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June 15, 2007



If Bonneville sees Beck as "amusing", that doesnt bode well for KIRO. Another reasong to stream my radio choices...


Wow...I just can't see what they see in this guy. If he's anything like his TV show (& I'm sure he must be) I can't even stand to watch it for a minute. Course I never listen to KTTH any way..so I guess it's a moot point.


Let's see how "amusing" he is when his ratings invariably parallel his TV shares.


Ron & Don" or Glenn Beck? what a choice. I can't believe they did this. Seattle radio got good and sick of him years ago. NPR won't have any competition in my afternoon.


There's usually a kickback involved, Bonneville probably got more dough for Beck than Savage. That's all it is, otherwise they don't give a s**t what they run on KTTH.


Never listen to KTTH...King of Smarm surely won't make me start.


you mean Beck had to pay KTTH to put him on the air???


Sure, FOX Noise had to pay cable outlets to carry their programming in the early years.


Holy crap - no more O'Reilly to agitate leftist secular progressives. Instead Beck, who can be as irritating to the left - that may be a yawner. Seattle once again shows itself to be a mediocre talk radio market. Beck might be OK for overnight. He doesn't rate good enough to be carried in Portland any longer. NPR is starting to sound more interesting during that time.


I'd take a leftist secular progressive over a 12th century Christianist any day of the week. At least they have morals and honesty.


Way to 'clean up' this thread Bla'M :)


Well, if Beck actually does send KluelesS to NPR, some good will have been done. :)


You be the eternal optimist, young lady! :)
Do you REALLY teach your 1st graders to check c/rite dates?..how absolutely cool!




Yet further reason why I so respect what you (& Sparks) have chosen to do in life. Your legacy will live on like few others and you should be proud. No BS just fact!

John Hampton

What's all the hub-bub about Glenn Beck? If you don't like it, do what I do to about 95% of all media. TURN IT OFF! If you turn it off, the ratings will go down. If the ratings go down, the advertisers will go away. If the advertisers go away, no more Beck. Let's go through that again ... If you ....
Speaking of political correctness, since Oprah is an African American, and Alin Mirikitani is an Asian American, does that mean I need to start insisting that I be called a Western European American? And in Memphis, TN thw caucasians are the minority. So does that mean we need more whites in municipal jobs for example, because those jobs do not reflect the proportionality of the city. And, since there is a
Miss Black Teenage America, should I start a Miss White Teenage America pageant? After all, PC is PC.


With all due respect sir, yes we do have the option of on/off, however we also have the duty to question what our immediate culture surroundings portray. And in this case (from my standpoint) this individual is not indicative of our preference in radio. The twist (in my limited knowledgeable opinion) is that one station may be the sacrificial lamb to another...to make the other the ultimate power. This could be the case under the Bonneville umbrella for KIRO?? Bla'M could probably correct my thinking on this (with his experience) but there may be an underlying stradegy here that belies the obvious?
Your next point was (I think) on political correctness...and on that sir I think you've over-rationalized. Forgive me but I think we're ultimately after some sort of equality...on a 'catch-up' basis and we are not playing a tit-for-tat game.


I watched Beck on tv the other day. He didn't seem too weird to me. I think that I will just give him a listen when his show starts.
It may be good, it may suck.
Seem that there are a lot of radio programs and personalities out there to choose from.
Suppose we could just move to Venezuela and listen to what Hugo dishes out.


watched Beck on tv the other day. He didn't seem too weird to me.

chucks - in a nutshell and self-defined.


Was that a personal attack joanie?
You need to get away from the first graders now and again. Maybe go hang out with the fifth grade kids at recess. Learn to really insult people who do not buy your every idea. I know that every human that does not agree with you must be an dimwit. No doubt about that.
If we would just get our news from Randi (the Michael Savage of the left), we would all be the same, think the same, act the same.
My God!! We wouldn't have to hold anymore of those bothersome elections. We would all vote the same anyway.
Closed minded idiot. That is what I'm thinking.


Isn't Glenn Beck a little effeminate for the right? Just saying what everyone is thinking.


We have them log cabin fellas.
Hell, we even have some women and other minority folk as well.
We even have some atheists and vegans.
But mostly, folks think that we are just a bunch of rich white fellas, out for ourselves.


If we would just get our news from Randi

Exactly, chucks. You'd get news from Randi. Sourced and factual. But you won't get name calling or nonsense.

But then it's your choice which you choose. You just have to live with what it says about you.

And there are atheist and vegans idiots as well. Just saying . . .


Yes joanie
She is well sourced and factual.
So is the other clown, Michael Savage.
Randi and Savage are the same.
Entertainers who cater to extreme nuts on opposite sides of the planet.
Nobody that listens to either of them more than ten minutes per day
is normal. They are both twisted and their listeners are twisted.
Hope you weren't one of those sucked into gain sharing.
How many times have you been divorced anyway?
You are so stubborn, closed minded
and cranky. Must be at least twice. Sometimes you act like the epitome of ex-wives.


So you need someone easy, malleable, ambiguous, a name-caller of the first rank, who could care less about anything substantial or substantiated . . . . wow, you are a catch, aren't you?


O'Reilly has been targeted by the leftists and a few right extremist organizations because he is effective at exposing the phonies (also on the right) for who they are. Probable that some special interest groups (ACLU, CAIR, John Birch Society, moveon.org, LaRaza and a few other extremist groups) threatened sponsors of his show and the sponsors caved. Either that or KTTH recruited KIRO's old program director that brought on Styblehead, etc. and made a bonehead decision. I may not listen that much to NPR, but I will be listening more to ESPN (KJR) or (KHHO) FOX sports - Jim Rome is good in the mornings...

Randi Rhodes and Michael Savage - imagine what that debate would sound like - like two people running their fingernails up and down a chalk board. Most sane people could stand about 15 minutes max. If there were such a debate, Joanie should be sentenced to listen to it for an hour...


Beck, whom we have described as a "hypermanic,

That's enough to keep me from listening no matter his politics. I can't take my hyper from anyone. I think, as funny as Mark Maron could be, it's why I couldn't listen to him for long. I really wanted to like him. Stephanie Miller is about as hyper as I can take.


Well we at least we now know where Joanie got her info on Galileo.

blathering michael

Billo Reilly was not targetted by anybody- especially listeners. He pulled less than a 1% share in Seattle.


KluelesS: If there were such a debate, Joanie should be sentenced to listen to it for an hour...

I would love that debate! No doubt in my mind who would win . . . what's the matter with you KluelesS. Afraid Savage isn't what you crack him to be?


Surprising that O'Reilly has such a low rating on radio, while generating a high rating on cable TV, but it probably also has something to do with the time he is on the air.

I know that Savage can be a raving lunatic as Randi Rhodes has proven herself to be time and time again - it would most likely be a Mexican standoff because they would keep trying to shout over each other and it would not be worthy of listening to for very long. You think you'd like to listen to that - nice...sounds rather insane.

If you believe Rhodes would win - the consensus would say Mexican standoff or go the other way - because that's who you are girl !


To be honest Orally is his own enemy when it comes to the supposed "evil liberal vendetta" against him. If he would quit presenting factually inaccurate information then drawing conclusion about "the left" based on them there really wouldn't be an issue. Then again that doesn't help him with ratings. He's always going to be popular with the 50-75 year old "I hate the government and all lib-rells" types.

I still chuckle at his statement about how we evil secular progressives in Seattle didn't give even ONE toy to the Toys for Tots drive! Of course it was a lie...which went uncorrected as he proceeded to go "SEE THE SP's ARE EVILLLL."


Shit for brains Mormons running KTTH are going to preempt Savage fro a putz liek Beck? Go to Hell, Mormon bastards! And go to Hell, Frank Shiers.


Savage gets moved up three hours - so that's not so bad for him. Shit for brains Mormons will be losing more listenership with this move. Come to think of it, Beck reminds me somewhat of Frank Shiers...oooooooooooooooooo.


Seems to me KTTH has gone downhill since they got Limbaugh.
Savage was the Reason I started listening to 770, and the day they drop him will be the day they lose a listener, and probably many others, If they were smart, they would put Glenn Beck After Savage, then I might even listen to Beck, but They have no chance of Me listening to Beck from 3-6, Ill just listen to KZOK until savage comes on.

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