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July 05, 2007



Hey, at least he was in a hybrid Toyota Prius and not some stinkin Global-killing SUV!


Just may be, Mrs Clinton is heeding my advice to her to campaign more with her husband.
Did you'all see the rave receptance they got 'together' in Iowa yesterday. He is her 2nd biggest asset and she should flaunt that more and hopefully she is now realizing that. (1st biggest asset w/be her $$, once the Dem machine kicks in and backs her). Seeing her parading with her husband former Pres. Clinton yesterday just gave me a warm familar-recalled feeling that soon our Country will again be in good (and sane) hands. It's time for USA's FIRST woman President folks and she's the one. [This time we really DO get two for the price of one.]


'EDWARDS', party of (how-ever-many?) - your plane is ready. Buh-Bye! [Try to get a hair-cut as soon as you get home!]
...and please - don't ever send me another request for money


There were many reasons to leave Snohomish County--Fnu Lnu among them, and this group was another. Glen Beck came from Everett...do I sense a pattern here?


(O irony: the link by our name at the end of the story was not to this site, but to a faux BlatherWatch hit page Mike Webb setup last year. We don't know how this came to be printed in The Stranger, but Mike would have thought it was pretty funny...)."

That is too funny. Props to you for posting the play on yourself and partner in crime. And a grateful nod to Mike Webb for providing some insight into how he was dealing with it.


Good Morning Sparky..trust you (& your mom) had a good 4th. I spent mine pressure washing my mother's walk-ways, d/way & patio...pretty exciting way the spend the 4th, eh? :o)


Did I fail to mention (as a left-leaning independent) how impressed I am with the personable, warm & friendly traits of the liberal/progressive folks. I continue to be drawn by their acceptance of and openness to all opinions; so contrasted with the traits of the ‘Minutemen’ referenced in Bla’M’s piece.



The acceptance of and openness to all opinions of liberal/progressive folks? Dude, what are you smoking?

Did it ever occur to you that it might be because you yourself are left-leaning? Try actually disagreeing with them on a substantial point, and watch the tolerance evaporate.


I submit to you - who is the real vigilante - President Bush or collectively the Minutemen ? The first is unwilling to enforce existing laws - the far left wants him impeached in the worst way and the later is trying to have existing laws enforced.

My vote is that Mr. Bush is the real vigilante - political agendas get in the way here as does moral relativism - always a weak and unprincipled argument, but in vogue. Moral relativism, the cousin of apathy will play into the downfall of this country if it happens - mark my words. The silence is deafening (crickets chirping...)


anomolos: thank you I just assumed everyone would realize that was TIC...ha
But on my jog just now..I think the answers came. You see according to Dave Ross's quoting of the WSJ today, they are in fact 'entitled kids' of the 'hand-it-to-me, I deserve it' mentality. But we mustn't blame them for you see it was all the fault of Mr Rogers (yes the one in the sweater(s)) years ago and the culture he perpetrated. What a revelation; now I understand everything.
Won't you be my 'neighbor'...


Did I fail to mention (as a left-leaning independent) how impressed I am with the personable, warm & friendly traits of the liberal/progressive folks.

*Bla'M fam simultaneously gags*

What? You mean like the kind of "warm & friendly" traits Duffman exhibited here?

"IMHO Cindy Sheehan was no service to this country (or her family). She made a fool of herself and those misguided enough to support her. I doubt her son (as a free-thinking volunteer) would agree with her ridiculous tactics. With all doe respect ma'am you need to do as merci offen suggests STFU...(and quit crying over spilt milk. .. ;)"

Actually Duffman, I think this kind of right-wing bile puts you in equal company w/ The Minutemen.

Note: I didn't include Limbaugh, O'Reilly, or Savage as Duffman's equal company. That garbage-speak is even beneath them.

Dude, what are you smoking?

Did it ever occur to you that it might be because you yourself are left-leaning?

Question 1: We'd all love to know

Question 2: Moot question. Duffman is actually an undercover right-wing schill (albeit an increasingly poor facade).


"No Racist Minutemen" ....
Which race would that be for the Northwest Minutemen? Canadians?


Ladies & gentlemen, in support of my statement I'd like to present the above Exhibit 'M'. [L/P attack dog]


This statement, Duffman?

"IMHO Cindy Sheehan was no service to this country (or her family). She made a fool of herself and those misguided enough to support her. I doubt her son (as a free-thinking volunteer) would agree with her ridiculous tactics. With all doe respect ma'am you need to do as merci offen suggests STFU...(and quit crying over spilt milk. .. ;)"

Your right Duff. That sure does prove what we've been saying all along!


You see Exhibit 'M' (& minions) don't quite know how to deal with someone like me (independent who supports Mrs Clinton) so they must pin a label on me of 'troll', 'shill', et al.
With them - it's you can't support part and parcel - you must support the whole regime and all talking points. Very 'kind', 'accepting', 'personable' and 'lovingily-warm' of them isn't it.


...boy, do I know how to get Exhibit 'M' to slither out from under his rock...too predictable! hahaha


Dori Monson's odd narcissism has resulted in his still speaking like a litle baby, as a grown man over forty years of age.


T008: just curious, what's your opinion of Dave Ross?


Dave is sometimes smart, witty and enjoyable, but is also MUCH TOO often irritating, smug and naively liberal. On the whole , he gets a B, and I would rather have an A talk host in his slot, and a fresh voice. I don't think he's the talk star he's cracked up to be. He's been in town too long. Dori Monson gets an F.


Who (in the greater-Seattle area) is better than Ross? Any one get an 'A' in your book?


You see Exhibit 'M' (& minions) don't quite know how to deal with someone like me (independent who supports Mrs Clinton)

Yes Duff, we understand this position of yours. But there's a reason we have "problems" dealing with Duff.

In all seriousness Duff, here's the crux:
Where do you stand on the other political issues?

Here's a list:
Gay Marriage
Affirmative Action
Death Penalty
Drug policy
Welfare programs

Again in all seriousness Duffman, I'd be very interested to hear how you feel about these issues, and - quid pro quo - I'd be more than willing to be open with you about this too.

Just trying to create a more open and transparent environment where we can share our honest views - give it a try? Fault me for asking?

By the way Duffman, this is how I vote: comparing my views on a multitude of issues, comparing my views with the DNC & RNC platforms, and then making a decision.


A fair and forthright question merci and here are my honest answers in that regard. I hope it will forge a better understanding between us.

Abortion: Pro choice (and including getting the father involved in the 'choice')
Gay Marriage: For (I see no difference in that and so called 'conventional' marriages)
Censorship: Against (in any form)
Environment: USA should take lead..is a definite concern but not to the degree that AG postulates and not a settled science on cause. [We should definitely be proactive, however]
Taxes: For (but re-prioritize where spent)
Church-State: Definitely against any type of Church involvement.
Immigration: For but not blanket amnesty (I worked hard to attain citizenship - system must be equitable)
Affirmative Action: For [however I believe time-table needed to some degree - there is a point certain where we have 'caught up' and continuation would only discriminate the other way.
Death penalty: Generally oppose; however may be warranted in certain situations.
Firearms: Support the right to bear arms (but under tight regulation and control)
Drug Policy: Support as is with the exception that I believe marijuana s/be legalized
Trade: Unrestricted free trade
Arab/Isreal: Do not support carte blanc support of Isreal; s/be equal support of both Isreal and Arab countries and more understanding and communication with Arab nations.
Terrorism: Agressive policy but limited in focus and again no broad brush approach to include 'suspect' terrorists. Either have solid intelligence or 'no go'.
UN: I'm torn on this. I believe an entity such as this is needed but not necessarily as currently structured. I beieve curreltly broken and needs fixin.
Welfare programs: Needed, however I would like a system whereby folks who are capable of working should be required to do so for the aid given.

And generally that's how I vote also...however there are some things I find of paramount import - and this time around it's 'universal health care' (single payor system). You didn't include that in your litany above, but I'm really locked into this and as I've said - I believe it is a 'passion' of Mrs Clinton.


hey duff
much appreciated.
since merci asked it will be interesting to read his response.


merci: got one for you
As a 'naturalized American' I've always thought it unfair that I couldn't run for POTUS; what's your position on that?

puts: thanks no problem merci & I may find more common ground than first thought?

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