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July 01, 2007


sara suh

How could this happen? How could the police drop the ball? Mike sued the cops once for brutality at Dick's Drive-in. Maybe that had something to do with them not giving his missing persons report as much effort as they couldould have. Our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


this is just another case that bolsters my image of the Seattle Police Department officers and detectives- badgeheavy pricks and asses who are all to eager to make something out of nothing, putting a poor, innocent citizen through seven rings of Hell, but when faced with the real serious, evil cases like the murder of Mike Webb and the 90% probable murder of Kurt Cobain, are found to be incredibly incompetent and/or indifferent.


T-8, are you supporting the theory that Cobain was conspiratorially killed by Courtney Love?


Have to agree about the PD in this city. We've had a series of underachieving chiefs . . . they fit Seattle mellow but not sure that's the recipe appropriate for a police department.

Don't want macho, don't want mellow . . . want smart, efficient, honest and hardworking. Must be somebody out there that can do that.


Fred Thompson, Joans?




ditto Sparky!

Besides, I've never seen Law and Order so he'd have to audition. :)


BTW, just listened to my first compelte Sam Seder show. He's smart and good. Stays on message, has interesting guests, doesn't try to float his own boat, is smart, a good listener and entertaining. I like the guy.

Anyone watch the Tavis Smiley (who was on Meet the Press this AM) debate? Good one. No Iraq or immigration questions. Everything else however. I'd like to watch it again.


Tavis Smiley was just on with Amy Goodman


I just heard it. It was before his debate . . . his comments were interesting.

I've such respect for Tavis. I never liked him until I started to really pay attention to the substance of his shows. He doesn't really have a voice for radio and it took some time for me to give him a real listen. Now, I like him a lot.


Sparky, what did I just hear? 51% still believe Saddam was directly involved with 9-11? I didn't get that percentage number . . .


As the person who filled out the missing persons report, was there during the initial search, went through the house personally, and have worked with the detectives, all I can say is that I don't think SPD gives a damn about Mike's past issues with the department. The SPD employees have been busting their rear ends in unpleasant conditons trying to solve this crime.

Yes, it is puzzling that the body wasn't discovered, and that needs to be answered, but I still think SPD is doing the best job they can.

Please cut them some slack.


Political correctness is Chief Kerlikowski's creedo. He will do his level headed best to explain this situation in as mealy-mouthed non-offensive way as possible.


It is not fair to label the entire department based on the actions of a few. I think people watch way too much television and expect everything to come together quickly. We have only the barest of facts yet so many on here have it all figured out. This could take a really long time, and there is also the possibility that it will never be solved, just like a lot of cases.

I agree with Bob..there are some questions to be answered, but as outsiders, it's silly to put our own timetable on it.


I've worked with the SPD, I'm not an outsider. It is liberal mealy-mouth to always condone the actions of the police. Sorry. I've long thought we need some real housecleaning in the way we organize and educate those (sometimes) fine fellows in blue.

And as for the chiefs we get, we can do better.


I dont condone all the actions of the police. Im just saying that lumping everyone into the same pile isnt right.


...kinda like when people talk about "all teachers suck.."....ya know?


Of course, no one should be lumped into a group judgment. But, don't we hold the superintendent responsible for how schools operate? I think the chief is even more important. A good chief can really make a difference to the way police operate in a city. I remember Mike Seigel (when he was on KING) praising the chief in Atlanta? (somewhere in the south) Rudy something I think? Anyway, there are chiefs out there making a difference. Takes a special person, I guess. Same with school supers!

JMO . . .


just imagine if all the facts were the same except the victim was an 18-year-old white female like Natalee Holloway... Kerlikowski would be run out of town within 24 hours.


"Don't want macho, don't want mellow . . . want smart, efficient, honest and hardworking. Must be somebody out there that can do that."

Sounds like they'd be looking for a woman.

Happy Belated Canada Day!


The error of judgement is indisputable, but I blame lack of resources, not incompetence.

If you add up the strong stench, lots of flies, disapearance without having taken any of his personal belonging from a house he'd lived at for about fifteen years then I think you get highly unusual circumstances deserving of more police resources than the usual missing person treatment.

There are a lot of strange things that happen every day and I'm sure police have a low tolerance for investigating dead ends and false alarms, but the above facts seem sufficiently out of the ordinary. I get the feeling the police only take a glance at, and are quick to dismiss, situations where they can't observe that an crime has definately been committed.

Police will show up in seconds to a shootout but it can take hours for them to arrive for ordinary things, and until a body was found, by someone other than the police no less, they seemingly treated the case the same as if I had called to complain that someone peed on my lawn.

The police force is too small. If asked as a voter to give more money for more resources, I'd vote yes.


>>There's a '40' of his favorite drink, RockStar

Ironic--a company founded by Michael Savage's son, Russell Weiner. A webpage was set up as an informal
disclosure (no boycott, necessarily)
letting people know that the father
of Rockstar's founder expresses
"filled with anti-immigrant, gaybashing, intolerant, hate-filled sentiments".



Raccoon - you're an idiot. This is old news - we've all made jokes about that... but posting about it on the radio-info boards like it's breaking news? Puh-leeze.

It was his favorite drink as long as I can remember... why bring attention to that?

It's no great discovery of yours - don't act so proud.


By the way - it wasn't founded by Michael Savage - it was founded by his son. Get your facts straight.


SR, he said it was founded by the son, Russell.


Interesting poll rating Repub and Dem candidates in intermountain region where Clinton comes in last: "this region's lack of support for Clinton may have less to do with regional or even partisan affiliation, and more to do with the region's lack of support for mushy anti-populist Clintonism preached by the Clinton/Rubin/Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party."

Did not factor in the possibility that her gender might play a role.


BTW, McCain, Giuliani, and Thompso hold the top spots, then Obama. Not a good omen if you believe in omens . . .


I know it's old news but not to everyone, and I didn't know Webb
liked the drink...a drink that
"GLBT businesses and organizations won't affiliate with...because of its ties to Russell Weiner, son of ultra right-wing radio commentator Michael Savage" (Wikipedia).
Oh well, guess Mike wasn't
taking part in that boycott.


Who the fuck cares? The guy just got stabbed multiple times.


McCain is going to be out soon..he had to fire some staffers due to lack of fundraising


Well, that narrows it down. Next Giuliani and Thompson. Thompson worries me. He's that dark horse that could come on strong at the end.


People are no longer overtly harassed for being a dissident. Rather they (and often their families) are denied the benefits and protections of the state that everyone else takes for granted, and when rouge elements harass them, and they complain that they aren't being given consideration for protection, they are called "paranoid".


thank goodness Bust just pardoned Libby..now may be they can go after the real perpetrators: Cheney and Rove.


actually, he commuted his sentence, which means he still stands convicted, but now he wont have to worry if he drops the soap in the shower. Same, same, though.

Assholes, all of them.


thank you for correcting me sparky; I agree.


Mon Jul 02 2007 18:38:17 ET

“This decision to commute the sentence of a man who compromised our national security cements the legacy of an Administration characterized by a politics of cynicism and division, one that has consistently placed itself and its ideology above the law. This is exactly the kind of politics we must change so we can begin restoring the American people’s faith in a government that puts the country’s progress ahead of the bitter partisanship of recent years.”"

Kudos to Obama!


...please Mrs Clinton issue a similar or equal statement (despite your husband's record of pardons). Show that you are the different and unique person I think you are.


Bla'M, your excoriation of the SPD seems to discount the idea that Webb was murdered elsewhere and the body subsequently stuffed in the crawl space. Even if that were the case, there were sufficient indices of decomposition that the body should have been discovered far sooner. I went by the site today...secluded and sad.


Oh Fremont...do you think the fat lady has finally now sung in the Fed prosecutor/ Gonzales situation...I notice you've avoided all my references to this in the past. Funny how one silently succumbes to defeat! You were wrong; so why don't you admit it instead of ignoring it.
Because you are a chicken sh**; that's why.


"I went by the site today...secluded and sad."

So that makes Fremont an expert...Bl'am you can discount Fremont's 'deductive reasoning' as it doesn't seem to jive with reality.


turning italics off...


It's true, Duf, that I may be a chicken sh**; but it certainly is NOT because I have failed to read (thus comment on) your posts. Now that I have been so viciously characterized, however, I will take some time to peruse every one of your pearls of wisdom. Hopefully, I will return to the blog as a far better person.

PS, Duf: RE: "...please Mrs Clinton issue a similar or equal statement (despite your husband's record of pardons)". Your wish has come true. I would link it, if I were not on a far more important task. You find the link!


Should you read and 'absorb' my posts you will indeed return a 'better person' as you will see that you're not necessarily right by default but that you sometimes are corrected by a greater thought process. So, dig at your will and try to deny the fact that you thought the Gonzales scenario was not finished...but alas it is over...won't be resurrected...agree?
[..and nice fake job that you hadn't noticed my previous posts]


So Fremont...why wouldn't you direct me to the link? Very interesting...is it a got'cha game or are you legitimately interested in what's going on in the world?
You are presenting yourself as yet another ph(j)oanie? Surely you are not that?? I had such faith in you. Actually, I really did???????


Waiting....waiting....Duf. OOPS! I just remembered that you are the poster who is unable to cite or credibly source...! BLA'M-FAM: FIND H. CLINTON'S QUOTE FOR DUF!


Or, I'll do it when I return from reading all Duf's previous posts! (OMG! How could I have allowed such erudition as Duf's to slip past me?! Horrors!!)

Duf, I HEARD her statement...I haven't yet read it.


I wouldn't expect anything less (more) from you. You have demonstrably portrayed yourself as what you are: a ph(j)oanie.
Go back to ma'ma...you've been revealed for what you are.


Duff, it's all about you lately, isn't it?


Are you 'frantic' in searching in where you said 'it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, Duff'...in regard to the Gonzales situation? Gee, are you having a hard time remembering? So Bl'am your can certainly trust Fremont's 'deductive reasoning' eh...when 'it' can't seem to remember what it said?????


Lately?...isn't it all about every poster on this blog? Are your unique re-coil? Hardly!!!

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