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May 13, 2007



trf: From my standpoint, this is Bla'm's blog I respect him for establishing and maintaining it. He seems honest and straight-forward and if I didn't feel that way I wouldn't frequent his site.
Lord knows he's let me get away with enough herein

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


And that is your right to decide that. However, I've decided I've had it with this blog. Michael Hood can dish it out but he sure can't take it in kind. I've been calling him on the carpet since he attacked co-workers of mine, Greg H & Jayne S on this blog, but he's about as formidable as anyone who sits in front of a screen, spewing garbage at people and not having the balls to tell them to their face. (Like most Internet bullies). But, you know, Greg and Jayne (and even Frank S.) certainly don't need me to defend them--they're adults and they can do it fine by themselves. In fact, I would NOT want to get on the receiving end of Greg's anger (or Frank's--been there, done that--no thank you!).

So....GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY, DRIVE SAFE!!! PEACE OUT! (argh, I hate that expression..)


talkradiofiend, you're transparent and disengenuous. If you were realy interested in setting the record straight then that bit about Frank or GregG's anger management problems wasn't necessary. You're stroking your ego. Stop acting like you're performing a service.


Frank S. as scary...LMAO...TRF, you really are a true right-winger.


talkradiofiend, you're transparent and disengenuous...Stop acting like you're performing a service.

Ditto to Duffman

[Lets not put all our eggs in one basket this far in advance, Duffman]


A village somewhere is missing an idiot.


Frank S. as scary...LMAO...TRF, you really are a true right-winger.

Frank 1st and foremost LAZY and secondly Smarm-factor-10.

TRF: You really believe that Frank does extensive show-prep? Next time, listen to his show while scanning Orbusmax.

Boy, talk radio done-takes some heavy research, don' it Franki


Hahaha, very good...one louder '11' would have been a milk ring around the soldier's mouth and the caption 'Got Milk'.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


"Ditto to Duffman"

Wow! You even use Rush mannerisms and vernacular...Hmmmm!

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


So, in other words Duffy, you're admitting to making that whole thing up about the "acidophilus post-traumatic stress disorder" incident?

Seriously Duffy, Did all that really happen? Tears included?


merci: in all seriousness I swear that actually happened. And I was just trying to back up a point I was making about SO MANY ways to conserve money and avoid waste in the military. (A small example granted but extrapolate....)

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]

blathering michael

I don't go after anyone's families. You do. My daughter's very public firing from KOMOTV is off the topic of this blog- it's about radio, remember? I allowed it to be mentioned in the threads, except for your nasty insinuations about why it might have occured, which I altered.

I get dished plenty of shit- death threats, insults, the questioning of my sanity, sexual preferences, and loyalty. I sign my name to the bottom of every post. I'm not hard to find.

If those brave radio folks you mention have problems with what I write, let them speak up. They never do because what I write is basically true. Their silence is tacit affirmation of that.

So au revoir, PEACE UP, and fuck you very much, Nigel...


Gotta say, I have been lurking around this blog for quite awhile. It is obvious to all that I do not agree with Michael and most of the posters on many issues, but have never been censored or threatened in any way. Been cursed at a few times, had my intelligence questioned many times, and my spelling pummeled. But never told I was not welcome. Just need to show a little respect is all.
( and Duffy is all wrong about Clinton)
boycott Albertsons.
drive fast and take chances!!


TalkRadioFiend: If you truly are a co-worker of Gregg H. and Jane Shannon, why on earth would you spell her name JaYne??? Are you too stupid to go to the KIRO website and see that its j-a-N-e. No "y".

Brian: I'm no fan of Styble either. But I'll tell you whats a lot worse than his show: your stupid fucking posts about his show. Come up with something original.


He misspelled Gregg also. "But, you know, Greg and Jayne" You'd think if a person worked there they would see those names spelled out occasionaly.


Gee, this got exciting! Now you all know how dull my life is!

Not that it is relevant anymore, but you could tell he is a herd animal - and not a very bright one either (judging by his spelling of proper nouns). Likes the whiners, the haters, and seems to appreciate the negativity which floats their boats.

Me, I like all the wonderful hosts who teach me things I never knew . . . esp. about politics! If I want entertainment, I read Sue Grafton, Lillian Jackson Braun ('cause I like cats), and Tony Hillerman - obviously I like a mystery. As for all those right-wing radio hosts? They're like situation comedies to me and I avoid them like the malicious and insidious germs they are.

I know, I'm no fun at all. :)

As for April Zepeda? I thought she was great! All our Seattle-grown are the best.

Mark's Coffee

Mark's coffee re. tommy008 and DAVE FOWLER

Yes, Dave Fowler was the best. I listened to him on KPRC in Houston in the early 80's where he started before getting fired after 5 years and moving to Tampa. Never heard his shows in Tampa, but would love to. I have a couple of Houston tapes. Do you have ANY tape of his shows or where I can get more? (VERY limited amounts on interenet. One - his Tampa intro show;Two -interview w/Lassiter after he was fired from WPLP. That's all that's out there that I can find. He WAS the best!!! You're right. With his stories, you really established a relationship with the man.)

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