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August 07, 2007



Does NPR have any conservative show hosts? And if Ron is mentioned for KUOW as a lib, and there are no conservatives, doesn't that bolster the argument that NPR is just a vehicle for leftism? And why should taxpayers pay for that when they don't even want it for free in the free market?


Ron did not need KIRO...KIRO really needed Ron and they blew it. One hour for Ron vs. 3 hours for Dori pretty much explains the station's priorities. Mouth over Brain.


Follow the money! An over-used but extremely accurate cliche.
Dori generates $money...i.e. controversy, interest, hate, contempt and some folks may actually like him. He IS an entertainer and he's good at what he does for KIRO. That's the bottom line on this. Like I said many times before a talk-show host's biggest fear is being ignored...and obviously Dori is NOT being ignored - he's talked about more than any one herein and elsewhere. An added plus is the good work he does on the Seahawks show. Sorry 'Dori-haters', he manipulates by 'baiting' you into loving or hating him.
You might say he is a 'master-baiter' :o)


Well, I for one will not miss him. In part Mike is right, the timing is terrible. Who listens at noon? Most working folks are either trying to get enough done to0 get to lunch or doing that WITH other peole. What is left is a demographic that may no longer mean much .. the stay at home moms.

In addition, aside form his name and efforts at ballet, Ron comes across as a MR. ROGERS, EVERYONE'S NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR IN A WARM SWEATER.

Put another way .. I have never been convinced there is a lot more to Mr. Reagan than a very nice fellow. If he does know anything in depth, that is never obvious.


One thought, he may not want to do the evening show, Todah. He might be better in family hour.

Far more impressive, given his legacy, would be if he USED it to do some good. Maybe he could run fo Congress? Or Create the anti-Discovery Institute?


OR .. and this is a great idea, he could sponsor a political club that discsses i9deas every Tuesday night. The clb co9ld itself be a new media event through podcasting and with Reagan's clot he cold attract a lot of really great guests ... kinda like Goldy with money and inflence?


He should see a doctor about that clot. :-)


Mr. Jew: you shouldn't be drinking in the morning.


I listened as often as possible; I really enjoyed his approach. Very sorry to see him go. Alternatively, I guess I can listen to one more hour of Ed Schultz.

Who is filling the extra hour?

Thanks Ron for your time with KIRO!


He'll be missed - that's for sure. He was a calming voice on a station that is/was wallowing without a clear direction. Dori and the frat boys just make me turn off the station after 1pm....well, now it'll be noon.

Dori Listener

Good riddance. Don't get me wrong, I wish him well, but the guy was dull. And way too predictable. I could tell what he was going to say within the first few minutes: what's the liberal point of view? Okay, that's the one Ron is taking. Much less interesting that Dave Ross' thoughtful perspective.

And say what you will about Dori; the guy is entertaining, whether you agree with him or not.


This change is fine with me. One less show host who is openly hostile toward anyone who believes in God. A week didn't go by that we didn't insult every Christian or Deist out there.


I am sick of this christian as victem crap. The lord gave you balls and a spine, use em!


I liked when he filled in for Dori because he looked to do topics he could do with that more libertarin folks vs his audience.

My problem with Ron was he was not a "Thinker" I know why Dave thinks what he does and he can debate it. Same for Dori. Ron seem to feel his opnions.

Single payer health.. without any notice of the problems in Canada and the UK. We lost a friend in line for tests while traveling in the UK that would have been done hours earlier in the US. We have problem to fix.. but those that want to build a Canadian style system would ruin what does work in the US.

Even Obama and Edwards realize we need fixes not a total replacement.

I think he seemed like a nice guy. But it was such a boring hour.. I ended up on other places.

Glad Dori is back at noon. I can now listen of KIRO almost all day.


I get annoyed with KIRO and other talker stations when an on-air personality gets disappeared with no statement at all, such as "we canned his butt" or "he's taking Katie Couric's spot on CBS" ...it's up to listeners to guess what happened. Rude. There may be legal issues, but something can be posted in corporatese at least. I liked Ron because he would indulge listeners who came up with nuanced, interesting ideas or comments. Monson is a festering sore on the Seattle radio scene...an intellectual coward who hangs up on those who expose his contorted logic.


"Dori; the guy is entertaining"

No he's not; he's boring and monotonous and predictable. I change stations or turn the radio off completely at noon.


I for one will miss hearing Ron as he came across as a 'thinker' vs. Dori who comes off as just the typical republican talk radio 'bombastic' type - here in a libertarian suit.. Sure, whatever you say.

I also am tired of his constant adverts for companies I could care less about and the subtle references to being a Christian thrown in here and there as I have no interest in that kind of smugness 'because I believe'..

I'm glad at least Dave is still on as if he goes somewhere else I have no reason to listen to them any more - no CBS news + alot of pointless crap in the afternoon (R & D are really the stupid brothers and I can only take about 10 minutes of their juvenile banter..) Goldstein on weekends is a whiny broken record and who else is on there again?


Goldstein's voice is as bad (and more whiny) than Styble. Think that they should have a point - counterpoint where one of the conservative bloggers (Sharkansky or Earling) face off against the progressive/liberal blogger (Goldstein). An hour time limit would be enough. Having David Postman as a moderator would help keep civility, as Goldstein would start throwing out expletives in his arguments unless there was some semblance of order. If this happened, the listenership of his show would increase dramatically.


Dana says ""Dori; the guy is entertaining"

No he's not; he's boring and monotonous and predictable. I change stations or turn the radio off completely at noon."

I think people like him because they fall for his five dollar showmanship. The "some of you are not going to like what I have to say" or "now, I want to talk to you about... a subject which is important to me as I have fifteen daughters of my own" etc.

And you can see Prank Shiers picked right up on points A and B.


Hey Bla'M! were you invited to the KOMO soiree for bloggers on the 2nd? Did you go? Did you take pictures???

coochie mama

"Dori; the guy is entertaining"

No he's not; he's boring and monotonous and predictable. I change stations or turn the radio off completely at noon.


ITA. Dori is every bit as annoying as Ron&Don.



We think Dori is good for Seahawks pregame shows but we find his show to be too predictable. We're waiting for KIRO to cancel him like a stamp.


Some of you'all must be members of the HFK club. (Hippocrites For KIRO)...no one listens, yet everyone knows everything that's been on KIRO. Ooooooookay!

It's all lip service...we all know you tune in..and we all know you listen to Dori...it's just not progressivly cool to say so...ha


"No one listens, yet everyone knows everything that's been on KIRO"---Some of us still enjoy a few minutes of Dave Ross in the morning, not to mention Greg and Jane. It only takes minimal exposure to hear the KIRO ads for its own programming lineup. Good thing too, since that's how I know when to AVOID listening to Dorki in the afternoon! Thank goodness AM 1090 is out there!


"Thank goodness AM 1090 is out there!"

Must agree with you on that...it's definitely 'OUT THERE'....way, way 'OUT THERE'....


Great hosts are a rare breed. They have to be socially adept, well-read, funny, have a decent voice, and even then not everyone will love 'em. Also, they go stale after several years. Look at all the duds KIRO has gone through--remember when they had the physics prof, or whatever he was. And then there was Tony V, obviously a nice guy but not a talk host. Dumb n Dumber is a move born of abject desperation. Goldie has game, but needs a voice changer. And he already uses the filibuster/quick hangup. Somebody needs to tell talk hosts that that move DON'T WORK ANYMORE.
Unlike most other entertainment forms, it appears that there is far more venue (i.e. airtime) than talent available to fill it.


Great hosts are a rare breed. They have to be socially adept, well-read, funny, have a decent voice, and even then not everyone will love 'em. Also, they go stale after several years. Look at all the duds KIRO has gone through--remember when they had the physics prof, or whatever he was. And then there was Tony V, obviously a nice guy but not a talk host. Dumb n Dumber is a move born of abject desperation. Goldie has game, but needs a voice changer. And he already uses the filibuster/quick hangup. Somebody needs to tell talk hosts that that move DON'T WORK ANYMORE.
Unlike most other entertainment forms, it appears that there is far more venue (i.e. airtime) than talent available to fill it.


If Ron Reagan doesn't work as a radio talker because "he's not pissed off enough," how does that explain Dave Ross?

It's incredibly sad that KIRO couldn't find a way to make Reagan work, but simultaneously bet big on Ron & Don. That tells you all you need to know about the fate of the KIRO franchise. It's a terrible -- but not especially shocking -- vote against news and for noise... against light, and for heat.

I stopped listening to KIRO in the afternoons when they canned afternoon drive-time news and replaced it with those two Neanderthals screaming at each other. I went over to KUOW, but I still used to click back to KIRO when national news was breaking because I knew they'd air the CBS network cut-ins. Now it appears they're squelching CBS as well, which is insane to me. That was the bait that brought people in to listen to the talkers.

I guess I'm 100% KOMO / KUOW now. I hope Ron Reagan lands somewhere else on the dial in town.


Sorry to see Ron go, likeable, but I agree he wasn't particularly exciting. Dori draws ratings...can't listen to him for pregame Seahawks - would rather have Vinnie - can't believe I wrote that.

Mark B

I listen to both Liberal and conservative... I was just tired of Ron's bashing, day after day. If he stood near the window he leaned so far left he would fall out. In a democratic system you need to play to your target demographic and Kiro has a general demographic. I tuned out when I heard the first 5 minutes of Ron's show. Kiro the station for the Seahawks has no place for such radial left leaning bashing.


Why not? You have a gazillion other stations that will give you the right wing point of view and you bitch about what was one of two liberal-leaning shows on one station. Why not complain about all the liberal bashing that goes on on KVI et al ? Now Goldy is the last liberal voice. Explain again, please, how that is "democratic"??


It seems that many talk listeners rate talk hosts by how closely the host's views match theirs. Maybe this is a major cause of bad talk radio. Or maybe it's the reverse--maybe we listen to hosts who agree because shows are so bad we can't stand 'em otherwise. Give me a host on either left or right who is informative and capable of saying things that haven't been said before on a million other shows.


oh, I wil miss Ron. He was a thinker, contrary to what a few said here.
As for Monson: he's a terrible listener. Predictable in his answers. A light shock jock....well, at least he these things the last time I actually lstened to him a few years ago.
Shiers, geez. that guy has control issues. It's not enough that he has 3 hours or radio time, he can't let callers say their piece without interrupting.


"KIRO Radio, where Mouth is better than Brains!"


I am sick of this christian as victem crap. The lord gave you balls and a spine, use em!

You assume too much, Rich. And I never wrote that I was playing the victem (sic) card. It was stating a fact about Mr. Reagan's choice of target. And he wasn't the only one. Don with R and D does it, too. But at least Don is entertaining about it. Ron Reagan just put me to sleep.


Dori Listener
but the guy was dull.

Had to comment because I just got back from Chelan . . . I'm going to miss Reagan. The right who like emotion over reason will never like someone like Reagan. Nor will they ever be informed about much of anything. And that's why we have a two-term chimp in the Oval Office and why we're mired in Iraq.

And say what you will about Dori; the guy is entertaining, whether you agree with him or not.

I found Reagan entertaining. My entertainment factor isn't centered on schlock, sensationalism, negativity, hate, put down, and derision. Stick with Simon if you want entertainment. He's obviously your cup of tea. And quit worrying about being informed. Please, just quit voting altogether. . . unless it's for something you know about like American Idol or Survivor: New Guinea or whatever.

And Jew: I expected better from you.


Shucks joanie
I just got back from Chelan as well. We may have run across each other and never knew.
Got to visit family and basically enjoy a little laziness. Most of them are as wrong and liberal as you, but we love each other none the less.
Hope you had a great time as well.


Beautiful over there, isn't it chucks?

Just thinking that a bit of liberal DNA runs in your family - there might be some hope for you yet . . . ya think?


Yes, I do love it over there. I have an acre of my Grandfathers old orchard in Manson overlooking Wapato Point. Gonna retire there if I live long enough.
I am pretty set in my ways though. Vote issues first, candidates second, party third.
If the D's ever get back to what they where before Nam, I may return.


Dori sounded like a "mewling, whining coward of a man" to paraphrase Laurence Olivier bitching out some pathetic poltroon in Wuthering Heights, as he whimpered about car prowling thieves stealing his laptop and his daughters cameras and such from their rental car parked in the garage of their Chicago Hotel during their vacation. He tried to make a joKE out of it ("Car prowlers should be executed!") while admitting that he should have waited for the crowd at the hotel desk to thin out so he could store their luggage in hotel stoarage. On top of that, he didn't even put the stuff in the trunk. You made poor choices Dori. No sympathy for you . Poor choices. Or as Frank would say- poor choices, DUDE. By the way, do you notice that Dori seems more insufferable than ever since his return? He announced to us the other day that he is the most listened to talk show in Seattle, then added his thanks to his listeners so as not to seem the conceited braggart, which of course is what he is. He couldn't be the King of Kiro while MikeWebb was there, because Webb simply had more presence and gravitas, no contest. They were both obnoxious and rude , but Mike rose above him, no question. Now he obviously feels he is King of Kiro- what he couldn't achieve by bringing tapes of Mikes rants to management he has NOW achieved by personal misfortune (ALHTOUGH OF mIKE'S OWN MAKING) and trAGEDY.


I'm sad to see Reagan go but that doesn't mean he won't be back on. Imho you really need 3 hours on a daily basis as a radio host for listeners to get hooked on you. Most of us sample in and out during the workday so we can't dedicate a one hour window.
I liked his low key style and would only hope that he would use it next time to bring in more people for some interesting discourse. Listen to the Medved and Hitchens hour on the subject of religion. That was great radio on a topic that normally drives me away. Two individuals with different viewpoints being able to exchange thoughts it a rational/cogent and ENTERTAINING manner.
I have hope for Reagan.
And ph(J)oanie, as long as you insist on characterizing one side as dumb and your side as smart, you will never get it. Poor thing, whiffing away at life.
PS: get the audio version of hitchens book 'god is not great.' stellar.


Reagans one minute commentary at 7:50 in the mornings was the only item on the dial I actually changed channels to listen to. Maybe it is time to check into satellite radio since sophomoric jokes and canned animal noises seem to be all that is left of broadcast radio.


Try Ronn Owens out of KGO San Francisco. You can stream him from 9-12 each day. He is entertaining/rational and not an angry ranter ala Rush or Randi that specializes in 1) tellling their fans how smart they are 2) telling these faithful the 'truth' 3) giving short shrift to the argument on the other side. its why the fans of those shows get so mad. they dont understand how anyone could possibly disagree with them given the 'facts' and leaves 'em with the thought that the other side is either 1) stupid or 2) evil.
its only when you get to hear the otherside you might appreciate that they have a good faith argument which you may not agree with but can respect. Here is a challange:
If your a lefty try Rush and you'll recognize the same tactic and if your a righty try Randi and you'll pick it up.
It's all about segmentation and division. You got your 'core' and I got mine. Sample both and you'll smile when you figure it out. Try Ed Schultz. for years he was a conservative and then flipped over to the otherside on Air America for market reasons. Have no idea where big Ed is now.


Very well said, pugetsound. I will check out this SF guy you mentioned. Switching views doesn't necessarily indict a host's credibility. I was a McGovernite as a teenager and now people tell me that I am classed as an ultra conservative. Siegel struck me as standard-issue lib-mod-dem when I first heard him in 1992, and he slowly evolved into pretty much ultracon. I don't think he was insincere about that. I agree 100% with your main point, however.


Ed "flipped" because he married a woman who was involved in working with the homeless and he learned that a lot of his preconceived notions about things were wrong. But Ed is no progressive. He often loses his way on his show, and is one of the most uninformed hosts on radio. On a daily basis, his listeners educate him on what is going on and days later he comes on board and then acts like he knew it all along. He appeals to listeners to whom details are not important.

Also, Ed works for Jones Network. He is not an employee of Air America.


Ah, putsie, nice to hear from you again. But, I know, you connect with me as much as you're able . . . and I've been gone. Nice to talk to you, dear.

Just a note, sweetie pie: you're beginning to sound like a name dropper. Yes, we all know you like Hitchens and have read this book. Now, move on and read another.

You might try THE LONG SHORT WAR, WHY ORWELL MATTERS and/or his book on Jefferson.

Of course, you're being such a fan, you've probably already read them. Oh, and wasn't he just so right about Iraq?


Thanks for the info on Big Ed, Bill. I wondered what triggered that flip. Sometimes it takes a little life experience with the less fortunate and a good woman. :)


Completely and totally off topic, but I just gotta share.
The other night, Bill Oreilly did a segment on child molesters who film their victims while molesting them and post the crap on line.
Well I just surfed the AMW website and a couple he showed from the clips were just found dead. Sounds like a little murder-suicide with notes.
Even the Oreilly haters must admit to this being good.


actually there ph(J)oanie i am looking forward to the orwell book. its on order from amazon. the kissinger book was interesting as well as the mother teresa. interesting that the vatican flew him in to play 'the devils advocate' on the cannonization of mother teresa.
also listen to his conservative/religous brother who is firmlyagainst the iraq war while christopher the liberal was for it. interesting debates between the two.
oh yes, master of the obvious you are. it takes a little life experiance such as not making a mark on one side of the fence and jumping to the other to cash in to pay the bills.
note your not taking issue with the rush and randy comparison. but being a cleopatra your probably still in bliss. it makes life easy when you can just deny the otherside as dumb or evil. how dull for some, but for you it's well within your skill set. enjoy it. ol KS is right about you.


your right that switching on issues isn't necessarily an indictment on credibility. i actually prefer people/hosts that aren't afraid to change a position. i can't stand those that are 'locked in' and won't allow any counterpoint in their life. albeit the right or the left. boring.
it seemed -admittedly pure speculation on my part- that after hearing big ed when he was a conservative there in the dakota's switch in toto pretty much and declare himself the anti-limbaugh that it was more than that. like he was marketing himself as the left's answer to limbaugh.
but i was never a big fan when he was on the right or the left to be sure.
bill, thanks for the heads up on the jones network. when i use to sample big ed he was on air america and that is what i associated him with. but that was a few years ago.

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