll bet she will be a 'scorched earth' vs 'forgive and forget' type of leader. she is a very strong person -unlike her hubby.
on somethings i am conservative and some things quite liberal. probably more than you. just think scoop jackson with a little dose of milton friedman thrown in.
i would admit it -and blam would bust me- but i only post under one name...although i do answer to puts.
but i will throw back at you that i appreciate what you do and post. despite being outnumbered you are willing to take a position and slog on. and i like that you don't take yourself too seriously. you don't cry foul over getting ribbed a bit.
i really do wish that merci had come back and explained a bit. he has a nice touch and all, i just think this got away from him.


I'm with you on Duffy, puts. Duffman has that "gravitas" stuff that the dims were so obsessed with in 2004.
Tony Snow is by far one of my favorite conservative broadcasters. He seems to agree with my way of thinking on most issues. Unlike me though, he seems to be able to get his point across without getting cranky.
joanie makes me cranky. But she is huge fun to joust with. And what the heck, I make her cranky as well.
Did you see his press briefing this AM? He was even nice to Helen Thomas. You know the one that is likely to be the first of the 72 virgins the rag heads are going to see when they get to paradise. The next 71 wont be near as purdy. Ha Ha!
Oh well, tomorrow is my Monday.
Good night all.


Is Tony OK? That picture of him with while hair and hollow eyes is frightening. I give him six months to live.


Wow, that's a mighty specific prognosis for a 150x200 JPEG if I've ever seen one. Tell us where the cancer has spread while you're at it.


He might be telling the truth about the money issue, but if that's true then he would have know he'd be quitting this month before he even took the job. It's not as if he can't count.


david: I sincerely hope you are wrong.

Puts/Chucks: thank you, dittos.


Thanks for this. I'm also a Tony Snow fan and was wondering about his health.

How about a prognosis on Nichole Richie, David? She's all hollow eyes and prominent clavicles.


Sparky, why is Polgara slamming you in the forum? I thought you two were tight.


lol...i had to go look at what you were talking about. (The only reason I even look at her site is to see what coiler writes there.) She thinks MF is me I guess. Are you going to correct her misconception? It happens here on Blatherwatch, too. I ignore it because I cant do anything about it and I dont honestly care.
I see I am to blame for the loss of her other chat room! Wow, I am apparently quite a powerful girl! Did you know about the rule that we could only talk about her selected topics? I dont miss that place at all.
And, no, we are not close.


Sparky, if you don't want to get people confused about the real you, you shouldn't lie so much and remember to stick to one story, not twenty.


yes, oh wise one.


Polgara needs to spend more time worrying about her family. And she let Izzy back in, what does that tell you?


Why would Tony Snow offer to help the likes of Bryan Suits?


You mean a radio comrade/peer with mutual friends who was on his second combat tour of duty in Iraq?
Maybe because Tony Snow is just a thoughtful person who respects military veterans and that they had mutual friends in the radio business.


bryan suits needs all the help he can get. snow can't help him with his dismal ratings. word is that bryan won't be around much longer at kvi.


Sparky, she thinks I am you and she also thinks I am Les.


Well then..so much for her "knowing" our IP numbers...bwahahahah

Look who else she hangs out with on there, and then consider the source.


And I thought Izzy was the crazy one...Maybe her and Ms R can team up.

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