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May 11, 2007



Now where did you manager to get shot of Rush's baby picture (sans cigar).

Can anyone tell me if there's any truth to what I heard on KVI this a.m. - that apparently according to a recent poll +-35% of Dems believe that Pres Bush had inside knowledge of 9/11 and +-22% are unsure? Surely that must be wrong.


Try this Duff . . . Rasmussen Poll

Think that's it. I googled fast so could be wrong . . .


try again


Thanks joanie...didn't link properly but I can go from that.
I'm amazed at this; hope Mrs Clinton isn't pressed to defend this.


More from that infamous KOMOphobic meeting: according to Bonneville research: "KVI is dead," and KTTH is "doing great." The Truth? KVI made a minor gain in the Winter book and KTTH took a full point dive.

Looks like Orbi picked it up. Now if only Dori/Franki just follow their talking points, we could hear some fun on the radio (for a change).

Note: Next to Ross, Frank Ebert was the crowned jewel at KIRO. He is still missed.


That's FRED Ebert you miss so much.

On the topic of errors, "April Zepeda" is misspelled in the "A B O U T" section.


Whoops! All apologies to Fred!


SANJAYA on Ron & Don?! god, I hate what has happened to KIRO. So glad I found Rachel Maddow on the way home.


Listening to KIRO's Dave Ross a few minutes ago on my jog, his discussion with Carl Jeffers leads me to believe that the AG Gonzales fiasco will dry up and go away and that the Repubs have already pretty much discounted it. One reason stated is that it 'party favoritism' is so pervasive throughout the government, leaders don't want to chance more exposure.
Do you agree with that Fremont? (for the 2nd time) -or do you only answer certain questions from certain folks.


Do you agree with that Fremont? (for the 2nd time) -or do you only answer certain questions from certain folks.

Watch out, Fremont. The screaming crazy lady on the courthouse steps (aside from MW) is getting testy. Better answer him/her quick!

No worries, Duffy. I'll give Fremont a kind email heads-up about your request. You can count on me


Thanks...is Fremont an attorney?


Bla'M. Answers and questions:

So it took me a few hours, but I think I finally got your Boanthropy Reference

"He was driven away from people and ate grass like cattle."
Daniel 4:33b
... right?

But I'm still missing how the Belly Baby from Total Recall fits into all this. A reference to the size/shape/demeaner of Rush's anal cyst, perhaps?


busy day, merci?...


Fremont may be an attorney...or may not be. Let's ask Fremont...

Damn, Bla'M, with your in-depth reporting on the Trey Thomas interview, you should surely qualify to be banned in China...!!


Oh, I get it!




OMG, Duf's got it! Eek! Is it contagious?


No Fremont. Duff will always be the last to get something: references, evidence, bias-tainted information, the meaning of "general strike", etc.


That's the ultimate in trying to convince yourself...ha
¡Usted debe ser una alma sola!


MF no estas, Duf...es un genio con muchos admiradoras.

Hey, MF, I ordered that book for your birthday...


¡En sus sueños!

Would that be I'm Okay, Your I'm Okay.


Duff I think Jeffers' statements hinge on whether or not new information comes out. In order to really call for his head there needs to be a connection to the WH for the firings. At this point, given just the testimony, the AG is guilty of being the stupidest tool ever to be AG (and that is saying something).

There is a lot still coming up...ie Monica Goodling, who was the liaison to Rove having to testify shortly. Since she has immunity she HAS to testify. I expect them to put her under oath so that any false statements will land her in jail, however past deeds will of course will fall under the immunity.


Thanks for your insight CPP3; I just hope this doesn't go away and be forgotten.


"Don't let it be forgot
That once there was a spot
For one brief, shining moment
That was known as Gonzo-caught...
DA, da, da da-a-a-a!"
(Joans, name that tune...)


Hope you're right, cowpot. Sometimes I think there's just so much corruption with this administration, so few Republican legislators with any ethical sense at all, still too few Congressional liberals, along with an AG that would prefer to look stupid as opposed to smart and honest, that this might well blow over without much in the way of consequences.

Seems like the country is still willing to be lazy and uncaring. Anyone see Bill Moyers Journal last night? Even Condi is still living in fantasy land and rewriting history; Robertson's Regent University now acccredited law school dispensing brigades of Christian soldier-attorneys. So much for "blind" justice. That little lady will have to find another line of work.

The weed seed of tribalism has been planted in America. We'll see if it takes hold.

BTW, see front-page NY Times online for the kind of friends we are making in Afghanistan with our continued air strikes. Under Bush, this country will do absolutely nothing properly . . . nothing.


One more - on the front page of NY Times (linked above) is the story Religious Groups Granted Millions for Pet Projects and one of them, St. Vincent near Pittsburgh got $4 million to build a campus road.

CSpan last night ran Bush giving the commencement address at St. Vincent. I kept wondering why any university would ask that man to address its young people. Guess I found out.

The college hired a lobbyist who got the pork added to a bill . . . John Murtha was in on it. Sorry, right or left, I don't like it.

Several other grants to religious entities mentioned as well.

So, Fremont, name that tune?

Onward Christian Soldiers to defend our Gonzo-caught.

And good-soldier Goodling, a graduate of Regent, will surely lead the charge.



What happens when Colbert meets Barabarella?


ding ding ding ding! I know! I know! It's CAMELOT, Freemont!

( roar of applause from the crowd.)



That's great SeaJ...guess she figured the best defense is a good offense!


Sorry, Sparky. Gotta disagree . . .

in the case of Gonzo-caught
there never was a thought
of Camelot . . .


Great story NY Times on-line on the lower Snake River dams . . .

BTW. Fonda is a perky over-sixty! Some of us never lose our sex appeal, right Duff?


You got that right young lady!


I've been thinking this weekend about the insidiousness of the Bush administration in regards to it's stealth associations and ambitions with this brand of Christian fascism that some of the news media has been exposing- he hires yesmen like Gonzalez and Condi, who apprently are both Christian bornagains, Gonzalez aeems to be packing his department with Regents grads like Goodling, the whole faithbased crapola, which is just a thinly disguised way to fund bornagain Christian groups with government money, the whole Regents U. thing about graduating legions of Christian lawyers, the stories about the Blackwater Security private army in Iraq having an association with bornagain groups headed by the likes of Robertson and that freak Dr. Dobson........it goes on and on...... the good news is that this evil chimp Bush has no real heir to his fascist Christian throne. In my estimation , all four_(Clinton, Obama, Juliani, McCain) , or five, if you include Edwards, people who have a chance to get the nomination are basically good people , not Dr. Evil's with hidden religious agendas like Bush. I don't know about Fred Thompson. I would trust him the least.


McCain will be a Christian fasict if he thinks it will get him more votes...he plays both sides of the fence. Guliani has finally admitted he is pro-choice so that will take care of him on the GOP side.


that should be "fascist"..hard to type with a dog on my lap...


Tommy, the questions remains how many of these Al Queda-like low level extremists get placed in positions of power before he's done. Positions where they can continue to religiously influence outcomes.

I don't have a lot of faith (no pun intended) in the oversight ability of the Dems right now. They are still trying to please too many masters in corporate America. David Sirota Hostile Takeover is a master monitor of the Dems and corporate America.

I'm a real liberal which means my concerns are labor, education and health care. My party has taken up residence on Wall Street. Unlike some on this board and on the radio, I'm not an unthinking cult-party person. I think rather than react. (How's my aim, Michael?) :)

McCain being grilled by Russert currently.

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