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June 29, 2007



SHIT!! As the stomach turns....



How could anyone murder a man who had been brought so low? This crime must be solved.


Fascinating choice of words, Jew..."brought so low" as an indirect object rather than "fallen" so low. It presumes a force secondary to Webb's own...h-m-m...


How can anyone murder anybody...regardless of their standing in life in the eyes of others?


Sad. And I liked Dori's tribute. That MLK piece Webb did *was* classic...


Mike was One of Us. At least Bal'm didn't drive Mike to suicide as some had thought.


I was hoping Mike would still be around to help us round up the last of the brainwashed gop crime syndicate.


Gusto, as much as I like mocking Izzy's website, you should have some sort of disclaimer that you are not him!!


Bla'M I hope you can discount the stuff that's been thrown at you in this. In my opinion you don't deserve any of it. Kudo's to you for reporting the way it is. You provide a great service to this community and I hope you continue to do so...where else could I have such a dialog with 'merci' and then agree with him to the n'th degree on the sadness of this tragedy. Keep it up my man, you are doing good work.


This is starting to look and sound like a parade. It's over.


WADR joanie...please butt out and let people vent as they wish without your sour comments. Take a rest for a change.


Ew! Back to your old self, eh Duff? Oh well, maybe you'll bond with someone in your love of the negative.


Don't you remember: I'm the one you ignore...is it THAT difficult to remember. You obviously have plenty else to 'rave' on. You have shown your true colors during this tragedy and I won't have anything further to do with you and I feel sorry for any one who does. Continue your rant and phony-ness; you don't fool me any more. Enjoy the rest of your life...it is SO precious.


That's weird. I don't remember linking to Izzy's site in my post. Not vg. Les is the only one left to combat Sal's obtusity and Flanagan's white power posts in the forum.


OMG! Duffman, you must be putsie . . . hi darlin'. BTW, phonyness is spelled phoniness.

Now remember, Duff/putsie, you'll have nothing to do with me anymore. Promise?

I bet Mike (who liked me better than you) is laughing his ass off right now. He wasn't one for artificial sentimenality. Esp. from people who never listened to him.


No, it's actually spelled ph(j)oniness. 'Putsie' had it right all along and he can explain it to you. I've enjoyed your blog Bla'M. See ya.


lololol Flan's white power posts,,aint that the truth. She doesnt even try to hide it anymore.
Your signature on here highlights and redirects the viewer to Izzy's site...thats what I meant.


Goodbye Mike.


Conservative about to speak here...be forewarned...


Homicide...Webb was killed by someone. That makes the case all the more sad, and while Mike was never one of my favorites, he should not have gone like that. Here's to hoping his family can receive comfort in their loss.

Now, can we keep the flaming invective to a minimum while Webb is still above ground?


Yes I know about the signature thing. I tried to change it. I will not post at the forum.

Looks like Webb had a right to be paranoid.

Mark L.

I'd bet almost anything whoever did this was a conservative extremist who couldn't take anymore. If that was the case, this only goes to prove some of Mike's points. Some people simply cannot handle the truth. There were people that threatened his life on air - proof positive that some of those who claimed those views Mike professed against also had character issues as well, and the two all too often seem to go hand in hand.

In particular, though, Mike being anti-war and anti-violence only to be killed by violence further proves his message.


Watching the news tonight, I was touched by the flower tribute in front of his house, the voices from his immediate family, his friend and producer Jeremy, and the outpouring from the people whose lives he touched here in the Puget Sound over the past 10 plus years. I hope at some level Mike Webb understood that. On the Ron and Don show I thought Ron did a nice tribute to his former colleague.
And lets also be clear, Mike Webb was murdered and right now we have at least one killer that needs to be brought to justice.


When you lose someone or tragedy strikes, people look to assign blame. I understand.

"...this was a conservative extremist who couldn't take anymore."

Come on. He hadn't been on a radio show with any sizable audience for like a year now. What couldn’t they take?


"When you lose someone or tragedy strikes, people look to assign blame. I understand.

"...this was a conservative extremist who couldn't take anymore."

Come on. He hadn't been on a radio show with any sizable audience for like a year now. What couldn’t they take?"

8ball is correct, given that he didn't really have a radio show for the past 12 months its as ridiculous to say that it was someone out to get Mike because of his radio show as it is laying blame on Blam or Merci or some other blogger.
The real story will eventually be known but lets hope that for the next few days the family/friends of Mike Webb can take a breather and deal with this sad death at the age of 53.

Mortimer Schmorlitz

Mike Webb was murdered. I'm sorry, his honesty is needed these days. Some of the "blog" entries here appear nasty and pathetic in retrospect. I called and talked to Mike Webb two or three times on his radio show. And I listened with interest and mostly agreement. During a time when much of the media, many of the politicians, and all of the other flag waving sheep, were all lying to themselves and others, I found Mike Webb's insight and honesty to be courageous and refreshing.

All you clever "bloggers", you know who you are, you seem to care most about appearing hip, cool, and oh so world weary. How about you go out into the real world, open up your eyes, and think. Yes, I said "think" - you know, it's that cute little pass-time uncool people used to do when they wanted to know something. People used to do some thinking and figured things out for themselves. How quaint. Now it's easier to follow the sheep in front of you (what a view). All that matters is to come across as a really cool dude who has their stuff together, because they've learned how to “blather” and misuse the word "unconscionable" with the rest of 'em.

“Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often.” - Mark Twain

Mark L.

"When you lose someone or tragedy strikes, people look to assign blame. I understand."

The problem is that I didn't assign blame, I said I'd bet almost anything it was a conservative extremist. We probably won't know for sure for some time, I'm just venturing a guess just from knowing that there was a great deal of distaste and, indeed, hate from extreme conservatives against him.

"Come on. He hadn't been on a radio show with any sizable audience for like a year now. What couldn’t they take?"

Sociopathic people that are capable of murder can easily harbor hate for an extended period of time. Given the type of person I'm suggesting, having a liberal on air for a time period of 10 years that was THAT far left-leanign would be more than ample time for someone to build up and then continue their hate well after said radio career was all but finished.


I think it's more likely Webb was killed by some gigolo/drug addict instead of a conservative nutcase.


> I hope you can discount the stuff that's been thrown at you in this. In my opinion you don't deserve any of it.


I've certainly posted some stuff critical of Mike - so my hands aren't totally clean. At the same time - once I saw what was happening - I've read and posted a lot less.

People say nasty things in private all the time - and they say those same things in blogs / online forums. The difference is that blogs and forums are a permanent record. The accused / victim will almost certainly see it eventually.

We've all been through a crisis or two due to our own stupidity. How would you have liked them put up in excess detail on a website?

If it was the mayor it would be one thing. Mike Webb stopped being a public figure maybe four months after he was fired.

I watched similar things happen on fuckedcompany.com many years ago.

There's a description for those who benefit from this kind of thing:



Is that reporting - or is that someone masturbating about someone else's semi-public demise?


URL from last post was supposed to be:



One word occurs to me .... hypocrisy. Limbaugh, Sheirs, Hannerty ... and some oif the AirAmerica crowd too .... these se poele seem to me to be entertainers,modern versions of the curt jester ,,playing wiuth ideas that are painful without having any real beliefs.

Mike believed what he said.


Thanks Spam . . . I like putting things into perspective. (Wish you'd learn to hot link.)


I didn't listen to Dori's tribute but I did listen to Frank Shiers tribute to Mike Webb. They both should be credited for showing some class and compassion in spite of the political differences they both had with Mike. I would love to find out how Dave Ross will salute Mike. I have yet to hear Dave's reaction.


The cockroaches that show up on this site, and other sites, will do so for little reason,regardless of the circumstances, SB. I refer to them as cockroaches, rather than vultures, because they hide most of the time, and when you shine a light on them, they scurry away. I have read the blog over on Horse's Ass, and the ones associated with the major newpapers, and they show up there too.


Really unfair Joanie. Who are you to judge how people react, if they knew the man or not. It is a tragedy no matter how you cut it. If you were close to him it was tragic - if you didn't know him it is TRAGIC. That's really unfair of you.

Everyone is curious what happened - and the lack of police accountability in this case is shocking. I for one will be watching close to see what the outcome of everything is.

But for gods sake - let people grieve how they so choose - if they knew Mike or did not. It doesn't matter - everyone is effected differently.

Thank you.

Mark Logan

Did Hood and Webb ever mend fences? Quite interesting background there from what I've read in the Times and PI. Ironic that I've become a big fan of Hood's blog now due to this tragedy. I'll have to dig into the archives to satiate my infomaniac self.

A special thanks for for the kind comments from Mike's friends and family. The piece his sister did on GAYBC was very moving.

As a straight, conservative man, Mike could piss me off to the hilt, but in all things he exhibited passion, brilliance (if wrong-headedness), and great humor (if often misguided). Nobody can dispute that he was a true master of his craft...

blathering michael

Spambutcher: not that I have anything against masturbation, but it's definition is pleasuring one's self. my reporting, if you'll allow me that, is also for the pleasure of others- frequently your own, I'm grateful to say...


I had no problem with Michael's reportage. It was editorial and reported in a Page Six manner radio news.

But, Mark, people who don't know Mike can hardly be grieving for him. What an absurd statement. My sympathy to all who did know him as a friend and to all who were committed listeners to his show. I was one of those. On this blog, I was an honest responder to his posts.

Many of these posters are sycophants getting their fifteen minutes of fame and I have no respect for their excessive and artificial sentimentality.

Think what you wish . . . Mike himself would give no countenance to these people. And if you had listened to him, you'd know that.


You tore this man apart and now you're all competing for tops in mea culpas - the complete epitome of hypocracy. This is just fuckin sad- have you no moral fiber at all.


Mike Webb was a TRUE PATRIOT who was worthy and deserving of our respect. The WORLD has suffered a terrible loss now that his bold, fearless voice has been silenced. He was truly an inspiration to me, and if it weren't for him, i may never have gotten involved in politics.
I spoke with him many times over the years, while he was at KIRO and afterwards. I've seen him rip other lame, punk-ass on-air personalities APART at a few "Battles of the Talk Show Hosts". His 'no-holds barred' style was passionate, energetic and laden with emotion that he truly felt. Mike was a sincere individual, who believed in his convictions and stood his ground defending his points of view.
Perhaps he went over the top on occasion, but, for me, that was all the more endearing. He WAS NOT a corporate robot spewing forth manufactured rubbish, shrink wrapped, labeled and marketed as NEWS. He spoke from the heart about issues that meant a lot to , not only him, but to millions of concerned Americans, as we've watched Bush butcher and piss on the constitution.
I will greatly miss Mike, and it saddens my heart knowing he's been taken away from us in such a horrible way.
R.I.P. Mike, we love you!


"I've seen him rip other lame, punk-ass on-air personalities APART at a few "Battles of the Talk Show Hosts""

Hardly, that is an incorrect statement; I saw every one of these 'Battles' and Dave Ross was always #1, Dori Monson #2 and surprisingly Lou Pate was probably #3 - so that's bull-shit from an objective standpoint. May be in your mind and if so - so be it.


LOL! Please! you're trippin'. Those clowns took an ass-whooping when it came to issues that truly mattered to America. Maybe they fared better in local issues, talking about a fucking monorail tax and BS like that, but, yes TO ME, Mike was on point when it came to The Criminal Bush Regime. And no one else had the balls to speak out the way HE DID.


And, BTW, how "objective", are you being if you're telling me MY OPINION is an incorrect statement, and then you go on to list YOUR idea of the top 3??!!
"maybe in your mind, if so, so be it"??? Of course that's what's in my mind, i was speaking MY MIND on the tragic events that have befallen a truly GREAT AMERICAN!
I didn't say, "everyone will agree with me that..." or, "it's substantiated fact that..."
This is MY OPINION dumbass and if you were sincere about saying "so be it" you would've kept your damn mouth shut in the first place.


I'm not sure Mike Webb and I would have agreed on the day of the week.

I don't even think he was that nice of a person just judging by the way he treated those who disagreed with him on his show.

However, consistently great radio. Night after night after night. I never tired of listening to his show. Even when he made me angry. In some ways that was part of the appeal.

No one deserves this. It makes me angrier than Mike ever did.

Goodbye Mike.


I called Mike shortly after he was fired from Kiro. I called the number he gave out for his web cast during the day and he just happened to pick up. He didn't know me from Adam, but we spoke for nearly an hour about the situation at Kiro, The radio business in general, politics and a long while about music and record collecting. A hobby we both share. Evidently he had quite a collection after being a DJ for nearly 30 years. He even spoke about the insurance fraud case although not in great detail. I don't know why but he spoke very openly with me and was very candid. I wasn't expecting it. I used to be in radio and even worked at the same radio station with Mike back in the early 80's. It was strange for me to speak with him in person because I listened almost every night on Kiro. But I never called in. (I was listening the night of the accident when Jeremy played promos and PSA's for nearly an hour until New York Vinny ran in to cover.) I felt like I really new him. I guess the best radio personalities have that quality. I'm a progressive but not as left as Mike was and yes he would piss me off on some things but it was the his commentary on Iraq that kept me glued. There hasn't been anything like him on the air since. He’ll be missed.

R.I.P. Mike

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