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May 01, 2007



If you look at ad revenue and audience declines, along with a lack of general buzz (Imus story was a negative exception), it seems as though ALL of radio has lost its clout.


Remember: Frank Shiers!!
The Following ( two Tangs) we ask for in radio land !!!!
One DUDE!! Work on that show prep!
TW0 All we ask for is good home training . that's it !!!


I would say it has changed how people look at the news...and now with YouTube, all bets are off. The instantaneousness ( is that a word?) of YouTube makes it imperitive that hosts pay attention or else they sound STALE ( see my comments regarding our local KIRO hosts, with the exception of Ron Reagan).
When people are used to being on the bleeding edge in other areas of their information lives, radio has to keep up that pace ( see Stephanie Miller and Rachel Maddow) or else they lose. Even Billo knows the latest stuff going on.


Hmm . . . have to check out the YouTube but I'm thinking old/new tech might have more to do with the change with young people.

If technology is what you're referring to, Sparky, I would agree - sort of.

I don't know. We make a lot out of small changes sometimes. I remember Larry King suggesting that talk was the rebirth of radio in the seventies.

What goes around comes around.

Also, most media follow rather than generate movements. There is just so much competition in terms of different technologies that I guess I think the pie is being divided differently thus smaller markets for each.

Hmm . . . too early in the AM for me. Sparky, you've been up for hours! However, KIRO is not tired. And the monorail has not been discussed for months and months nor, I think has the viaduct. It is not news currently.

So, who knows. I think talk radio is still viable. But, the country has turned . . . thank god. So what was hot (hate) is now less hot. Because everyone is starting to feel the pain and see no gain.

Oh well. Enough rambling for now.

Good day all!


Too bad Duffman isn't around to read this Hillary piece. Pretty much what he was saying.


If you are a famous person and you do or say something...unfortunate....it will be on You Tube within an hour. So glad Im not famous....


People who listen to talk radio aren't dead yet and no replacement for AM talk radio actualy exists. If you are busy working or driving then you can't very well watch YouTube or cable news. Liberal radio fails because liberals prefer music but conservative radio will rebound as soon as conservative politics are popular again, and conservative politics aparently get big boosts when the economy sucks, when Dems embarass themselves or terrorists attack the U.S.

All those greedy nut jobs who love their guns and want immigrants to go back from where they came aren't going to disapear anytime soon so how can you imagine their politics will?


You are correct about the nut jobs for sure!

I keep hearing that Liberals prefer music..who says?
Is that because for so long it was either that or listen to Limbaugh and his ilk? I rarely listen to music and I am pointy head far left liberal....

My reference to You tube was just an example of speedy news/events turn around. One of the reasons I check The Daily Kos several times a day is to catch breaking news over in the diary columns. I read about stuff sometimes a day or two before it hits the news on tv...or some radio station news. So I guess that is why I am impatient with Dave Ross' delivery style. Wayyy to laid back for me.

Maybe I am ADHD...


The answer to your question is fairly simple: Liberals prefer music because liberals understand that we are put on earth to live, and make the most of life every day. Conservatives by contrast believe they are put on earth to protect their guns, and must be ever vigilant to those who would take those guns.

Dave Ross delivery isn't slow, but with Ross and Ron Reagan there is an air of indifference. While Dori Monson and other hosts do their best to feign outrage and brazen government incompetance, Ross and Reagan sort of act like it doesn't matter, like sideline observers who aren't personaly affected.

That's why O'Reilly is so popular. He makes news apear to matter. He can take any little news item and explain exactly how it's ruining America. Dave Ross was just talking about illegal immigrant labor, and after every counter point he'd make my brain fills out the rest "...but what do I care, I'm a radio host not a farmer."


"Litterman" Medved is spending part of his first hour today trying to make fun of Dennis Kucinich'es third wife, whom he married fairly recently. She's a six foot tall attractive Britisher who is 29, to his 60, and had waist length red hair. He's making fun of his height and the things he has in his office. This pathetic, jealous punk Medved is also making fun of her Myspace webpage and her choice of music that plays on it, and her British accent. hey Medved- I've seen your wife's pic, and heard her speak. She obviously wears the pants in the family. I'd say he got a much better deal. Like you could pull a 29 year old if you ever dared to divorce Diane.


Dori is railing against the illegal march....I wonder if Dori will let us know how much additional $$$$ he spent on the construction of his new home...I'm sure Mr. Consistent would have insisted on hiring only companies who do not employ illegals as laborers (foundation, framers, sheetrockers, etc.,)


That's why O'Reilly is so popular. He makes news apear to matter. He can take any little news item and explain exactly how it's ruining America.

I agree with this, Andrew. But it isn't music we're looking for. It is intellectual stimulation. The right goes for emotion . . . just what Tommie said when describing Medved's show and just what O'Reilly is selling: gossip about the trivial and meaningless soapsuds stuff that get people's emotions which means "hate" going. What better way than through put downs.

Isn't that what the right does so well? Think swift boaters here.

It is so obvious. How can anyone miss the total negativity that floats all the boats on the right. They live to hate - emotion, emotion, emotion. They have to find people to put down; how else to feel superior?

And Tommie, I don't know anymore how I feel about the illegals in this country. 710DORI isn't my favorite host. But, he cited $380 million in infrastructure to support illegals. Is that true? Where'd he get that number? I know CA is buckling under the weight of illegals. His idea to eliminate the infrastructure might work.

I think we should pay living wages for all jobs and that all Americans should have the opportunity to take those jobs. I am willing to pay a reasonal price for products. Kind of like the old Ford thing: wanted his workers to buy his cars so he paid them enough to do so.

What is the answer?


OReilly is reading his ratings book on air now, and saying"I'm sure my ratings are all because of you, Edie Hil, not because of me." Does anyone believe that Bill thinks his rating are due to anyone but himself? Cut the false modesty Bill. what a joke.


Maybe conservatives are drawn to talk radio because they realize liberalism is on the rise all around them. They don't know how or why, but they take comfort in having someone telling them everything will be O.K.

Dori Monson was complaining how neither party was willing to do anything - the republicans don't want to alienate immigrants and the Dems want the votes, and was wondering why our politicians lack values and integrity. Then a caller said why don't you run? Dori said something like "oh, no, no, no, I'm having too much fun doing this job."

So why don't our talk show hosts have values and integrity? Dori is willing to bitch about government, but when urged to be responsible and participate he says he must put personal interests first. What a shit sack.

Steve J.

We think political talk radio is over as a significant force in Amercan politics.

I'm not so optimistic. I think the right-wingnuts will have an important role in stirring up a large part of the GOP's base.


Keep listening, Blatherwatch, and translating into understandable english, reading between the lines, deodorizing the BS, exposing beneath the rotting timbers the infestation of crawling insects, the rightwing subhumans who've learned just enough english to abuse it, and we'll keep reading.

Welcome to the talk show world of Rachael Maddow.


Ooh, well put BJ! Subhumans! I like that. :)


i luv music... but i also enjoy listening to talk radio. it's funny... when i was like, two, i would bob my head to the rush limbaugh song. (i was such a cute two year old.... ;-)) i always imagined him as a cartoon character, too. i like how rush uses silly voices and songs that match his topics, and i love laura ingrahm. she's my favorite.... but i've noticed that talk radio hosts can be mean sometimes, and they sometimes interrupt the people who talk on talk radio... the guest people... wat do u call them? but i like how you can call up, and tell your views to America. i mean, u don't have to be anyone special, u just call in, and speek to the nation. you are speaking to a public audience... it's really cool. i mean, u can't really do that anywhere else... ya know? It's the only mass medium that involves teh public, and the public imediatly responds to it.

well, i dunno... i just felt like saying that... i'm 14 so i can't really say what i am, i hate it when people ask, "are you a democrat or a republican?" cuz i'm not either. i hate lables like that.... it's like being called a prep or a emo kid or a goth or a punk. it could cause friendships to kinda fall apart or something. the truth is, i don't know what i am. i made a wee mee on wee world named george bush, and all these liberals gave me very nasty messages. it made me feel kinda sad.... some realized my point, that i'm not a democrat or a republican. i was just phsyced that i got a wee mee named George Bush... cuz i was certain that someone took it. i also made one named BarakHObama. i tried to make friends with HillaryClinton, anothr wee mee, but she didn't make friends with me... that was kinda a bummer. well.... ya. cya.

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