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June 11, 2007



hmmm Mike Webb lives on the north slope of Queen Anne Hill. I live on the north slope of Queen Anne Hill as well. I had nothing to do with his disappearance, though, and I must say, all joking aside, this is turning into a truly frightening and ominous development. We al hope to see Mike turn up safe and sound.


A new PBS documentary about Aimee Semple McPherson aired on April 2, 2007. "Like so many celebrity stories, Aimee's fame brought scandal when she mysteriously disappeared in 1926. Whether Aimee was kidnapped, staged her own disappearance, or simply ran away is still unknown. When she did return to Los Angeles, her disappearance became the center of a highly publicized trial and the subject of a media frenzy. When the dust settled, Aimee continued her work."

The program transcript is at


Given the controversy, wouldn't you think Mike's disappearance would provoke a Faux:CNN newsathon? Is this less newsworthy then some blondie or an overdressed child?


And the fact that he went missing April 13 but called his corrections officer on April 30 diminishes the chance that he's offed himself. I wonder if he's checked in since?

Can't imagine abandoning a house, however.


That is a sad development. I guess I assumed his sister was watching over his house and his things. Why haven't the neighbors called the police when they saw transients go in and out--or maybe they did and just didn't say so. Anyway, what a mess this has turned out to be.


This is sad - let's hope he turns up alive & well somewhere.


Wow he'll do anything to avoid facing up to his responsibilities.


That 240 hours of community service should count towards exterminating republicans, ya know?


Webb's house got trashed? Which lucky burglar found the gay porn?


Jesus Christ. lay off the guy- he might be dead. We all know he was at least very sick. I appreciate that Hood has backed off, although he might have to take some of the blame if Mike did something stupid. You guys did everything possible to drive him crazier. you are like jackels smelling blood.


He's not dead. The police heard from him on the 30th or April, 16 days after he disappeared which tells us he has made arangements of some sort. If was going to do himself in he wouldn't have bothered to sustain himself 16 days prior to. I bet he's hiding out at a friends house.


Esperamos que usted sea Mike bien Webb y pronto que mueva hacia atrás en la radio de Seattle.


please give mike webb a little breathing room here.


With his own despicable actions, mr. webb deserves no sympathy, respect, and has indignified his own self.


The April 30 check-in aside, this is nervous breakdown territory.

I hope Mike pulls through okay. I fear for him.

The insurance fraud was pretty small potatoes, and struck me as irrational. I think he's been in trouble for a while, emotionally.

Come back, Mike.


Lets hope for the best. Like him or dislike him, Webb certainly intrigued and entertained a lot of us.



munchman said With his own despicable actions, mr. webb deserves no sympathy, respect, and has indignified his own self.

Who the fuck are you to say that he indignified himself while of sound mind? You've got my sympathy jerk, but anything you're offering is of no use to anyone.


munchman said With his own despicable actions, mr. webb deserves no sympathy, respect, and has indignified his own self.

Who the fuck are you to say that he indignified himself while of sound mind? You've got my sympathy jerk, but anything you're offering is of no use to anyone.


Mike Webb is on a manhunt. He is looking for a rich boyfriend to support his broke ass. I heard he is sending love letters to David Geffen.


look, his family and close friends are worried about the man. that's good enough for me.
the issues that he has with the law will be resolved in due time. no one died and no one got hurt. he screwed up and paid a fairly big price with the loss of his show and the publicity that came with it. lets hope he can face his demons, own up, and overcome them. he did it with alcohol.
who knows, five years from now the liberal firebrand AND local talk show host in seattle may be mike webb. i know i am hopeful that he'll come out of this stronger than ever.


UPDATE: Message posted on Mike Webb's blog:


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dear friends of Mike Webb,

For those of you who do not know, Mike has been missing since the middle of April. Little is known about his disappearance and less is known about his current whereabouts.

I have been in touch with his family and friends and we are all extremely concerned for his safety. A missing persons report has been filed and an investigation is ongoing, but we need your support. PLEASE HELP US FIND MIKE!

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance or location of Mike Webb, please contact: [email protected]

We all miss Mike very much and want to see him found safe and well.
Thank you to Mike’s fans for many years of support and listening to our favorite Liberal with a very loud "L".

Producer Jeremy


thank you merci


How am I supposed to help find Mike? I had a hard enough time finding Waldo.


No problem PS. Mike's blog is kind of a regular stop-over for me.

I hope he's safe & want him found.
I just hope I don't accidentally run into him.


Hmm, I saw this article in the PI a couple weeks ago. Some guy named Mike Webb testified about the new nightclub ordinance, thought it was him:

"Mike Webb said he and his neighbors in the community of East Barclay Court near Seattle University have struggled for three years to get peace in their community. As did some others, Webb complained that rowdy, disruptive nightclubs too often sneak in under the guise of restaurants."


Tom Slick

I am glad the psycho is missing, That guy should never have been hired to talk on the air. He was obviously nuts. His lies and deceit finally caught up with him. He deserves everything he gets, he has no one to blame but himself. A fitting end for a piece of liberal psycho shit, i told him to his face he was nuts, and now its confirmed. hahahahahahaha


Tom did you call him up one night and call him a "Fudge Packer". That was one of the best lines I heard on his show. Boy did he get angry.

One who loves you

The venom dripping in the previous two posts is its own kind of sickness. Look at the excited energy behind the poisonous words as they enjoy the idea of my friend being hurt or injured, physically or emotionally. I find it both frightening and sad.
* * *

Mike, if you're out there, don't let the vipers get you down. Take good care of yourself as you find your way back from the pain to a place where you can enjoy life again and can share your wonderful gifted self with all of us.

Till then, I await your safe return. Peace.

Tom Slick

The venom , the lies and his liberal deceit dripped from that sick mans brains for years all across the seattle airwaves. You idiot liberals drank it like the kool aid it was.Now the truth comes out, he is nothing more than a mentally ill, shit for brains scumbag, and this is a fitting end to an anti american.
I have absolutely no sympathy for this asshole, good riddance mike. Mike webbs venom drips no more.

tom slick

Nevets says" Look at the exited energy behind the poisonous words, i find it frightening and sad" Bullshit, your just a whiny liberal, who would dance in the streets if the same thing happened to say John Carlson or kirby wilbur. You and your ilk dance, drink and party when others you dont agree with politically die, you do it all the fuckin time. So shove your selective whiny liberal sympathy up your ass, maybe shove it up mike webbs ass, seems a mack truck would probably fit inside that dank abyss.

Peace! hahahaha yeah right


I didnt realize Grace had a brother...


No kidding...this is incredible!


Disagreeing wih Mike Webb, and calling him on his personality and ethical/legal deficiencies is one thing. When it comes to rooting for his death, that crosses the line into sociopathic,hate-obsessed sickness. Anyone rooting for Webb to turn up dead needs to get mental health treatment as soon asa possible. Mike, all of the normal people on this blog are hoping you turn up safe and sound.


I think the feds got him. Love him or hate him, he was EXTREMELY outspoken against the criminal Bush Administration. He spoke the TRUTH, Loudly and Defiantly!
i hope he's okay!


Tom Slick reminds me of this one bitch i used to see on here...RedRachel!! I betcha' it's her!

witch hazel

Is the Hubris -drenched homo criminal still trying to stir up drama? what a drama queen , queen mikie is, like a little child that ran away cause he didnt get his way. Good riddance to the homo queen and his lies and deceit. He should be in jail for his forgery and his fraud. I hope he is rotting in the gutter somewhere.


I am sad to hear the latest news. Whether you like Mike, or don't, he's still a human being. It's great to be able to actually listen to both sides to get an understanding of where someone is coming from...I know so many who are either right or left and will only listen to their side. Open up your minds people. Mike Webb is a PERSON and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and friends. I am still hoping for a positive outcome.

Mark L

RIP Mike.

I felt like killing you myself on occasion, but only in the imaginary realm of radio.

I couldn't have been more diametrically opposed to you politically, but you were very special and have been missed on KIRO since your departure. You are the only lefty I've ever been able to listen too, because you were just always so damn entertaining!

I know you weren't a believer, but I say a prayer for your fiesty, entertaining soul and surviving family. God bless and I hope you're enjoying some of your beloved rock 'n' roll in the great beyond...

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