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May 19, 2007



The pseudonym KING 1090 DOES NOT belong to Mike Webb! I have posted many times under KING 1090. Mike knows me, and he knows that I post under KING 1090. In fact, I'm in a desert watching lightning storms over 1500 miles from Seattle.

I urge all readers of this to read Mike's side of the story, which has not been adequately represented by Blatherwatch or the Seattle Media. In Mike's very own words:


(CONNECT the letters for the entire web site URL. CLICK JANUARY 28, 2007 in the SIDEBAR to read Mike's essay.)

Outside of Entercom-Seattle, and the hateful, homophobic, artificial worlds of bloggers Blatherwatch, Parrissh, Nate, Maloney, and some homophobic board ops...Outside of these people, within any workplace, it's "Innocent until Proven Guilty." Mike was NOT proven "guilty" until February 2007. That's 14 months after his tragic firing in Dec. 2005. 14 months that Ken Beck and Tom Clendening could have been getting top ratings 9pm-1am, 20 hours a week. Their foolish decision to fire Mike BEFORE the verdict was in is a textbook example of personnel mismanagement.
You can bet that I'll be telling this story for the rest of my broadcast career.

And, a felony DOES NOT prevent further employment. Look at this application:

"Have you ever been convicted of...a felony or misdemeanor...If yes, explain below. NOTE: Answering yes will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from employment. Factors such as age and date of the offense, the seriousness of the violation and rehabilitation will be considered."

In Mike's case, someone hacked into his computer and changed his IP address. This is easily done, if you're a radio engineer, you KNOW HOW to do it with standard WI-FI equipment from companies like Linksys and Hawking, at your local Best Buy, Office Depot, and Comp USA. You can go up to 2 miles with the new Hawking directional WI-FI antenna.

TO PREVENT hackers, you must encrypt your wireless system and use a FIREWALL.

Without a radio engineer to testify on Mike's behalf in the courtroom (Well, Mike is certified himself), the case should have been DISMISSED!
It's as simple as that.

blathering michael

at least we know you're alive, Mike.


If KING1090 is indeed Mr Webb; I assume this is being reported to the police?


If it's well-known to radio engineers of these types of vulnerabilities in wireless equipment, and if Mike is certified himself...then why didn't he protect and harden his own system to prevent this type of attack?

Surely Mike has heard of MAC filtering, key authentication and packet encryption - all features of even the most basic wireless access points that can be found at the nearest Best Buy.

And why not use a hardwired connection instead, if security is that paramount?

And if aside from all this, a hacker still made it far enough into Mike's system, and had enough knowledge of his ISP's network to actually perpetrate a change of the IP address, well...why stop there?

It's like breaking into a bank, leaving all the cash and TPing the director's office instead.



I don't believe, 1090, that you're Mike. But someone would have had to be prescient to know just what Mike was planning to do re: the whole episode. I mean, does this hacking scenario make any sense at all? Give it up.

And I wish it hadn't happened and he were back. I'd still be listening.


Trip: You are right on about all of those things...IP spoofing is not a simple trick. However, consider that whatever mystery hacker committed this would have also had to break into Geico and his bank's systems in order to complete the fraud, due to the fact that the logs of both entities show that Mr. Webb's transactions occurred at different times that he testified.

Were there a mystery hacker thus talented, I seriously doubt that he would waste the time framing a talk show host.


Also, King1090, if you actually knew what you were talking about (which it appears that you don't), ISP's typically use DHCP to issue IP addresses. Therefore there would be logs of a change in a node's renewal of the lease on said IP address and which MAC address got it. Bottom line, the hacker would also have had to hack the DHCP server at the ISP and wipe out any logs that would point to his involvement above and beyond the bank and Geico systems that I stated in my previous post.

This tinfoil hat is for you: ^


Mike never brought up hacking at his trial. He blames his lawyer.


KING1090 is looking really foolish right now. lol


Tommy..here is a whole new chapter for you to write..
This just gets weirder and weirder...


As with Gonzo-gate, the truth is more incredible than any fiction. We love ya, T-8, but this story can write itself...

Thanks for the heads-up, Webb! Whew!


Apparently, a Notice of Appeal was filed in his case and a withdrawal of attorney. There has been activity on his record as late as May 11, 2007; but this is no indication of his whereabouts. Where are you, Mike?


yes, and why did you leave your underwear at home?


And there's the smoking gun, Sparks...


Dont enough stores sell underwear that a guy can buy a pair of drawers whenever needed?


He's ensconced in a San Francisco Gay bath house I tell you. THAT is the reason why he left without his underwear.


For all the crap about Mike here, may I point out that the worst thing this man did unrelated to his radio job? Why all the animosity? Why not CARE about what has happened to a decent human being?

Now, if Chaney disappeared, I could see this sort of attitude? But Webb?????????


SJ, I dont think anyone here actually dislikes Mike...we basically feel sorry for him and miss the "old days" when he was good to listen to.
What we are ( or I should I am) amused with is the absurdity of the situation where he pops in to pretend to be someone else. Also, we are chuckling at Blam's writing ..ie, leaving the underwear at home, pretending not to be KING 1090, etc.


Do you really think Mike Webb CARES about seattlejew? Your well being don't matter to Webb even if you are decent.


..and actually it was indirectly related to his job since it was his trips to the store during his show that put him in the accident, and the subsequent insurance stuff that got him indicted...
apparently it was just a part of the puzzle of his demise as a host...


Mike, if you're reading this- why put your sister through this trauma. She doesn't deserve it. You may view all of us as a bunch of assholes, but at least contact HER.


S'jew, there's a long history here of personal attacks by Webb against Bla'M...the story is in the blogs and subscripts. Bla'M actually obtained an order of protection against Webb. It's all very icky...



I believe I read those posts and it seemed ot me to be pretty much two sided.

From my perspective, the sallow personalities at today's Kiro, wi exceptions of Goldy, Vinnie, Ross, and Dorrie are a lousy replacement for MW's intensity and even some of his more outrageous behavior.

I miss him.

That aside. it seems ashame that someone as tal3ented as Webb really was may bein serious health trouble.

But then, I am only a Jew ..what do I know?


Aw come on SJ you know more than you let on...I can tell.

"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us."
-- Socrates


"But then, I am only a Jew ..what do I know?"

Thus spake Zarathustra...


Ans, hey, s'jew, you DO know that Webb is a ....homosexual....,don't you?


Victor Gold, author of Invasion of the Party Snatchers talking about the subversion of the Republican Party. He's giving it to all of them. He was an advisor to Bush Sr. who he said hates the neocons too. He worked also for Agnew, Goldwater, and Dole. He hates Cheney.

This guy is funny! It is great to hear a Republican telling it like it is. He says he has to do sit-ups to diffuse the stress he feels.

CSpan 2 - Book TV! And no I haven't been home all day watching. But, when I'm home, that's what's on in my house.

Actually, just got done picking up a garage sale-new picnic table that I purchased yesterday. I'm soaked!


Fremont, SeattleJew doesn't care. He listened to Mike . . . anybody who listen to Webb knows his history. Did you ever listen to him?


haah that Fatass Limbaugh is being repeated and he's railing against those "dufus'es who write all those hate-filled comments on the blogs". This from the master hatemonger himself. He's also railing against Bush'es amnesty immigration bill, casting it as all a plot by the dreaded "libs" to destroy America and gain new votes that will allow them to dismantle the repugs. hahah Nothing, not a peep, from the gseous big fat idiot about Bush, who has been pushing for this hard for years, so he can deliver a big bowwrapped gift to his corporate buddies as a huge wedge to break down wages and create a permanent serf/slave labor class for the greedy corporations and businesses. Christ, even Frank Shiers can see through this bill as being just that.


Joannie, Fremont

I have not the least idea why should care whether Webb is or is not gay. I do remember that he cliame dot be gay on the radio, oddly the oersistant insistence of his clima made me wonder if he was not a clost stright?

The bottom line, is I believed and still believe he was a n interesting voice, Beyond the political stuff and the breeder baiting, Webb,s riffs on Rock were great! I have never enjoyed rock but he got me interested.

In any case .. look at the comparison/replacements ... Sheirs? The dumb and dumber pair?

Look, I am radio addict. I can only function with some sort of surr surr in the background. Even I, even I now turn KIRO off because it is unbearably bad.

Bottom line: I hope Webb is OK. But, I am only a Jewish guy living in Seattle, not some profound judge of others.


"But, I am only a Jewish guy living in Seattle, not some profound judge of others."

sj: a beautiful statement...may be more on this board can draw from it (including myself)!


Hey Jew, that's what I said . . . I asked Fremont if she ever listened to Webb. If you haven't read me - which I think is almost impossible considering my frequency of posting - I was a fan, too. So, mellow out fella!

I, too, could care less about his personal life - or yours for that matter. :)


hi joanie..do hope you got that picnic table you wanted and are sufficiently dried out. You've made some profound and interesting posts lately...I enjoy them. Can't always tune in to the programs you recommend but I do take note and do when I can.


Gee merci: look who else turns to Drudge as an apparent 'source' AG Turns to Drudge?


sj: a beautiful statement...may be more on this board can draw from it (including myself)! Duf, this is satire, right? Please tell me you're not still shining that Granny Smith...(Jew IS a teacher..)


Well Fremont if you mean that in terms of use of wit to criticize behavior; no I thought we (at least I) could learn from it.
But what do I know, I'm just a non-Jew in Edmonds ;)




Yeah, isn't that great...and that not so neat paper-intensive strewn office of his is not exactly portraying a 'green' image (think of all those poor trees) :-]


Hmpf! Probably recycled paper produced from poplar trees grown for that purpose. . . don't you think? Could be?

Love his computer set up!


Hay Duff

Good thread ....

I would guess that everyone here hopes Webb is OK. As I write I am listening to Goldy's riff on the newspapers. Maybe Webb will write a column for the 'bloid.


Well we've gone full circle on this topic and I will summarize by reiterating that I did not care for Webb's show on KIRO, I did not care for his personality. I heard/saw him a couple of times on the 'Battle of the Talk Show Hosts' and I was not impressed with his demeanor or his rhetoric.
Having said that, he is a talent and obviously many were drawn to him, I wish him well and I mean that sincerely...I wish him to get well and resurface as a viable voice in this venue. God Speed Mike Webb; we all make mistakes...and we can all learn from them.


One thing I will agree with ... Webb had no place on a battle of the Talk Show Hosts .... nor, for that matter would Sheirs, Monson, Stible, ,,, not to metion most of the rt wing hate mongers.

Putting a character like Webb into that situation is a bot like staging a gladiatorial conquest.



Bla'M...it occurs to me that your illustration at the top of this thread is very similar to how I feel at the end of the school year.....


"Bloid", Jew? Whazzat?? (No branding, yet, last I heard from the oozing grapevine...)


This is a time to be VERY concerned about Mike, and *NOT* a time to discuss the quality of his KIRO shows or his personal life.

I've called Mike's two lines, including his private cell line, with no answers. I left messages and Mike hasn't called back yet.

I'll be in touch with one of Mike's old radio colleagues up in San Francisco on Monday.

Mike - if you're reading this, always remember how many other fired liberal hosts nationwide are in full support of you right now - and how many other local, liberal hosts are highly critical of Entercom's inappropriate actions at KIRO.

Just remember Mike that you weren't the only liberal casualty in the past two years, arguably the worst two years for local liberal talk in the history of talk radio.

Program Directors got lazy, letting Air America hosts dominate 24/7, and now we have boring lineups with no local hosts. Exceptions today = KGO, KRXA, KPOJ, KKZN, and, before Clendening/Beck took over, we had KIRO under Berry/Olinger.

Just remember the arrogance of Air America, NOVA-M, Democracy Radio, and others, and how many well qualified hosts they refused to hire, in favor of obscure personalities with little if any backgrounds in talk radio.

Just remember the failure of lifestyle talk, not only under Beck/Clendening on KIRO, but also on the Buzz 100.7fm, KAGM-FM Albuqueuque, and as of Friday, Free FM in San Francisco.

Just remember that Mike got 12 shares on KIRO, as a liberal talker, that's incredible.


I hope that post is the "sign" we prayed for... Come out, Mike!


If it's true that your friends and family are worried about you then please get in contact with them.


Come out....
Come out.....
Wherever you are....

If Webb was so damn good, he'd have another gig by now. The guy is an attention whore. Good riddance.

a friend

m, keep it simple. (1) come back & (2) finish up your community service. once that's out of the way, (3) you can make a new plan. miss you.


As a friend of Mike Webb in San Francisco. I am worried and miss Mike. Call me Mike

Sometimes it's good to talk.
John Hedges

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