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May 22, 2007



I for one would first like to see RR get a show that lasts more than one (1) hour - three (3) preferably. Having said that I don't think he's too nice; I think he would be out of his element if he portrayed himself otherwise. It's pleasant to listen to someone be respectful of ALL callers and calmly and subtly discuss all topics. He does that quite well and although he probably doesn't have command of the facts as well as D Ross or Medved - he comes in a strong 3rd in my book. [I do not particularly care for Medved -even tho I do think he is very good at recall].


He discusses the issues but he apparently has no feeling about them. If he does in fact has feelings then he should stop hiding them, or make a greater effort to communicate them over the radio. It would just be more satisfying if he did.

Most of us are busy concentrating on what we're doing and can't hang on his every word so he would do well to exagerate his expressions some so we can pick up on them while only half paying attention.


Ron Reagan is room temperature. When he got the job,I hoped he would be like Tom Hartmann, a strong liberal, but reasonable and well-informed. He usually asks questions but rarely shares his own answers. How did he get to be Seattle Nice in such a short time?


He has lived here for years....

I dont know if the term " too nice " is correct. Tom Hartmann is nice. I think the word is "passion." Tom is passionate, Ron seems way less so. It doesnt mean he doesn't "feel" anything about what he is discussing...Maybe the KIRO brass has told him to be just like he is being..he was a lot more vocal on that show he did on cable news with the conservative blond...


He is a godsend compared to the baboon that KIRO still has on for 3 hour of wasted time right after his show.


wWe were told he was interested in having a national show. He's got to sound like he gives a shit if he's to make it even at KIRO. He can do it, I've seen him take on some real right-wingers on TV. Why after a year is he still doing the training wheels 1 hour a day show? They ought to kick out those dumbasses at 4 o'clock and give him a real try-out.


He's just a weak-kneed lib who doesn't know what he believes in. He rejected the values of the greatest American president and leading conservative thinker, even while living under the same roof. What does that tell you about him? Maybe he has a learning disability. KIRO should get Glenn Beck in there.


I think Ron Reagan is just what this country needs. A civil and informed voice. We sure don't need more Monsons and Limbaughs.

I do not agree his grasp of the facts is poorer (?) that Dave's. And I've heard him get passionate - his way. Sometimes you just hear it in his voice or in his inability to let go . . . not often, but when he really doesn't get the caller's point of view because it is so insane . . . I can tell when he's got the rope between his teeth and is pulling with all his might.

We are so immersed in hate talk and emotional stuff that we no longer respect civil discussion. I'm probably in the minority, but I think he's just fine. I would think he puts up with a lot of crap considering his father is a Republican icon and Ron's a liberal.


That ballet phase saddled Ron Reagan Jr with the permanent reputation of being kinda, "light in the loafers".


Reagan is the kind of radio a right thinking individual can listen to without becoming completely enraged. He makes his points well and treats callers with respect.
There have been times that I wished he had another hour to work a subject. Guess I need to check in for treatment, but I like his program.


I wished he had another hour to work a subject

I agree chucks. Guess there's hope for you afterall. :)

BTW, cowpot, gardening great after that downpour! Weeds almost jumped out at me!


Ron Reagan is bringing class back to radio. He does it without being argumentative and also having to be right every second. I recently wrote a letter to him and he responded - he is the first person to acknowledge another's opinion as having validity - and doesn't belittle his callers. He's a breath of fresh air, and needs more time on the radio.


I agree- we are so used to meanness and boorishness in talk radio (Levin's anti-lib tirades, Leykis constantly calling women "bitches", Limbaugh's callous insults) that a guy like Reagan seems wimpish when he's really not- just a guy with some class. Limbaugh attempts to project a faux classiness that he thinks fools people, but it really doesn't. He's a boor and ass to anyone the least bit perceptive. Monson doesn't have the finesse or skills to even attempt a projection of ersatz class like Limbaugh- his boorishness and coarse, banal style leaps from the radio speakers, as he wears these traits proudly.


Ron Reagan is a nice guy with a name. I doubt he would be on the radio if his name were Ron Reindeer or Roger Raybeens..

Ronnie is nice, kinda Mr., Rogers-like/ I have never managed a whole hour w/o boredom.

Personally I think he should run for the episcopate. What a great married priest he would make?



GayRea has a spine? What a load of crap. With the exception of his stance for Gay rights he just goes along with the liberal chain of thought for the day and offers no real opinion of his own. IMHO, he just as phoney as Joanie is.


Another name change steven? Well this one suits you. You always do get things backwards.


Leave it to the idiot trolls to completely miss the question of the thread and descend into name calling and personal recriminations. How are those traditional values treating you? (laugh)

I think Reagen plays pretty well in the Seattle market, and yes I think he is a bit too impartial. He seems to be quite consciously avoiding coming down heavily on one side or the other (although he does make his opinion known on issues via the questions he asks). His monologues are very probative and not very judgmental.


"His monologues are very probative and not very judgmental"

This is a convoluted way of saying Ron is boring.


Frankie DUDE! 'SHow Prep is like home work for kids , it also helps with REALLY BAD RATING TOO!


"His monologues are very probative and not very judgmental"

Mrogi: To a keen mind, this is a way of saying he is curious, reflective and interested rather than judgemental, accusatory or self-absorbed.

If one is bored as you seem to be, one is probably boring as well. Are you?


Just seeing if you are paying attention Joanie.


Ron has a great voice......for NPR.

Currently, one hour is just about enough. Three hours would be snoozeville.


"idiot trolls" and "descend into name calling and personal recriminations"

Capt. Nice to see you practice what you preach.


Memo to Ron Reagan:
People do not respond to equivocation. Listeners are riveted by definitive statements made with passion and conviction.


Well there Steve, when you cease to perform to the status of idiot, I'll cease to call you one, deal? I'll break it down for you so you can get it:

The thread was about whether or not Reagan was "too nice." You responded with your "GayRea" garbage which had nothing to do with the topic and didn't contribute to the discussion. If you can't understand a simple question and just decided to crap on the thread by spewing hateful bile, you are, by definition, an idiot.

Truth sucks.


cpp3: Yo...how's it goin; good day for Ipod-gardening, eh.


Sadly, I'm knee deep in a big project...maybe I'll have a chance late.


10-4, hear ya...just got back from my little jog listening to KIRO's D Ross - subject was whey 14ish year old girls are reduced to tears while seeing their favorit entertainer? Never did get it figured out...at least while I was running...ha but what a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


Hey Capt. Did I lose you somewhere between the words Spine and Crap. Why don't you read the first sentence of the topic again. I think it says something about GayRea having a spine.

And by your own definition,

"If you can't understand a simple question and just decided to crap on the thread by spewing hateful bile, you are, by definition, an idiot."

that would make you a ???


Somewhere between spine and crap I think I picked up name calling and irrelevancy. Thank you.


That would make me correct that you are indeed an idiot and hardly worth the minute of typing I've spent on you already.

All you did was smear him for being gay and threw in a spineless derogation to boot. What does his sexuality have to do with whether he is too nice to those he disagrees with have to do with anything? Clearly, you failed to answer the point of the thread and you failed to own up to your own pathetic and dare I say, idiotic, inability to debate the issue. Therefore I believe I am very correct in calling you an idiot.

Wow how do you manage to fill your lungs with oxygen being such a simpleton?


Capt, did you even read the begining of this thread,

"Ron Reagan has a spine"

What part of the above don't you get. As I see it, I answered the topic of this thread by saying he has no spine and just spews out what the left wants to hear to avoid conflict. Like that Randi you and Joanie listen to all the time.

By the way, why do you think Ron Reagan is gay?

"All you did was smear him for being gay" and "What does his sexuality have to do with whether he is too nice"

And if he is gay, whats wrong with that Capt? Why are you so worried about his sexuality?

I've never outright called Ron Reagan gay like that Capt. I've heard him say on the radio he was Gay and I've shared his words here. Disputed by many of course. But never have I outright called him Gay like you just did in your last post.

Now that must make you a bigger idiot.


"What a load of"

Joanie, please enlighten me where in these 4 words above you see any form of name calling. Did you feel Capt was losing this debate and decided to put your 2 cents in to help him out. Now all you did was make yourself look stupid again. But then again, you do that everyday by listening and believing everything Randi says between 5-8 pm. Listening to randi is fine for a laugh or two, like tonight she said Bush threatened them two reporters by saying their children are not safe. LOL, she was on tonight wasn't she.


Wasn't she just! Glad to know you're listening . . . you might learn something.

BTW, me thinks thou doth protest too much, Nevets. If the shoe fits . . .


I'm a fan of Ron, Dave & Goldy... I'd prefer Ron more than 1 hr a day because I don't really like Ed Schultz, who is thin on intellect and thick on ego... not to mention he's not a real liberal but became one when he recognized w/ a Republican president in '01 there became a huge market for what he's now pitching.


Again, for those who are not familiar with the Urban Dictionary. I explained this before but as liberals seem to have bad memories.

GayRea = No talent ass clown

No where in that definition does it say anything about someone being Gay. Anyone that see this as an attack on Ron Reagan's (GayRea) sexuality is either just a shallow person or afraid one of thier own might be Gay. And even though Capt Cow has confirmed for us that Ron Reagan is Gay, I will never use this word in anyway derogatory towards Ron Reagan's sexuality. I will only use it to point out that Ron Reagan is a "No Talent Ass Clown".


Joanie, I agree, the shoe fits you just perfectly. Now can you answer the question or am I right about Capt Cow losing this debate and you coming to his rescue.


Well, geez, Nevets, why didn't you say you were a GayRea? I'd have gotten it immediately.

He's been holding out on us, cpp3.

Oh my god! John Boner (excuse the missing e!) is crying in the front of the House. After lying his teeth off about how we got into the Iraq war, the man is actually crying.

Somebody needs to put him out of his misery! He is pure evil.


Well thanks for the confirmaton Joanie on Cow losing. Maybe you can help him out another time.

I would consider myself a GayRea also if I was in a Job in which I had no clue about. But I know my job good and try not to pretend to be something I am not. Thus, you look stupid again Joanie. Be sure to ask some of your students for advice before summer vacation.


and try not to pretend to be something I am not.

Oh, really, nevets er uh steven. Hmm, which is it today?


Steve is gay?

Angel Hewit

Ron Reagan is a particularly enlightened intelect with a very civil approach. He doesn't use trash gimmics like shock-jocks employ, nor the explosive assault questions designed to get an interviewee off guard and fired up. Rather, he allows for reflexion and substantive answers rather than defensive maneuvers.

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