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June 14, 2007



Mike is a hero in a vast wasteland of talk radio show hosts.

We need hosts like Mike rather than the repetitive garbage and hate speech seeping from the big mouths Rush, Hannity, Monson and Shiers.



It is also frightening to imagine that it is so possible for someone to disappear today (bin Laden aside).

Try to imagine this? How does he eat? where does he sleep?


Once again...soooo sad; hope we get to the bottom of this. Thanks for the updates Bla'm. :)


This is Webb's latest attempt at insurance fraud. He took out a life insurance policy naming a long lost identical twin brother as beneficiary. After 7 years Webb will be declared dead. That is when he will emerge from hiding posing as his own sibling demanding that Geico pay him a bundle.



It would seem that if he didnt have any money he wouldnt be able to get too far away. I wonder if his family has looked around in the SFO area..


Hmm. . . like Bush can't let go of Iraq, Mike couldn't let go of his Geico fantasy. Similarities there. Both dry drunks?

He might just have hit bottom and be drinking his way into oblivion. Thinking Nicholas Cage in that Las Vegas movie.

Who knows. Pretty sad in any case. At least Mike isn't hurting anyone but himself except for the feelings of his friends and family.


If Mike is found dead by his own hand, the family should go after this blog and its owner for contributing to the man's demise.


And if you were a lawyer "man" you would know that suit would be worth about as much as your legal expertise.


That old guy in his basement typing away in his pajamas is mightier than the sword! Michael made Webb scam the insurance company, lie to police because he hates gays and KIRO, and is really a Republican. Yeah that's it. This is really all about Michael. Somebody ought to sue his ass off and take his coffee pot away.


The only thing missing is the foil hat.


I know how to get Mike Webb out of hiding. Offer him free drinks at any local bar on Queen Anne.


I worked with Mike and considered him a friend of mine. He was at one time a stand up guy. Extremely intelligent and passionate in his beliefs. He unfortunately burned a lot of bridges in radio and he really worried me at times. Now all of this. I have to fear the worst. I do not think he would leave the car he loved so much behind and all of his personal effects. He carried a gun for protection because there were so many threats on his life. I fear the worst---someone got to Mike.


It is sad to hear the evil in human beings.

Shame on this board for kicking a man when he's down.

Mike Webb was Seattle talk radio.

Because of this board we perhaps have a dead body and the verbal diarrhea of Dori Monson, Frank Shiers and a bunch of syndicated Nazis.


Mike- you are loved. We can understand why you might want to disappear, but please make yourself known to your family and your friends at least. they are worried sick.

Sal Comida

Where were all these great friends of yours when you needed them Mike? Call your family, fuck the rest of them.


"His long-time lover died of AIDS a couple years ago."

Hello? I think it was more like 15-20 years ago. Damn as you went down the list of hard times, you almost seem to be gloating.


"If Mike is found dead by his own hand, the family should go after this blog and its owner for contributing to the man's demise."

Why is the bad deed is not important, but reporting it is??? this is the typical response to all of the scandals in the news...its not that they broke the law, its that the media is reporting it thats bad.

The only ones on this blog who wish Mike bad luck are the trolls.


Why can't his brother or sister gather up his stuff & put it in storage? Or did they already do it?


good point...at least that way his stuff doesnt get stolen or vandalized. File footage of the inside of the house showed things tossed everywhere...


Did you guys see Hood on TV? Jeezus Christ, what distinctive and interesting man! Makes me wish I was gay!


What a way to treat your host! Unbelievable!


the only "invention" Bla'M needs is a troll-zapper for this site


I bet he will start caring what dipshits like Mrogi think about the time they learn to spell "intervention." Why don't you go back to the shed you tool.


You guys claim compassion for Mike Webb, yet it is my mother who was paid for many years for blowing goats. What hypocrisy!


Why did you edit your post if we are all such hypocrites for calling you out on your bs? What a moron.


Or was that BlaM...haha if so kudos.


GREAT stuff Bla'am!!!


he/she/it DESERVED that one!


I like to kid Hood, but I've been in the radio business for 22 years, and this site is the best thing that's happened to Seattle radio this Jim French left KIRO.


Love it!!! :)


Lest you doubt who is 'really' in control. Too funny! :)

An Historian

If Webb did, indeed, end his own misery, I would like to think that this blog and my past words helped bring the stinging realities into his mind. I think more self absorbed, smug, Seattleites living in a bubble of rules and views of their own construct also need a dose of reality; if suicide is the result of confronting the real world I believe scientists would deem it survival of the fittest. Funny how leftists adhere to Darwinism except in cases of natural selection and inherent deficiencies where it offends them.


I think you give yourself too much credit


Not to be ignored is the government's role in the disappearance of Mike Webb. He was a very well known outspoken critic of 9/11 as an inside job. And he's in good company. Polls show that only 14% of Americans believe the government's official story of 9/11.

In the land of free speech, it's amazing that every talk show host that ever tried to raise concerns about 9/11 has been silenced. It's unlikely Webb's disappearance is of his own accord. If he wanted to commit suicide, he would have certainly used his car. And if his body appears at some point in the future, it's almost certainly a murder, staged as a suicide.


You know, I agree about the car. It, afterall, brought about his undoing.

I think he's okay. I think he's on a drunk somewhere. Actually, that means he is probably suicidal . . . which is sad.

Aren't we all the experts here. :)


"Not to be ignored is the government's role in the disappearance of Mike Webb."

Only in Seattle . . . *sigh*

Q: What do you call a pathetic drunk who breaks the law, punches photographers, and blames Bush for all his problems?

A: A typical liberal (with a very loud 'L')


Any news on Webb?

A friend

Seattle Gay News covered the story in last week's edition, but they were simply reporting what had already been reported here and in the P-I.

So to answer the question: No. There's no news.

Just hoping and waiting to hear that Mike's safe out there somewhere.


And now we hear that a dead decomposed body was found in his home. Is it Webb?


Of course it is Mike. And the eejits on this board who hounded him need to take a good look at themselves.

Tom Flint

Goodbye Mike. I love you, dear spirit.

john bocchetti

Queen Anne. The "hill" seems ripe for the writer's heath. Full of boys and girls gone awry after years of getting away with murder.
As wives and girlfriends "switch lovers" like a locomotive on a turn table, lots of people get lost. Look like Webb crawled too close to some black widonw! I knew one who lived on warren ave.

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