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July 14, 2007



..not to mention all the letters to the editors...of course we know that if all the illegals were deported out of this country, we would no longer have ANY crime what so ever, by gawd. I am more concerned that we dont have a better system in dealing with sex offenders. I dont know what a better system would look like, but
maybe stricter guidelines on those who have been deemed highly likely to reoffend...

"Shortpantski"...had me laughing out loud.


Hey B'lam, you forgot GayRea's 3 hours (on the Dave Ross show)talking about how these pedophiles are born with like this. And his desire to brand these outcasts of society with some sort of tattoo or GPS devise so they're movements can be tracked. Now where did we see and hear this before.


This is an area where I think we bend over too far to be fair and humane in our justice system.

Once convicted of a certain level of sex offense, commitment for life should be the consequence. I'd even go for euthanizing them if I thought we could be absolutely sure of their guilt.

I consider that an act of mercy to the offender as well as to future victims.


nevetS, still talking in riddles?


poor ph(J)oanie
it's only a riddle to you.


This is an area where joanie and I, for a change agree. There is no sentence too long for one convicted of a felony sex offense against a child or woman. Prior to eventual release, chemical (manual is ok in my book) castration should be required.
To find that this clown was living in my neighborhood and was not registered was/is frightening. To find that there are twenty more of them on the offender registry in this area is concerning as well. To find that he is a "level one" and may (probably) committed this crime is frightening as well. And as far as not having pictures of these asshats on the registry, so that we can know who they are, when they cruise the neighborhood, that just pisses an old grampa off.


I'm with you, chucks.

Now where did we see and hear this before.
And putsie, only a riddle to me? So, what's the answer, sweetheart? (Now, no helping, nevetS)


get out the pitch forks and torches. let's use that sex offender list to find 'em all, burn down their houses and run 'em out of the state. if they are colored, let's castrate 'em


Nobody said that, sarge. Calm down your rhetoric and let's be reasonable. What would you do?


Nobody is calling for a lynch mob. I just want to know who in my neighborhood is known to have sexually assaulted children (or any body for that matter). It is my responsibility as an adult to protect the children living in my home.
The people registered in my area range in age from 18 to 78 years old. They are mostly white men, with some Black, Asian, Pacific Islander and Hispanic with a couple women as well.


chuck, here is a website


where you type in your zipcode and it will show you a map of the area and will signify where each one lives. I dont remember if there is a picture attached to the address or not.


I'm listening to the Reagan KIRO podcast of Hartmann. I encourage everybody to listen to this man. If you want to understand what is happening in this country economically, listen.

Putsie, talks about "free market" a bit. You might learn something.

Steven, you often listen to links I provide. I'd like to know what you think of "this show." Chucks, you too. Want to know your opinions.

Finally, Hartmann tells a story of squirrels: researchers added 20% more leaves to a squirrel's nest then, sometime later, measured the nests of other squirrels within a mile and a half radius. All the nests had become bigger. Talk about keeping up with the Jones!

Sparky, everybody, this only takes about 20 minutes total and is full of interesting information. Hartmann know his stuff and is succinct.


I heard it! He said on his morning show yesterday that it would be broadcast. Dont forget tonight at 7:30 to tune into the stream on KPTK to hear Thom, Stephanie Miller, The Young Turks, Mike Malloy and Big Ed. Thom is the moderator so he wont be speaking as much.


That site does have pictures. Much better than the Pierce County and Washington State guvmint sites. Plus if you have reason to be concerned about an individual pervert, you can do further research by following the links.
joanie, been trying to listen all afternoon. Business is pretty good today, so I have to do my job. Will try tomorrow AM.


chucks, the podcast changes after the next show so try to fit it in. Thanks for that, chucks.

Thanks for the time, sparky. I couldn't remember exactly when. I'll be listening. Should be an awesome discussion.

Can anybody believe not voting to demand that troops get 15 months off for 15 months on? I know guys that went to Viet Nam and did one tour and were done. And it wasn't the National Guard. Unbelievable.


Party before country.....


You're welcome, chucks. I found that site by accident..I was on a montana newspaper site and an amber alert was crawling at the bottom of the screen. I clicked on it, and there was a link to this National registry. I typed in my zip code and was shocked to find 18 sex offenders living within a mile of my house. The county sends out flyers with pictures on them sometimes, but not always. Most of the 18 were pedophiles, one was a case of incest, so at the moment, I dont feel in a great deal of danger. But my doors are always locked anyway from my days of living in the Big City.


"There is no sentence too long for one convicted of a felony sex offense against a child or woman.
" chucks

why just women and children?


ok joanie
I got to listen to it. Nothing I found objectionable or offensive, except maybe the inference that it is a conservative problem.
I personally have never met anybody who had a problem with a large vibrant middle class. Those of us who sell stuff or provide a service beyond basic necessities of life need a healthy middle class. And that would be most businesses in this country.
Not allowing for any entity to accumulate wealth beyond a normal life span makes no since to me as well. Now days, many of us have money invested in big and moderate sized companies via our 401k's, Roth IRA's, etc. as well that is where your retirement is invested. So we need healthy businesses. (that does not imply that I support corporate greed by a few ceo's, cfo's etc).
The owner class of old is not the same today. The land, cattle, railroad barons etc of old are not as prevalent today. There are some, but not as powerful. Bill Gates, Geo Soros, the families who own most old newspapers come to mind.
Most business in this country is small business. The cpp3's and bosses like mine, of the world who put it on the line time and time again. Maybe fail a couple of times before they make a go of it. But when success comes, it leads to hiring others who buy stuff and it grows (thanks Bill Boeing).
There will always be a poor people class. Maybe didn't finish high school or had babies before they were ready etc. We can build great schools and fill them full of great teachers (ie: you), but they have to show up to learn. We can teach them safe sex or abstinence, but we don't put chastity belts on them.
I laughed at the comment about infiltrating and taking over the Democratic party. Didn't that already happen? Is not your party firmly in the hands of the 60's radicals instead of the traditional working stiff?
Oh yeh, in the VietNam era, we had a draft to keep the Army full of healthy young bodies. Most who did not volunteer and would not volunteer under any circumstance.
And Mark, any fool who would rape a man is crazy enough to be put away for a very long time.


I listened to much of it yesterday Joanie, now am having a hard time keeping from laughing after listeneing to the rest. Thom is a nutcase huh.


Is not your party firmly in the hands of the 60's radicals instead of the traditional working stiff?

No, it is not. It is firmly planted in wall sreet just like yours. Haven't you read that here over and over from me - links included?

Hartmann talked a lot about the paring away of the middle class. Here you are celebrating the middle class and small business and that's just what he was trying to warn against - the elimination of the middle class.

I guess we just hear things differently. I guess it is good you listened although I'm not sure what you heard . . . sorry.

And referring to a draft during the Viet Nam War doesn't address the Republicans voting down a bill that gives soldiers time off. You for that?

BTW, weren't the land, cattle and railroad barons way back before FDR? I think I'm missing something in your response here . . .

nevetS, if I knew what you were laughing about, maybe we could share the laugh . . . but, as usually, you speak in riddles.

And, Sparky, my EARTHLINK WENT DOWN for several HOURS AGAIN! FU, EARTHLINK! I'm changing to Comcast as soon as I can.



chucks, check this out: "Interactive Graphic: The Wealthiest Americans Ever"

and "The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age"

Tell me what you think.


I dont ever have any problems with Earthlink. When things go tits up around here it is Comcast's fault.


My friends with Comcast seem to like it . . . I'm the only one I know with Earthlink. Go figure. :)


& here I thought Rush was a round mound of sound that never made any sense, maybe when he retires you can have his job as another useless idiot.
If you actually listened to LT Suits' show you would have heard him say "questionable immigration status" not illegal alien, nor was there any mention of the piece of craps religious beliefs, but go ahead spread the fear all you want. The fact is our government failed to protect this little girl, it doesn't matter that this is a one party state or not. If the existing laws would have been enforced Zina would be alive today. Why are sex offenders allowed to leave prison with their dick & balls intact, they need to be removed before let out period!
This probably bothers the weak "we care" crowd on the left, but unlike the topic blogger I have a spine & prefer to go hunt down & kill the saber tooth that takes those who cannot defend themselves, verses the owner of this blog that prefers to push the defenseless to the tiger to save his own lil pathetic ass.


You have a point, but cutting off his dick would not have necessarily prevented him from killing her. Rape is an act of violence, not sex, and even if he had no weiner, he still might have killed her.

I always wonder why they release the ones who refused to go through whatever counseling they are supposed to encounter in jail. Im not saying that those who do go through it are "cured" but it seems to me that if they outright refuse, it signifies they have no desire to stop the behavior, and I think they should sacrifice their freedom.

And PlumBill, Im a leftie, so you cant paint us all with your huge brush.


But I have a huge brush to use though ;-) & my favorite politician of all time was a dem---- Henry Scoop Jackson
Anyway, rape is a violent crime of ultimate control. I think rehab should be completed like they did in "A Clockwork Orange"
But the one who did this needs to just plain die. I hold the whole friggin gov responsible, & this state only seems to open it's eyes when it gets sued--- I hope the Linnik's sue the pants off the state & bankrupt Oly.


Well you may get your wish. Isnt it supposed to be extra dangerous in jail for the men who kill little girls??


Well the barber in Oregon almost got Ward ( piece of shit) Weaver.
My ex neighbor Ridgeway is in protective custody--- too bad.
I think we should outsource some of our prisons to 3rd world countries that need jobs, that would kill a few birds with one stone.


The suspect Terapon is not an illegal alien. He was a legal resident.

In fact, he was a member of the elite Army Rangers unit for over 8 years.


Born in Bangkok, Thailand 42 years ago, Terapon Adhahn came to the United States as a young teen after his mother re-married an American service member.
Adhahn also enlisted. Records show he lived in New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina during 1987.
Fort Lewis confirms he was a private stationed here in 1990 when he was accused of violently raping his half sister. He pleaded guilty to incest, was discharged from the Army and sentenced to 60 days in jail.
During a psychological evaluation, a doctor noted: "He is an angry and poorly controlled man with a plethora of psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. Long-term intensive psychotherapy and monitoring of his behavior will be necessary to ensure the safety of the community."
He completed six years of court supervised sexual deviancy treatment, but ten years after that treatment ended, he's a suspect once again.


Well, this is an example of a court system that doesn't work. The writing was on the wall . . .

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