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June 27, 2007





Let's not give her anymore attention..she deserves none of it.


"Coulter's ugly crack". That's hysterical.

Think about it.


There is no doubt that Coulter's comments are vile, however, she is entitled to make them.

The problem is with the media and the coverage she receives. We need to stop reinforcing her ignorance by reinforcing it with our attention.

How long would she continue her vicious diatribes if people ceased reacting in such horror.


Hmmmm....I know its against the law to 'threaten' the President or Vice-President, but does wishing they would die in a terrorist attack constitute a threat?

Also, is there a law prohibiting threats against presidential candidates?


Goldy had better watch out.
I was in Walmart last night and overheard the security staff. They were putting together a SWAT team and making plans for a late night raid on KIRO to effect an address. Lester suggested that when Goldy walked out of the building, that he was going to use his cane to trip him. Myrtle was going to slip her walker over Goldy's neck. At that time, Arnold and Martha are going to wrap him up with generic plastic wrap, throw Goldy in the trunk of Burt's Buick and whisk him off to McChord where he will be transported to Gitmo.
Upon arrival at Gitmo, Goldy will be forced to have steamy lesbian sex with Ann Coulter and Hillary
Clinton, after which, Goldstein is expected to mysteriously commit suicide.
This is just a warning to David. I would hate to be forced to watch Cops on my Saturday night because he wasn't careful enough.


That was an "arrest" by the security people. Oops.


Has anyone in the MSM posted Coulters full statement? This is a classic case of a lie by omission.
If you only listen to the side you agree with you will never learn anything.
Holodeck (ducking)


The audio/video of her statements of the past few days in all venues is all over the internet..hardly any omission going on when you can see it and hear it for yourself.


So Goldie was mimicking Coulter who was mimicking Bill Maher. If you heard her full quote, she was referring to the time Maher said the same thing about Dick Chaney and the fact that there was no media uproar over his words. In case you didn't notice nearly all of the major media outlets only site the second half of the quote which changes the context completely. I can't stand to even look at Ann Coulter for even a minute, but even worse is when the media manipulates the facts to support their agenda.


And still.. the conservatives rush to defend her. Amazing. Edwards asks to talk about issues and stop name calling. All the conservatives can do is buy Coulter books. They must be proud.

"Coulters full statement"
Umm.. yes.. thats the problem as Sparky points out.


Man Cunters body language was interesting. She was obviously uncomfortable.


It wasn't right when Bill Maher did it either, but her using that as an excuse is lame. This is hardly the first time she has made hateful statements about John Edwards and his KIDS, for God's sake, including the times she pulls statements out of her boney ass. Whenever she gets in trouble for saying things, she always gives the excuse that she was just making a joke. As far as I could tell, the only people laughing were her synchophants standing behind her. But, like most things in life these days, It's Ok If You Are Republican.

Now, please, lets get back to things that matter...like the comment made by Sally Quinn that the GOP is thinking about replacing Cheney with Fred Thompson ( insert scream here..)


why is this so surprising, she IS a lawyer after all.


that should have been spelled "sycophant."


I noticed the body language as well. Interesting.

And, I noticed the number of young people behind her . . . maybe Maher said it on his late night(?) show but she's been making those cracks everywhere. There is a difference.

Her "cool" demeanor is attractive to young people who have come up with Paris, Nichole, MTV and other vacuous celebrity. They listen and laugh. Get an attractive Gen Yer (I think she is) to repeat the message often enough and it works. That's what she does. Nothing is beneath her. Isn't that part of her appeal?

I was very pleased with Edwards reasoned handling of her . . . no accusations or hostility. Just a plea to stick to the issues. And for once Matthews interjected something useful and intelligent. Well done, Elizabeth!


Listening to 710DORI and sort of agreeing with some of his rhetoric about he immigration bill - which I don't really understand.

Until, of course, he had to say that all Democrats want the bill to let more Democratic voters into the country.

What an idiot!


I think that I will ask my wife to call Goldy's show and ask him to quit being mean to conservatives on my behalf. If little Johnnie can hide behind the skirt of his bride, it must be OK for the rest of us.
Just watched the Coulter-Mathews-Edwards thing. She handled it as well as anybody could have and better than most considering the ambush. It surprises me that some clown that wants to be POTUS would send momma to do his bidding. It was a cheap stunt on Mathews' part, but interesting. I suspect that the Saturday Night Live version of it may be more entertaining this coming week end if they decide to take it up.


A cheap stunt on Matthews' part? Shall I remind you that she got an hour to sit there and spew her hate and idiocy? I doubt it was a set up ... unless you count Edwards' campaign jumping all over it. Even if it was a 'set up' she should be prepared to be called on the lies she spews. Personal responsibility...or is that only applicable for Democrats?

Funny that this woman is basically saying everything that the PC Republicans are thinking but don't have the balls to say out loud. She is apparently their mouthpiece since anything she says righties are quick to defend and give her 'attaboys' for.

She won't disappear until right wingers stop buying her line of hate...which won't be soon given what they seem to be preaching these days. Matthews is a whore who will basically put anything inflammatory out there for ratings.


Mathews stated on the program that Mrs Edwards had asked for and been granted the opportunity to call in. That is an ambush. I just watched the show. I do not particularly like Coulter, but if you can listen to more than edited sound bites, she does have some interesting opinions between the BS that we both recognise.
Watch the whole show.
And do not forget that hate is a two way street. Many an asshat has come on this site and spewed plenty of hate on both sides of the isle, as well as a few who are obviously in another orbit of their own.


"many an asshole . . . " - Like who, chucks? C'mon, who?


Please, please....put down the crackpipe. This was NO ambush.

Matthews' producer was interviewed and told the real story. When Elizabeth Edwards learned Ann Coulter would be on Hardball, she called and asked if she could phone in. Ann Coulter was told BEFORE the show that Mrs. Edwards might call in and she (Coulter) was fine with it.

Drink the kool-aid if you must, but at least get your facts straight before you sip, OK?


asshat, not asshole joanie. But you are not what I would consider either. Your venom is thought inspired and reasoned, backed by passion. That is all good in my book, even if we seldom agree.
The primary offending asshats are not the daily posters. Mostly just drive by snipers. You know, the cowards.
If Coulter knew about it before the show, that is good. Watching the show, old Chrissy did not leave that impression. Sorry, I missed the cool-aid cart today. Had to think for myself.


chucks is busy googling trying to find a commensurate bile-spewer on the left.


no, he is not. He is checking local news to see what happened today.


asshat - ass hole - except for "cute," what's the difference?

And you made the allegation "And do not forget that hate is a two way street. Many an asshat has come on this site and spewed plenty of hate on both sides of the isle. . ."

So who? And are you now proclaiming BW to be commensurate with Coulter? There is something illogical about your comparison, chucks. You might put on your thinking hat for a moment or two . . .


So joanie, Is what you are saying is that you have never read anything on this blog that was rude or inflammatory by anybody on the left or right. Me thinks you are arguing just to be arguing.
I remember some newspaper boy from Los Angeles in a drive by snipe.
I come here daily because I really like the blog masters writing. I do not agree with him much on many issues, but he writes very well and inspires thought. Besides that, he listens to talk radio. So leave Michael out of our petty, juvenile sniping at each other. That is our thing. He seems to do a good job of letting the children work it out amongst ourselves.


Changing the subject, chucks? Answer my question.


I'm not as polite as Chucks is Joanie, but I would put you in that category. Coming in here spewing that Randi and Malloy hate as if it was the gospel and true. When will you ever see the light at the end of the tunnel and come out. So sad.


NO JOANIE, Blatherwatch is not commensurate with Ann Coulter. Coulter is out there on her own.
Never did I say it was. You created that illusion without me.
Is this the best we have today.
The Supremo's have ruled that Seattle Schools can't racially profile children. The United States Senate can not come together to close the boarders etc. But no, you have to get me to defend an individual that I do not like. I agree with many of her views on many issues, but so what, I still do not like her as a person. Good grief, she annoys me from the right as much as duffy's gal annoys me from the left.


The internet is not the MSM. I have yet to see or hear the full statement on the MSM.
Her statement was about the bias in the media, then they go ahead and prove it, again.


Do you think walmart security will do the samething to the Styblehead ???
God bless ted Nuggent !

Steve J.

Mathews stated on the program that Mrs Edwards had asked for and been granted the opportunity to call in. That is an ambush.

There was no ambush. Coulter was asked if it was OK and she agreed to take the call.


SHUSTER:...So how did the Ann Coulter/Elizabeth Edwards confrontation happen? Before Tuesday`s HARDBALL appearance, MSNBC promoted that viewer comments and questions would be part of the program.

TAMMY HADDAD, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, HARDBALL: The Edwards campaign called to ask if it was possible that Elizabeth could talk to Ann Coulter live on the air, and we told them yes.

SHUSTER: In turn, Haddad had a conversation with Coulter.

HADDAD: I talked to Ann before the show and told her that we had gotten a call from the Edwards campaign and that Elizabeth might call in. And she was fine with it.

Steve J.

If you heard her full quote, she was referring to the time Maher said the same thing about Dick Chaney

No, that's not true. She was trying to hide behind Maher's statement, much like a little kid will try the excuse "But Mikey did it too!"


holodeck..if you wait for the MSM to do anything, you will be a very old person..


Chuckie you started out saying how it was an ambush...of course that was incorrect as you can tell by the responses (asking her if it was OK to take the call). Come on, are you seriously going to cop out with that lame excuse? If somebody is directing hate speech toward someone's family they don't at least get a chance to reply? I guess that is your opinion because Coulter is a righty. You are clearly making this exception for her just because she is of your political ilk. That's kind of depressing that you would accept crap like that just because someone with an R behind their name said it.

Now you go on to top yourself, "Good grief, she annoys me from the right as much as duffy's gal annoys me from the left." Comparing Coulter to Clinton...priceless. The thread isn't about who we like, its about being a bile spewing hater. Can you please tell me what Clinton has ever said or done that approach Coulter's BS? Didn't think so.

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