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May 10, 2007



You might be right that KOMO isn't a bunch of homos, but Ken Schram IS gay is he not?


There have always been rumors about Carlson's college days.


Now I'm beginning to understand why Frank the temp hasn't been fired or demoted. Know-nothing, ignorant bumpkin management tends to like and feel comfortable with know-nothing, ignorant bumpkin talent. This Boneville/Utah suit is a fish out of water up here, kind of like that troglydyte Bronxboy Lou, with his casual racist antics like calling Native Americans "injuns" and making war whoops or mocking Chinese people's names, or calling Hawaiian men lazy.


I think they should apologize to the employees who were present. If one of them were closeted gay they must feel pretty crummy being likened to the undesirable competition. They can't apologize publicly for something the said privately so I hope someone can report back on what becomes of the situation so we might think better of them, if they even care what we think, which they probably do not.


NEWS FLASH: April Zepeta fired from KOMO TV!



I hope she sues their asses....as local stations keep getting swooped up by outside organizations, this will happen more and more...

Nigel Tufnel - Lead Guitar

Is April out of a job? I doubt it was the union BS.


Forming a union is verrrrry risky. Washington's at-will employment makes it particularily easy for employers to snuff out unions and leaves the ex-employees with little recourse. I know someone who works for a local union forming organization. I've been told of entire staves getting laid off just for talking to them.

KOMO 4 news is the inside joke of the local news business anyway. That might be a blessing in disguise.


What a bunch of BS. Care to tell that to the Teamsters, Laborers, Operating Engineers, etc, et al.


Sorry I meant to say it's difficult to *form a union*. If a union already exists that's another story.




"We don't want to read about this in BlatherWatch."

Did you check your pulse upon hearing this line, Bla'M?

That suit knew his goose was cooked. Or is that goose knew his suit was cooked? Either way, happy cooking Bla'M.


PS Bla'M:

Congrats on the top-o-the-charts google for "KOMO Homos"

 Nigel Tufnel - Lead Guitar

Don't get me wrong- there's a lot of people upset about what happened to April where I work.Is there something going on behind the curtain?


you're right, T08: not much hope of getting much liberal radio out of this bunch. god knows there ain't much...


How can you even doubt the firing was related to union organizing? The odds of it being anything else seem astronomicaly improbable.

Unions are like AIDS for companies. Once a union is formed it's nearly impossible to get rid of, and it saps away at the companies health with their demands higher pay, premium benefits, a little extra to cover the dues, and the risk of an embarrasing strike and picket line if they don't get their way.

I'm not for or against unions though. Wether they ultimately help or hurt is beyond me. People against unions are generaly greedy and hate the working class while people for unions seem to want a little slice of communism in an otherwise free market.


Unions are THE POWER in this State and don't ever forget that. In some way and to some degree they control most EVERYthing and in some cases in such subtle ways that the general public is unaware. And I DON'T mean that in a negative sense.


KOMO sucks.


Unions gave us the 5 day workweek..so unions ultimately affect everyone...


Blathering M:

You are almost correct. Let me give you the details from the "inside."

The person making the "homo" comment was Rod Arquette. He is not just a Bonneville program director, he is an officer of the company, Vice President of Programming and Operations.

There were other officers of the company in attendance at the meeting:

Vice President and Market Manager Scott Sutherland.

Vice President and Regional Manager Drew Horowitz.

Two others, whose names I can't recall.

AND...the CEO of the company. President and CEO Bruce Reese.

There were other managers present, including the News Director, the Sales Manager and the Marketing Manager.

This was a full staff meeting, not some casual office chit chat.

They were talking about how KTTH is dominant over KVI and Rod Arquette said, "now all we have to do is finish off the KOMO homo's." He then looked at another manager and said, in a joking manner, "don't repeat that or I'll kill you."

Did the other managers and officers quickly jump in and override Arquette's boorish remark? No. They simply nodded and chuckled.

The staff remained mostly silent, maybe shocked. But the officers and managers, who had an opportunity to quickly diffuse the ignorant comment,just smiled and said nothing.

At least one manager, days after the fact, has apologized to a few employees, myself included, but only after they realized some employees were upset.

It's ironic. Many of us had such high hopes when we found out Bonneville was taking over. But this is the 4th or 5th blunder (I'd say 'boner' but I don't want to arouse Bruce Reese) these people have made in a very short time.

I can also tell you (despite posts above) that there is a strong move afoot to bring AFTRA back to represent us. As much as some of us felt poorly toward AFTRA, we are feeling much more anxious about this new team of managers.

We're all hoping they wise up a little.

I guess we can be thankful our main competitor doesn't have the call letters KIGR.


Well, I think there are a few clues in the advice to wear more make-up and more tailored clothing. Sounds like we've got some pretty conservative honchos in town who think name-calling is still in vogue and women should be seen more than heard - or should I say objectified rather than listened to!

This is laid-back territory folks. Perhaps they've gotten their first lesson in tolerance in this big, blue, educated metropolis called Seattle where women rule. We've even got our own magazine - Seattle Woman. I wonder if Salt Lake City has a magazine just for career women? That says a lot about this city . . . If these guys want to be lead the pack in radioland, they better get acquainted with their new neighbors.


Ultimately it probably doesn't matter. The radio business isn't about making the employees feel good about themselves. Jerks often win in life.


"Jerks often win in life."...but NOT in the hereafter...time on earth is but a pittance of eternity...my sermon for the day...;)


I don't get it...you mean to tell me that they don't employ homo sapiens at KOMO?


More Duffystuff:
Unions are THE POWER in this State and don't ever forget that. In some way and to some degree they control most EVERYthing and in some cases in such subtle ways that the general public is unaware. And I DON'T mean that in a negative sense.

Give me a break.

Thanks for that big claim - along with the big caps for emphasis. I sure hope you have some solid evidence for that claim & caps.

This might have been a slight possibility years ago when Boeing was the dominant employer. Don't see too many Costco, MS, or Starbucks employees holdin union meetins these days.

And when was the last time we had a good strong general strike in this city/state? Answer: 1919 Seattle General strike. See Duffman - that's REAL power (w/ an actual source). That power is long gone.

The few unionized acqaintences I know (counting them on one hand) generally see them as leaches - no health care, education, or retraining - just dues dues dues.

Again, evidence time Duff - but as always, I'm barking up the wrong tree with that one.


"The few unionized acqaintences I know (counting them on one hand) generally see them as leaches - no health care, education, or retraining - just dues dues dues"
Just because you don't associate with them doesn't mean they aren't there, or does EVERYthing center around you. (IN YOUR MIND!).
I'm very familar with Laborers, Teamsters and Operating Engineers (all in bargaining sessions now) and let me tell you their benefits are great. (Check IUOE 302 site if you doubt it). Ask joanie and sparky if they don't think the WEA is fairly powerful. Yet again you jump to conclusions before you even know what you're talking about. It's getting old.


Overall, unions are losing their power, thanks to a combination of government ( ie Reagan and the air traffic controllers) and outsourcing jobs. WEA is one of the remaining unions that hold any influence, and even then I would question how much...the right loves to vilify the Great Powers of the WEA, but from this angle, I dont see it. My experience with the union has been mostly about local contract issues regarding pay and benefits.


Just because you don't associate with them doesn't mean they aren't there, or does EVERYthing center around you. (IN YOUR MIND!).
I'm very familar with Laborers, Teamsters and Operating Engineers (all in bargaining sessions now) and let me tell you their benefits are great.

So in other words, you make a counter-argument (ney ad hominem attack) about my associates, BUT THEN attempt to make the SAME argument - negated by your attack on me. Smart thinking, Duff

I never claimed to be the center of knowledge for WA state unionized power. Are your "familiarizations" the generally accepted canon for WA union power?

ARE YOU not the center of everything now?

Looks like you just skipped over my source about the 1919 General Strike - ie when REAL union power.


...Then ask yourself - could this happen with any efficacy today?

Read it Duff (I know, reading - ouch) Tuff stuff for the Duff


Blah blah blah blah blah...like I said before it's getting old...you're 'spent'...try to develop a fresh approach..


Bull-stuff from Duff:
Blah blah blah blah blah...like I said before it's getting old...you're 'spent'

Oh I see.
Once again Duffman comes up empty - no sources, no reading skills, no comprehension of history.

So he again resorts to the lowest common denominator: more ad hominem attacks.

Gee, where have we seen this allergic reaction to facts before?

Funny, because like Duffy (and Frank Shiers), O'Reilly calls himself an "Independent"


Cut, paste, link, et al - story of your life; ever try dating.


..and I'm sorry if I sound like your mother.


Like I said, you are a true black-hole for knowledge - the story of your life.

Go find some spilt milk to cry over. Come on, soldier, let's see the tears. (funniest story/lie ever!)


That reminds me, Duffy.

Please do tell your tough soldier sob story again. It was just too funny.

Here, I'll help. Here's the link:
Don't do it Sarge! *sniff sniff*

Oh, and don't forget Coiler's Polk/Peabody award-winning short story


ooooooh, I think I hit a nerve. :)


Some people like unions and sometimes they don't. According to BW KIRO had a union until Lou Pate voted to "decertify" the contract. Supposedly Dave Ross and Erin Hart were all for the union.

Some unions give campaign contributions and sometimes they put their candidate over the edge and sometimes they don't. The truth is closer to the middle than the communists and dicompassionate conservatives would have us believe.


Oh I certainly agree with that, Andrew. There is a general ambivalence towards unions here. In the case of Costco and others, many companies in the NW raise their standards. So along w/ the unions dues leaching, this assuages the impetus for organizing.

But Duffy's made a pretty Omnipotent claim: "Unions are THE POWER in this State ... In some way and to some degree they control most EVERYthing"

Duffy, would you say the Unions' power is Greater-than, less-than, or equal-to the 1919 General Strike?


Duf to MF: " ever try dating." OMG! Father, forgive him (Duf), for he knows not of what/whom he speaks... Obviously, you have NO clue about who MF is. Sad, really...

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