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May 16, 2007



You know I really never thought about it but that's very true. I've checked sites and was completely unimpressed. I do think they create a more vibrant interactive rapport with their audience if the sites were jazzed up a bit. May be that would help their ratings, since I believe in the latest quarter there was only one talk station in the top 15 in the Seattle market (KIRO).
Any one see the Repub debate last nite? I thought it to be a non-event...pretty sad.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


>>The KVI site sucks. Live streaming only when there's local programming; no podcasts, no IM, no forums.<<

Affiliate agreements usually ban streaming syndicated shows at a station's website. Doesn't excuse the lack of podcasts, IM or forums, however. KVI's site looks like a rebadged version of komotv.com

The Truth Man

Rob P


KIRO broadcasts Bob Brinker over the internet.

The syndicated Trucker Radio was broadcast over their internet site.


I think I mentioned before that the KPTK website is an embarrassment..the latest was their posting in a prominant place, the hoax email about not buying gas yesterday.
It is very hard to navigate, and obviously not many people visit it because the forums are old news...

One of the best radio websites is KGO .


If local radio wants to learn how to do websites, they should have checked out Frankens which was a model for all websites and Randi's although hers serves a different purpose. I think Maddow's is pretty good too but haven't spent much time there so could be wrong.

However, as a teacher whose parents and school community would like me to use my website more often, phooey. It takes a lot of time that I don't have. So, I understand the desire of hosts to refuse to play the game. I don't think hosts want to work that hard.

I do think chat rooms or message boards where listeners can interact are nice. And I agree that KIRO's is improved over it's old format.


It is hard to believe that someone, somewhere has not figgered out the obvious synergy between blogs/forums and talk radio.

There must be an advertising issue here. Google has pioneered the use of the web for audience targeting. It seems to me that a well run ebsite/radio presence should have big commercial potential.


Off topic, I know . . . but you all gotta see this!

I just love Boston Legal! Denny questioned why the young have so much fun when it is the old that have all the money to which Alan replied that the joy in life is the promise of tomorrow and the young have so many more tomorrows. I've reached an age where I understand that statement.

I just love that show!

Also, if you want to see the kind of writing that is typical, see Alan's summation on Gitmo. Feel free to applaud at the end.

If I were President, I would give the Medals of Freedom to David Kelley and James Spader for awesome writing and acting. It is a blue message provided on free TV every Tuesday night - almost.


Joanie, the hosts dont do the webpage...they hire tech people. KPTK needs to hire someone older than a 3rd grader to do their website! KPOJ site is ok, and it gets a lot more traffic....KPTK is going to die in the dust if they dont get their act together...


KPTK livestreams syndicated shows.

Nigel Tufnel- lead guitar

If these stations had blogs, and comments and took feedback, there might be no BlatherWatch.


Ya, if you're looking to criticize a radio station then I can't think of a better place to post negative comments than on a website that radio station operates. Can't think of a better place.


Some of the sites ask people to email comments and topic ideas to them but for all we know their inbox is overcrowded with spam, or you have to compete with numerous lunatics looking for free publicity, or they just don't give a shit.

What they should do is have a system like Digg.com where people would submit a topic idea or a viewpoint on the topic of the hour and then other people could click a thumb up or thumb down to say yay or nay to the topic idea or viewpooint on the current topic, then maybe the host could reveal the outcomes on the air. I'd take part in that if it were available.


Hsvae you checked out that Public Radio Quest?


They're looking for the next talk radio host with the most...

All of the contributions for the contest are podcasts.


You folks around Puget Sound are still decently lucky to have a few stations to choose from.

Here in Bellingham we have one newstalk station (KGMI)who's website does at least post podcasts of some of the local shows.

Unfortunately those consist of a lame one hour morning show with the news anchor and PD. Later in the day the PD comes back for her daily 2 hour "Jesus loves you" show, then a 1 hour show hosted by 2 station reporters that sound like they're RTV 101 students, and a 1 hour liberal show in the evening. Pathetic overall.

Yet the website does have a few blogs by the local personalities, but the minute the station or the PD get criticized, the listener comments get deleted. Some blogs stay up 2 months or more. And the last station pics posted were from New Year's Eve.

So its not much different here in Bellingham.


Jim..what about 690 CBC?? I love that station1


If some talk show were bold (& not sissy-fied) they would approach Bla'm about hooking up with this blog and doing a show or at least a segment where we could participate in topics, questions, complaints, praises, etc. and test the water in this regard.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


1) I don't think BW gets enough traffic to be used in a promotional way 2) That would be a conflict of interest 3) BW isn't a good place to test water. We are definately not a representative cross section.


Sparky...of course! CBC is great! I listen to it most of the time while driving around if I can't pick up any Seattle stations.

I was only lamenting the poor, poor state of local talk radio here in B'Ham. Especially the PD at KGMI who seems to think the station's obligation is to share the word of God with the market.


Gack..that is too bad..

I love Radio 2 as well..I used to live in snohomish county and I could listen to Disc Drive with Yurgen Goeth..or however he spells his name. I still stream it sometimes...


That would be Jurgen Gothe.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


thats it! I was close


Well, let's See if Fast Fact, Frankie Sinking Shiers. with the bottom of the bucket ratings Has Learned something , Being a teacher and all ! on what good show prep is , Iam thinking NOT! DUDE !!!! Work on it you did it again last night ! I will not re go over what you did beacuse then I would sound like you ! hooty hoo !


Joanie, the hosts dont do the webpage ... they hire tech people.

I know that, Sparky. (LOL) And teachers often get parents to do theirs. But, interactivity with the host would make it that much better . . . I've emailed Ross a couple of times and he emails back. It's kind of satisfying.

I'm not much of a expert on web pages. I know that I really like Randi's and Franken's (when he had one) because I can find sources, links to guests, stuff from the past to jog my memory of something or other, and discussion about the show . . . I think those are complete packages. More Franken's than Randis but I like that Randi has a full narrative about the subjects of her show each day.

And I do like the initial hit on KIRO's with the news of the day and all. Just wish each host had some info on their topics, guests, etc. I really liked when they put up Ross and Reagan's Capitol visit. I listened to several hours of those on line.

BTW, I don't see where you can download Ross or Reagan's whole show . . . just the commentaries. Am I missing something?

Duff, with all due respect (I leave you to figure out how much that might be), if you don't stop posting that commercial for Mrs. Wall Street, I'm going to start posting one for Obama.


joanie: I would like to think that after all this...it w/be substantial; but alas I know not your mind...I do have a great deal of respect for both you and sparky (I think I've mentioned my respect for teachers).
Just thought it was the least I could do to have sort of my signature on each post and what I hope for. Feel free to do the same for Obama if you want...he is someone I would rather see in the role of VP, but I certainly would vote for him over any Repub that I see on the horizon.
Ain't life grand!

Lets all make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!


Dori had Jennnifer the Hate Voicemailer on with him live yesterday. She was playing nice and suppressing her urge to call him an " arrogant white boy" and other epithets in order for her banned ass to enjoy a few rare onair moments in the sun. Dori had to play some of her voicemails, though, airing a few of the juicier "ghetto" comments, as she expressed how she really feels about the little fella. In one of them she claims dismay after hearing the "deep voice" Dori was pulling off on the radio, only to discover after watching one of Dori's TV appearances that he was a short, unprepossessing wimp. To add insult to injury, she snarled "and you're not even goodlooking!", as a parting shot. Jennifer, come on. We all know Dori has TRIED to pull off a deep voice onair for years but Christ, girl, who in the Hell thinks "teenvoice man" really succeeds at that?


Joanie said:
Duff, with all due respect (I leave you to figure out how much that might be), if you don't stop posting that commercial for Mrs. Wall Street, I'm going to start posting one for Obama.

Duffy's "Left-leaning independent" credentials are all right there in front of us, Joanie:

> Duffy used Drudge (Clinton antagonist numero uno) as a source to smear Edwards, Gore.

> Duffy used a Serbian Holocaust apologist to smear Scott Ritter

> Duffy believes in the black-helicopter "UN Tax" conspiracy theory

> AND as a source for the UN Tax theory, Duffy cited David Kupelian's(WingNutDaily's managing editor) book "The Marketing of Evil"...

In which, Kupelian has this RAVE endorsement of the Clintons:
"a traumatized, amoral sociopath of a baby-boomer named Bill Clinton. (His wife and partner-in-crime, Hillary, is the most popular Democrat in American public life today, and has a good shot at being president one day.)"

Does this sound like someone who is being straight with any of us?

The facts speak for themselves.


"The facts speak for themselves."

If that's the case why not let them, instead of continually demonstrating that you're floundering in your own obsessive egomaniacal feces!

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]

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