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May 24, 2007



I’m down with the fairness doctrine, so every time Rosie O’Donnell calls American troops terrorist, then Michael Savage gets to rebut right? You see it will work both ways, if not then law suits will reign. Yeah, shoot me now, I’m a capitalist, I believe in market forces. Why is Air America sucking hind tit? Oh let me guess, it’s some right wing conspiracy! Bullshit, their content is not in demand. I know Sparky and Joanie and Duffman will tell me that I’m in the minority, but who is paying the bills? I dunno, but it ain’t some fat lezzy with a turkey baster between her legs. Just wondering how far my first amendment rights will take me.


"some fat lezzy with a turkey baster between her legs" -Recife, 2007


I am not sure if it will work. Although it is getting talked about among liberal hosts as well, they are divided. Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller seem to be leaning towards it, Hartman is against it. Now often Dave Ross has both sides of the issue on his show, not sure if the time is equal, and they are often not on at once.


(Dennis also supports full diplomatic relations with A Land called Honalee).

Well, Michael. Dennis is the high school geek who became the success story. You probably preferred hanging out with the "cool" dudes who ended up selling sodas down at Woolworths. Here's to intelligence, independence and integrity. Give 'em hell, Dennis.

Can't see that the Democrats will take on the powerful broadcasting industry who's already fretting over the shrinking radio revenues.

Unfortunately, I agree.

Recife, you are the perfect example of the right-wing listener. Reread yourself and learn.

I don't know if it can be put back in the bottle. Like spoiled ill-tempered, poorly-disciplined over-indulged children, we may be so far down the road of emotional reactivism and hate-mongering that there can be no return. It is really boring to be thoughtful, respectful, reasonable, reflective, learned and balanced.

And your comment about civics and schools? Pretty hard when community groups and the religious right demand white-washed and inaccurate textbooks and social studies curriculums. Blame the wonderful citizenry on the right for the poor quality of our civics classess in schools. But, who besides us old liberals really cares anyway?


If the Fairness Doctrine is brought back where will they find enough right wing talk show hosts to balance the daily propaganda of: Randi Rhodes, Tom Hartmann, Lionel, Alan Colmes, Ray Taliaferro, Amy Goodman, Bernie Ward, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Ed Schultz, Mike Malloy, Neil Rogers, The Young Turks, Sam Seder, Mike Newcomb, Lizz
Brown, Rachel Maddow, Ron Reagan Jr, Doug Basham, Jim Hightower, Bruce Burch, Jon Eliot, Duke Skorich, Peter Collins, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lynn Samuels, Christine Craft, Bev Smith, Michael Eric Dyson, Stacy Taylor, Lynn Cullen, Jay Marvin, Ron Kuby, Mark Levine; just to name a few


It's a non-event!


mrogi: how does Mark Levine fit into that group?

...and if as Al Frankin expounds "You shouldn't be able to lie on the air" was the rule - you not only would do away with 'talk shows' but political rhetoric as well. [or, I guess one could say 'it all depends on what the definition of 'lie' is'] :)


..excuse me mrogi; I had that confused with Mark Levin.


So, now there's a field of liberal hosts up the backstretch. Of course, I haven't heard of many of them . . . what did you google to get their names, Mrogi?

I could care less about liberal/conservative. In fact, I have great respect for Buchanan's take on things. Somewhere in the mix, I look for honesty and integrity. That's what the fairness doctrine means to me. The right no longer understands those words, however. For the right, it is emotion over reason: hate, hate, hate. And the right that doesn't hate is missing in action. They seem to have conceded the game to the haters in their party.

"Fairness" doctine? What could that possibly be. Is the word "fair" still in the dictionary?

David Tatelman

Bubamadre? Slumgullion? Michael, do you really talk this way?


It was Randi Rhodes that was leaning towards the Fairness Doctrine, I remember hearing her talk about that awhile back. Stephanie Miller is opposed, and she was talking about that a few months ago with a conservative guest, Sean Hannity!

I remember Mike Malloy mentioning during a major Middle East crisis just as the Fairness Doctrine was being abolished, he was getting called by the managers and the FCC saying he was having too much of a bias. They were more concerned being balanced Pro and Con, and not especially Liberal or Conservative.

Now instead of a Fairness Doctrine, how about Hannity and Goodman trade shows every once in a while. I remember 4 years ago he was sayiing Liberals should enjoy NPR and stay off commercial radio, that the Conservatives needed a voice to balance out NPR, Cable TV(except FOx News, of course) and the newspapers(forgetting the Wall Street Journal editorial board, of course). Well, Goodman is on 500 stations, but Hannity should learn what being on Low Power FM feels like.


Free Market Media

Recife, are you SURE you think the media should really be "free market?" Tell you what. I would trade a fairness doctrine for a law requiring maximum competition, that is ruling OUT mass ownership of media.

Also, wi/in the free market concept, why not require that media open their resource t a maximum of community npartic participation? After all, since the airwaves area limited resource, of necessity there needs to be a licensing agency .. i.e. govmnt. In that spirit, how about REQUIRING that any radio/TV station have at least 50% local content? BTW Canada has just such a law to assure that Canadian media are not dominated by U-NO-WHO. What sort of tilt do you think Seattle Radio would have (again) if it were required to eb more local?

Back at debates and ads, this seems to me to be a simple thing to do. Why wouldn't the media want this free programming?


What constitutes "local"? The biggest city? The largest population? The site of the station?

Because of the long range reach of the radio signal, large parts of the listening audience, we rural folks in particular, would tune out in droves unless there were issues addressed that had relevance to our lives too. Also we tend not to use the Seattle-located services from advertisers--too far to drive when we can get the same thing from our local merchants.

The Canadian content clause is not necessarily "local'..it only has to be Canadian in its production. (For instance, a classiscal music station must play a certain percentage of music performed by a Canadian orchestra. )
It still can be about national issues, just as long as it relates to something happening in Canada. There are no rules that require people in British Columbia listen only to content about BC.
American radio already does spend almost all its time on American content. One exception comes to mind and that would be Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, who often discusses people's lives in third world countries.

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