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July 01, 2007



Duf, I can tell you right now that the "Gonzalez scenario" appears to be over; but I now, as previously, still hope that the Fat Lady will sing in further investigations and cogressional actions. The Libby commutation has sparked charges of obstruction of justice (Joe Wilson), and it is my oh-so-humble desire to have said Fat Lady sing over the asses and ashes of this corrupt administration. So there.


Thank you Fremont, I can certainly accept that and I appreciated your forthrightness. I too wish the same. I think the firing of the prosecutors was total injustice and would like to see it pursued to the n'th degree.
I've always valued your opinion and I do so again. Thanks.
'corrupt admin..' I agree...[if you see the Mrs Clinton quote in support of 'Obama' w/you kindly direct me?]


Senator Hillary Clinton of New York said the commutation ``sends the clear signal that in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice.''

courtest of Bloomberg.com


Go to bed, Duf...you're babbling.


Thanks Bla'M...Fremont: sometimes 'your babbling' is exact definition, as in this case.


Thanks, meow, here is the Bloomberg hotlink and the Joe Wilson link.


Thanks Fremont...it's nice to see that Fred Thompson can define what it is to be a 'fine American' - what a bunch a B.S.
Mrs Clinton, I would like to hear you expand on this and contrast with your husband's many peculiar pardons. Come on...I'm supporting you...give me reinforcement for doing so.


Ph(j)oanie sez:
"I've worked with the SPD, I'm not an outsider. It is liberal mealy-mouth to always condone the actions of the police. Sorry. I've long thought we need some real housecleaning in the way we organize and educate those (sometimes) fine fellows in blue."

Now hold on there Chief Ph(j)oanie Wiggins, this isn't Springfield and holding a BlockWatch party really doesn't qualify you as an 'insider.'
Nice broad indictment of an entire police force. Sometimes good people make an honest mistake. Lets give 'em the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is complete.


I see the official period of mourning is over....


Laughing here, thanks Sparky!

Also, missing a fly-ridden, stinking dead body is an "honest mistake."

You remain true to your simple self, putsie.


And Liz, an even more belated HAPPY CANADA DAY to you. Whenever I go up to Birch Bay over the Fourth, it is a double celebration. Many of your countrymen in that area.


You guys, I just realized I have great speakers on my Imac! Listening to KBSG and Santana's "Evil Ways" sounds so good!


And, especially, your countrywomen, Liz!

Yep, Sparks and Joans....speaking of "fly-ridden", guess who just popped off the wall? Mourning IS over!


Now switching to my Imac, Joans...


Goin' fishing?


c'mon now, tell the rest of us how your such an insider with the seattle police department. you claim some special insight, lets see if it is real or just more of your ph(j)oanism.
you claimed it, now can you support it?
i guess poor 'brenda' will have to run down to the library tomorrow? eh, ph(j)oanie? you really shouldn't run her so hard.


What the hell are you talking about, putsie? Who is Brenda? Are you hard up for some conversation?

None of yo' business, but I spent twenty years with the PD . . . so, what's your credentials, loverboy?


Introducing "Officer Friendly" to your class doesn't count Joanie. You should know better.


Ph(j)oanie sez:
"None of yo' business, but I spent twenty years with the PD . . . "

Don't know what's more ph(jo)oanie, your use of 'yo' like your trying to get some street cred or the claim of 20 years with the Seattle PD. Were you a line police officer? Before you claimed to be a business person prior to going into teaching.

I'm thinking that Nevets is right, introducing Officer Friendly at the Dare Class isn't really being an 'insider.' their Chief Ph(j)oanie Wiggins.


T-8 News Service Calls for Kirlykowski Resignation(T-8 News Service) I am calling for the resignation of Gil Kirlykowski, also known as Girlykowski, who should already have been fired years ago for allowing his cops to stand by and watch while Christopher Kimes was beaten to death by a mob of black thugs during the Mardi Gras race riot. The latest outrage comes from the director of Harborview Hospital, who reported that one of Girly's badgeheavy thugs beat a handcuffed suspect with a baton and fists, while inside the hospital. This punk Girlykowski overruled the ruling by the police review board, to have the thug disciplined. Kirlykowski must go!


Honest mistake? That's what a jd earned you, putsie? The ability to judge them honest mistakes - let's pluralize that - hahahahahahahaha.

You never cease to prove your idiocy.


Yes, this is suspicious and I am not happy with the SPD investigating this. Too much conflict of interest. It is horrible to see some of his strongest critics speak for him in the local mainstream press, (people like Dori Monson) of all people, and also to see a PD investigate his murder that was also directly at odds with him.

The press fails to mention that he was a very outspoken critic of the SPD, who straight up called them bullies, small men, cowards, etc. I would MUCH rather see the FBI leading this investigation if that were possible.

I hope this blog keeps talking about this, nobody else is somehow (goddamnit)


Jesus Christ, the level of conspiracy theory b.s. on this forum is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how comically paranoid lefties are.

I knew Mike Webb, and I liked Mike Webb, though we do not agree politically. I am very saddened by what happened. But you know what? Mike Webb (like many posters here) was vicious and unfair in his attacks (not to mention lawsuits) against the police, and he didn't care who got hurt by it (for example, whether his frivolous lawsuits ever damaged or destroyed someone's career). Ultimately, would it even be that much of a tragedy if the police were a wee bit lax in according him posthumous justice? I mean, the guy was an avowed enemy of the police. If I were a cop, I'd wouldn't feel any particular need to go above and beyond, if you know what I mean. That's just human nature. If you don't like it, don't harrass the cops.

That said, I don't believe for one minute that that is what's happening. I'm just saying, it would be a fair response.

You liberals want it both ways. You baselessly attack, blame, and belittle police officers who are doing a noble and dangerous job, and then expect them to rush like servants when you've got a problem. If you want a helpful police force, why not try giving them your support (for a change)? Or at least the benefit of the doubt? I guess that's too much to ask of ingrates.

All that aside, RIP Mike. Nobody deserves that. He was a good dude--he had his quirks, but don't we all.

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