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June 29, 2007



I'm thinking it's most likely that someone was murdered in that house and that the body was left there because someone didn't want to risk carrying a dead body to their car and having to drive around town with it in their trunk.

I believe it is Mike Webb's body because although it's interesting that the murderer knew where to find a crawl space in the basement, if Mike Webb fled the scene you'd think he'd get a head start with his own car and take some items along to sustain himself, which wasn't the case.

The idea that someone moved a body there from outside the house as a joke or for any other imaginable reason is completely retarded given all the fine bridges over bodies of water to be had.

Seeing as how this is most likely a murder and not a suicide, I don't think Blatherwatch can be said to have blood on it's hands. The murderer had blood on his hands. However Blatherwatch's willingness to metaphoricaly give bullets to a mentaly unstable guy with a gun in his hand is a universal and objective certainty.


Brian, that was callous and unfeeling. Shame on you.


Brian, you need spell-check bigtime!! And you're only marginally literate.


KIRO710 just reported family of Webb concerned because he had been recently associating with a "shady character".


Body found ....

HorsesAss down ...

Venus and Saturn in conjugation ....

Bush' quick track authority expires

News at six.



Andrew and Brian,

All you need is Moe to make your act complete.


Well, homicide it is . . . I never would have thought of that. I'm very sorry for that. Hope they get to the bottom of this.


I take it Brian's post got nixed. I never saw it. Dang, now I'm curious.

Mungo your critique was less that worthless. The way I see it you owe me money for having wasted this much of my time.


From the blog posts at Pulkkininen's PI article:

"There's a whole website out there dedicated to covering seattle radio talk show scene and taking particular pleasure in Mike Webb's hardship."

The grapevine oozeth bitter juice...pleasure and pain share a common boundary.

Anti Kiro

Shame on KIRO for deliberately not talking about this subject.

This is a classic example of a corporation that doesn't give a rat's ass about the contributions (blood sweat and tears) of employees.

This blog is very much responsible for Mike's death.

I consider this blog the equivalent of passerby's on the Aurora bridge shouting "Jump...Jump...Jump" to a desperate sould ready to commit suicide.

Shame on all of you!


So far there is no evidence of a connection between this blog and Mike's death. There are many different scenarios as to who the body could be and how it got there. Right now the authorities seem to be speculating murder. Let's all keep from getting our panties in a bunch until we get more information.


What the fuck is up with people presuming this was a suicide? Do you seriously believe people crawl under tarps and barricade themselves in basement crawspaces before taking their own lives? Are you F'n retards?


News Tribune jumps to unsourced conclusion:
SEATTLE: Former radio host’s body found, had been missing since April

"A decomposed body has been found at the rental home of a former Seattle radio talk-show host who has been missing since April.
Police say a property manager found the body of Mike Wedd on Thursday. Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel says the body was so decomposed that investigators were unable to immediately determine its sex or age.

The Associated Press


Nice job, Clouseau

Side-note: My comments earlier were only in regards to the sudden appearence of newby blame-Bla'M posts. They bared a striking resemblence to our old friend "KING1090".

Sure, I may have been jumping the gun, but I suppose I'm as suspicious as the SPD. Also just hopeful that MW might still be with us.


Oh that is disappointing about the Trib,,,they are usually a much better paper than that...

Im not sure the new posters resemble King1090 as much as they do a certain someone else on here who has more personalities than Sally Field in "Sybill." Much ignoring is going to be necessary in the coming days and weeks.


"Police say a property manager found the body of Mike Wedd on Thursday. Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel says the body was so decomposed that investigators were unable to immediately determine its sex or age. "

Unable to determine the age and sex of "Mike Wedd"? That article has the highest word-to-error ratio I've ever seen. Just amazing.


Gee, maybe they know something the the P-I couldn't find- stranger things have happened...


Yeah, the mysteriously missing, internationally mourned Mike Wedd! Finally, some answers about Wedd!

Anti Kiro

Dori has inside sources and knows the conclusion of this story before the official SPD announcement.

What a fucking arrogant bastard!

Dori Monson needs to be fired.



Not sure how reliable "http://www.queerty.com" is, but they're running with it:

Gay Radio Host Found, Dead
Mike Webb Wrapped In Tarp In Own Home

"A Seattle coroner positively identified gay activist and radio host Mike Webb’s body. Webb’s landlord discovered the badly decomposed body stuffed n a crawl space. Webb, who first made a radio name for himself covering San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone’s 1978 assassinations, went missing back on April 13th. Some thought maybe Webb ran away.

His last years certainly weren’t his happiest. He reportedly never recovered from his lover’s death a decade ago, nor did he bounce back after being found guilty of insurance fraud, which led to his firing. Webb’s car, however, remained parked in his drive. Certainly suspicious.

A number of people had been in the house since Webb’s disappearance, including his brother and the police.

None of them, however, noticed the body in the basement"

Additionally (and I need to find it), I read somewhere that the police investigating the missing person report on June 14 went over everything with cadaver dogs.


Of course, if it is murder, the question arises as to who did it? PEMCO hit squad?


Here it is.

MikeWebbWatch: A Body Found in the House

"A family member tells BlatherWatch: "The police had cadaver dogs in there, it was either June 15 or 22nd. The police have done "thorough" searches at least twice, assuring us they went through the house several times on each visit."

Did I miss this one somewhere on BW?

It's all so sad and strange. Okay, Nate's gonna take some breathers.


I find this whole story as sad as it could possibly be. I had listened to Mike's show a few times and I found him to be a very compassionate human being. Although I was not a regular listener, I have a feeling that was the way Mike was all the time. Regardless of his political views, his sexual preference or his criminal record, I think using some kindness, compassion and consideration for his family and friends right now would be the most humane approach anyone could take. Lets wait for the investigation to be completed and not jump to incorrect or unkind conclusions. And no matter what the outcome, BLESS MIKE WEBB

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