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June 29, 2007



Looks like the Police have a first-class mystery on their hands. Hope those unnamed items in the crawl space lead to the killer.

Missing computers...now that's a wrinkle. I don't imagine even a fairly new computer fetches much on the stolen-goods market, since they obsolesce so quickly.

More like they were suspected to have been info on them the killer didn't want found.

What a damned sad story the last few years of his life were.


wow, looks like Mike Hood didn't drive him to suicide. I suppose the assholes around here will now try to say Hood killed him.


"wow, looks like Mike Hood didn't drive him to suicide. I suppose the assholes around here will now try to say Hood killed him."

Well, based off the number of comments it is generating on this site, it does give him motive...


Makes one wonder what kept the cadaver dogs from finding the body sooner . . . time is important when killers are on the loose.

Just such an unexpected ending here . . . you never know.

Seattle Girl

this story is going to give me nightmares tonight.


It seems obvious to me that he was murdered in the house and that the killer didn't want to risk carrying a body outside for neighbors to see and whatever else. The crawlspace is the next best thing, the most remote part of the house, and sure enough it bought the killer a nearly three month head start, enough time to actualy go back to the house and screw with stuff.

The cadavar dogs didn't find him because he was in a boarded up crawl space under a tarp and cadaver dogs aren't perfect, a safe assumption.

That he was probably murdered in the house means there was also a lot of blood that had to be cleaned up in one room or another. Maybe the blue tarp allowed them to move the body to the basement without dripping blood along their path. You'd think if a lot of blood was spilled anywhere besides the kitchen or the bathroom then the extensive cleanup job required would have been evident to subsequent visitors who walked through the house.

They most likely stole the computers to hide saved emails, given that they left the peripherals, which suggests that they were acquaintances, maybe they met on the internet.

The property manager mentioned Webb was looking for someone, and maybe this person was a potential partner. The murder might have resulted from Webb rejecting the potential partner he met on the internet, who obviously has mental problems given that they later killed him. He might have said "you're weird, i don't think we should see eachother, please leave" and then the guy got enraged and stabbed him a few times.

I know this is a lot of speculation but in my mind it's the most plausible path of probabilities.


Property manager's story sounds fishy to me.

So, we are to believe that Mike befriended some sort of shady drug user and this drug user killed Mike and then wrapped his body in a tarp, removed the ground cover in the crawl space and boarded it up and moved bookcases in front of it??? Then took the computers but unhooked and left behind the keyboards and mice???

And left behind no signs of a struggle or blood or disarray???

And if you're the property manager why would you send those long detailed emails to the media? Shouldn't you clam up and give that info to the police so as not to comprpmise the case???

Is it possible that some sort of argument or behavior escalated and led to death? And then someone with the knowledge and wherewithall to clean up, cover up and misdirect sprang into action?


His story isn't fishy at all. The likelyhood of a property manager mustering enough anger to do somone in must be a thousands times less likely than it having been done by an angry rejected gay partner.

In my experiance, people who meet in eachother in person communicate with cell-phones and text messages whereas people you know primarily from the internet you exchange emails with or instant message. I think the odds favor the killer being an internet acquaintance.

If I were to property manager I'd want to tell the media also, because I know there are a lot of curious people out there who want what I have to give, and hey, maybe he's just a giving kind of guy. Plus the person who took the computers broke in whereas the property manager could have simply unlocked the door.


Minor correction to Seattle Times Mike Webb coverage: King County Superior Court records show that a temporary Order of Protection was granted to Hood against Webb, but there is no record of an order filed against Hood.


But, Freemont..it makes such DRAMA dontchaknow...I thought the tone of the Seattle Times article was very different than the other papers..


Right-o, Sparks! The P-I has been on this story to its finish (thanks to Finnish reporter Pulkkininem...). Drama rules at The Times!


so, in life, mike webb was the target of the witch hunt by mike hood and this blog. in death, mike webb will be the subject of mike hood and this blog in using his name for further fame and glory. hood, i think you owe mike webb a apology. as well as his friends,family and fans. i don't expect it, but i think it would be nice. you were very mean and hard on mike. and from what we have seen from the bush crime family and corrupt republicans, mike was right on the money about these people. amen, mike webb, you were right.


Yes, Mike Webb was right about Bush and the evil people around Bush! That's one of the main reasons some people hated Mike so much.

I learned from Mike and enjoyed listening to his shows. It was a breath of fresh intellectual liberal air in a swamp of moronic conservative lies.


David Neth, the property manager, I have seen recently, 2 of his post removed. One here and one over on Mike's site.

He strikes me as creepy and someone who likes to hear himself talk (write) and someone who seeks some face time.

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