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July 11, 2007



Dave = ZZZzzzzzz.


Every girl's dream--dave in his jammies!


Thanks Bla'M this is very good news to me. Dave is my favorite radio host and I listen to him every day when I jog. I think we are fortunate in this area to have such a fine gentleman with character. Kudo's to Bonneville and KIRO for this decision. :o)

waiting fo' Duffman

Why do we need to know that you jog, can't you just say I listen to Dave?


wfd: got a problem with that; it's just a way of saying that as much as I wish, I can't listen to his whole show just the part where I take my lunch break...and you don't need to know, you can ignore and who are you? is this merci? Can we get past alias names on this blog?...and what exactly are you 'waiting for?

waiting fo' Duffman

If I don't need to know, why post it like some true narcissist?


Interesting: why would you consider someone who mentions jogging as a narcissist?...now, if I were a competitive runner and blowin my horn that might be different but jogging...at a pace near walking..I don't think I want to flaunt that. Why don't you reveal yourself; you realize of course that is very CS.


Hey Duffy
What was we said in the sixties?
Don't let the turkeys get you down.
Me thinks someone is stalking you. They like you, but just like first grade children, they can't say so without blushing and giggling.


Understand chucks...there will always be a place in my heart for joanie...I hope she will talk to me again, as I think to a certain extent she is the 'life' of this blog. I will always welcome you back ms joanie...should you have the desire to swallow the pride and converse -that which you do so well. Can't we just be 'neighbors' (hanging my sweater up...Whew it's hot!) :o)

tired of duffers

I thought this was about Dave, not another string about Duffman.


chucks, considering that I always take you on under my own name, why do you think I'd reduce myself to a fraudulent identity with which to confront others?

Do you do that so you suspect everyone of doing it? Or is it that you have no better way to explain the amount of hostility to this overposter with little to say?

Let's hear your intellect actually producing some thoughtful insights here, chucks.


Now, about Ross. I bet nobody has posted as much as I have about Ross! I love the guy. I don't alway agree with him. I don't always think he's the intellectual titan he thinks he is! But, I love the way he conducts his show; I love the diversity of his topics; I love his humor; and I love his crazy songs many of which I heard today.

I was on jury duty yesterday and today and will be again tomorrow. I got to listen to Dave's and Reagan's whole shows. What a treat!

Reagan was especially fun today. He asked Republicans to call in and explain why they are still Republicans. What a hoot. The most frequent answer was "we still believe in small government" or "we still believe in the idea of the Republican Party" even if it isn't working right now.

So, I guess what Bush has done to this country is acceptable in the name of keeping it Republican. Isn't that called throwing away the baby with the bath water? Or something like that?

What geniuses Republicans are!


One more quickie: I kinda wish he'd gone to KPTK . . . to give that station a local boost.


Only if he replaced Ed...there isnt anyone else I would give up for Dave..


Sorry joanie
If I left the impression that it was you to whom I was referring, it was wholly unintended. I have no idea who the anonymous poster is. For that matter, I do not really care.
Somebody is having some childish fun with Duffy. Whomever it is is as cranky as you towards us evil conservative types, but does not have anywhere close to your skill with words.
So again, sorry.
No intellectual, thoughtful insights to overcome the unintended consequences of my previous post.


I dislike Dave's calm demeanor because it tells me he lacks passion and concern. He could be telling you the sky is falling and he'd by like "But, what are you gonna do? Skies will fall."


Laughing here, Andrew. That's a good one! And, yes, he probably would.

I just like that kind of laid back talk instead of the emotional rants I hear to much of. I didn't listen to Randi for a long time because I heard rant without substance. But, her substance got really good and sourced so I started listening and now I love her. She may get credit for single-handedly redirecting this country to the left by correcting the lies of Bush et al every night.

Still love Dave and good post, Andrew.


Dave Ross is the best produced host in town. He does do a lot of it himself, but Tina Noles is the hardest workin' woman in show business. He owes her a lot, and Ron Reagan owes her even more.


Is that her in the picture, then? It is not Dori, the guy in the picuter has a normal lower lip.


Sparky, replacing Ed would be just fine with me.


Joanie, quit making me laugh, "her substance got really good and sourced". LMAO


Ross=snoozefest Monson=pukefest Shiers=human cliche machine


Sara is right. And in terms of production/guests Dave Ross probably has the best local show in Seattle. Glad to hear he is back and kudos to his Producer Tina. People don't give enough credit at times to the Producers that help bring the production values to a show.


joanie: getting involved with any interesting cases on JD? :o)


As an aside (I'm sure Dave will be talking 'bout this today) - our beloved President is due for a press conference at 07:30 (our time). Wonder what kind of a spin he will put on the Iraq situation this time to 'try' and justify elongating this terrible tragedy?
I'm reading that evidently the Iraq government (shill) has made only slight progress and on only 8 of 18 objectives so I'm sure our administration will attempt to spin this into some sort of admired progress. Again, I don't know what's in his heart but our President is a 'Texas' cowboy with no idea how to communicate with the world, and it has cost us BIG time. The next 17-months can't go fast enough for me.


Bush decided to grade on the curve.
In other words, nothing is changing. He will drag this out until his term is over and then blame it all on the next prez.


His 'term' is over already; unfortunately Ms Pelosi doesn't have the nerve to let him know. Sooooo sad. :o)


Like Dave, especially his "calm demeanor"...LOVE Tina - oh, if only I was twenty years younger..twenty pounds lighter...better looking...and smarter...I might have a chance.


Mungo: my sentiments exactly (about: Stephanie Miller) :o)


Any one else getting these extremely annoying requests for $money from the 'Edwards family? What's up with that - I can't seem to get off their list. :o{


So where has Dave been yesterday and today? That seems like a strange juxtaposition with a contract renewal.


Probably had to go down to SLC's headquarters to sign the big contract documents and meet with the top brass?


Seems odd that they couldn't get someone LIVE in to replace him. I hear that Alan Prell is available...

I refuse to listen to reruns on the radio; that's ok, because I am a big fan of Thom Hartman also.


Ms Pelosi, would you kindly
Read & Heed This !!


Forget KIRO after Ron Reagan, it just gets stupid. Dori, Ron & Don, Vinnie and Frank Shiers. What do they expect anyone with a halfa brain to do? I take my little half to Big Ed, Rachel Maddow and All Things Considered. then I turn the damn thing off. I ised to have KIRO on all evening. I try to dial in to their news, but I forget most of the time.


Dave recently had Jeff Sadiki of CAIR on his show. Wonder what KIRO thinks of that since CAIR has abig post on their CAIR Seattle website attacking Dori.


I am surprised a guy like Dave Ross does not have the vision that terrestial radio is on its way out.

Ratings plummet year after year.

Inquiring minds want to know

What is the value of the new contract?

$200K/year...500K/year??? This is such a small market for a guy I think is a player nationally.

Dave should have syndicated. There's lot more money in that direction.


Jesus, Dori, way to go:

From the CAIR website:
(SEATTLE, WA, 6/8/07) - The Seattle chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Seattle) today expressed concern about a June 4 program on KIRO-AM radio in which host Dori Monson and callers discussed denying employment to American Muslims because of their faith.
"Denying anyone employment because of their religion is un-American and illegal," said CAIR-Seattle President Arsalan Bukhari. "Debating such bigoted topics does a disservice to Americans of all faiths."

CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 33 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


Send polite comments expressing your concerns about suggesting the un-American and illegal denial of employment based on an applicant's faith to:

Mr. Dave Pridemore
General Manager
1820 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102-3711


I have no idea what Bonneville is paying DR, but keep in mind that he two additional ongoing revenue streams: the CBS commentaries, and the syndicated Chip Talk features. It's likely that neither of those represents a huge paycheck, but it's more than enough to keep up the payments on his Prius.

And he seems to like living in Seattle, so any gig that would force him to move away would be a really hard sell.


Dave Pridemore hasn't been KIRO GM since February.


oh good catch, sarge..someone will probably just forward any email or letters to the new one. I wonder how Dori will fare now that his buddy Tom is gone.

Don and Ron Must Go

Don and Ron really need to go.

This shock jock schtick pretending to be serious NPR style interviewers is shockingly juvenile.

Dave Ross...late morning drive
Don and Ron...afternoon drive

Are we more stupid on the drive home?

Don and Ron Must Go

Don and Ron make fun of university students and the UW scientist?!?

Did they ever go to university?

They're improper use of grammar and limited vocabulary suggests they only have a HS diploma.


Or perhaps it means they attended public schools.


Anybody can learn - or not learn - in any institution. Right Gusto?


Shame on you Gusto...Howard is a great proponent of public schools....


Joanius is correct.

Sparkicus, which Howard? Dean?


There is only one Howard ( or so you told me)

Crystal says hi..she is on the Thom Hartmann chat room now, happy as a clam.


I think she means the King...

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