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June 11, 2007



So what do you think Frankie ( Dude my rating are just as bad as Stybleheads) is going to talk about tonight , Just tune in to Dave Ross or Dori, Ron & Don , or try The morning show at 770am .
frankie DUDE! Show prep it's like home work for kid's !
God Bless Ted Nugent !
And as and as always
Duffman ! YOU dOa mAN !


Personalities aside (as I don't care for A.G.) I've gained some appreciation for the reality of climate change. [From posters herein and others]. It probably falls somewhere in the middle; not as extreme as AG presents but certainly nothing to be ignored. Has it been going on for as long as earth has been around; and what factor is humankind playing in this and to what degree are still fully unanswered questions. And certainly from what I read (and I know my sources are discounted and/or condemned) this is still a relatively unsettled science. I do feel however that attention and resources need to be focused in this area and it is and should be - a priority.


I would agree with Duffman on this- back in the 70's, we were being warned of an upcoming ice age, now this...

Treating our atmosphere like an open sewer cannot be helping us, but all the hysteria is laughable. When I was getting my HVAC reefer card, we had to learn chapter and verse about the Montreal Accord, essentially banning R12, a very effective refrigerant. The US complied with the terms- but Europe ignored it for years, even using the stuff in hairspray as propellent- so excuse me if I don't run in panicked circles on this one.


Should Seattle follow Denver's lead in this? Denver


Careful Mark
I mentioned the coming ice age a few months ago and got pummeled on this site.
Duffy, we do not need any help from Colorado when it comes to guvment guiding our lives. We gots us plenty of good guvment guidance right here in western WA.
We as individuals just need to conserve and recycle what we can. If we do our part, our guvment can continue to do what it does well. Crap, what does it do well?


The meme that scientists were predicting another impending ice age is false.


Those Europeans supposedly didn't ban R12 soon enough, so global warming is fake. Nice logic.


Bad Link above.

David Tatelman

I did a blog last week on Dori Monson's take on Global Warming. Dori is an intelligent guy, so I am forced to conclude that he is a hypocrite trying to appeal to a certain audience and trying hard to offend liberals in a cynical ratings grab. He keeps bringing up what is happening on Mars and Venus to conclude that the millions of tons of pollution we put into the atmosphere every day have nothing to do with Global Warming. Not to mention the God-given right Americans have to drive large SUV's!


hmmm... temps go up 1/2 a degree in 80 years, and I'm supposed to panic? How about this: stop worrying about carbon dioxide, and think of the overpopulation issues that will kill this planet a hell of a lot faster than supposed global warming. Practically every shithole on Earth share the same problem: too many people. Gaza, India, Mexico - all these fools crank out 10-14 kids and wonder why there are no jobs, food, education etc. Fix this issue and the others will pretty much fix themselves.


why piss on each other about the level of responsibility..if we know things that will help the environment, why not just do them, because its the right thing to do? talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

hah..sparky you are such a dreamer...doing the right thing...feh..


I got to say it, I've changed quite a bit on this issue in the last few months. Seems like it is not just the tree huggers and the socialists that believe this is a big problem. I think it is irrespnsible if we ignore this much longer. My son in law talked me into going to Gores movie and I was surprised what it was. It was a pretty much straight science that was hard to argue with. I don't think we have to become a socialist dictatorship to change it, but we better do something.


Chucks says "We as individuals just need to conserve and recycle what we can."

I had an epiphany last night about the concept of self regulation which is the back bone of conservative thought; it rewards people who don't regulate and punishes people who do.

If you give ten percent to charity while your neighbor doesn't, then they get rewarded with Jet Skis and European vacations while all you get is some vague feeling of having sone something "good".

If you drive a Prious you are rewarded with an ugly car and poor acceleration while people who drive SUV's are rewarded with a safer vehicle, better visibility, more room and greater chance of killing the person in the Prious then the reverse.

I don't like the idea that some SUV driver might see me driving a tin can and think "that guy's eco car offsets my gas guzzler so we're even" or "it's OK that I had five kids because gay couples can't reproduce so we're even."

Fuck you, I'm not going to make sacrifices to create a world in which others don't have to.

I've got too much gas

Global warming ranks right up next to Y2K as one of biggest farces of modern civilization.


"Fuck you, I'm not going to make sacrifices to create a world in which others don't have to."

You and GWB are the same page.


The above should read: 'on the same page.'


What's with the need to insist that conservation be voluntary? It specificly rewards people that don't do those things, and businessmen should understand the concept of a reward better than anybody.

You say "the gubmint wants to tell us what to do" but we have a representative government made up of our elected fellows. There is no "us versus them", only you versus everyone else.

I realy think people who take that idiotic conservative view point are just greedy assholes with little imagination, and debate is doing no good because it's realy just a smoke screen meant to look like a debate. It's time to pick up the boards with nails and handle this the old fashoned way.


Duff Bullstuff (go figure):
Has it been going on for as long as earth has been around;

Yes, though at astronomically slower temperature gradiants than the recent warming.

and what factor is humankind playing in this and to what degree are still fully unanswered questions.

Just because you label something "unanswered", does not make it so. Again, nearly every peer reviewed study shows that humankind is indeed responsible to a high degree.
As Bla'M properly says above, Duffy's mytheory is of the "outer rings of the scientific community", not peer-reviewed, and for the most part - heavily funded/skewed by patroleum interests

And certainly from what I read (and I know my sources are discounted and/or condemned) this is still a relatively unsettled science

We've been over all this before ad nauseum Duffman. As always, you got your unsourced, unscientific opinion handed to you. The (one) source you provided was not condemed but was completely discounted because he himself believed that "solar heating" had not effected the recent global warming.

Again, if you would like to have me re-provide you with any of those past links, just let me know. But just don't think you can (re)sneak your pseudo-science garbage under BW the radar (again).

Share your BS information with Frosty Hardison. With your common mytheories (humans/dinosaur cohabitation, earth is 6,000 yo, and apocalypse on 06/06/07) you should have plenty to talk about.


GWB has the ultra-green house in Crawford, TX while al Gore has the power sucking mansion(s).
You and al Gore are on the same page.
I will continue to give ten percent of my income to charity because it makes me feel good. I know that some on this site think that it is selfish of me to do anything that makes me feel good. I will continue to drag the bags of crap to recycle because it is best for the environment.
I will continue to drive the VW to and from work rather than the proper British motor car or the Lincoln because it is better for the environment (and bonus, 20 cents per mile cheaper) and makes me feel good.
But I will not concern myself with Andrew's choices as it is really none of my business.
I have no idea that global warming is or is not real. Either way does not justify the waste of precious carbon resources.


Don't tell me you're charitable on the one hand but don't want to be documented doing it on the other. That's the dumbest bullshit I've ever heard. We're not nearly as dumb as you look.

Second, if you recycle trash to save the earth than you can't say that you're indifferent if I don't, because then I'd be destroying the exact same planet you're spending effort to save. Don't try to tell me that I can piss on your birthday cake and that you're not going to care.


WTF Andrew
What does "documented" mean. I am as dumb as I look. I do not understand what you are saying. The only documentation I need for contributions goes on the old 1040. Because you choose to be an energy pig is your business (although I believe you said what you said just to get dialog going). I drive sixty mph on the freeway, (or as otherwise posted). If you come up behind at 75, I just get out of your way. You are pissing away fuel and oxygen. Bugs me a little perhaps, but again I will do my part. You are none of my concern. I will concern myself with your bullshit after I get my life perfected.
I do hope you come around and help conserve though. If you don't, than the govment will step in and screw it up for everybody.


Here's the core of your problem: "Bugs me a little perhaps, but again I will do my part. You are none of my concern."

You're seeming to completely and conveniently forget 1) we all breathe the same air, and 2) you're supposed to vote.

If everyone waited until their life was perfected before they voted on behalf of The Future Of America than George W Bush would be the only person in line at the ballot box.

In one week I fill my entire jumbo recycling bin and only about three bags of trash, but hey I might be bullshitting you, you don't know. In fact I might get some sick pleasure throwing recyclables away. Is it OK with you if I just pass go and dump my trash on you lawn?


Very impressive Andrew.
I takes me two weeks to fill the recycle bin. My trash goes in the kitchen compactor. Takes a week to fill it. Not bad for a family of four. But then the unconsumed food goes in a worm bin in the back yard. Used to go down the garbage disposal. But the grand brat taught me a better way.
What do you use on your lawn? Is it safe for the streams and sound?
What do you do with used oil? Take it to schucks or grease monkey. They recycle it for you.
Ok, I admit it Andrew. I am concerned about you. Full recycle bin in one week. That is using a lot of stuff.
By the way, stay away from my yard with your trash. I have not read all the govment rules about my second amendment rights. Might do it wrong with the militia thing. Maybe you are stealing my trash.
We will recycle. Let the govment build the damn fence.


Oh, Andy.
If you do not need the trash bags, don't use um. They take like ten zillion years to break down in the land fills.
Best regards
Breaking my own rules and not minding my own business.


If you don't mind my polluting the air you breathe then why are you aprehensive about my desire to dump trash on your lawn? You're interestingly seletive.

* I'm a Fresca junkie


Well Mr Andrew,
If you chose to pollute the air I breath, you pollute the air you breath, and your mother, father, sister, kids etc breath. If you do not care about yourself or them or anybody else, how can I ever expect you to care about some Pierce County Republican bastard such as myself?
But I gotta maintain my own little half acre out here in the boonies. Stay away from my yard.
So keep doing what you are doing. If you get the urge to do it better, then good on ya.
Govment can't fix it. Individuals gotta do it.


**Dori is an intelligent guy** (that's arguable) **so I am forced to conclude that he is a hypocrite...**

I've known Dori is a lying hypocrite (who is FAR too fixated on minor females) for quite a while now. What took you so long to figure it out?


It's funny how people who rally the against pedophelia often turn out to (allegedly) be the quite the enthusiasts, such as Pete Townsend, Ex Rep. Mark Foley and more priests than anyone can count.

On a completely unrelated note, seperate story and seperate topic, I was, and am, very upset by how Dori Monson took issue with the fact that teenage girls and some thirty year old guy, among numerous other people, were sleeping in the same house the morning the crazed gunman went on a rampage in Capitol Hill.

What kind of twisted leap does a person have to make to stear a story about crazed homicide into an issue of age propriety? What?Are we going to slap these people on the wrist? Some of them were killed for fucks sake! To say that was insensitive is obvious, but it was also a creative leap of logic to be sure.


I was looking at metafilter and saw that the pedophile up north who ran a website with children's pictures moved to California and they are of course creeped out.


I have abandoned my shortlived Blatherwatch Senior Fellow status to come back down into the gutter to spank Frank Shiers AGAIN, this time for his infuriatingly patronizing chat with a caller on the subject of Ass Gonzales , our Attorney General. This smug condescending fool tonight repeated that asinine banality, "the U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President". Nice try Frank. It's not only asinine but also untrue. Historically, if you were truly informed, Frank, instead of just an arrogant prig with a false sense of superiority bred into you by being the son of judge,you'd know that the handful of U.S. Atorneys through all of U.S. history who have been fired at times other than at the start of a new presidential term, were all fired for serious malfeasance in office and/or for crimes such as bribery, etc. The reasons that Ass Gonzales gave for the firings simply aren't good enough, when measured against the high standards of this historical tradition. The caller correctly called out Frank for his view of the American people as idiots, after Shiers glibly proclaimed the majority of us to be knownothings who couldn't name the V.P. of our country. Although Americans are cetainly underinformed , it is only Frank's insufferable arrogance that allows him to proclaim such bogus statistics in such a cocksure maner. I'm sure that the majority of us can name the V.P. Go to Hell Frank.


Chuck, you keep saying that government can't fix anything ... over and over again ... about literally everything. If you actually care about the environment then great for you. However, how do your personal efforts stack up to what that government (under Republicans) has done to allow massive building of coal plants, relaxing of the Clean Air Act, etc. etc. etc.?

IF you do really care and aren't just trying to use your personal jihad to cover for your political compatriots...why don't you and others like you push your party back to reality? I think we both know the answer: the massive majority of the party you identify with don't give a rat's ass and think anything environmentally sound is a commie plot.


He's lying to us. It simply doesn't make any fucking sense to go out of your way to save the planet, but then entrusted to one magical vote, and use that vote to install people who will ruin the very thing you are trying to save.

Sure he's just a humble man in Pierce county doing his part, but when he steps into the ballot box he brutally rapes mother earth by giving his political dollar to people who will completely negate his humble efforts.

He's like Big Oil, casting a cloud of doubt over global warming, not enough to disprove anything, but enough make someone say "while you two argue, I'm going to buy an SUV."


Push my party? Who? My Senators, my Congress critters, my county executive? Oh wait, they are yours. My President? He is hearing from me right now. But getting the damn fence built has little to do with the environment.
I agree with building more coal plants along with nuke power plants, bio diesel plants, hybrid cars, veggie veedubs etc. All of these things have the potential to make some private investors a lot of money. At the same time, help us get off of oil imports.
The guvment should provide mondo tax incentives so that the private sector is willing to invest big bucks in rebuilding and modernizing our energy infrastructure.
I know it is not PC to believe in private sector solutions, but hey, I do.


Chuck, don't change the subject...this thread isn't about building a fence that is a separate issue.

Building coal plants will not get us off of oil imports so please understand the issue a bit better. Gutting the Clean Air Act will not get us off foreign oil either. Gutting the Superfund legislation will not get us off foreign oil.

You are throwing up talking points which make no sense here. As to your "party" don't try and turn it around on others saying that they are ours too...if Republicans like yourself are intellectually and morally honest people, then you should take up these conservation issues too and force your constituent politicos to change their platform.

Lastly, telling people they are being PC for supporting conservation is silly on its face. If you think that private enterprise will do a better job on environmental issues if there was no government "interference" (read: laws to protect the environment) then I'd say you're nutso.

By the way, since you seem to be a veritable talking point factory today, you may want to fact check yourself on the "mondo tax incentives" statement...newsflash: they ALREADY have them. Please take the time to read this data:


82 of the fortune 100 paid zero income taxes for at least one year or more of the Bush presidency. All of the other years data is there...I would say corporate America is already doing just fine in that respect. Just look at the profits.

I suggest you also vet the sources of your belief that companies are taxed too much... I believe you will find that the conservative sources will all cite the federal + state tax rate and go "oh my GOD this is obscene!" Of course, they will fail to mention that these numbers ignore tax credits, deductions, state and federal loopholes.


chucks says The guvment should provide mondo tax incentives so that the private sector is willing to invest big bucks in rebuilding and modernizing our energy infrastructure.

That money has to come from somewhere. You're simply shifting the burden away from business onto individuals. Why do you hate yourself so much?

Myself and countless other are quoted between $200 and $1500 to replace replace our exhaust lines and/or catalytic converters in order to pass emissions, so, you expect us to pay the private sector in order to conform to environmental laws, then to add insult to injury, you also want all of us to pay the private sector again to encourage the them to not pollute? Why do you hate people? Why do you so willingly make yourself a bitch to big business?


Agreed that Gonzales is inept, but the only way that Congress can constitutionally get rid of him is to Impeach him or have the President replace him, which won't happen. They will have about as much success with impeachment of Gonzales as impeaching Bush or Cheney. Democrats in the Senate are masters at wasting time with few results, and don't pay attention to the Constitution !

After Janet Reno dealt with Waco the way she did, just to name a few, at least the Republicans did not waste their time with taking a vote of no confidence on her, and that was closer to an impeachable offense than AG has done. I give the current Senate less credit than the Republicans that controlled Senate during the Clinton Administration.

On the topic of this thread, global warming - it is happening but is the #1 political football of this decade. I like common sense about how to preserve the planet, but many scare tactics about it belong in jail with Paris Hilton.


And if that money has to come from somewhere. since when does it not come from individuals? If you tax Boeing or General Electric big bucks, does it not come from us anyway? Why the heck do any of you think that you are not going to take it in the butte in the end anyway?
Did any of those referenced big corporations pay local property taxes, phone taxes, sale taxes, utility taxes, social security taxes etc. Do you suppose that they might have passed on that shit to you? Why the heck did Gary Locke lobby so hard to keep Boeing here. For the tax money.
I do not care how much the corps pay in income taxes. What they pay up front, we pay in the end.
That being said, I still believe that Uncle Sam has the power and ability to incentivise or disincentivise private investment in our energy infrastructure.
(By the way, 35% corp income tax rate is obscene. I'd offshore it too.)


Alas, Fremont: I believe (in regard to the AG Gonzales issue) the proverbial fat lady has indeed sung! Lo siento mucho.


Did you read the report, Chucks? It takes into account all state, local and federal taxes so your FUD is incorrect. Do you even understand that what you are saying (this mythical 35% income tax rate talking point) is flat out wrong?

You are looking at top line tax rates and not the actual tax amount paid after subsidies, deferments, credits and loopholes. Look at the bottom line. Jeez is a little critical thinking too much to ask man? Please try and understand what I'm saying here...it directly refutes (with facts) the baseless talking points you're trying to deflect with.


chucks said If you tax Boeing or General Electric big bucks, does it not come from us anyway? .. I do not care how much the corps pay in income taxes. What they pay up front, we pay in the end.

No, they also sell their products international consumers and companies.

chucks said By the way, 35% corp income tax rate is obscene. I'd offshore it too.

In other words you want to let businesses pollute in order to keep up globaly, but if we are willing to rape the earth for profit then how are we supposed to expect or ask the same of China or India?

As a global leader we are a country that should call for change, not cower and submit to the ways of lesser economies.


What is so complicated about incentives to get what we want? Why do you clowns want to pound on me? I do my part.
Your party controls the city, county, state and federal guvment. Get your guys to handle it. I personally do not think those asshats will do anything to piss off the big corps because they want the money to get re-elected in 2008, 10,12,etc.
You are the little people. You get nothing beyond promises and crumbs.


chucks says What is so complicated about incentives to get what we want?

It's voluntary. Things get complicated when children are born with six fingers and the toxic chemical plant says they didn't feel quite incentivised enough to properly dispose of their waste. Suppose we gave them 50% discount on disposal but dumping it down the drain cost zero dollars and zero cents so they said "no, thanks!"

On the other hand, what's so complicated about requiring that they properly dispose of waste?


Andy (we are friends now)
I have no arguments for your last post. None.
I really thought this thread was about global warming and what we might do re same. I still believe in incentives, but what you point out is criminal misconduct. That would best be answered by long prison sentences and huge fines.
So now we are talking about a carrot and a really big stick.


Truce as soon as you educate yourself and understand the factually incorrect statements you've made (which have been pointed out). Nobody is pounding on you insofar as we are trying to get you to expand your beliefs to include actual facts and not the "I hate liberals" playbook.


chucks says I still believe in incentives, but what you point out is criminal misconduct.

You're almost getting it. If a company is going to poison the air they should have to contribute proportionately to reforestation (or whatever) to offset the damage, and to do otherwise should be criminal misconduct.




There is a very interesting book out called "Libby Montana: Asbestos and the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation." It is about the disaster created by the vermiculite mills which exposed the populace to asbestos over many years. Recently, the government passed a law that limited the responsibility that corporations have regarding their polluting an area and the after effects..

Mother Jones.com has a good article about the incident


And chucks, talking about obscene, if corporations paid a few more taxes, CEO's might make a little less money. Not a huge amount, of course, but I disagree that it would necessarily be passed on to us. We have budgets, too.

You seem like a victim to your right-wing thinking. You talk as if there is no other way. I disagree.

And since when can a corporation be jailed for criminal conduct?


Come on joanie, you had to know I meant Corp leaders. Do you not give a guy credit for anything?
CEO's, CFO,s etc.
Give me a break, I caved to your side on that issue.


Corporations are formed to protect leaders from liability issues. Don't you know that?

Personally, I'd get rid of corporations altogether and make people responsible for their actions again.

Just me, I guess.


chucks, I get so annoyed because you people on the right just don't seem to see the big picture.

Wouldn't it be nice if people would take care of each other. And isn't it nice that you think you do.

But, the fact is, you cannot rely on individuals to protect the general welfare. That makes you feel good about yourselves but doesn't get the job done. And nothing is perfect. Government is the best vehicle but it takes strict oversight by the citizenry. That means rather than abolish what is good about government, the people have to monitor and discipline it. Government for and by the people.

Read what Jefferson and Madison thought of corporations: "
Most Americans don’t know it but Thomas Jefferson, along with James Madison worked assiduously to have an 11th Amendment included into our nation’s original Bill of Rights. This proposed Amendment would have prohibited “monopolies in commerce.” The amendment would have made it illegal for corporations to own other corporations, or to give money to politicians, or to otherwise try to influence elections. Corporations would be chartered by the states for the primary purpose of “serving the public good.” Corporations would possess the legal status not of natural persons but rather of “artificial persons.” This means that they would have only those legal attributes which the state saw fit to grant to them. They would NOT; and indeed could NOT possess the same bundle of rights which actual flesh and blood persons enjoy. Under this proposed amendment neither the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, nor any provision of that document would protect the artificial entities known of as corporations."

You think Jefferson was a pretty bright guy? He'd be a little unhappy to see the old Brit empire still around only with an American flag on it.

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