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August 26, 2007



all right andrew
"Like I said, you're dumb for believing this is over a $3 tip shorting."

so you tell us, what was it over?


You're welcome, Duffman. Now if Puts will just learn the "your/you're" rule.......


working on it, working on it...


Well, to put it in real perspective. You could have Senator Craig's problem.



Transcends the political gamut PS; just doesn't matter what political 'flavor' you are.
[Were I in that next stall Mr Craig w/have found a ball-point pen implanted in his hand]

Stefan Sharkansky

"The only reason this became known outside of an extremely low population is because of how the Sharkansky's over-reacted. "

Actually, no. The only reason this became known outside of an extremely low population is because Michael Hood chose to post a false and defamatory story on his blog with reckless disregard for the truth.


""Like I said, you're dumb for believing this is over a $3 tip shorting."

Still waiting for an answer Andrew. What was it over...and by the way you can stop tapping your foot I ain't interested. :)


"..with reckless disregard for the truth."

Shark: don't you think this actually led to a conclusion in this matter. I don't believe Bla'M was 'defaming' ANYone. While I agree there was way TOO MUCH made of this incident - the back-and-for banter probably ended up in your favor; thanks to PugetSound of this blog.

Justin Atheropinion

Since Irene addressed me specifically I'll asnwer her statement:

"David Neiwert, Justin, Peter - would you even care if I showed you a bunch of receipts that proved that Stefan regularly tipped 15% or more at this casual family restaurant?"

No. For me $3.00 isn't the issue. It's your family's (Stefan's and your's) poorly gasoline on fire to solve your problems. And you have them.

"Or are you just piling on to this story without caring one whit as to the truth?"

You're a lawyer (and a Republican), so truth is malleable.

"(If there was an isolated incident of tipping 10%, that would have been due to extraordinarily slow or poor service.) Stefan did not have the waitress fired."

You did, as per your earlier post.

"The waitress inappropriately and maliciously blogged about her restaurant's own customers, both by name and in general. And what does her being a single mother have to do with anything?"


"I was a single mother."


"That does not mean I can slander other peoples' kids."

How do you slander a KID? Five year olds have behavior problems--of some form and variety--they're learning how society works (yours REALLY is!), and it is up to their parents to show them the way society--POLITE society behaves in a public situation.
You can't slander a kid. You can only embarrass their parents.

"Single mothers can act responsibly. Please stop with the victim stuff. Steffany Bell was a victim of her own actions and writings. And if any of you are actually concerned about her, why are you perpetuating the story when Stefan has already pulled down his post on her?"

Why? Is that a threat? What are you planning to do to her NOW? (I think this "threatening relative" should STILL be looked into...)


So 'Justin' by your post, am I to read that one shouldn't take a physically/mentally-challenged person into a restaurant if they are likely to 'act up'? Are they to be banned from public eating places if they can't be 'totally controlled'? Children are a part of our society - should they be taught to behave ABSOLUTELY; do they sometimes go beyond CERTAINLY. You sound like such a tolerant person, much like Mother Teresa -NOT!


Why don't the Sharks take this as constructive criticism? Rather than tell us they'll be more mindful of their kid in the future, they aparently would rather destroy the critic.

Imagine what twisted extreme people with a mentality like that would go to if they had even more power, or held an elected office. A scary prospect. Rather than change themselves, they aparently try to change the world around them. I feel that I learn the most when I make mistakes and have to figure out a way to solve the problem and ultimately improve myself.

The fact that the wife is a lawyer makes them all the more scary. They can theoreticly exploit flaws in the law to bend justice in there favor, free of charge, while the rest of us would have to hire lawyers to defend ourselves from their attacks.


Duff, the Sharks child is not mentaly challenged, so you're not making any sense. Just go away and come back when the rest of us are done debating.


Since Irene addressed me specifically I will address her question
" LeeAnn do you have kids?"

Why, Irene, are you writing a book?


andrew sez:
"Just go away and come back when the rest of us are done debating."

sounds great, then how about YOU telling us what it was over.


i think she was going to atttempt to relate to you as a parent.


So the fact that Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are lawyers make them all the more scary. They can theoretically exploit flaws in the law to bend justice in their favor, free of charge, while the rest of us have to hire lawyers (and tax accountants) to defend ourselves from them.
I suppose it is possible, but it depends on what the definition of is is.
Andrew, now I see your point through liberally rose colored glasses.
Of coarse this whole situation has been pushed well beyond any reasonable conclusion.
Stefany says she lied or exaggerated. Merci pulled the post. Stefan pulled the story. He and Irene want to let it go.
It is just us fools (I include you Andrew with the us) who keep it going.
Where the hell is joanie. Maybe she can slap us into shape.


"...would rather destroy the critic."
that lady was no critic, rather she was out to destroy their reputation. if she really wanted to help maybe she would have come up and talked to them privately rather than rip them in public.
that argument of yours is easily dismissed.


chucks says "So the fact that Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are lawyers make them all the more scary. They can theoretically exploit flaws in the law to bend justice in their favor"

But we haven't seen any inidication they intend to do so, unlike some people.

"I suppose it is possible, but it depends on what the definition of is is."

You're stuck in a time warp. I bet you taped the impeachment floor vote and watch it every lonely Saturday night.


whatsamatter andrew, can't come up with an answer?
how about YOU telling us what it was over.


See no humor in my last post Andrew?
Come on Andy, you set it up. I just could not help myself.
Duffy loves Hillary and I bet he at least chuckled.
This is way beyond salvation.
Let it go Andrew. Life is too short and you have many other pergressive things to rant over.


PS says ""...would rather destroy the critic."
that lady was no critic, rather she was out to destroy their reputation."

What she said was critical, thus she's a critic. That's just common sense. As to wether she wanted their reputation destroyed or not is another matter. Maybe she wanted to tell the truth as she saw it, as simple as that.

"if she really wanted to help maybe she would have come up and talked to them privately rather than rip them in public.
that argument of yours is easily dismissed.

That's like saying Roger Ebert should whisper into the ears of the movie producers and secretly reveal his thumb up or down behind a cusped hand.

People have a right to say what they want to whomever they want, with few exceptions, none of which occur here.


And Andrew, the offended party has the right to say what want to whomever they want. They defended what they saw as a personal attack on their character and family.
Stefany admitted she was wrong.
It was the correct response, because she was wrong.


okay andrew, i'll concede she is a critic. a mean spirited one that rather than a constructive one. one who- i'll point out- annonymously went after a 5 year old with fairly over the top adjectives.
she wasn't trying to help the sharkinsky family she was trying to hurt them. over what, $3?
now, come on what was it about. you still haven't -or can't- answer it. you keep telling us you know what it was about. so go ahead, give us your 2 cents.


spot on chuck.


Sir Andrew doesn't have 2-cents worth of real debate to offer; he's simply seeking attention by posting superfluous rhetoric with some base points that don't ever relate. If you look back at his posts and try to follow his logic it ain't there. He loves to hear himself write, probably under some fantasy lawyer wanna-be realm. What a frickin joke.


i gotta agree with you duff. absent his answering a fairly straightforward question you appear to be correct in your observation.


Excuse me, Andrew, but Steffany herself admitted that most of what she said was a lie. I got it from HER. Some little details like that ARE important, right?


And Cranky Media Guy, waitstaff people are only second class if you believe they are, which you just said you do.
My hubby was once a busboy between college years and I didn't think anyone like you was out there seeing him as second class. I did not regard him as second class for working as such at the time.


Hey Michele and Puts, if you feel you have run out of things to say about this on Blatherwatch, you can always go to

and start all over again!

I would give you a direct link but my linker isn't working.


chucks says "And Andrew, the offended party has the right to say what want to whomever they want. They defended what they saw as a personal attack on their character and family."

They didn't just play defense, they went offensive. They attacked the waitress and did more damage to her with their smear and intimidation then she ever did to them in telling us what I believe to be the truth.

All of you who defend "The Sharks" are attacking, vis a vis, public honesty, transparency and decency. The Sharks have issues they should spend effort addressing rather than attacking those who call them out, and there response was a vicious overeaction.


spot on Andrew!


Wow you made some good points Andrew! I think they're on the run!


you Da Man Andrew. wooo-hoooo!

appreciate the sincere hat tip sparky but i feel okay here. i'll check out your suggestion later. go ahead and post over there if YOU like. eh?


not as interested in Stefffffan as you are. I will pass.


Andrew: sure, she has the right to say what she wants to say. But the restaurant owner has the right to summarily terminate her if he doesn't want servers writing nasty stuff about customers.
Imagine life if everytime you went into a business, you had to worry about what the clerks were going to put on the web. You go to buy some shoes, and that night you read: "Andrew's feet are soooo ugly. And he has big time toenail fungus hehe." You probably wouldn't go back to that shoe store. And that's how businesses thrive, by building repeat business. So that's why the waitress got fired. I think she sees that now, why don't you see it?


Andrew doesn't see it cause he is incapable of being intellectually honest.

Hey Sparky, sorry to see that after you had gone to all the trouble to find that website for people who disagree with you. And now it goes to waste. boo-hoo.

Anyway have you noticed since ph(j)oanie has been on hiatus ol' Coiler has been very silent.
connection? hmmm.


PugetSound: you hold'em under water, you point out the little bubbles that are going up, and they insist that the bubbles are going down. What's a Gitmo/Gotti to do?


"What's a Gitmo/Gotti to do?"

why Blame Bush of course...


wutitiz, I was about to address your concern but, are you threatening to drown me?


yes andrew, he is going to waterboard you by dunking you in the truth. torture for you i am sure.


i dont have a clue what you are talking about regarding a website going to waste. Whatever.

Joanie took her new cat and spent the weekend near Blaine. She posted that a few days ago, so you weren't paying attention.

And if you think coiler and joanie are the same person, well, that is pretty hilarious.


Somebody finally engaged putsie? Oh putsie, you're in heaven. Make the most of it, dear. It won't last long.


Putz and Nixon, both paranoid. Okay?


hey your back ph(j)oanie
i guess we'll be seeing coiler soon.
c'mon on in, the water is fine.


What, Sparky? Putsie is still talking about me? Aaaah, isn't that sweet? He's obsessed, simply obsessed. I'm sorry, puts, I'm saying no. No, no, a million times no.

But, keep trying dear. I feel so special.

Irene, you can't have him. He's mine.


So we've established that there are (at least) two classes of citizen: the lower class does not have the right to criticize the upper class; the upper class has the right, not merely to criticize but to destroy the livelihood of any lower-class who do criticize -- and this reaction is considered "fair", even though the lower-class neither had the power nor made the attempt to wreak any such destruction.

Reminds me of Nixon's "enemies list" of those who'd criticized him, which he turned over to the IRS for intensive audits of those listed. What a difference between action and reaction, due to the differential in power. What an abuse of that power.

What can we expect Sharkansky to do with official power if he's ever given any?


oh ph(j)oanie, I really hope the treatments at shick shadel (oops, I mean Blaine) work for you and the cure is a lasting one.


Andrew, repeat after me(silently): the bubbles are going up, swim for the surface. The bubbles are rising, follow the bubbles.


c'mon andrew, kick kick kick you can make it.


Thanks, putsie. Your ass-umptions are always fun to read. Perhaps one day you'll get it (or anything) right.

BTW, I'm curious what kind of kid you were. I can kind of picture you running to the teacher . . . a lot. Were you a tattle tale, putsie? Anything for the regal pat on the head?

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