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July 02, 2007



As conservatove talk radio gets lower and lower ratings, look for them to pull out all the cheapest shots they can muster . . . and they can muster some real hate zingers. Desperate people do desperate things.

It's disgusting, isn't it?

For an informative femlae talk radio host, try Diane Rehm or Laura Flanders. Two intellectuals never looked so good nor spoke so well.


BTW, Michael, where'd you get that pic of me? :)

coochie mama

Saw Dori mourning Mike on the news.

Is he shrinking?


Have a Happy (& safe) 4th everyone! [Yes, you too joanie :)]


I wonder when Dori's narcissism catches up with him.


Hey Bla'M..Im old enough to remember the reruns of Ben Casey...I think it was Sam Jaffe who would draw the symbols for Man, Woman, Birth, Death and that cool Infinity thing on the chalkboard...

But, I like your analogy anyway :-)


C'mon, Bla'M! What was your answer to the incisive question that the brilliant Times reporter so courageusly asked you? "did
you have anything to do with his death?"
The world wants to know!

Apologies from Bla'M and me to PI's ace reporter, Levi Pulkkinen. for misspelling his name in previous posts. Jeez...we had your card...there's no excuse!


I watch Press the Meat on Sun. 10-11:00...great sourcing, KIRO!


Dang sparky
I'm old enough to have forgotten the premier showing of Ben Casey.
The Glen Beck thing is humor, dark humor, but humor none the less. "Evil Conservative Industries"
As for Edwards, who uses more hairspray? Breck girl Edwards or sheriff hairspray?
As for those who accuse Michael and those who participate in this blog of involvement in Mike Webb's death. Screw off, we did not kill him. We did treat him shitily, but that is what we do here. But we did not stab him.


Indeed chucks; hopefully this has taught us to be more careful before running someone down (who is already down) with what we feel is our insightful perspective.


chucks: As for Edwards, who uses more hairspray? Breck girl Edwards or sheriff hairspray?

Obviously, sheriff hairspray. Anybody can see that. You need an ocular appointment, chucks?

BTW, depend on you to find the notion of Mexinol humorous. Equating the amusement factor of genocide vs. politicians and hair . . . unbelievable


from the "I alway wanted to be a college grad and now I are one" department- Dori Monson, several shows ago- "I like to lie out in the sun-or is it lay? It's lay. I always like to lay out in the sun....."


Speak for yourself, Mr. Duffman: Mike Webb was very much alive and well and fighting back when this blog and its readers were criticizing him. I laid off the personal stuff after his conviction. Up until then, he was fair game, and a public person, with more resources than the rest of us to defend himself, and defend himself he did.
He was murdered, which apparently had nothing to do with radio, this blog, or even his legal troubles. Retrospective blame-placing or guilt is bullshit, the territory of such losers as Dori Monson.


When I said 'we' I was speaking figurativly not specifically. I think we can all learn from this; do you not?
BTW - if you'd care to check ANY post that I've made heretofore you will see that I took the converse approach regarding Mr Webb (yet including myself in the 'we' reference. Are you too 'big' to learn from this in some way.


We? maybe you had a turd in your pocket, you pompous prick.


Hey, mac, it didn't take a murder to teach me any lessons! Aren't people who immerse themselves in meaningless platitudes tiresome?


WADR: go phuck yourself!!


realizing that no one or thing can teach you ANY thing joanie because after all you know it all...you watch C-SPAN.


Let me see . . . looking, looking, looking for the post where that pompous prick promised not to talk to me anymore . . . oh, here it is:

"I won't have anything further to do with you . . ."

and in the same post . . .

"I've enjoyed your blog Bla'M. See ya."

Promises, promises.


"It's beginning to look a lot like Nixon . . . everywhere I go."

Reagan just now talking about Scooter and Bush. I love him!


Now, there you go again...did that say I wouldn't talk to you any more. I simply meant we were breaking up HA...and 'See ya' for 'that day'. I have much respect for Bla'M and what he's got going here. So, unless you all band together and convince Bla'M to block me out, I will continue to participate. You may, however feel free to ignore me as you wish. But that wouldn't be fun - would it?


hey duff
sad to say, ph(j)oanie needs you.
you know the deal.


PS...I know 'breaking up is hard to do' was trying to be easy on her...she's a good sport (I think ?) :o)


"Reagan just now talking about Scooter and Bush. I love him!"

Which one...Scooter or Bush?


So many pots, so many kettles...


...absolutely profound Sparks...you are just so deep in every subject!


The Righties weigh in on Bushie's commutation of Libby's jail time:

"Lying under oath strikes at the heart of our system of justice and the rule of law. It does not matter in the least what the perjury is about," - Robert Bork and James Rosen, National Review.

"And we know that when a person testifies under oath that he doesn't remember something when in fact he does, he has committed perjury," - Bill Bennett, Wall Street Journal.

"It would be wrong for you to send a message to every American that it's acceptable to lie under oath and obstruct a federal investigation. It would be wrong for you to tell America's children that some lies are all right. It would be wrong to show the rest of the world that some of our laws don't really matter." Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio)

Wow...when Bork and Bennett speak out against ya, things are pretty bad.


If they say that about 'their friends' I'd hate to see what they'd say about Mr Clinton's long list of criminals of various sorts...Good for Mrs Clinton in speaking out (although not too clearly...)


BTW Bla'M where DID you get that pic of joanie? :o)


Agree, Sparky. Esp. Bork. But this president has absolutely no sensitivity to the injustice of his actions any more than he does to the serial killing of American soldiers and Iraqis.

It's almost like a movie . . . people watch, tut-tut and then move on. Disheartening to say the least. The worst part is that we seem to have no recourse.

And boys, when you get done pounding on your pots and pans, clean up because it's time for lunch.


Aaaah...good; you are so dim quick witted at times...


They (Bush et al) are the mafia but with less flashy suits. They've proven yet again that they only care about their personal power and interest. If any president ever deserved impeachment it's this one. I hope his supporters are proud at how he (with their unthinking support) have set the country back. Happy 4th!


Amen on that...why Oh why doesn't Ms Pelosi initiate that...instead of looking like his girl friend?
I just don't understand...I think the impeachment process would gain momentum if started.


Reliable Sources covered the Coulter issue(s) on Sunday. I don't agree that she doesn't have the right to say what she says, but I wish she would no longer receive the platform she does.

She's invited for ratings, nothing more. She doesn't seem to realize she is being played for a fool.

Happy (and safe) 4th of July "you people."


Liz, I think she realizes it and doesn't care. It's profitable for her as well. Isn't that part of the group think on the right? Anything for money . . .

Thanks for the thought. Not really proud to be American right now . . .


Hey Joanie,

Enjoy your well deserved summer off.

BTW we are taking another cruise in Oct., to the Caribbean. Did you ever "take the plunge?"


"Not really proud to be American right now . . . "

Take it from someone who is a naturalized American...you should never slight your pride in being an American; you/we are so fortunate. This admin does not a USA make. Enjoy!


Not yet. Still intending to, Liz.

Interesting discussion on KGO with Pete Wilson online about the Libby case. Not partisan but looking at what crime was indeed perpetrated.


"PS...I know 'breaking up is hard to do' was trying to be easy on her...she's a good sport (I think ?) :o)"

Duff I can readily give ph(j)oanie credit for stamina, she never seems to tire of being wrong.

Enjoy the 4th!


When exactly does KXOT simulcast KUOW? I don't see it anywhere on the weekly schedule...

On a related topic, I'm a little surprised that no mention has been made of the end of Open Source, as it was a talk show that aired in Seattle on KUOW...




I didn't know it had ended. I was not a regular listener but did like it when I tuned in. Sometime Lydon got on my nerves - his delivery was sort of irregular. But, good issues programming for sure.

Sorry it is gone.


Hey, bn2189, KUOW schedule shows Open Source on summer hiatus starting July 1. Doesn't sound like it is gone forever . . .


91.7 is having a good discussion on right wing radio now


Coiler, wished you'd have posted earlier. It is almost over. Then on to bottled water - riviting.

I couldn't get it on my radio and windows media player said "can't reach host' but did get it using realplayer . . . go figure.

Thanks for the post.


Keith O. in top form tonight during his "special commentary."


". . . won thgir naciremA eb ot duorp yllaer toN"

.einaoJ ton era uoy tahw fo duorp eb t'naC


GayRea (I'm only on KIRO because my dad was President) really needed to do some prep work today. He kept fumbling and lateraling all show long.

"Uh, yeah, um, I know"


Hey Puts, you know the song "Cracklin Rose" by Neil Diamond.


Judge Walton has issued orders for Fitz and Libby's lawer to file petitions with the court as to what they think should happen with Libby's "probation" since a person does not serve probation unless some sort of a sentence has been served.

This could get interesting....is he trying to force Bush to issue a full pardon, thus putting Bush in the situation where Libby could be called before Congress to testify to what he know about Cheney and Bush. Ohh can't let that happen!!!

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