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June 18, 2007



I cited the date for that on BW. So don't get on your high horse ass-backwards. I said July 06 - right? But the other one was May 07. Notice you neglected to note that. Hmm?


joanie wrote:
"Obviously, Randi is a might too intellectual and too sourced for these morons."

Sorry, RR couldn't last 1-round with Larry Elder; now there's someone who is well sourced. Not too many want to go up against him (including the mighty Rusho!)
An incredibly fine debator.
[XM Radio at 15:00]


Notice, Duff, I don't respond much to you anymore? Too much blather and no substance. I'll let merci speak for me.


What's new; like I implied this is not surprising, since you appear to be one of RR's lap-dogs. Of course you know that means I WIN! haha
[See you at the polls where if you vote Dem, you WILL be voting for Mrs Clinton]


Ah, geez, nevetS, you like Gallup Polls so much, check this one out. "Only 29% of Americans Say U.S. Is Winning War on Terrorism - Lowest percentage recorded to date" and notice the date, won't you, please?


joanie wrote:
Notice, Duff, I don't respond much to you anymore? Too much blather and no substance. I'll let merci speak for me.

This is what's known as a concession statement; all other's herein who debate the infamous 'joanie' can achieve this too if you're persistant. :)


whatever, duff.


Have a good life! :)


"joanie wrote:
Notice, Duff, I don't respond much to you anymore? Too much blather and no substance. I'll let merci speak for me."

Errr ph(j)oanie, if you have to point it out its self evident that he hasn't noticed. Besides, you won't be able to not respond to Duff. He has your number.

Now go back to your Randi podcast before the kids come back from recess.


cpp3 - I will discontinue my discussion with you on this topic. I cannot reason with someone as irrational and narcissistic as you who cannot produce a coherent argument.
I will agree to disagree with your viewpoint - End of story [email protected]#%*


That's it run when you can't hang. Feel free. Of course you still have yet to refute my point other than to set up an argument that I didn't make and knock it down! Have fun playing with the strawmen.


You are insistent on chasing your tail, dude. There is nothing to run from here, just your pueling and bitching. So demonstrate how the right has embraced the Radical side of Islam. Give specific instance and I'll consider it if it turns out to be true.

Look, joker - neither the right or the left has found a solution to stem the conflict between US forces and Islamists - the right chooses to confront them and produces a standoff and the left chooses to engage them in dialogue that produces nada, nothing. So you can stop blowing smoke and making it political and move on as I choose to do.


Again you're trying to make a strawman argument. I did not say that the right was embracing radical Islam. I'll break it down for you really slowly so you can follow along:

YOU: Liberals want to negotiate with terrorists.

ME: Uh no we don't, nice strawman...here is a nice link of people who call themselves Republicans advocating it.

YOU: They aren't conservatives they are liberals.

Now where in any of this has it been stated that the right has embraced radical Islam? Nowhere except in your attempt to put words in my mouth since you failed at debating the issue and are changing the subject. Just admit that you got called on an incorrect statement and "move on." As you claim you have.

"the right chooses to confront them and produces a standoff and the left chooses to engage them in dialogue"

Are you sure about that? You really ought to catch up...Your buddies in the Bush Administration are talking to Syria, Iran and North Korea while people like YOU are dissing liberals for it. Here is a nice breakdown. Would you care to refute this or shall I count on you changing the subject again?:

April, the Bush Administration says U.S. Officials should have no contact with the Syrian government, lashes out at Democrats.

One month later, Rice meets with Syrian ambassador one on one.

January, Bush Administration rejects talks with Iran out of hand.

Four months later, Bush Administration holds meeting with Iran.

Even sitting down with North Korea is appeasement.

In a sharp reversal of policy, Bush sends envoy to North Korea for direct talks.

So, again, its the liberals who want to talk with terrorists? Go ahead and attempt to respond but you're just digging deeper at this point.


Since when is it a problem to have a dialog with the enemy?
You just need a big stick and the balls to use it when the enemy needs to feel the pain, thus moving the dialog along.
Sometimes it is best to put fear in the enemy's heart and to make them beg for dialog first. Then talk.
Dick Morris is still a Richard. I find his story's entertaining because of his history with the Clinton family. He seems to know what he is talking about. Sure don't want him on my side though. You can tell that he is still a dem at heart.


That wasn't the question though, Chucks. Our buddy KS specifically called out liberals for wanting dialog with terrorists and stated clearly the conservatives did not. It really has nothing to do with what you're saying.

However since you do ask that question, it helps when you don't take your stick and overuse it to the point it gets so stressed out that the rest of your enemies know they can keep pushing you...especially since the aforementioned stick is jammed in the sand.


We gots us plenty more stick my friend. The Navy and Air Force guys are kind of bored right now. Do not underestimate our stick. We have plenty more soldiers all over the world ready to play stick with the sand crabs.
Aramadamadingdong and the dancing mulahs are already playing the game. Soon, our guys will be up to bat.


I rest my case. Truly inspiring and cogent thought process there. I'm sure bombing the shit out of anyone you don't like is the best way to go. Sand crabs...wow really advanced thought process there too.


If I may: we have got to learn to 'communicate' with the world from a humble position. IMHO our President's problem (among other things) he communicates like a cowboy out of the old West. Scares the heck out of me. No, we can't do it with just POWER any more although I agree with an immense power should we get in the position to warrant it (i.e. like being attacked). The George Bush approach is outdated and downright stupid. In the words of a great L.A. philosopher 'can't we all get along' PEACEfully! :)


cpp3 - What does this refer to ?
"The right has embraced its more radical side" (Radical side of what ?) That could be Islamists or whoever.

Never said that the conservatives didn't want a dialogue - I did mention negotiating with terrorists and that is different, and was referring to release of hostages - you didn't ask what was meant, you spouted off and assumed.

Its not a problem having a dialogue with the enemy. It would be a problem to honor any agreement they sign of ours. Case & point; Like former Pres. Carter did with North Korea in 1994, which came back to bite us, with the approval of Clinton.

The bottom line is the results - while the talks are a start, they need to keep on going - I'll keep an open mind but don't like the rhetoric of Pelosi and Reid - they are out to divide us in front of the rest of the world. On the other hand, its true that Bush doesn't communicate worth spit much of the time. Neither side is right and they are both playing politics.

With the little Hitler in Iran, we need to pay attention over there and be prepared to step in and quash their facilities - if we have to, but no preemptive strikes unless it is confirmed that danger to our National Security is imminent.


chuck's answer to everything eventually:

kill 'em, nuke 'em, kill 'em, nuke 'em, kill 'em . . . and on and on and on.

Didn't somebody you all think is on your side say something about turning the other cheek . . . ?

And nothing humble about "bla bla bla duff." Just a lot of talking out of whichever side of his mouth is working that minute.

Gee, things are looking up. putsie tried to post something without defaulting to name calling. Too bad it was so boring, puts. You might go back to name calling. You're better at it. Go with what you do best is my advice.


ph(j)oanie sez:
"Go with what you do best is my advice."

And I would suggest you take Horace Greely's advice and head west which should put you in the Puget Sound in short order. Enjoy the swim.
Actually, what I do best is point out your lack of consistancy.
So to Duff, I would have to say you have her number.
Ph(j)oanie just had to respond to you even after making a big deal of the fact that she was ignoring you. All in a day for dear ph(j)oanie.


"So to Duff, I would have to say you have her number."

Yeah PS I think you're right. Her concession statement said volumes!

"Notice, Duff, I don't respond much to you anymore? Too much blather and no substance. I'll let merci speak for me.
Posted by: joanie | June 22, 2007 at 06:55 AM"

...and to even give 'merci(styblehead)furious' her Power of Attorney like that must indicate a complete melt-down? Hmmmm...wonder if she's ever bought a used car...;)


Especially entertaining on this board is the verbal high-fiving that goes on between the little men (pugetsound, KS, Duffman, Nevets) whenever one of them believes he has "scored."


Assuming we're all men..how sexist! :)


Snuffman is really 12 guys, the 3 faces of Steve is fascinatin' too!


"..verbal high-fiving that goes on between the little men (pugetsound, KS, Duffman, Nevets).."

..also discriminatory statement against height-challenged individuals...how politically incorrect indeed; you should be ashamed of yourself :(

Any one looking for a used car?


Hey Duff
Puts here, you know the only two who pull the gender cards when they get the tables turned on them are name callers extraordinaire Snarky and
It's the web, gender is irrelevant.
The only real question is if "Brenda" was Snarky or Ph(j)oanie ie which of them ran down to the library to use the free computer to send the annonymous posting.


That's right Puts. It MUST be me or joanie. Surely no other female reader of this board would point out
your faible d'esprit.
Back to ignoring you now.


Sparky, you know little men - any attention is better than no attention! As for aliases? They must ass-u-me everyone does it. It is called projection.


Well Joanie, that timeline was meant for the Capt, I saw what you put, maybe the Capt. didn't or misread it. As for your article, you should do some research yourself and see how much money an Iraqi thinks a dead relative is worth. Follow that common dreams article and you will see where they have mislead you and thier base on the subject. Is 2.5 million ID (Iraqi Dinar) worth a life. For most who have lost a relative in Iraq it is.


"What price (when we do pay) do we place on the life of a 9-year-old boy, shot by one of our soldiers who mistook his book bag for a bomb satchel? Would you believe $500? And when we shoot an Iraqi journalist on a bridge we shell out $2,500 to his widow ā€” but why not the measly $5,000 she had requested?ā€ and later in the feedback: "If we consider that the average GDP per capita in the United Sates is $43,500, and that in Afghanistan the average GDP is $800, then the compensation to Afghan families for the wrongful death of a family member by the US Military should be approximately $110,000. This means that the US government is under compensating the Afghani families by a factor of 55."

Why do you think they ask for more?

Why did you not post your link supporting your statement?

Why do you decide what an Iraqi life is worth? "For all the talk of Iraq being a sovereign nation, foreign occupiers are the ones deciding what an Iraqi life is worth."

You are full of it, ass-backwards. I think your life is worth much less than you do. So, who gets to decide? Me? That would be justice, wouldn't it.


Follow your story Joanie, the facts are there. If you refuse to believe and keep your head in the sand. Fine.


And if you can't admit when you are wrong, better to parade as if you know? Hmm. As expected.


After 6 years of propping up the Bush MisAdministration, the Washington Post publishes a long article about Darth Cheney, one in a series of 4 to be run this week.
Interesting reading, though not much new information.


Maybe new to those who choose to remain ignorant?


Well, Cheney's approval rating is down in the dumpster, so Im not sure anyone but the very hard core supporters would be surprised by this article....check out the picture of Powell leaving a meeting, with a smirking Cheney in the background.


Especially entertaining on this board is the verbal "high-fiving that goes on between the little men (pugetsound, KS, Duffman, Nevets) whenever one of them believes he has "scored."

Brenda - living in a dream world - what are you talking about ? Just another smart-a$$ comment from the peanut gallery - who is a sheeple - trying to be politically correct with this website. Why don't you show some courage and take an independent stand on something instead of mocking those who do ?


"The only real question is if "Brenda" was Snarky or Ph(j)oanie ie which of them ran down to the library to use the free computer to send the annonymous posting."

OR It could also be cowpotpi3 doing the same to throw others off with a different gender.


Or it could be Klueless, puts, or duff trying to frame us. Desperate people do desperate things . . .


Whats the matter Joanie, not able to follow up your story. Here's a clue for you, ACLU. Thats where the author got his details. Why don't you go over there and look at what price the Iraqis put on their loved ones. Too bad the kiddies are not around to help you out, now you have to do your own homework.


Another retread post for "I'm guessing again."


I don't watch Dick Morris. I may have seen him once as he looks familiar. At any rate, the one thing he's said, whether he is a hypocrite is that Congress does receive and we pay for:
1. Free premium healthcare for life
2. Full salaries after they leave office
3. Free travel and expenses paid
4. Kick-backs and favors from lobbyists and vice-versa
5. And untold other benefits, favors, unique and insider abilities to amass great fortunes and manipulate markets and policies to their benefit.

This does not exempt the Executive Branch from taking advantage of the same and many more benefits. I'm unsure about the Judicial Branch, which seems to be the most ethical, albeit less and less judicial and open-minded as a Justice ought to be and more and more one-sided and serving as a Cabinet Member "at the pleasure of the president" which they are not.

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