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August 21, 2007



I haven't listened to NPR for a long time. Don't know why exactly except they changed programs on me and I lost interest. Also, I was attracted to the fiery AM political talk centered on the mess this country is in. I do still listen to one or two programs but mostly on line when I'm available to listen.

I think there are just too many choices out there these days.

Still, I hate it when people I've bonded to on the radio leave. It is hard. Even the AM hosts feel like family to me . . . just because I get in the habit of listening and habits are hard to break.


As an aside:
Oh Boy...yet ANOTHER solicitation from the Edwards' family for $funds - this time appealing out of apparent jealousy that Mrs Clinton is being attacked by Karl Rove and they're not? [i.e. a ploy by the Repugs to focus attention on our next POTUS]
John exactly what part of the phrase 'you're history' don't you understand.


what a huge loss! I know how it is when you get to attached to your employer, and that's what probably happened with Ken. It all became too dang important to him, instead of just being "his job". That's why he was so very good, and took it all so personally. Ken, it wasn't about YOU! Good luck. You're a gem.

songs of yore

Steve said it right: Ken Vincent added another dimension to Weekday. I will miss him. I hope the powers that be will not screw up KUOW, my radio home.


Never listen to KUOW and was not familar with KV - but these last two posts are very kind and thoughtful. 23 Years is indeed a while to be loyal and devoted to a team!

Justin Atheropinion

Jeff Hansen--the guy who had the "bright idea" of losing Bob Edwards.

Given the way KUOW is making KIRO, KTTH, KVI and Gramma KOMO look over their shoulder (or watch their smoke), it seems a shame that Hansen always has to "fudge" with a winner. You can do that only so many times before you trash what attracts people.

KUOW's bright lights have a habit of moving to the National side (probably because their abilities make a mediocre programmer jealous and rewards their efforts with disdain, maybe?)

Makes me wonder if the new kid is ever going to play the theme from "Exodus" on their breaks. Would seem appropriate.


What happened to Megan Sukys? She was so good on The Beat. Will Dave Beck be back? I'm not comfortable with a change with the three program approach. It works.


Why doesn't KUOW say anything about all this? Is this to be all top down like commercial radio? How about an on-air community meeting? How about an explanation? Why do we have to read this on a dman blog? (No offense, Micheal)


I hope the KUOW will honor its claim and, indeed, find another slot for the fab "Writers Almanac". It seems that personalities are frazzled in the arcane closets of NPR's rock-solid edifice. H-m-m...so the cookie crumbles...

So, Duf, your admission ("Never listen to KUOW") clarifies the mystery of which piece of you is missing...


ASSuming on your part F/Mont; after all you can never tell herein if it's the Duffman or if it's Memorex? Fair statement?


ASSuming on your part F/Mont; after all you can never tell herein if it's the Duffman or if it's Memorex? Fair statement?

Altogether now, Bla'M fam: Yaaawwwwwwwn

Go find Ms. Clinton's blog & post drudge stuff. She'll love it!


Ditto to MF!


Yes Ditto to MF!!!


Thanks, Fremont. I forgot to mention the absence of Writers Almanac which is also a favorite of mine. I do get it online more often than I hear it on KUOW. Fabulous few minutes of the day.

The eviction of that radio piece tells more about the integrity of programming than anything else in my opinion.

Duffman - you really aren't required to comment on everything. If you don't listen to KUOW, why not just let those who do talk about it. Take your own advice and put yourself aside when you have nothing to contribute except changing the topic at the first opportunity.


Thank you mother joanie...after all you can be so sure that you're referring to my post(s) after the lambasting I've been taking herein with psudo-duffmans. So go without the facts and make judgements...like you ALWAYS get down on others for. What a hypocrite; I thought you were better than that...but possibly PugetSound is correct, it just be Ph(j)oanie.


Duff, you're being unfairly attacked because you are so correct on most things and these board members can't cope with that. Hang in there and don't let up.


Thanks joanie, I appreciate that.


Ditto to what duffgal said!


Ditto to what duffgal said!


Thanks sparks, knew I could count on you.


duff: you're a good sport and I'm sorry for all of the teasing but hey you kind of asked for it.
Just so you know: I WILL be voting for Mrs Clinton.


Hey merci...you da man! It's Okay.


Well, you killed this thread rather quickly, doffo.


I do not know where you get the stamina to handle this crap.
I am impressed duffy.
keep on keepin on.


Thanks duff-s aka: merci/sparks/joanie/coiler/fremont!
Very kind of you :o)

Justin Atheropinion

Don't get out much, huh?


Just an hour a day for exercise.


I worked a fund-raiser at KUOW spring call-in drive for college credit. I met Steve Scher and another person Arvin Hokinson? Both rode their bikes to work which I thought was pretty cool. The studio had moved to a new state of the art facility and looked high tech. However it seems that most of their talent has moved on. Cynthia Doyon had a sucessful program there but was still part-time after 25+ years. I think UW/KUOW does it on the cheap, dazzling their listeners with flashy programming but seems so anti-labor for a 'progressive' audience that I stopped tuning in except for Cliff Mass' weekend weather update on Fri. mornings.


Thanks for sharing that.


I applied there once for a job they approached me about, and then turned down. Another employee sent me a string of emails from around the office with a bunch of hand-wringing by a bunch of white males, fretting if I was hired, it would be just another white male voice on the air. They turned me down on that basis apparently even though they had approached me in the first place.
Nobody else got hired for that, the same white male voices predominate over there.

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