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June 16, 2007



"I’m sure senators on both sides of the aisle are being pounded by these talk-radio people who don’t even know what’s in the bill ..."

..as if the senators themselves do? :)


It always depends on whose ox is being gored...If Trent Lott had specifically said " Liberal Talk Radio", I doubt Rush would be so outraged..




What have the Republicans got if they don't have talk radio. The left now dominates the Net.


Mrogi, I think you think that because you mainly visit the left sites. There are a lot of right sites but nobody with any sense visits them.

I know righties who do . . . they have enough nonsense to keep them reading.

Finally, the left does have a talk radio voice and the right is complaining. That should shut up every single person who claims left talk radio is failing. And, Trent is finding that the right sometimes destroys the message of the right!

I'm lovin' this! What could be better for democracy?

Great pic, Michael. The right finally screwing the right. What justice!


It's Howdy Doody time,
It's Howdy Doody time,
Bob Smith and Howdy Doo
Say Howdy Doo to you.

Lets give a rousing cheer,
'Cause Howdy Doody's here.
It's time to start the show,
So kids, let's go!


A little early to be tippin a few eh j? :)


You miss the point, as usual, Duff.


could you 'splain mama :)


I teach my kids by demanding that they try problem solving first . . . :)


Oh Oh, I'm starting to be a little concerned; have you'all seen the UTube video on 'I Gotta Crush On Obama'...look out Mrs Clinton..you're getting outROVED.


Hey Duffman ever notice nobody gives a fuck what you think about Hillary Clinton, you fat fool?


Michael, this is the left to which you and Goldstein belong: "...The crux of the argument is this — that the modern left is almost a bit embarassing. There’s too much truth to the latte liberal stereotype — liberals are now meeting in wine bars, not union halls."

Sirota goes on to say: ". . . Why do I know this isn’t universal? Cause I’ve worked with enough people to know there’s a different set of people out there on the American left — strong-willed, ready to fight for what they believe in, and progressive."

I'm one of the latter group.


HAy Duffman !
You DoA man !
God Bless Ten Nugent
Go Fred Thompson !
And as always Styblehead radio It'S more than just bad it's PLAN WRONG!


I thought Drinking Liberally was about beer....


...then why did you respond :(


Just kidding you Duff, of course I'll be voting for Hillary and your support of her is having a ripple effect. Keep up the good work.


Because Duffman, I for one am sick of hearing about it. Can you write without those cute little emoticons? They are like the one's my 14 year old daughter uses.


And Duff, are you using other people's names? If you are, knock it off. That's would be puerile.

Did anyone else just hear the Democracy Now broadcast on KTPK? I didn't hear all of it, but a good chunk was on Michael Moore and his Sicko movie. Very moving. If chucks and nevetS want to know what's wrong with the right, they should see that movie. So Christian! Sure, throwing sick people to the lions . . . the Christians have turned into the Romans.


Ok I made a promise to Frankie Shiers that i would not blog this week on how bad his how is , I just hope he will work on his show prep, and not talk about the same thing , Dori , and Ron , Don , the morning show 770 am or what the boy are talking about over at Kvi570 am you got all weekend to work on it Frankie!
hooty hoo ! duffman you DoA man !
God bless Ted Nugent
Go Fast Freddy Thompson !


I'm sorry. They seem to help me communicate. If I am being a nuisance and a "fool," I'll just go away. :(
PS--I really don't like Mrs. Clinton, I was only testing the waters.


That's actually the first time I've brought up Mrs Clinton in a while. Don't have to everyone knows where I stand on her. She has yet to start spending so when I seem worried about Obama over-taking her it's tongue-in-cheek. :) You could learn from your daughter on how to speak without using bad words. Bad words are ugly and = :( Have a good life.


"I'm sorry. They seem to help me communicate. If I am being a nuisance and a "fool," I'll just go away. :(
PS--I really don't like Mrs. Clinton, I was only testing the waters.

Posted by: Duffman | June 16, 2007 at 05:15 PM "

Not me! :)


You weren't "testing" the waters, Duff. You were polluting the waters.

Now, if you want to hear the powerful Michael Moore and Linda Penno piece, and about the California nurses health-care campaign, check out this Democracy Now scroll down to June 14 and listen to the two segments.

Honestly, nobody will be sorry . . .


I’m sure senators on both sides of the aisle are being pounded by these talk-radio people who don’t even know what’s in the bill ..."

Nice try, Trent Lott..I would venture to guess that most Senators do not know all the details. Some talkers may know more about it than they do. Gee he is about as inarticulate as Bush.

For instance, John Edwards confessed that he did not review the entire case for going to war in Iraq - not saying he didn't vote the right way on it, but that is a pattern that Congress has. Many times, their staff has to review the bills.

What would help if this bill was if it was 100 or even 10 pages instead of 1000 pages of mostly gobbeldy-gook. That is why this bill sucked from the get-go and continues to generate that sucking noise to our economy...Yep, no small wonder Congress gets a 23% approval rating.


"Hey Duffman ever notice nobody gives a fuck what you think about Hillary Clinton, you fat fool?

Posted by: mrogi | June 16, 2007 at 02:14 PM"

mrogi: what was this actually all about? care to enunciate?


It's very disheartening to have been on a diet for so long and have gotten down to a decent weight (350 lbs) and have someone say something like that. I don't think my support of Mrs Clinton should in any way be associated with my weight. I just don't understand your comment and I was very offended by it. It's like you try your best to better yourself by jogging/walking and losing as much as you can and then someone still rubs your nose in it. I don't suppose I could get an apology for that rude remark?


joanie, I heard the Democracy Now segment on "Sicko". There is a diary right now on Daily Kos which invites people to tell their own horror stories concerning the insurance industry..very sad. I will be seeing that movie.


I'll check out Kos.

Right now on CSpan is a discussion on corporations between Goodman and Nader. I'm not fond of Nader anymore, but he is smart about corporations.

It is a convention sponsored by a grouop called Taming the Giant Corporation.


I'm sorry. They seem to help me communicate. If I am being a nuisance and a "fool," I'll just go away. :(

Wow an epiphany.
Go with it


Sicko - seems to be a sick and yes a sad movie - I may see it on DVD later. If Michael Moore would actually tell the whole truth and not conveniently leave out significant portions and expose the big picture for what it is, that would be even more significant. However, Moore has a credibility problem even though he has the knack of producing decent films, especially if the truth didn't matter, he just doesn't let it get in the way.

He shows his arrogance - with his statements that categorizes Americans as incredibly stupid (which I happen to agree with in part) when he spoke in London in 2005. There may be a connection there - that many Americans don't investigate what is put on the screen for credibility. Seems like Moore wants to be a modern day PT Barnum and is laughing all the way to the bank. To those who want specific evidence from above/ google it for yourself or choose not to accept it.


David goldstein will be talking about Sicko on Kiro at 9. he has already seen it.


KluelesS: Sicko - seems to be a sick and yes a sad movie . . . "

True to your uninformed self, judging a movie before you've seen it.

Or, are you clairvoyant now?

And then you say that many Americans don't investigate so maybe you should go see the movie and "investigate" before judge it?

Just sayin' . . .


Just read your post, Mrogi, hope it is still on.


This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious as to how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but still you may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do so without any coaching.


Joanie, read carefully and study, there might be a quiz on how he died.


Hey, nevetS, did you notice how much the picture in the upper left hand column looks like Orson Welles? Funny!


Sorry, nevetS, he died of natural causes while under house arrest. I found it on Wiki which was much easier to read than your source. Thanks for the correction, however.

Glad to see you are learning under my tutelage.


See Joanie, you can't always rely on Randi to get the truth. I would have linked that Wiki page but I know you are anal on sources and Wiki, being a good starting point is not the best. Still no proof that man-made global warming has been going on for more than a thousand years. We are waiting.


In an interview about Michael Moore, film critic James Hirsen writes the following;

"On another Moore hypocritical note, I reported a while back on how filmmakers Debbie Melnyck and Rick Caine had set out to film a biography of someone they truly admired. However, while producing "Manufacturing Dissent," the two made a discovery that their hero, Michael Moore, was far from the person, or for that matter the professional, that they had imagined.

During their movie making experience, Melnyck and Caine learned about Moore's fabricated persona; in particular that he did not grow up in working class Flint, Mich., but in Davison, a wealthy nearby suburb.

They discovered that Moore was not removed as editor of Mother Jones for political reasons as he has claimed, but was fired for bad editing. They learned that Moore shot footage of himself and interspersed it with other events to imply things that never actually happened (such as Moore asking Roger Smith, former CEO of General Motors, a question at a shareholders' meeting).

The most devastating information unearthed, though, is that Moore actually did speak with then-GM chairman Roger Smith, whose supposed evasion is the central premise of "Roger & Me," but withheld the footage from the film. (Premiere previously reported this but "Manufacturing Dissent" actually displays footage of Moore interviewing Smith.)

"Anybody who says that is a [expletive] liar," Moore told The Associated Press when confronted with the charge at his Michigan "Sicko" sneak preview.

Moore also admitted that he had "a good five minutes of back and forth" with Smith at a 1987 shareholders' meeting, as reported by Premiere magazine in 1990. But Moore claims that was before he began working on "Roger & Me" and had nothing to do with the film.

By evading interviews with Melnyck and Caine, Moore and his staff behaved like the corporate targets that Moore despises. At one event, the filmmakers' soundboard was unplugged while other reporters were allowed to tape. At another event, a staffer kicked the filmmakers out of an arena and threw their camera to the ground.

An indication that the makers of "Manufacturing Dissent" had a serious change of heart about Moore was revealed in the tagline used to market the film. It read: "Michael Moore doesn't like documentaries. That's why he doesn't make them." A slogan that appeared on movie posters also conveyed their dampened sentiments: "It's Never Been so Hard to Get Michael Moore in Front of the Camera."

Because the criticism of Moore came from self-described "progressive liberals," who were originally motivated by their admiration for Moore before they reluctantly concluded that he was not what he appeared to be, the mainstream press actually treated the film more favorably than similar polemic material from the right.

Moore's talent has been to bring humor, a brisk pace and controversy to the documentary genre. "Manufacturing Dissent" demonstrated that Moore also brings fabrication.

Can we expect Moore of the same from "Sicko?"

Yes, I suppose he is demonizing Mr. Moore, but not without reason. Speaking of Moore, Villains and fabricators exist on both the Left and Right... Ex-Congressman Foley, Scooter Libby and William Jefferson also come to mind.

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