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August 06, 2007


David Tatelman

Ron Reagan?!! Probably one of the most popular guys in the station. What the hell are they thinking?


I'm not surprised about NY Vinnie, as he was very 'surface' but Ron Reagan baffles me. I thought he presented things from quite a 'unique' position and to discount that speaks loudly - in my book. A new direction is implied. Can't wait to hear what's next?????????


They kept Dummy and frank and bounced Ron? Does this mean a hard turn to the right? Are we going to have two KVIs now?


Wow, Ron was the ONLY reason I would ever tune in to KIRO. That does it for me. "Going Local" needs to be about ownership more than advertising, it seems to me. Interesting how a Seattle Mother-ship like KIRO could be decimated so quickly.


Reagan added a touch of class to KIRO before the day was given over to Dori and the idiots. one less hour of KIRO for me.


The decission regarding Vinnie I honestly could understand. But are you sure you got the right Ron?

I'd much rather listen to Ron Reagan than Ron and Don, or Dori (there likely ain't product I haven't pitched yet).


OK the Reagan firing is still bugging me.

Should send Kiro a copy of "Ka-Ching The Repository of Universal Wisdoms II"

Have them read the page that says
"If I had a brain.... I likely wouldn't use it!"


Ron Reagan has spent his whole life using his dad's famous name! What has he ever done on his own? NOTHING!! He's so boring, glad he's toast.


Ron Reagan fired? But he was great. I wanted them to expand his show, not eliminate it! (Hint: replace Dori!)

JMP the Ear

Ron Reagan - Chloriform with a microphone.

New York V...? Who? Sorry, radio goes off when I get home. Who?

coochie mama

I loved Ron Reagan.

I'm done with KIRO.

I'll be taking off my preset tomorrow.



GayRea gone!!! Wahoooooo. Goes to show talking about Gay subjects all the time is not interesting radio. To bad about Vinnie, but can anyone tell me how did Rum and Dumb survived the cut?

Edward Prentice



Ron Reagan fired - sour grapes from the Dori-haters. Lighten up !! Try listening to music for a change - 101.5 or 96.5 or 98.9 - it will get you out of your funk.

Erin Hart - say it ain't so... She ties Styble for the most distracting voice on KIRO.


Wow, Bonneville reallllly wants KIRO to tank if they are bringing Erin back.


Taking your presets off??? But they have Goldy on KIRO! You guys love Goldy, don't you??? He's your man. Who cares if his blog is filled with adolescent obscenity? You guys love that stuff!! Don't take it all so hard! KIRO has Goldy!


We were surprised to hear Reagan got the boot. We are glad New York Vinnie is gone. We know he was One of Us, but his constant gasping for breath was pathetic. We know Ron will land on his feet and we hope Vinnie doesn't land on anyone else and kill them when he hits the ground. That is all we have to say on this breaking development.


We can't say we like Goldy because we think he sounds like he's whining even when he isn't.

Sparky, we listen to Thom on Sirius now along with Howard, Robin and Baba Booey.

We are still shocked about the Reagan firing.


Ron was on MSNBC quite a bit- maybe he was given a choice- more time or no time.


Don't worry libs, you still have Goldstein spraying spittle on KIRO


Where was Dave Ross yesterday?


DR is on vacation (Calif., I believe?)


Ron always came off as soundig "smug", like he had a smirk on his face every time someone disagreed with him. And
Vinnie was just a clown, plain and simple. Happy they left.

Best talent on that station is Monson & Ross. Opposite spectrums politically but both are great at what they do...


My two cents worth: I like NY Vinnie, but his best work was done when he did the Mariner post game shows. I have no interest in the Seahawks, so I didn't listen to him much because it seemed that is all KIRO wants to talk about sports-wise. I cannot tolerate D&R. I guess I will now be turning the dial from 710 after Dave Ross' show. That's ok, I enjoy Ed Schultz.


Any one hear D.R.'s rap song on Sir Mix a few minutes ago.
Titled 'Gimme sum Book' it was hilarious! Any one who can put complicated author's names in a rhythmic pattern like that DESERVES to be on the radio. Great Stuff! Bla'M, if you can get a hold of the audio you should post it for all to hear. After all (in deference to the synonym duo of sparky/coiler) he is 'one of us'. :o)


"That does it for me. "Going Local" needs to be about ownership more than advertising,.."

sparks: shouldn't 'going local' for you = listening to KPAM ?


I had a sick feeling when I heard the new "talk radio" tag (which reminded me of the old KING and KOMO formats that failed) and heard Dori's new hours were noon to 3PM - which is actually his old time slot. I really like Dori when he talks about sports with Wyman, Moyer, and Huard, but politically he scares the hell out of me. The firing of Ron Reagan just makes me ill! I loved to listen to Ron, especially when he and Dave did shows together. I don't know what KIRO is thinking, unless they're trying increase their Lame-o Quotient.


There were two reasons ONLY for listening to KIRO,Dave Ross and Ron. Reagan. Ron is gone and so am I; to think that Dori Monson (who bullys his guests into agreeing or hanging up)is tolerated at all is a awake up call to me about how miserable your programming really is. Given that the numbers rule and your chcoices leave something to be desired, KIRO you are toast!


TeeJay makes a good point, the new format seems to be revisiting things that failed in the recent past. KOMO was what KIRO has become just before it totaly abandon talk altogether and went to 24 hour news.

Even the programming is tired. They had the Tony Miner news hour a year or two ago. If Ross/Monson back to back was so great then why did they ever change? If fill-in Fraaaaank Shiers had such flat ratings why did they make him permanent?

I think what would have made Ron Reagan worked would be to have give him a non-liberal co-host to actualy debate with. That's what I'm missing most, good ole confrontation.


KIRO is off my dial now. Ron Reagan was refreshing. I can handle Dave Ross but keeping Dumi and getting rid of Ron and keeping dumb and dumber at night is just too much.


Thank goodness New York Vinnie is gone. I would have listened to him more if he would have taken that wad of cotton out of his mouth when he spoke. Reagan? what a weenie


I can't believe Kiro has fired Ron Reagan. I was hoping his show would be expanded. His intelligence and grace gave luster to the entire Seattle area. My opinion of Kiro has plunged. I agree with the many others I have heard today who have said that they will no longer listen to 710. I have not written to respond to any media actions prior to this--but feel compelled to protest. Ron, if you see this--thanks a lot, it was good while it lasted. Hope we can hear you again soon on another station with the taste and good judgement to appreciate what you offer. Sorry also Vinnie.


Wow. I better move would have been to expand Ron's time slot. They must have a plan to reduce the value of the station for some reason.


I liked New York Vinnie. He was a "feel good" talk radio host with a good heart. I'm very sorry to see him go. And Ron Reagan was goodtoo. He added intellect and reason to the line-up.
This radio station just can't find its way. It's a schizophrenic mess. Good by to KIRO.


Ron Reagan gone? Dori still in? I'm outa here.
(Dave Ross lost his touch after he ran for public office). There's no compelling reason to tune in to Kiro anymore except for about half hour of the morning show.

On Yawn

OMG, whatever will KIRO do? Based on this thread their numbers will surely sink like a lead balloon! We'll see!


Looks like KIRO is after KVI's dumbest listeners when they extend Dori's hours and bring in Shiers. Sounds like something Big Dick (Cheney) would do to keep his subjects away from any glimmer of truth and IQ of over 100


I understand completely about firing New York Vinnie and I think it was way overdue. He was cringe-inducing to listen to.

I'm very saddened about Ron Reagan's firing but I understand the wisdom in butting Ross and Monson together at the top of the day. I stated in this forum a long time ago that KIRO has to rebuild the franchise around Ross and Monson.

Extinguishing Ron and Don at 600p in favor of hour of hard news hosted by Miner is a net positive step. I can't stand Ron and Don but I rarely drive home before 600. If the Miner hour is just a pastische of noise from Monson and Ron/Don, though, I will not be listening long.

Shires and Erin Hart are unlistenable at any time of day.

The most inexplicable thing is dumping CBS Radio Network newscasts after 900a, which lent the station credibility and predictability and are a big listener magnet when national news is breaking. This seems like a clear case of brain damage. Wherever they surface in town, I'll follow.

I was driven away from KIRO last year by Ron and Don's ascendancy, forced myself to listen to KUOW/NPR, and have kind of gotten used to it. Nothing in this week's news provides ANY inducement to switch back.


KIRO is at its best when we can hear all sides of an issue, so I hope this isn't a move to the Right.

I agree with Ariel--giving Ron Reagan a non-liberal co-host would have made a great hour of radio. Also agree with Fred--I miss the CBS updates.

All in all, this makes KIRO less listenable, which is too bad.

Susan W

No Ron? KIRO Executives have truly lost their minds! Ron was informed, thoughtful and simply classy! I'll miss the CBS updates as well! Dave Ross is the only reason to tune in now! Ron, if you're reading these...thanks for everything! You're the best and I hope to be listening to you again very soon!


Wow, KIRO, can you pull you head out of your backside? No CBS top of the hour news? No Ron Reagan?
But you leave Ron & "Why wouldn't I be Don O'Neil?" That is the most irritating phrase and we have to hear it a million times a day.
Maybe it's time to look back. Remember how powerful KIRO was with Jim French & Dave Ross? What have you done with the powerhouse of Seattle radio?


This new format reminds me of FM radio, fast and superficial, with louder, more obnoxious transitions. The lack of national news on the hour damages their reputation as a all-in-one go-to station and I think it will drive people looking for that to KOMO 1000.

It used to be Jackass Monson counter weighted by CBS news and a first rate news room. Now it's pure non-stop Jackass Monson, no reprieve to even gasp for air. Now that Tony Miner has his own show he's coming off as another talk host rather than the no-nonsense news dispenser he was before.

I'm reminded of the homo remark their management made in reference to KOMO when I ponder what level of sophistication we're witness to in these changes.


Oh sorry, "alleged" homo remark.


Looks like they are trying to knock out some of the east and west coast flavor here. Oh no, does that mean Styble sticks around? That must be why he interviewed Medved on Sunday. What a suck up!


KPAM? Sean Hannity, Clark Howard, Mark Levin? Why would I want to listen to that? I have thousands of stations at my fingertips on my computer. I dont have to settle for Sean pulling lies out of his ass.

Dave Boyle

I agree that Dave Ross lost it all after his run for election. Without Ron Reagon I will not be tuning to 710 KIRO. I can't stand another minute of Dorky Munson!


I REALLY liked the Ron Reagan Show. I miss it at noon. Now I switch to another station. If Ron & Don are on, I switch to another station. I spend more time on KOMO and other stations now. I like Dave Ross and will listen to his show in the morning. I dislike the dribble and verbage for the sake of verbage.


I REALLY liked the Ron Reagan Show. I miss it at noon. Now I switch to another station. If Ron & Don are on, I switch to another station. I spend more time on KOMO and other stations now. I like Dave Ross and will listen to his show in the morning. I dislike the dribble and verbage for the sake of verbage.


I tuned in at lunch time to listen to Ron Reagan. When I heard this was Dori's new spot - I changed the channel. When I heard Ron was fired, I removed it from my preset. You WERE #1 on my dial KIRO. Dave Ross is all you have left (Pssst... Dave, run like the wind!) What a bummer!


Good point Erin. I wonder if Dave would have signed on had he known what was up with the "vision" for this station.

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