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May 03, 2007



Miller's great; Stouffer's back; and now it's official: O'Reilly fans are name-callers and hatemongers. Maybe some of them will look in the mirror, try some introspection, and change their ways. Gracie - you reading?

Things are finally looking up!


If FM radio is so hot then why did "The Buzz" flip? I knew a lot of people who listened to Pat Cashman, Leykis or Love Line. I was shocked when it went away. If it didn't work then, then why would it work now?


Attitude Improvement Plan-bwahahahahahaaha i love it! hey Carleen good riddance and good luck. Whenever i tuned into Kirby, your religious right slanted crapola was always a low point.Kirby has practically turned his show into a Sunday megachurch service, with his ads by local pastors, Carleen, etc. so "hit the ramp, tramp","down the road with your load" , and don't let the door hit your lawyer's and your asses on the way out. bwaahahahahaahah "Have security escort them out of the lobby, please." bwahaaaaaaaaawaahahaahahaaha

Don, a "centrist"

Being called, in terms, a "liberal, conservative, centrist, right, left, progressive, etc. is offended name calling, get educated & get a life.
I've watched O'Reilly every once in awhile. I don't agree w/some of his views, but "name calling"? Wake up people.


As a native of Simi Valley, I never understood the connection to Reagan. I e-mailed the question, and received a pleasant reply that the 150 acres was donated by a developer. None of the Reagans lived there, B'lam.


Lionel will be on Air America starting May 15 07.
9:00 am east
6:00 am are time.
The station web cast /www.wwrl1600.com/
We should be able to get back to some good old fashon wacky radio fun ! ( Remember Styblehead radio is more than just bad it's plan WRONG!} hooty! hoo !


I watched the Repub. 90 minute political commercial ( ne "debate") and Reagan came up 19 times...it was hilarious to see these mooks try to "out-Ronnie" each other. Im sure Ron jr was cringing....
So interesting that they tried not to mention Shrub at all....

I started out laughing, then I was embarrassed for them, and then I had to turn it off...it just got higher and deeper...


I thought Mitt Romney came off pretty well and did better than the so called 'front-runners' Giulianni and McCain. He won't attract many Dems by his pro-life stance tho.


They all thought that it was just fine for the government to interfere in family medical decisions such as the Terry Schiavo debacle...no thank you.

So much for "small government."


Kevin Ebi does traffic reports and spins the platters on KJR-FM.


I watched both debates (such as they were) and in my opinion the Repubs looked more professional and presidential than the Dems. Except for Obama I feel the Dems paled in comparison telegenically.
Unfortunately many voters can be swayed by television appearance over-shadowing issues and content. I am puzzled as to why the Repubs apparently want Hillary to be the Dem nominee; they must have a lot on her? I tend to agree that the 'not so dark horse' here on the Repub side could be Mitt Romney, he may be able to capture the imagination of the American public. He has all the attributes and if their big war chest of funds (and the Carl Rove's of the world) get behind him, there could be concern for the Dems.

blathering michael

Hey Mark thanks for the Simi Valley info. I'd imagined Nancy Reagan living in the back of the library, and tidying up after hours. I could picture Ron Reagan going home, staring into the fridge, kicking around Mom's place having a beer and shooting some Whiffle hoops with Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann while Nancy made some nachos before the big debate. I was mistaken.


I think that as long as "looking Presidential" means rich, middle aged white guy...nothing will ever change.


Je suis en desaccord, mon ami, il est telegenique!


wee wee monsewer


Sparky I meant that last statement in reference to Obama; I believe it would change with him.


It was Rush Limbaugh's voice coming out of the KVI loudspeaker just like the old days that gave us the start (Rush was famously ripped off by KTTH in 2003).

Perhaps KTTH will send back the Black Rose Bouquet that KVI sent them when Limbaugh jumped.

Note: According to Medved's broadcast that day, the black roses included a note reading "Congratulations on signing the junky"
(Medved had a grand mal whine about the note)


I figured as much, sage. It would also change with Richardson or Hillary....not sure the country is there, yet.


does it surprise anyone that Fisher boradcasting would censor a conservative? they are just as liberal as anyone. They have just been exploiting conservatives for years. I hope Carleen sues their ass. I'd love to hear from her. I loved hearing a newscast every morning that wasn't out of the lib playbook.


I hear you, Mac. There isn't a anyone like Carleen on morning news, now. Has anyone written or called KVI? Even liberals should be outraged at this. Of course they won't be, they are so hypocritical.


Let's face it, Seattle media is Seattle media.


Sparky: Vous etas une dame sage!

misty: I actually sent an E-Mail to Kirby Wilbur of KVI asking about Carleen, but go no response (not surprising).


Hasn't anyone noticed the Carleen wannabe, and cheap imitation Teresa Joy on KTTH?
She started delivering the news with conservative snark after they told her to kick it up a notch for the right-wingers like Carleen.


kerfuffle with Rep. John Boehner (Or John Boner, as a KIRO newser called him the other night).

Correction: as KIRO newser properly called him the other night.

"When two vowels go a-walkin', the first one does the talkin'"


Boeing is now "baying"? Boehms Chocolates is really Baymes chocolates? Whom knew?


KIRO ALWAYS gets it right!


In the interest of full disclosure, I'm only filling in on KPTK this week for Tamii Kosch. But thanks for your kind remarks Michael. I believe Kevin Ebi is doing news and traffic at KJR-FM and working on his nature photography business. He's an amazingly talented pohotographer. You can check out his work at: http://www.livingwilderness.com/


those are fabulous photos...that is my dream job..to travel around the country taking pictures....



Je conviens, très gentil en effet !


Hey Val: you've got one of the best voices in the biz. Things really went to hell after you left KIRO. Let us know where you'll be. Hope your life is good,


Hey sage:
Vous ne pensez pas Stephanie Miller est extrêmement chaud?




Komo: Read this copy.

CJ: No, it doesn't say that late term abortions are evil, it is skewed liberally! All it does is report the vote and doesn't weigh in on the clear immorality that I'd like to impose (even though I hate big government).

Komo: You're fired then.

"Conservative Blog Posters": Evil liberals! Hypocrites!



Liberal or conservative doesn't matter, Fisher treats everybody like crap.


Seattle Channel is currently airing a Town Hall appearance by Joseh Stiglitz . . .don't know when it was taped. But, currently in question and answer segment - he's sure interesting. Nobel Prize winning economist. Talking a lot about globalization/environment.


". . . the only way things will change is if we have a more informed and engaged citizenry." (Joseph Stiglitz, Town Hall)

Never happen. :(


Ya, I think it's lazy of him, and other people like him, to stop there. You have to be curious as to why the citizenry clearly prefers to be uninformed and disengaged.


Vous semblez confus par des choses simples?


Sparky, necesitamos un traductor de Francais. . . . . ayudamos, por favor.


Aaah mon ami joanie you could have asked me...it means simply;
you seemed confused by simple things.


Hell if I know....


...and was meant for sir andrew, not you


Ah, merci, sage. I got the "simple" part but was "confused" by the rest!


I'm sorry my dear was communicating with Sparky in French today, and just continued.


Your name isn't Maurice by any chance? You know, "every little breeze seems to whisper . . ."?


Only if you want it to be...good nite; enjoyed chatting with you.


Frank Shiers is having on a crank and a loon tonight who calls herself the "ghost whisperer". This crackpot claims , among other things that "much of mental illnes is caused by 'astral possession'".ATTENTION BONNEVILLE BROADCASTING- The KIRO listeners really deserve more than this asinine, banal country bumpkin and his constantly sub-mediocre onair crap like tonight's show. The Temp must go.


This kind of junk psuedoscience really angers me, especially when these bookpeddling charlatans and crackpots spread lies about mental illness- it's like going back to the dark ages.

Ted Smith

"KBSG . . . will become KIROFM and will either simulcast the AM station (Bonneville lies to do that)"

IIRC, KIRO actually did this for a brief period with 100.7 some years ago, post KSEA. I liked it because, unlike KIRO and all the other AM stations, 100.7 didn't fade on the express lanes.


I had on frank Shiers last night for the first 20 min , Frank DuDE!! I see you did not work on your show prep, for last night show Kids using make up !! come on DUDE ! Work on that Show prep ! your show is about even too the Styblehead radio it's more than just bad it's just plan wrong ! hooty hoo ! Think SHOW PREP DUDE!

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