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May 29, 2007



You say that the new radio will be "good talk radio" as opposed to partisan radio, but telling people what they want to hear is all they were doing before and it's what they're doing now. They want to hear that the mistakes were made by practitioners and not the practice.

Prior to Nov. '06 it was "liberals hate the America", which is an ideological attack, and now it's "Bush is bastardizing conservatism" or "the war has been badly mismanaged", which is an attack on implementation of ideology. Nothing has realy changed. Things will soon be back to normal.

After Hillary beats Thompson in '08, I can't think of any reason why there won't be a replay of talk radio in the late nineties, with conservative talkers crying "the damn hippies are corrupting our values!"


Tom Leykis is now the afternoon anchor of "FREEFM" across the country. The toxic, self-obsessed toad has been given a fifty percent raise and new broadcast digs on the premises of Paramount Studios as past of his new deal with CBS Radio. The constantly female-threatened Leykis recently insisted to a young woman who mentioned she owned her own house that she hadn't paid for it herself- no, "dear", some sugar daddy man surely must of bought it for the little lady. When the slightly post-college age woman replied that not only had she paid for it herself but also built it herself, the Archie Bunker-like geezer was temporarily catatonic due to the cognitive dissonance she had created with him. The best Tom Leykis program on the air isn't the actual Tom Leykis afternoon show, or his Saturday syndicated show on wine, but the satirical Tom Leykis impressions that Brian Whitman does on KLSX's Conway and Whitman Show for their local from L.A. audience from 8-11 p.m., after 5 hours of Leykis on their station. The fact that Leykis doesn't really care for Whitman and his impressions of him, is a good thing.


Another thing on Leykis- have you noticed that in addition to his omnipresent "dear", the little man has added his new constant patronization term of "darling". I found this rather sickening, even though I've never been a particular feminist, just one who thinks it's probably a good thing we're no longer living in the fifties.


Another good post, Michael. I loved Stan Boreson and he did make lutefisk funny. I was a regular watcher.

Also, some interesting thoughts about talk radio. Have to agree with Andrew that conservatives have unleashed a kind of radio that will be back once a Dem is back in the White House. It works for them and the public has a short memory. Even for war.


Joanie, before I forget, the other day you mentioned podcasting and if you have to pay. Now I do pay for AA and Stephanie Miller but I just found Open Source with Christopher Lyden from NPR and it's free. Very interesting show. I'm going to have to check with NPR and see what else they podcast.



Where is our local Free FM? I miss The Buzz, I miss Tom Leykis and Howard Stern. Where's Mancow? Believe it or not on my commute, I sometimes need to duck out of my NPR for a little relief and meanspirited irreverence. I like the feeling that a host may say something dangerous or that could get him kicked off the air. There used to be places to hear that, no more. Ron & Don just act stupid, theres no edge.


Robin . . . I used to listen to Open Source quite a bit. Yes, I like it although Lydon sometimes gets on my nerves. He has some odd articulation habits . . . probably won't bother you. I streamed him on the computer.

Thanks for your suggestion. I think we might have similar tastes. I've been so loyal to Randi Rhodes lately and it has been merging into Mike Malloy. Love their passion!

Also, check out Living on Earth www.loe.org This show is so cool. It is obviously focused on the environment but Steve tries to be impartial. He has very interesting topics. You can even hear a sound segment . . . a few seconds of a bird sound or something else from nature. Don't see it on the show this week which is featuring Rachel Carson of Silent Spring. Check it out. It is different. Unusual stories.

Sig, I agree. I love NPR when it doesn't put me to sleep! Too much passion right now. I need something to keep my feisty and fierce!

Ron and Don are the epitome of dumb but I like their banter and sometimes get caught up in it.

Honestly the only people I turn off regularly are Monson and Shiers. I can listen to just about everybody else - on KIRO. Well, I never listen to Vinnie . . . I agree with Dale on that one.


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