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June 29, 2007



I enjoyed Mike when his show would turn to music. God rest his tourted soul


A very sad day. I have been waiting on Mike coming back to the air. Now it will never happen.

One of the best hosts ever in Seattle.

He will be missed.


Saddened to hear this news; didn't care for his show per se, but found him entertaining at times.
God Bless family & friends.


Wasn't a fan, but am sorry to hear of his death. Hope his next life is happy.

Anti Kiro

May Mike's soul be at peace.

Mike was a brave and courageous man in a world full of hate and intolerance.


It's reported that Mike was stabbed to death.


i WAS a fan. He was fiery and entertaining and often made a lot of sense. He's the first out radio host I can recall on mainstream radio. Mike Webb kicked butt. A tragic loss.

Mark Logan

Two Hour Tribute occuring now:


3pm-5pm Pacific


&rew, link plz...



Mark Logan



The KIRO news guy was stumbling on his words as he reported the cause of death, he seemed to be pretty shaken by what he was reporting.


Mike changed my life, literally. I first heard him on GAYBC and was blown away by his self-confidence and pride. At the time I was a kid struggling with being gay and his message was something I had never heard. He will always be a hero in my mind.

Mark Logan

Can't say I've listened to GAYBC radio before, but this is a good tribute with "Producer Jeremy"...

Mark Logan

It sounds like Mike's sponsorship of recovering addicts has long been a crusade of his. In this case, he was apparently assisting a recovering addict in kicking his addiction and this "shady" character (who previously stole one of Mike's cars) is SPD's chief suspect in the murder...


Interesting broadcast...hope it doesn't stagger in a swamp of maudlin muck.

Mark Logan

Very moving tribute from his sister...

Richard 23

Godspeed Mike Webb.


The best part of Mike's show was his production pieces at the start of each hour. The funniest one featured the legendary "faggot" screamer caller who wanted to meet Mike after work for fisticuffs, and Webb pretended to misunderstand him as coming on to him.


Skilled talker and radio producer. His montages were masterful. I once emailed him on a minor point, and he answered with a message that must've taken 20 minutes to write. That was classy and generous.

A difficult man, but he didn't deserve anything like this. Sad day.

I wonder who did it.


Skilled talker and radio producer. His montages were masterful. I once emailed him on a minor point, and he answered with a message that must've taken 20 minutes to write. That was classy and generous.

A difficult man, but he didn't deserve anything like this. Sad day.

I wonder who did it.

Mark Logan

LOL, that was a classic! It reminds me that his sarcastic humor is what I valued most about him. I don't let many people push my buttons, but he could. In the middle of yelling @ the radio, I'd invariably crack up. Didn't care for the anti-religious stuff, but talk about a unique personality. Everyone in radio is so homogenous these days. His great Bill Gallant Tribute Show was one of his finest...

Mark Logan

Look no further than the IV drug user he was housing and helping through recovery...


According to Ron and Don "Mike never wanted his picture posted because he was afraid someone would murder him."

Agreed with the above poster, recovering addicts are highly unstable. That would be suspect numero uno.

Right after B'lam.

Sky Callahan

Mike was a personal friend of mine, and an inspiring force in my life. He gave me support and trust during the darkest period of my life, and made himself into a true friend. We spoke often, and I always found these conversations enlightening. I'll miss you, Mike, and hope you know how loved you were by so many people.


Hood murdered Mike Webb???? I knew if he had committed suicide, Hood would be blamed for hounding him to deathand if he was murdered, Hood would be accused around here of murdering him. you are amazing.

Seattle Patriot

Mike Webb will certainly be missed by some, but was hardly "inspiring" as Sky claims above - unless by "inspiring" Sky means rabidly intolerant of anything that deviatated from militant leftist pro-homosexual.
To me Mike Webb was the epitome of Seattle "progressivism": schizophrenic and unstable and unwilling to compromise or acknowledge validity in other views. Good Riddance.


I had a really nad feeling about this even before Mike's body was found. Now who will take the reigns as the liberal voice in Seattle radio? Like him or not, he was the most passionate progressive voice. He was right up with Bill Gallant, Bernie Ward, and Ray Taliaferro.

My condolences go out to his family and friends.


I had a really bad feeling about this even before Mike's body was found. Now who will take the reigns as the liberal voice in Seattle radio? Like him or not, he was the most passionate progressive voice. He was right up with Bill Gallant, Bernie Ward, and Ray Taliaferro.

My condolences go out to his family and friends.


A lot of people who 'hated' Mike Webb also made a point of listening to what he had to say which is a tribute to a skilled professional such as he. Back when Bryan Suits and he would debate on KIRO between 11:30 pm and 12:30 am it was good radio. It's also obvious that as a gay man who was 'out' he inspired others in a positive way.
Lets hope that he didn't suffer in his final moments and that the killer will be caught.


I heard Dori today say he had zero production skills compared to Webb. Webb had a great way of mixing audio bytes in an entertaining way that few hosts could muster.


Been out all day . . . what a train wreck. I'm sorry for Mike Webb. It is, however, interesting and somehow satisfying to know he dedicated himself to helping others and to being such a good friend to many people. That's a gift in itself.

I always thought of him as solitary, lonely and impassioned because of his own unfortunate needs. Nice to know he had a life beyond KIRO. And it sounds like a life well lived. Well, except for his unfortunate last run for doughnuts or whatever. Somehow, I feel better knowing he wasn't alone and that his life had meaning.

I do miss his passion on the radio. Can't imagine such an end for anyone.


To all of us who have posted tributes to a lost radio friend, I am grateful for your posts.

Mike leaves us a poorer city.


In a world where liberals are often chided for political correctness, Mike never had to worry about that. At times he was infuriating listening, but he was never bland and you knew where he stood.

Mike's style embodied Randy Newman's opininon of the 70's singer-songwriters: "Mellow? Wanting to be mellow is like wanting to be senile..."

As many have mentioned, the production pieces at the top of the show were fun, artful, and exciting.

A sad ending to some very difficult years.


Rest in peace! Thank you for all these hours of sanity in an insane world! You were so passionate and opinionated and always entertaining! Somebody killed you but you will always live in my memory as a very courageous man who supported the truth.....it is a miracle that they waited so long to kill you for telling us what really happened! Your death will not kill your message! I miss your soothing voice!

Shame on Kiro and blatherwatch!

Mortimer Schmorlitz

Mike Webb was murdered. I'm sorry - his honesty is needed these days. I called and talked to Mike Webb two or three times on his radio show. And I listened with interest and mostly agreement. During a time when much of the media, many of the politicians, and all of the other flag waving sheep, were all lying to themselves and others, I found Mike Webb's insight and honesty to be courageous and refreshing.

“Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often.” - Mark Twain

I respected Mike Webb as a man of words, action, and honesty. Sorely lacking these days. He will be missed.


I was just one of your many supporters and admirers. Rest in peace, Mike....finally!


I did not agree with Mike's polical views, but thought he had a golden radio voice. I think KIRO f-upd by firing him before he was convicted of his charges, big time. I'm sorry for his family's loss.


I listened to Mike Webb in the evening for years. He was a passionate voice for liberal causes, and created interest no matter how you felt about him. I usually agreed with him.

I loved the music he played and all the memories he shared about the great artists from the past. His knowledge of R & B was amazing!

I have really missed his presence on the radio these past 18 months, and had hoped that somehow, someday he could return. I will never forget what he brought to the conversation.

Thanks, Mike! Wishing you PEACE


Mike was a good friend to me & helped me greatly in my time of need. I met Mike through the program of NA. Mike sponsored and stood by me as I turned my life around. It broke my heart to see him hated by so many people because deep inside he cared so much of what the world thought about him. His ability to mask those feelings on the air was an incredible talent I could never duplicate. Rest in peace my friend, as the brutal final moments of your life on this earth will forever haunt those who spent them with you.


The lesson I get from Mike's death? Don't try to help drug addicts, ex-cons, or homeless people get clean or straighten out their lives. And you certainly don't bring them into your home. Just ask Mike Webb. Or ask David Koenigs, that guy on Beacon Hill who hired two homeless men to help renovate his house. He even let then stay in the house. They thanked him by beating him to death, then stealing his car. Mike Webb, I'm sorry you're gone, but I knew one day something like this would happen to you because of the people you hung around.


Somewhere in the nest 1998, I can see myself on I-5 headed for OlyWA.
Pouring rain, I was rambling through the dial, jonesing some talk. KIRO had always been a fam fave, so I switched over from the soup de jour right-wing shtick.

I was surprised to hear this voice: A round-house left. Orbi always likes to call it "unhinged" like it's a bad thing, but I feasted on rage that night. For the first time, "one of ours" had a voice - and a forceful one.

All rugs must someday be rolled. Tastes change, the taste for forceful went sour, and I sought other realms. The rest has all been hashed and rehashed ad nauseum. Human failing. All but for the grace of God go I.

You were a pioneer, Mike. Etched into our collective memories, you will be missed. But your voice survives.


I called in to Mike's show one night after participating in one of the less-attended marches in Seattle against the war. I was frustrated that no body seemed to care about it..he said "don't give up. Keep speaking out." When other voices at KIRO tried to ride the fence on Bush and the war, Mike was the only one who stayed consistent in his questioning and his outrage that nobody else, at that time, seemed to care.


I am a neighbor and former co-worker of Mike’s from his KIRO days. I got to know him a bit after one of Seattle’s notorious “major winter storms”, where maybe two inches of snow fell overnight and was mostly gone by noon. Anyway, Mike was a little leery of driving off the hill and into work that night. So the then-program director asked if I would drop some equipment off after my shift so Mike could do his show from his house that night. He was very gracious and welcoming and seemed genuinely happy to have some company. We talked about a number of things, mostly dogs and the radio business. He was just starting to do his GAYBC internet radio thing. I even ended up recording a few bumper tracks for him to use during his program. For better or worse, he really did passionately believe all the stuff he said on the air. He could be brilliant and combative, sometimes both at the same time. He also had a gentle humor and seemed almost painfully shy. When he got fired from KIRO, I thought about stopping by to tell him to hang in; that there is life after KIRO. I guess I felt that he’d find me intrusive, annoying or stupid, so I never did. Now I’ll never get the chance. Mike, if there’s anything out there beyond this life, I hope you find some peace in it.


I liked your take above on your introduction to Mike Webb.

The quote in the Seattle Times from his former producer Jeremy made it seem like Mke Webb had turned a corner in a positive way.
"Grater said. "He was putting his life back together in a really positive way.""

My lasting hope that is that he was starting to move forward in his professional and personal life. He had beat his addiction before and weathered the depression of losing his partner to an AIDS related illness. Both of which leave aa lasting impact if you ever seen a loved one go through either.
Like a fighter he was coming off the mat ready and willing to be that strong voice from the Left that he saw himself. A Rocky of sorts who had hit bottom and was bouncing back to overcome his demons. Love him or hate him we should understand that he was still a fighter. This wasn't a man who had given up on life, rather he was someone who had it taken away by a coward with a knife.

Mike Barer

When Mike Webb came on the scene, the media was dominated by Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Bill O'Reilley, and Michell Malkin. Bush's approval ratings were in the 70s and groups like the Dixie Chicks (Ok that was later, but you know where I'm going) were getting Blacklisted. Webb was a breathe of air (as was the web site of Lan Roberts).

Patriotic Skeptic

My husband and I often listened to Mike's show on KIRO after we went to bed at night, plus we heard him in person at several of the KIRO town meetings. He always said that he loved the freedom afforded being on the air late at night, after the kids were asleep. While we did not agree with everything he said, he was always entertaining and worth listening to. What a passionate guy! We loved that he made us think and brought up topics not covered by the mainstream media. Since KIRO fired him and let Erin Hart and the "Professor" go, we no longer listen to that station.

Spent the last half hour surfing blog responses to Mike's death. Was shocked to find so many people spewing hatred towards him even though he was brutally murdered! His death sure aroused intense emotions, even from people who had never heard him on the air and profess to be religious...must be the Christian way. (I was brought up not malign the departed but apparently it's ok if the recently deceased is a cursed liberal). Just hope his family isn't too unset by all the mean-spirited dribble.

We are sure that a person as caring and concerned as Mike will forgive those who speak poorly of him, as he is now in a better place. RIP


Charmin' Eric is back just dripping with gentility.

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