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June 06, 2007



I like Dennis Miller, and would suggest anyone here to give him a listen. The rest of the line up, well the make the "who cares?" list.


So tell me something , Lars Larson has a talk show and he is on the air 7 hours a day ( 770 am KTTH ) five days a week , So why can Lars do his show and not talk about what everbody else has talked about that day .
And Frankie ( My rattings are in the dumpster sinking ) Sheirs
Only has Four hours a day and has to Copy every moring show in the Northwest also the afternoon Am radio show . Could it be ???
Frankie needs to work on his show prep?? Iam thinkin YEP
Frankie Dude! Show prep is like home work for kid's
Work on it !


Oh Yea Three more things !!
May God Bless Ted Nugent !
And as always Duffman you DoA man !
Go Fred Thompson !


Bryan Styble. Now that Entercom is gone, KIRO may be more responsive to listeners).

In one of the most outrageous statements we've ever heard on talk radio, KIRO neocon trainwreck Bryan Styble, (Sundays, 10p-1a) argued on-air Sunday that blacks were better off in slavery in Industrial Age America than free in Stone Age Africa.

In another bloviation, Styble compared being black to being blind or otherwise physically impaired.

Being kidnapped, ripped from family and community, chained-up, transported half-way across the world, owned like cows, and worked to death for room and board, is better, by Styble's lights, than being left at home, because slaves in America had the hope of eventually enjoying the fruits of the Industrial Age and becoming free because they were now in a "constitutionally-held society."


Jesus would move his operation instead of incinerating everybody.

But, then, Jesus would not be at war in Iraq either.

These Christians make odd bedfellows.


Wasn't there some discussion some months back about this tower not being grounded properly or something along those lines?



Bottom line is: we NEED US Oil & Refining a HELL of a lot more than we need KKOL!


A lot of Christians don't believe in Jesus anyway, or at least most of what he taught. Well, at least the so-called Christians in the Republican party that is.


who can listen to Lars Larson without their ears bleeding?


You see, I know Jesus...Jesus is a friend of mine and he drives a Prius. He realizes that even tho his vehicle gets great gas mileage - he can't fill up at KKOL (nor would he want to)! :)


...and BTW his name is pronounced 'Heysoos' and last name is Menendez. :)


HeySoos probably isn't as interested in fuel efficiency (or right wing talking points for that matter). He probably is more worried about lying and hypocrisy and perversion of his words to fit a narrow hate-filled agenda, though.


Bingo! You nailed it CPP3. :)


I have the same question about Frank( my ratings are in the bucket Stinking ) Shiers Just tune into ron and Don and that is what Frankie ( DUDE I need to work On my show prep ) Shiers well be talking about tonight


Dude...Brian...we get it. Shires sucks.


I think he meant to sign in as nairb


I drive through this area to and from work each day and I am glad someone is keeping an eye on KKOL. For nearly a half mile stretch of highway 509, the KKOL signal leaks all over my radio and obscures KTPK and anything else nearby. I could care less about their format, I just want them to stop creating a zone where they are all you can hear.

just a joe

I question the authenticity of Jim Dalke's photo. Looking at the Radio-Locator site,


shows KJR's transmitter located more than 10 miles away from Terminal 115. This is based on FCC licensure data. Even with 50kw, 1/R^2 will leave nothing at 10 miles even approaching the RF energy implied by that photo. Nikola Tesla would reanimate if it were true!

I'm no lawyer (phew), but it would seem to me that if KKOL's engineering plan and inspections passed muster with the FCC, then maybe it's US Oil that needs to investigate its equipment. If a nearby transmitter is creating the hazard they claim, what about accumulation of atmospheric static charges? Maybe they can petition NOAA?

I realize the quandry this issue must present for the Seattle intelligentsia. Given a choice of Big Oil or Salem (eep!) Broadcasting, which do you support? Maybe they'll both go up in a RF-triggered, petroleum-fueled inferno!

blathering michael

Nice to hear from Salem, Joe- what in the hell does this have to do with Seattle intelligentsia???! This has to do with Tacoma, and an oil company whose agenda is safety and their own liability. Don't think you can blame Seattle liberals or socialist regulation for this one.
This proud self-appointed member of the Seattle intelligentsia can't wait until you guys get up and running and get some local talent to stir up this tepid talk market, and make those other guys work for their 2 shares.

Ted Smith

Robin asked: "Wasn't there some discussion some months back about this tower not being grounded properly or something along those lines?"

Yes, there was. KJR's successful operation near that refinery indicates that something is wrong with the KKOL installation. Sparky's report of broadband interference tends to confirm this. Jim Dalke has absolutely no incentive to fake this picture and the refinery cannot be expected to anticipate problems. FCC approval only means that the station meets the technical requirements - it is up to the licensee to properly install the station (including a ground system under each tower).


..."reports of sparks while working with cranes." Are those the endangered whooping cranes, Sparkler?


FCC approval only means that the station meets the technical requirements - it is up to the licensee to properly install the station (including a ground system under each tower).

You would think as much money as they have sunk in this thing they would see if there were something else they could do to help this situation instead of taking the chance of being shut down all together for safety sake. Maybe it would cost them another 2 million and they are trying to muscle the refinery instead of fixing the problem if that is it.



that was lewis who had the interference..not moi

Yes Fremont..I have been frolicking with the cranes


You would also think that if incineration were possible, somebody official would get involved and solve the problem.

just a joe

Michael, you're exactly the intelligentsia I address, as you go on to proudly declare yourself. Is there some old post that will help me understand your disdain for Salem? This seems to run deeper than politics; it's almost religious! My nefarious Corporate Masters wish to understand so that we may body-snatch you as well.

"Local talent" and "tepid talk" are synonymous in most markets.

As for Sparky's AM radio splatter, you'll experience similar effects near any 50kw station when you're tuned a mere 210kHz to one side of its frequency. The problem is with the economical AM sections found in most car audio systems.

I'll reiterate that KJR's transmitter is >10 miles from Terminal 115. In any event, who's to say that it's not Terminal 115's properly-installed oil handling equipment that prevents RF problems? US Oil's real interest may be in avoiding some expensive retrofit to equipment that seems disturbingly vulnerable to stray energy.


Explain something to me here "Joe." You said:

"...maybe it's US Oil that needs to investigate its equipment. If a nearby transmitter is creating the hazard they claim, what about accumulation of atmospheric static charges? Maybe they can petition NOAA?"

There apparently was no problem with US Oil's 'equipment' until KKOL began broadcasting so what is your point here? Rather than addressing the actual safety issue you take swipes at "intelligentcia?" (read: your backhanded swipe at liberals)

You also seem to want to blame anybody (KJR who has been there for a long time) and divert any and all attention from KKOL. How about you just fess up and reveal what interest you really have in this issue. Pretending you're impartial is kind of a laugh at this point.

just a joe

I want to be able to hear Bill Bennett's show in the morning. That's my interest. When KKOL was running as intended I had a nice signal. With reduced power and night time pattern the signal is unusable.

I've never claimed to be impartial, that must have been your assumption. Testy, you are.


sigh....the poster's name is UNDER THE POST..I did not post anything about poor AM reception in my vehicle....that was LEWIS


So in your flailing frustration at not being able to hear Bill Bennett's show in the AM you have managed to make up a crock of shit about Seattle liberals and questioned anyone but the station. Got it. You're just unhinged.


I want to be able to hear Bill Bennett's show in the morning.

He's worth risking incineration? My, you are a devoted fan.

 blathering michael

Hey Joe: When did intelligentsia become pejorative? And elites? it's sad how we've downgraded these words that once defined outstanding human beings. (I doubt if the real Seattle intelligentsia would include me, but it's something to shoot for).
I'm a liberal. I don't like Salem because of their conservative political programming and other activism based on their fundamentalist
Christian religion. I don't mind fundamental christianity, (know plenty of those folks including dear family members) I can live with the conservative politics of other people. I don't like it when they insinuate their Christianity into the political process the way some like Falwell et al have for decades. The Christian founders of Salem got into media to change politics. I'm opposed to that and other activities of theirs. You can put KKOL in the blog search box in the right hand column of blatherwatch, and read all about it.. there's a link to an excellent piece from Rolling Stone among other things.
Having said that, I hope KKOL gets its shit together and builds more local programming in Seattle. The market is flat, unexciting, and mouldering right now. Ratings are down and it's mostly the same ol' on all the stations.
Time to let the market kick some ass- make such as Carlson and Kirby and Dave Ross and Dori try a little harder.
By the way, I like your input here- you're stirring up the shit with a new and articulate (if deluded) voice, and everyone seems to be re-energized.


"By the way, I like your input here- you're stirring up the shit with a new and articulate (if deluded) voice, and everyone seems to be re-energized."

Hey Blam'fam...w/that be us?
'articulate: is that like a bending bus?... :)


So I tried The frankie ( My ratings are in the bucket sinking ) Shiers radio show last night , I tuned in at 10:00 pm and guess what he was talking about?????????????? The samething Dave Ross talked about on his morning show . I think it's time for KIRO to find a new talk show host in Frankie's time slot . Dude Frakie , you have had enough time to fix your format, to fix your pour ratings and you keep doing the samething every night .
you BIG copy cat !!!! P.s here is an Idea for the Kiro Managment when Frankie ( Dude my ratings are next to Stybleheads ) starts talking about the samething the morning and afternoons show talk about he has to pay us to tune him in just a tought . Frankie DUDE! show Prep is like home work for Kid's
Work on it !


Last Night Frank Shiers crossed the line. He misinterpeted a study at the UW as allowing medical personel to try "experimental" procedures on subjects w/o their permission. The horrible possibility that he might result in patient's death if the effect was to delay urgent therapy, (I alled in off line) did not phase him.

I asked him whether he was aware his acting could hurt a patient he said, yes but that he did not care.

I suggest that any listeners call KIRO can complain.



Where have you been? KIRO does not care what its listeners think....everything is "good radio" according to them.


Apparently the listeners care what KIRO thinks...as they appear to be 2nd only to KZOK-FM ! I like 'em. :)


That is seriously fucked up - eroniously undermining confidence in life saving medical treatments... but no treatment can save his dying show! Nurse; his ratings are flat lining!


"..I did not post anything about poor AM reception in my vehicle...." Sparks, get a grip! You are still in Bushamerica...truth doesn't matter.

Jew, you reference a fascinating ethical dilemma. Were you, by any chance, involved in those experimental studies?


Huh, 'Jew, were you?!?


I found it profoundly disturbing that people had an atomic wedgie about the cardiac arrest study. When they finally bothered to interview the doctor that led the study (a well respected one I might add) the figures spoke for themselves: 90-95% of cardiac arrest patients die. Gee...if I'm in that situation you can try the experimental stuff if you ask me. Of course, the guy who wrote the article was more interested in a shocking story and less interested in the purity of his reporting. Ironically, I head the doctor mention on Dave Ross' show that they tried to get an editorial into the Times and were turned down. That, of course, didn't make the guy's article either.

drilling rig

this is so crazy that this happened. i would love hear more about this.

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