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May 13, 2007



Poor Frank, I'm beginning to feel sorry for him. Bet he thought he had it made with the faux-permanent time slot. Guess not, Frank. You might seriously look into charm school.

But, glad to hear Ross is up. Hope Reagan gets more time and then perhaps more market. Also, Ron and Don are kind of captivating . . . I hate to admit it, but when I start listening, I find it hard to stop. I must learn to turn to Maddow immediately.


I know this blog hates Ron and Don, and I wish they'd cover more controversial topics but I listen to them. It's nice hearing a couple people banter in a friendly way rather just Dori ordering his bitch, what's his name, to get someone on the phone or to produce coffee, or Dave Ross who occasionaly calls attention to his producer, who seems to never be paying any attention to him and offers up little. Friday's are Dave Ross' best days.

Ron and Don have a positive attitude about many things while Shudders and the whore come off as pessimistic, blatantly hateful and arrogant day after day, attempting to attract listeners with negative talk. The whore actualy spends his entire friday show congratulating himself on the outstanding entertainment he provided monday through thursday. I'm soooo glad an alternative is being rewarded with good ratings.

A radio veteran who's essay was posted here a while back was calling on hosts to reference other hosts within the station to create a big-happy-family feeling, and Ron and Don have done that from the beginning. Now they even have station promo spots where Ross-loves-Dori and Dori-loves-Ross. All the hosts seemed to be in their own worlds before Ron and Don came along.

Lastly, they've improved over the past year. You have to give them credit for adapting. I don't think some of the original criticisms apply now.


KIRO team: Not to worry.

The new KIRO owners will take care of those competitive homos!


Reading: On Frank Shiers,
We all tried to help you frank !
we told you, your show was getting a little dry, that was in Nov /06.
Then in Dec/ 06 we tried to let you know your show was like drinking a large glass of Sand.
Then in feb/07 you were called on the carpet about copying the morning show's on KIV 570 am .770am Dave Ross show, or the Ron and Don show ,
And from then on DUDE !!!!
Witch mean's a bad radio talk show. DUDE your spending so much time at the big house doing your thing , and not working on your show prep now look at things , Your rating are right up there with the over baked brain The one the only Styblehead radio , It's more than just bad it's plan wrong !!!! DUDE ( Frank ) I think it's too late but work on that show prep and good home training
Tank! for reading this Frank ! hooty hoo !


Speaking of no show prep..I was in the car last night and KIRO comes in ok...The Sty was telling a caller he does not DO issues on the radio, because it is more INTERESTING to have "Open Lines for Open Minds." Translation..he doesnt have to do anything but show up if he lets the listners carry the show. the caller tried to point out that it would be a nice change, but finally hung up when the Sty took on a condescending tone...

If this is all it takes to get on the radio, I have decided I will host a show when I retire from teaching.


Lets hope they replace Shiers. His show is Rush lite.


Sorry, but must inject a promo at this time. Folks how can you beat this. Mrs Clinton will surely be our next PRESIDENT! Clinton Team

 Nigel Tufnel - Lead Guitar

Flush KTTH. put Ron & Don over there, leave KIRO to the homos.


Michael: you need to do an investigation. Who are the homos over at KOMO? Kirby? Brian Suits? I would love to know Schram is one.
I am wondering about this Arquette, he seems pretty fast to accuse. Take it from an old fag, them that are the quickest with the accusation, often are a little faggy themselves. Where does he go at night when he is out of town on business?


Duffman with the off-subject Heil Clinton blah blah blah... tossing all eggs into one basket when the election is a light-year away.

And note: Video is headlining on drudge. Coincidence? I think not

Funny how both Duffy & Frank Shiers claim to be independents, but both take their talking-points from Drudge/Orbi


merci, you seem to frequent Drudge quite a bit??? Hmmmmm. [Seriously isn't that a great promo]


KIRO's DAVE ROSS is the quality in this area and I don't see how any one who's listened to him for any length of time can deny that.
He's more prepared and professional than any others and has more insight. He's one louder than 10, ya know.
[Not to mention he has the best 'radio voice', and is the most courteous and tactful


yeah, enough already with the off topic Hillary bullshit. Nobody cares about that and nobody believes you do, Duffman.


drack: Don't care what you think; I doubt you speak for all...we know you. Thanks for interjecting so I wouldn't have three-in-a-row, which sig does not allow.

Liza Minili

How low were the KPTK ratings?


Was just listenting to Dave Ross discuss the recent headlines of a few electrical Seattle Light line-persons making over $200K. What a farce that was in terms of much ado about nothing. $200K for a line-person risking their lives like that to accomodate the public is a pittance compared to some desk/computer jockies and/or execs or ATHLETES!!! May be when Mrs Clinton takes office we can re-prioritize wages so that the one's who really earn it - get it; wouldn't THAT be a novel approach.


The storm was the worst we've seen in a generation. Would the anti-government folks rather that the city had a cadre of people on the payroll waiting around for another one or just deal with the fact that (gasp) there is going to be a big price for overtime when a storm like this occurs?

Much Ado About Noting indeed.

Duff I have a pretty strong stomach but that drivel you just posted about wage redistribution wouldn't last 2 seconds in my gullet. If you're trying to play the part of MF's poster child for the weird internet mole, I'd say you get an Academy Award nomination.


I said that 'tounge-in-cheek', surely you realize I wasn't serious. [And I'm not calling you Shirley...]
Ain't ever gonna happen in this society.
Sincerely, "the weird internet mole"


Despite losing Mariners broadcast rights KIRO-AM is still by far the highest rated talk radio station in Seattle. Bravo!


One thing you left out, Bla'M is that the stations across the country that dropped progressive talk radio and went to sports or country music or whatever all went tits up...they dived to the bottom of the ratings.

"...in the Queen City of Cincinnati (#28), WSAI, which ditched liberal talk around the beginning of the year for some weird form of Neal Boortz-anchored 'lifestyle talk' has dropped off the ratings charts. They are non-existent. Hope the Clear Channel braintrusts there who were adamant about wiping progressive talk off the local airwaves are satisfied with this little account executive throw-in special they've created."


Alas, your are right sir and we can't figure it out?


I said that 'tounge-in-cheek', surely you realize I wasn't serious. [And I'm not calling you Shirley...]

Yeah, we know/have always known that.

Your disingenuous and deceitful posts (re: Ritter, Gore, Edwards, Hillary, Drudge, WingNutDaily, UN Tax, etc) makes even Alberto Gonzo testimony look straight-forward.
Let alone your tall-tale about Post Tramatic Stress Disorder over Spilt milk.

CowPotPie3 Nails it:
If you're trying to play the part of MF's poster child for the weird internet mole, I'd say you get an Academy Award nomination.

Speech! Speech!


You're soooo funny; surely you must have better things to do? how 'bout conjunction-junction making? You're wasting your time attacking me; I'm for Mrs Clinton no matter what you say. So there..and like I predict you and many others on this board will 'come along' soon enuf...hahaha (that is if in fact you vote Democrat).


More Duff Bullstuff:
merci, you seem to frequent Drudge quite a bit??? Hmmmmm. [Seriously isn't that a great promo]

I gotta be honest Duffman - I normally don't. I only check Drudge/Orbi when Duffi/Dori/Franki start with their talking points - just to confirm where they're all originating.

I've been batting close to 500 on that tea-leaf/entrail prediction.

So keep up the predictable BS that we're all used to, & we'll keep calling you out for it.


"we'll keep calling you out for it.
Oh my should I be swayed by merci's BS..not in this life time; but keep trying...hahaha.
You seriously must have me confused with some one who gives a s*** what you think. Such delusions you suffer from.


Blah-Blah-Blah Bullstuff from Duff Blah:
I'm for Mrs Clinton no matter what you say. So there..and like I predict you and many others on this board will 'come along' soon enuf...hahaha (that is if in fact you vote Democrat).

Yeah yeah yeah, we've heard this talking point already. Going with "your gut" again
(Never a strong endorsement on the activity of one's "lower brain functions").

My response as always was clear: I read the party platforms, compare them with my own values, and then make my decision.

Again, if you want to be stupid & make it based on a popularity/personality contest (esp. after your friend Drudge upcoming tar/feather-job on Hillary) - your funeral.


It's nice hearing a couple people banter in a friendly way

Which I just realized is why I listen to The Young Turks every day.



Hey "Brian,"

When's the last time you ever did a talk show?

Never did one? What makes you an expert?

When's the last time YOU did show prep?

Never? Hm.

If you don't like Frank, there's a button on the radio and says "off."


Dave Ross is highly over-rated. Talk about show prep? He doesn't do any. His producer does. And when he doesn't have that, he resorts to putting out an "All Points Bulletin for FILL IN THE BLANK" for callers.


Okay TRF, since you've obviously got the credentials (or so you say), whom do you think rates number 1 as local talk show host?


How does TRF know Dave Ross' producer does all the show prep? SInce TRF obviously doesn't work at KIRO there's simply no way TRF can possibly know who does what.

It is pretty obvious that hosts don't do show prep when they sound equaly or less informed than even myself after perusing drudge headlines, and then they say "so now I turn this over to you, the listeners, how do you feel about [INSERT EXTREMELY BROAD CONCEPT HERE]"

What I expect is a UNIQUE and INTERESTING point of view, and I assume that requires some actual effort. What do radio hosts get paid for anyway? It aint because they look pretty.


Hey Robinz..has that Jill person left the Young Turks? I only hear the last 15 minutes or so each morning and I have noticed her absence...( yayy!!)


sparky: all kidding aside, I think you and joanie should seriously get your own radio talk show. That w/be a hoot! I'd call in and relate my infamous 'spilt milk' scenario...and that would of course spur merci to call in, and so on, and so on...great idea; you could call it the 'common-taters' and relate past teaching experiences, like having students like merci and what you did to help kids like that curtail the love they have for themselves - at the sake of others...hahaha TOP RATINGS GUARANTEED!!!


I ask you...with this weather; is there a more beautiful place on the face of this earth? I don't think so.
As 'Medved' says 'the most beautiful place on God's green earth'...now there's some one who prepares for a show...or is he ALWAYS prepared because of his steel trap memory.


Once again, the numbers are even more dramatic when you include the NPR affiliates in the ratings lists. These are total share, rather than the 25-54 age group listed above, but that's all I have access to online:

KUOW 4.7
KZOK 4.4
KIRO 4.2
KOMO 4.0
KPLU 3.4
KVI 2.7
KPTK 2.2

Sources: http://www.rrconline.org/arbitron/, http://www.radioandrecords.com/

Without seeing day parts, it's hard to know which KUOW local shows or NPR shows are the most successful, but it's pretty clear that they're eating everybody else's lunch in this market.

They're almost certainly also spending more money to produce each hour than anybody else in the market -- several producers, researchers and interns contributing to each program.

It also leads me to wonder why KIRO and/or KOMO don't have anybody in their newsrooms with the time and tools to do longer (more than two minutes) features and investigative pieces. Apparently, those pieces on the NPR newscasts are something the Seattle audience likes.


VERY interesting and revealing rev; 'investigative reporting' doesn't seem to flourish around here. I lived in Mass and New Jersey for a while and it seemed to me that it's more prevalent back there? Here it seems to be done as a rarity or novelity while at other places it seems on-going?


cpp3: Just curious, would you support Postman on this Postman on McKay


I think Postman is trying to get the information released...he should know better. The idea that the Bush Administration would allow the evidence to come out which will show there was no case is not likely. Therefore, we must rely on what we DO know about the issue:

A Chelan county judge found no evidence of fraud and rendered a decision (quite a conservative part of the state I might add). A conservative US Attorney did not find evidence to support any indictments. If there is evidence of McKay abdicating his responsibilities you KNOW that Bush and company would have hit back hard with the evidence...which they didn't.

Postman is trying to play the objective journalist card. However, I think it is weak that he feels the need pretend to be objective when there is a clear right and wrong in front of him. In my not so humble opinion, this is yet another example of how our media have lost their way.


Again, thanks for your insight CPP3...I'm getting to feel you are the source for objective reasoning in this regard...always enjoy your slant on the subject.


Duff, do you work? sleep? Do you give your employer any time at all? Just curious . . . :)

And you didn't ask but . . . even Postman can be wrong. That whole little tirade by Chuck whomever is not worth the words he used to write it. I'm sorry, the whole little story suggests whine, whine, whine . . . Postman should know better. Chuck at Crosscut - just looking for an angle whether it makes sense or not. Is it now the public that should make the decision about any so-called "evidence" in the 2004 election? If there's any "there" there, the Wenatchee judge saw it. I guess the public is now the final arbiter of federal prosecutions? What a dumbshit. Isn't it sort of like Bush second-guessing all his now-retired-and-fired generals? Trust them that have the expertise, please. Especially if they have records of excellent performance. So, conservative or not, Crosscut Chuck was for Rossi . . . what else is new.

Gonzales did the firing so he is the one responsible for showing cause. Has he done it?

Reagan asking today if people dislike Couric since she and CBS are third in the nightly news ratings or if people just don't like women in that spot. Personally, I think Chrisiane Ampour (sp?) or Gwen Iffel (sp?) would do just fine. Journalists with some credentials and integrity rather than "cute" - know what I mean?

Ron and Don trying to be Ross and talking first with a West Pointer about Ft Lewis Striker Force, humvees and M-wrappers? Pretty interesting and they did good.

Then, they took on illegal aliens with a Mexican writer. Another interesting piece.

We might have two up-and-coming "serious guys" on our hands.

But, the best radio of the day? Monson talking about the vice squad and lap dancing. That was surely funny and I agreed with Dori for once. Do we really need to spend our tax dollars sending vice cops to get their woodies on our time and dime? Turns out, they weren't all vice . . . you gotta love Seattle PD.


Christiane Amanpour would be awesome. It's "Stryker" FYI.


Yeah joanie...work for myself (like some others here) so I'm the one on the computer most of the time here and between orders, et al I'm pretty much free to converse. If you note I DO try to adhere to sig's 'three-posts-you're-out' rule tho; by default I have adopted that standard.
Per last part of your post...what part of 'entrapment' don't they understand? Always nice reading your wise words my dear.


Frank has been regularly complaining in his insincerely jocular manner about having to broadcast from a broom closet area to the side of Ross'es spacious studio, which Frank says he is not allowed to go in. Now that the numbers are out- we know why.


Sorry I was not able to post a reply until now, Duffman, but Blabberin' Mike has my PC blocked so I have to use other resources to post. (How's that for liberal freedom of speech values for ya?)

You asked who do I think "rates" as the #1 talk show host...Do you mean in terms of Arbitron or my personal tastes? I'll go with the latter and give you as broad as answer as I can (although I don't know if it will be fully appreciated here).

The best talk show host, be they local or syndicated, is one that can create a world in which you are participate in. For that 3 or 4 hour time period, you invite this particular personality into your home or car. Unlike music radio of yesterday, talk radio is the last format in which you actually invite someone into your life. You make a point to listen to them.

It's not so much of what they say and what position they take on issues: it's HOW they say it. I couldn't care if a host was liberal or conservative or whatever; it's how entertaining and intriguing he/she is that gets me to stay locked on the dial position.

The best of these were, in my opinion, hosts that didn't work in this market, but I had the honor of working with them. The best was David Fowler, a host that started in the Dallas area and then moved to Florida to be a part of the WPLP ("People Listening to People") line-up and then made the move to WFLA for a short time. He was incredibly talented, I can't describe it. He created this world of his life living on the beach in his "humble hut" with his free dachsunds (i.e "The Fatatudes"). One of the funniest stories he told was about when neighbors complained about his building a 5-foot fence around his front yard for privacy. So he built a 2 1/2 foot fence and then walked around the yard on his knees, "just to fool 'em!"

The second was the late Bob Lassiter, who learned his craft under Neil Rodgers in Miami. Bob was also on WPLP and then jumped to WFLA and then REALLY jumped when he went to Chicago. Bob was able to create this incredible world of characters and take on very hard hitting issues and rip them apart. You literally could not turn the radio off. "Lionel" used to be one of his regular callers back when he was a lawyer in the Tampa area. Later, he was given a shot as a host...and the rest is history. Bob would sit, chain-smoked (despite the anti-smoking rule) in the studio, and always ended his show with the full length version of The Eagles, "Take It To The Limit."

Here in the Seattle area, I can't really say that anyone has those kinds of skill as a host, as a storyteller, as a talent that can create a world within a certain time frame. The person who does just a whisper of that kind of talent is Michael Medved. He IS local, although syndicated. I make a point of tuning into him because he IS very consistent and he works extremly hard on his program which lives on a B-level network broadcasting into mostly bedroom communities.

Hannity would be second because he does a great job at packaging the issues that he talks about. He DOES tend to wander off topic but when he zeroes in on the issue, he puts such a great package and a bow on top, it's hard to argue with him. Again, it's not about WHAT he's talking about, it's HOW he talks about it.

As for Ron & Don, there is no mistaking that very hard work on their part, both in prep and production, has paid off for them. I don't consider them a benchmark program because Ron (or Don?) is just too much of a FM jock for me and I grow tired of the old radio cliche's like "Tom from T-Town" or "Let's check the cars" or "Big Tony has the news"...It just sounds like second rate FM jock-talk. BUT...there's no arguing with the fact that they and their producer, Jennifer Andrews, have focused their energy to making that show a ratings winner this time around.

Finally, I think one of the most talented talk voices is Mike Gastineau on KJR-AM. I can't wait until the "Groz with Gas" is over when Mike has the studio to himself because Groz just sleepwalks through his show with no real insight or analysis. However, Mike really brings a measured hand to issues involving not only just sports, but the community which resolves around sports in this town. I feel he likes to play it a little "too safe" by sanitizing his harsher comments, but...this is Seattle, I guess.


TRF: Thanks for taking the time (and apparent inconvenience) to give such a thorough answer.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


Interesting takes TRF, however I wonder if your preferences are tinged by whether you are aligned politically with the host? You slam "liberal" Blather for 'blocking your computer' (which I kinda doubt perhaps it is user error) and you really like Medved and Hannity. Look at what you say about them..."packaging the issues.." - if the issue and arguement are solid then why package them to exclude all other points of view and condescend the way those two do?

I can see how you might like those two given your statement that you want them to take you away from reality to a specially constructed place...it seems a lot of people who lean right like this kind of thing these days. What is it about reality based, issues driven shows and discussions that you don't like? That they don't support your view of how things SHOULD be? Does it nip at the conscience that you may have managed to stuff into a box somewhere?


trf: I too found that odd; I couldn't imagine Bla'm 'blocking' you? He's always seemed pretty liberal (NPI) in that regard.
[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]

blathering michael

Talkradiofiend: free speech around here ends with off-topic, ad hominem attacks on my daughter, asshole. Why do such brave defenders of the First Amendment as yourself make provocative comments and then hide behind pseudonyms and fake email addresses?


Ignore my post responding to TRF. Jerkoffs like that aren't worth talking to.


I'm with you on that CPP3.

[Lets make Mrs. Clinton our candidate!]


Duff, cpp3, are you going to just believe everything Blabberin' Mike says? It's his right to censor anyone he wants, no matter what they say (or didn't say---or whatever he believes they say). I'm just answering the question that Duff posed, that's all. And in all B'M's responses, he always has to resort to profanity while I try to give you the straight scoop and not from his made-up--er, "anonymous" sources.

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